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Experiments In Recruitment - N.C.U. - Part 2

Description: With Rayne hypnotized, Laura takes an opportunity to turn the younger girl’s mistakes into a learning experience. But Rayne is a very quick study.

Key: FD, MC, Hypno,

    Laura held the hypnotized Rayne’s head up with a single finger under her chin. She always enjoyed putting a person under without them realizing it…“wait a minute…” she thought to herself. “No I don’t. I’m here to teach her, not trance her at random. What the heck?” She shook her head to clear it, unknowingly temporarily overriding the suggestions that had been placed in her mind by Trisha some weeks ago.

    She took a deep breath and spoke in a soft, soothing tone. “Allow yourself to stand up now Rayne. Nice and easily.” She couldn’t help but smile as the shorter freshman slowly rose to her feet from the arm of the couch that she had been sitting on. “Very good…now…follow me.” She said with a grin. She couldn’t help but realize, despite overriding those earlier suggestions, that it was fun having Rayne hypnotized like this.

    Laura carefully walked the redhead out of the commons area and down the hall, never letting her finger slip out from under the young woman’s chin as she did. Literally guiding her down the hallway as if she were on a very short leash. Of course, if this were any other college it would be considered strange. But even the two girls that passed Laura and the hypnotized Rayne in the hallway didn't seem to bat an eye at the scene. Isn’t fantasy wonderful?

    The curly haired blonde led Rayne into her dorm room and carefully positioned her along the side of her bed, but facing away from it. “I have a few things I need to take care of for a moment…” she said with a smile “Why don’t you take a load off for a minute.” With that she gently tilted Rayne’s head even further back until it was aimed straight up at the ceiling. From this position, Rayne’s weight shifted just enough for her to start to fall backwards, very slowly, until gravity finally caught up to her and she flopped back onto Laura’s bed. The bed was softer than Rayne’s and when she landed on it her body, especially her chest, managed to bounce for just a few seconds. Which made Laura giggle pleasantly as it did. “Good girl.” She said as she turned around to take care of her tasks.

    A few minutes later Laura walked back over to the bed. “Alright sleepy head, time to wake up. One...Two...Three…Wide awake!” She said, smiling happily as she snapped her fingers.

    Rayne’s eyes blinked open as she looked around, clearly confused. She slowly sat up and looked at Laura.  “What happened?” she asked.

    Laura smiled. “I demonstrated an instant induction on you. Don’t you remember?”

    Rayne thought back a bit. “I remember we were in the commons area, and I tried to hypnotize you. You were telling me my timing was wrong and then…you clapped your hands in my face. And then everything just kinda went…dark.” The confused look on Rayne’s face was less about how she had been hypnotized, and more that from her perspective, it was only the second time she actually had evidence that she was hypnotized. And only the first time she remembered it happening. She wasn’t confused…she was aroused, and that confused her even more. “How did I end up here?” she asked.

    “I brought you to my room while you were hypnotized. I needed to do a few things before we started, and I figured waking you up just to have you sit around would be pointless. Besides, you looked like you could use a nap.” Laura said with a warm smile.

    Rayne’s cheeks blushed in what Laura thought was embarrassment, but was really arousal. “Thanks…” she managed meekly “It was restful. So what did you do…that I didn’t?”

    Laura’s expression turned serious, although she still kept her friendly tone “When you do an instant induction, at least a shock induction like I just did, there are two parts: the shock, and the suggestion. The shock is designed to make the person’s ‘fight or flight’ instinct kick in. When it does, all of their thoughts are dumped from their mind for a brief moment while they try to figure out if they are in danger, and if so, if they should run or fight. With me so far?”

    Rayne nodded for Laura to continue. “In order to bring in as much raw information as possible, a person's conscious mind drops all of their defenses as well. If you can give them a suggestion in that moment, the suggestion goes right into the person's subconscious mind without any filters to stop it. You don’t remember this…but when I clapped my hands I also told you to sleep...and sleep you did.” She gave Rayne a teasing smile.

    Rayne sat deep in thought for several more seconds, then looked at Laura. “You said this works for shock inductions…is there another kind?”

    Laura gave her a playful smile. “You should know this…” she teased. “The other kind is an expectancy induction. Basically, you take a moment to explain to the person that something is going to happen in a minute, and when it does it’s going to hypnotize them. Make sure they believe it, then make that thing happen and out they go. Easy peasy.”

    Rayne blinked as Laura finished her explanation. “I definitely missed that in my studies…” she admitted as she sat up a bit straighter on the bed.

    “Oh, they are soooo much fun!” Laura said excitedly as she reached into her pocket. “In fact, I can show you one right now. In my hand is something magical…” She held up her closed fist. “So magical, in fact, that the moment you see it, the moment you lay your eyes on it…no matter what it is…your mind will find itself simply…falling back into hypnosis for me, Rayne. You may not think this will happen, consciously…but what you don’t realize now is…you have already been hypnotized once. And even though you're awake, you’re also still lightly hypnotized. So your mind will simply accept it...and sleep.” The look on Laura’s face was pure playful deviousness. She looked like a small child that was teasing a parent about what she had behind her back.

    Rayne, on the other hand, looked completely confused as she tried to process the situation. She looked down at Laura’s hand, then back up to Laura while a nervous laugh escaped her lips. “You’re joking…you don’t seriously think that I’m going to go under by whatever piece of crap you have in your....” She was cut off by Laura throwing her hand open in front of Rayne, quickly and dramatically like it was a big reveal. To her surprise, and later embarrassment, Rayne actually gasped as Laura’s hand opened to reveal an old, dull penny, darkened from age with a bit of green copper rust just above Honest Abe’s head. A look of surprise was frozen on her face as she stared down at the penny. After a few moments she looked back up at Laura, but her facial expression never so much as twitched.

    Laura was grinning from ear to ear as Rayne’s eyes met hers. “Night night…” she said with a smile. A moment later Rayne’s eyes started to roll up into her head as her eyelids fluttered to a close. She tilted back just a bit before falling face first onto the bed next to Laura. “This never gets old!” The blonde said happily.

    Rayne, of course, didn’t reply. She simply laid there, mouth open, face half buried in blankets, hypnotized into sleep. “Ok, nap time is over. One… Two… Three…” Laura said loudly as she snapped her fingers. 

    Rayne shot up from the bed like she had just been startled awake. She took a moment to look around in confusion before looking back at Laura. “That…was so cool!” she said with a genuinely warm smile.

    “Isn’t it though?” Laura said with an equally happy grin. “My hope is that you’ll get some practice with those today and just in your normal daily life.”

    Rayne tried to hide a deep blush as she looked at Laura. “” she stammered. “Am I going to be practicing on you again today?” She was trying as hard as she could to make it sound like she was nervous…and not horny as hell like she really was.

    Laura laughed. “Better!” she started excitedly “we are going recruiting! Today we are going to meet up with two potential pledges for the sorority, Jackie and Cheyenne. Both of these young ladies are friends of mine, and neither wants to be hypnotized.”

    Rayne’s forehead scrunched up in confusion. “Then…how are we supposed to recruit them? Isn’t the point of a hypnosis sorority to actually do hypnotism?”

    Laura’s eyes lit up in a devious way that Rayne hadn’t quite seen before. “Exactly! You said you wanted some practice in hypnotizing unwilling subjects, or more specifically unknowing subjects. So I figured we’d kill two birds with one stone! Whaddaya say?”

    Rayne just kind of blinked at Laura, she wasn’t sure if she was still dazed from the trance or if she was seeing a completely different, more deviously playful side of Laura. Either way she liked what she was seeing. “O...kay...” she said, trying to hide her excitement.

    “Sweeeeet!” Laura said in an uncharacteristically deep tone as she hopped up and grabbed her phone just to plop back down next to Rayne. She quickly pulled up a picture of their first target. “This is Jackie, she’s an old friend of mine. She isn’t interested in joining the sorority…or being hypnotized…BUT, she is always willing to help other people out. So I asked her to meet us in the commons area in about…half an hour. Once she’s there we can tell her that I needed a test subject for you to practice on. I know her, she’ll give us a long drawn out spiel about not believing in hypnosis, but agree to let you try. Then it’s all up to you. Got it?”

    Laura rambled off the entire plan at such an excitedly high speed that it took Rayne several seconds to process before simply giving her an unsure nod and a soft, nervous “I think so…”

    “Great!” Laura swiped the phone to the next picture, conveniently set up like a slideshow for Rayne. “This will be your harder target. This is Cheyenne. She is not only, against joining the sorority, but she is a hard skeptic about hypnosis and has said on several occasions that it’s completely fake.”

    Rayne’s forehead scrunched up in confusion again as she looked up at Laura. “If she’s dead set against it…how am I supposed to hypnotize her?”

    Laura gave her a smile as she shrugged. “I don’t know! That’s all up to you and your creative little mind.  When we’re done with Jackie we will go meet up with her down in the park. She is really big into cosplay and costuming and is with a group down there that is doing some kind of charity event or something. She told me but I didn’t really pay attention. She doesn’t know we are coming and she definitely doesn't know that you are going to try and hypnotize her. Isn’t this exciting?”

    Laura was practically bouncing on her bed as she explained the plan to Rayne, who looked more like a deer caught in headlights. “Yeah...that's the word I’d use. Exciting.” Rayne said sarcastically.

    “Perfect! Let’s go!” Laura shouted, popping off of the bed energetically.

    “Now? I thought you said we had half an hour?” Asked Rayne, looking nervous and confused at the same time.

    “We do!” Laura said as she grabbed her phone case and slid the phone into her pocket. “But what else are we going to do here?” she said as she moved past Rayne and towards the door.

    Rayne, not really sure what she was going to do, replied with a simple one word answer. “This…” before quickly grabbing Laura’s hand as she passed her. She used the grip on her hand to spin the slightly taller blonde around 180 degrees to face her. The look of confusion on Laura’s face was exactly what Rayne was hoping to see. Not wasting any time she quickly threw her other hand up and pressed her three longest fingers into Laura’s forehead, pushing her head straight back and slightly upwards. While the pull on her arm moved her body forward, creating a very dramatic arch in Laura’s posture. As all of this occurred Rayne gave her another, simple, one word statement. “Sleep!”

    Laura let out a quiet gasp. Her eyes shot open, as if for a brief second she realized what Rayne was doing...and, even more importantly, realized that Rayne was doing it correctly. That realization, of course, was the last little nudge she needed to enter trance. Her eyes slowly closed, as the position her body was in caused her to start to fall forward. Rayne caught her and helped balance her as she fell, first to her right knee, then her left. A moment later her butt landed squarely on her heels. Rayne was keeping the young woman mostly upright in a kneeling position, but once she was there the blonde’s head fell forward to her ample chest. Her curly blonde hair bounced as it framed her sleeping face.

    Rayne grinned deviously as she slid a finger under Laura’s chin and tilted her head up so she could admire the beauty of her sleeping mentor. “This never gets old...”

To Be Continued...

Featuring: Rayne, Laura
Mentioned: Trisha, Jackie, Cheyenne

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