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Visit of the Apprentice, Part 1

To: Thief In The Mind
From: Thief’s Apprentice
Sent: May 15th 20XX 10:20 PM
Subject: I have arrived

Hello Master,

Per your suggestion, I have stopped by New Chicago on my way to Seattle. I intend to make contact with  Officer Cartwright’s sister, assuming I can find her at the police academy. I know you don’t want me to make contact with Officer Cartwright herself and I will respect your wishes Master.

However should you wish for me to check up on her in any way, simply let me know. 

I was lucky enough to stumble across some information online that led me to the names of Officer Cartwright’s sister, and that she usually spends her weekends at N.C.U. visiting friends. I will be able to make my approach there completely without making any contact with the older sister.

I will keep you apprised of my progress and when I am leaving the city for the job in Seattle.

Thank you for your patience, Master.

Your humble apprentice


3 hours earlier…

    Officer Jennifer Cartwright walked into her favorite coffee shop with a smile. It had been a relatively easy day, but still she was ready to sit down, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and just let the work day drift out of her mind.  With her police hat tucked under her left arm and her coffee in hand, she moved to her favorite table in the back, away from everyone else, and sat down to catch up on the day’s news on her tablet.  All while completely ignoring the looks from the patrons; half nervous because she was attractive, the other half because she was a cop.

    As she sat reading the news a young man approached her table from behind. His posture was… predatory. Head tilted down, eyes almost rolled up to look at her as he walked behind her slowly. The look on his face was a mixture of devious intent and overconfidence, no matter how earned that confidence might have been. The figure got closer and closer to the young female officer until she finally felt his presence and turned around with a start.

    In front of her was a completely transformed individual. Gone was the smug, devious grin, instead it was replaced with the blushing, embarrassed smile and very non-threatening, almost hunched over, posture of a nervous school boy. The young man had well kept blonde hair and was shorter than Jennifer was, he only stood about five foot eight. “I’m… I’m sorry, Officer… I didn’t mean to scare you!” the nervous young man said almost with a stutter. “I just… I just wanted to thank you for your service, so I brought you a gift.” he said with a beaming smile as he held his hands out toward Officer Cartwright.

    The confused officer looked down to see that the young man had brought her the most colorful sprinkled donut that she had ever seen. It was a bit cliche...ok it was very cliche, but the gesture still melted the officers heart. “Awww, thank you kind sir…would you care to join me?” She said with a warm smile as she pointed to the seat across from her.

    The young man hid his delight in the offer and pretended to sit down nervously. “Thank you, Officer!” He said excitedly “I was hoping I could sit and talk with you, get to know you a bit. I have to admit you are, by far, the prettiest police officer I have ever seen.” He actually managed to blush while he said that, ever the perfect actor.

    The officer hid back a blush of her own and smiled “Jennifer, my name is Jennifer. You only have to call me Officer when I’m on duty.” She said with a wink before taking a bite of the donut. “Mmmmm, this is good!” She set down the donut so she wouldn’t have her mouth full. “And what is your name?” 

    “Mike, miss… umm… Jennifer. My name is Mike” the young man lied perfectly.

    “Well Mike, this is the first time anyone has ever tried to flirt with me with a donut. You should definitely write that one down, you found the perfect way to a cop’s heart.” She said with a playful smile as she took another nibble of the donut. “Do you go to the college? N.C.U.?” She asked.

    ‘Mike’ shook his head, “No, I’m just here visiting for a week or so. Hoping to meet up with some people at the college this week, however. Did you go to N.C.U.?”

    Jennifer shook her head as she swallowed down another bite of the donut “No, I went to the police academy. But my sister has some friends at the university that she likes to visit on the weekends.” 

    The man smiled and nodded, “I see… she doesn't go to the college?”

    Jennifer failed to hide a proud smile “Nope!” she beamed “She’s a cadet at the academy.” She pulled out her phone and loaded up a picture of her and her sister to show the young man. “See!”

    ‘Mike’ got his first look at his ultimate target, Jennifer’s younger sister. She was a little bit shorter than Jennifer, and had a heavier build, with broader shoulders and stronger arms and legs from the look of the picture. She also, completely incidentally, had slightly larger breasts. Just sayin.  She had a rounder face then Jennifer but the family resemblance was striking. She also had wavy hair that was closer to red than brown, as opposed to Jennifers straight brown hair. She was lovely, to say the least. “Very nice, what’s her name?”

    “Lindsey” the proud sister responded. A second later she shook herself out of her familial pride and smiled. “So what do you do?” she asked, keeping up her end of the conversation.

    The man smiled “Well…since you asked…I’m studying to be a master hypnotist, believe it or not.”

    Jennifer couldn’t hold back her laughter as well as she would have liked, and in the end it came out more like a giggle-snort than a laugh. “I’m sorry” she said, outright laughing at the sound she had just made “I didn’t mean to laugh, especially not like that. I just…I have never seen anything to make me believe that hypnosis is real. No offense.”

    ‘Mike’ couldn’t be happier to have heard that, that meant that his master’s suggestions had worked. She didn’t remember a thing about hypnosis. But he did notice that when she said it, her pupils dilated for just a second. She did remember something about it…subconsciously. “Oh really?” he asked with a playful smile “What do you think hypnosis is then? Just a bunch of people pretending for the fun of it?” 

    “Well…yeah. I mean what else could it be?” she said, trying her hardest not to be offensive.

    “Well,” he said with a smile “It’s a very misunderstood brain state, one that is very easy to enter and one that gets easier and easier to enter each time you go into that state.” He leaned in a bit with a grin… “would you like me to show you?”

    He had timed his question perfectly to coincide with Jennifer trying to take a drink of her coffee. The surprised young police officer had to use every ounce of control she had to avoid spitting her coffee out all over the young man. “Me? You want to hypnotize me?  Don’t you think I’m too smart for that?”

    ‘Mike’ held back a laugh of his own, “Intelligence is very important in hypnosis, and I think you are probably one of the smarter women I have ever met. But being smart doesn’t prevent you from being hypnotized…it actually helps you to slip under.  That plus your supreme focus due to police training. I think you’d make an excellent subject.” He said with a smile as he reached into his pocket and took out a coin.  He placed it on the table on it’s edge and spun it. “I’ll even prove it…”

    Jennifer gave him a sideways grin “With a coin? What's that supposed to do, make me so dizzy that I fall asleep?”

    ‘Mike’ couldn’t help but laugh “Well that would prove my point, but no, I want you to watch it spin. It’s a simple coin. A quarter. And all you really need to do to prove my point about you being smart and focused, as well as beautiful, is watch the coin spin. Just watch it as it spins, and keep track of whether you see heads…or tails.  Heads…or tails.  Just letting the coin spin, again and again. Noticing more and more detail on the coin as it does so.”

    Jennifer seemed to have a small smile on her face as she indulged the young hypnotist and watched the coin. Watching it spin in front of her from heads to tails over and over again. She was easily able to keep track of which side was towards her. “This is easy” she thought to herself.  Never realizing how the rest of the world was slowly fading away with each spin of the coin. She never noticed that her shoulders were starting to slouch a bit and relax.

    ‘Mike’ on the other hand, definitely noticed that she was walking right into his hypnotic trap. “Just follow the coin as it spins more and more. And as it does you start to realize…realize that you and the coin are linked. As long as it’s standing on its edge…spinning gently and easily… you will be awake and focused. But the moment… the moment it falls on its side, you will fall into hypnosis. If it lands on its head, your mind will go blank and you will stare deeply and completely at the coin, focused and relaxed.If it lands on its tail…you will sink into a deep, relaxed hypnotic sleep. Completely asleep and ready to hear my suggestions, isn’t that right Jennifer?” 

    Jennifer didn’t hear what the man said… not consciously anyway. She was simply focused on the coin, spinning slowly and gently in front of her. It was slowing down, and so was she. Turning more smoothly and easily…starting to wobble.  She whispered out something. She didn’t really pay attention enough to hear herself say “yes…” She was focused on the coin like he asked her to be. The coin spun and spun and spun… slowing down and falling to one side. Jennifer watched closely but she couldn’t see if it was heads or tails, it was spinning too fast. It was… It was… tails!

    The moment the realization dawned on Jennifer, her eyes rolled up into her head as her eyelids slid closed. Her head dropped to her chest and her tightly braided ponytail gently fell off of her left shoulder to hang at her side.  She started to teeter forward to fall onto the table but ‘Mike’ reached out his hand and stopped her from falling. “Thats a girl, able to sit up nice and straight, nice and strong, staying deeply relaxed and asleep now.”

    Jennifer sat up, her face slack and her mouth hanging just slightly open. Her eyes never so much as fluttered as she did so.  ‘Mike’ looked around the room with a grin. Despite being the most attractive woman in the coffee shop, her location had prevented just about everyone from being able to see her. And those that could see her were busy paying attention to other things. He leaned in and whispered into her ear “follow me…” She slowly stood as he took her hand,  leaving her donut and coffee completely forgotten at the table while he led her into a nearby storage closet.

    As he moved Jennifer into the closet he pressed her against the wall and whispered “I am your boyfriend, Jennifer, and you haven’t seen me in weeks. Several…very long...weeks.” with that he snapped his fingers and Jennifer's glazed, half hypnotized eyes opened as she looked at her ‘boyfriend’ standing in front of her.

    With a big warm smile she wrapped her arms tightly around her ‘boyfriend’ and said in a seductive tone “I’ve missed you so much!” Cutting off anything he might have said with a deep passionate kiss.  One her ‘boyfriend’ was happy to respond to by pushing her against the wall and letting his hands glide along her body intimately.  A second or two later the door to the supply closet gently swung closed.

    Twenty five minutes later the door opened again. ‘Mike’ had taken the time to redress, but Jennifer was, oddly, still against the wall.  Her arms were raised above her head, while her legs were spread with her pants huddled around her left leg.  Her shirt had been opened and her face was stuck in an expression of pure ecstasy as she had been hypnotically frozen in mid orgasm. Her breathing was slow and gentle, but her mind was stuck in the bliss of her climax as her body stayed frozen against the wall.

    He let the door slowly close behind him as he walked away. He knew Jennifer would unfreeze and wake up eventually, but exactly when that would be, he didn’t say specifically. It could be five minutes, or it could be five hours. But he didn’t care. He had an email to lie his way through…and a plan to make.

To Be Continued...

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Featuring: Officer Jennifer Cartwright, The Apprentice
Mentioned: Cadet Lindsey Cartwright, Thief in the Mind

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