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Experiments In Recruitment - N.C.U. - Part 4

Key: FD, MC, F/F, Hypno, Freeze,

    It was a beautiful day to be outside, and the N.C.U. campus courtyard was as good a place to be as any. But today was no ordinary day. Today the courtyard was filled with witches, and warriors, demons and angels, superheroes and villains alike. It was the first of the local cosplay group’s costume contests, and there was barely a person to be found wearing normal attire. It was also the perfect place for a little recruitment. But as three figures hid in the shadows of the dorms, their target was easy to spot.

    Cheyenne had been a cosplay enthusiast for years, and as such her sewing skills were on point with her passion for the art form. And luckily for us her thin, strong figure allowed her to squeeze into just about any cosplay outfit she might like. Today she was wearing the uniform of a flying, invulnerable, solar powered superheroine with an allergy to green rocks from her homeworld. (Supergirl…she was dressed as Supergirl.) The version she picked was designed to show off her…assets as best as possible. The short blue skirt with red trim, and sports bra-like blue top with a gold and red ‘S’ left her perfect midsection completely visible. The knee high, red, high-heeled boots didn’t hurt either, and added about two inches to her already rather tall frame. Her hair, which was normally light brown, had been dyed golden blonde to complete the image.

    From the shadows, the three figures watched the young pseudo-heroine as she played her part and tried her best to impress the patrons and judges of the contest. It was time to begin their plan. The first to emerge from the shadows was Laura, dressed from head to toe like a medieval elf. Complete with a pair of boots, skirt and top that looked like they were made from…uh…‘natural resources’. She even had fake pointed elf ears sticking up out of her curly blonde hair. She began to move through the crowd, addressing everyone in a fake british accent and calling them all “m’lord” or “m’lady”. It was actually kind of charming the first few times...and then got very old, very fast.

    From the shadows, the two remaining figures split up. One came out wearing a dark purple cloak that covered their entire body and hid them from sight. While the other, Jackie, stepped out of the shadows in a very skimpy french maid outfit. Unlike most of the other cosplay characters around the courtyard, Jackie’s costume had clearly been store bought for Halloween. But nonetheless, it left nothing to the imagination.

    With all of the pieces in place, Laura made her way through the crowd and poked Cheyenne in the sides from behind. The heroic cosplayer spun around as she let out a high pitched squeal, only to come face to face with the smiling elf. “Laura!” she shouted “Oh, you made it! Thank you so much for coming!” She hugged her friend tightly, towering over Laura thanks to the added height of the heels. “You look fantastic!”

    Laura smiled as she bowed. “Thank you m’lady. Your attire doth suit you better then whom it was made for, if I do say.” Again, she said this with a very thick British accent.

    “Ok, you can stop that shit…” Cheyenne said as she glared at Laura.

    “Oh fine.” The defeated Laura replied as she switched back to her normal voice. “So you got my email about the psychology sorority right? How we’d like you to join so we can have some subjects for our hypnosis sessions?”

    Cheyenne tried to hide her disdain for the idea, and her eye roll from Laura. She failed miserably at both. “Oh come on, you keep trying to get me to agree to ‘try being hypnotized’, or ‘see if you can go under’, or ‘you are getting sleepy’.” Cheyenne mocked. “You know it’s never going to work. Just because you guys found a few people to pretend to go under doesn’t make it real.” Said the superheroine to the elf.

    Laura kept her cool despite the aggressive rejection from her friend. “Oh it’s real, and you would think someone who cosplays and roleplays as much as you do might see the benefit of using your imagination.” Her response had a slightly sharp tone to it, but it wasn’t mean. In fact her comment was designed to keep Cheyenne looking in Laura’s direction. You see, Laura was following a carefully set up plan. And physically, she was exactly where she needed to be. Directly behind Laura was Jackie, who was wandering the crowd, unaware she was about to be used as an example.

    From the crowd, the cloaked figure began to slowly stalk Jackie…moving closer and closer behind the young maid. When she was within reach, the cloaked figure raised her gloved hand and softly tapped Jackie on the shoulder. The brunette turned around, only to come face to face with a brilliant light show.

    Woven into the gloves were several LED lights that activated as soon Jackie turned around. The myriad of colors played across the young woman’s face while the cloaked figure expertly moved her fingers as if she were casting a spell over the captivated Jackie.

    As the cloaked figures’ hands moved back and forth, and the colors splayed across Jackie’s face, the brunette’s eyes began to flutter and roll up into her head. She had started to sway from side to side not long after the lights in the gloves had turned on. Her head swayed from side to side as she was subjected to the lights, and as the motion moved through her body it gave her the appearance of a snake slithering across the grass. Until finally her eyes rolled all the way up into her head as it lolled back completely and she sank to her knees, sending her arms falling limply to her sides and her head down to her chest.

    Cheyenne couldn’t help but notice the scene unfold behind behind Laura, and she wasn’t the only one. Several people began to applaud the scene, as if it were all a preplanned act. Which of course it was, they just didn’t realize that the cloaked figure had really hypnotized poor Jackie.

    As the crowd began to disperse, the cloaked figure took out a black dog collar and strapped it onto the hypnotized maid’s neck. The chain leash it connected to disappeared into the sleeve of the cloak as the mysterious figure gave it a gentle tug. Jackie rose to her feet, keeping her head down in a sign of submission.

    “See that…” Laura interjected as she pointed out the cloaked figure and Jackie. “That took imagination. If the girl in the maid outfit really believed she was that person’s slave, believed in the ‘magic’ that they were using, it would have put her under their spell. A hypnotic spell.” she added emphasis to the last part with a smile.

    Cheyenne looked back and forth between Laura and the enslaved Jackie several times before brushing it off with a typical “pffttt” and a dismissive hand wave. “Whatever…” Cheyenne countered. “Just because a person can get into character doesn’t mean they’re hypnotized.”

    Laura smiled “And you don’t act like a heroine when you’re dressed like this? Not at all, huh?” she said, putting her hands on her hips with a mocking smile. Little did she know that the cloaked figure and her slave were quietly making their way behind her. “You don’t find yourself feeling just a little bit more brave…a little bit more bold in that outfiiii….” her sentence was cut off abruptly as a handful of glitter floated down over her head.

    “Nunc pet rigescunt indutae” the cloaked figure behind Laura spoke as she sprinkled the glitter over her.

    Cheyenne couldn’t help but notice a distinct change in Laura. Actually that was inaccurate, she noticed a distinct…lack of change in Laura. As soon as the glitter landed on her, the young pseudo-elf stopped moving completely, leaving her stuck in mid-sentence with her hands posed in an animated gesture. She was even in the middle of a blink, which somehow gave a uniquely dramatic look to the display, with her eyes barely open. And the glitter on her body made it seem as though she had a thin layer of ice coating her skin. Cheyenne eyed the scene curiously, taking it all in before turning her attention to the cloaked figure.

    The gloved hands moved to the figure’s hood and slid it back to reveal a very goth looking Rayne. Her hair was dyed a deep purple and she wore matching purple lipstick, as well as earrings with purple gemstones. “Greetings…traveler from afar.” Rayne said in a slow, deep voice as her hands moved to unclasp her cloak. As the cloak fell open for the first time, it revealed what looked like a metalized one piece bathing suit with the belly button area cutaway. She was wearing a pair of black leather boots and hosiery on her legs to complete a very specific look. It kind of reminded Cheyenne of an evil sorceress from an old 80’s cartoon.

    Cheyenne was taken aback by just how gorgeous Rayne looked in her costume. So much so that she almost broke character. But, true to form, she quickly dropped back into the appropriate persona. “Greetings to you as well, miss…?”

    “Rayne…Mistress Rayne. Sorceress of the Seventh Realm. You may address me as…Mistress.” Rayne said, trying as hard as she could not to blush.

    Behind Rayne, Jackie quietly repeated “Mistress…” in response to Rayne having said the word.

    Cheyenne looked from Rayne to Jackie and back again in shock. She wasn’t sure what to say or do, and Rayne didn’t give her the chance to speak. “You know…traveler…it’s not often that I come across a warrior of your strength, your prowess, your beauty. I dare say that I think you might be the greatest prize of all.” She pointed to Jackie casually. “This one is merely a servant, a pet. She fell far too easily.” Next she slid her hand along the unmoving Laura’s cheek. “This one…she will make a lovely decoration. So full of life, so full of energy. Bundled up for an eternity as a lovely frozen statue.” She turned to Cheyenne with a confident smirk. “But you…heroine…you shall be my greatest prize.”

    Cheyenne was so impressed by Rayne’s performance that she didn’t really know how to respond. Worse than that, she actually felt intimidated by the much shorter young woman. The thought crossed her mind, however briefly, of what it might be like to be in Jackie’s place. Helplessly controlled, owned like a pet. Or to be in Laura’s place...frozen, forever on display for all to see. Finally, her brain kicked into cosplay mode and she responded like any good comic book heroine would. “You’ll never manage to subdue me...Mistress.” The word slipped out so quickly she didn’t have a chance to stop herself from saying it, and realized too late that she already sounded submissive. “You may have fancy parlor tricks, but they are no match for me and my powers!”

    Rayne smiled as she placed the end of the Jackie’s leash on Laura’s frozen hand. “Is that so, traveler? If I am not mistaken…” she started as she slowly moved around Cheyenne, as if she were sizing her up. “Your kind is just as susceptible to magic as this frail human“ she said, pointing to Jackie “and this ancient elf.” she said as she gestured to Laura. “In fact, in the realms of magic, you’re more ‘girl’...than ‘super’.”

    Cheyenne didn’t notice Rayne’s hand slide behind her back, hidden by the cloak as if the sorceress was reaching for her next trick. But Cheyenne did play her part as she put her hands on her hips confidently and stared at the sorceress. “Do your worst, witch! In the end I’ll defeat you and free these helpless damsels!” The dialogue was a bit over the top, but hey it’s cosplay! What do you expect?

    Rayne didn’t seem phased by this as she slowly started to pull her secret weapon out from behind her back. “I guess in that case, traveler, it’s a good thing I brought this…” Rayne held up a very authentic looking magic wand, studded with gems from top to bottom. But of course its centerpiece, the gem aimed directly at Cheyenne, was a large, dark green, alien looking crystal.

    Cheyenne gasped as she saw the crystal, and her posture faltered. At that exact moment, Rayne hit a button on the wand that caused several LEDs inside the green plastic crystal to all start to blink at random. The result was an array of molten green flashes playing across Cheyenne’s face as an even more surprised expression washed over her. “Where did you get that crystal?” She asked.

    “Shhh...” Rayne said with a grin “you know where I got it…where it came from. The remnants of your home planet are scattered all over the globe. And this one…this one came to me…for one purpose and one purpose only, my dear. Do you know what that purpose would be?” She started to move the wand gently back and forth in front of the surprised cosplayer’s eyes.

    Cheyenne couldn’t help but follow the crystal. She may not have believed in hypnosis, or magic, but in character she certainly believed that magical meteor rocks would have a hell of an effect on her character. She struggled with a response. “I…I…It…It won’t…”

    Rayne smiled confidently, which hid just how absolutely terrified she was deep down inside. “Oh but it will. It will simply put you…in a nice…deep... “ Rayne pulled the wand back and then quickly flicked the end at Cheyenne. The motion released a spray of shiny green sequins at the young woman’s face, giving them the appearance of magical sparkles coming right at her. “Sleep!”

    Cheyenne’s eyes quickly slammed shut as the sequins rained down on her face. Just as she was about to open her eyes, Rayne’s command echoed through her mind. Her eyes never opened. And her face, which had been scrunched up to prevent the sequins from getting into her eyes, fell slack and relaxed. Her hands slipped from their confident placement on her hips and hung limp at her sides, and a moment later her head fell to her chest as the remaining green sparkles scattered to the ground.

    Rayne’s smile hid just how excited she really was.

    Some time later Cheyenne opened her eyes to see Rayne smiling at her. Laura and Jackie were nowhere to be found. “What…what just happened?” She asked in confusion.

    Rayne grinned confidently at her. “I hypnotized you…just like Jackie…and just like Laura.”

    Cheyenne seemed completely surprised by this and stared open mouthed at Rayne.

    Rayne laughed. “Laura told you it was real. It was my…test, I guess you could say, to prove it to you. Did I pass?”

    Cheyenne turned several shades of red. “Yeah…yeah you passed. I guess I owe Laura an apology.”

    Rayne smiled and motioned for Cheyenne to follow her. “It’s ok, she doesn’t hold a grudge.” The two costumed coeds walked away from the courtyard full of contestants. Cheyenne seemed completely unphased by this, and the contest that she had been so eager to win was now a distant memory for her.

    “That’s good.” Cheyenne said as she escorted Rayne to her dorm. No instructions were given that Cheyenne could remember. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. “I guess I have to join the sorority now…don’t I?”

    Rayne giggled. “Well, we do need subjects. And as you noticed it’s very relaxing. Isn’t it, Cheyenne?”

    “Yes it is, mistress.” Cheyenne said without realizing the context of the words she’d used. “Where is Laura anyway?” she asked as she started to open the door to her room.

    Rayne smiled. “I sent her ahead.”

    As the door opened, Jackie and Laura were visible inside. Laura was holding Jackie in a passionate embrace, kissing her while holding the helpless maid’s leash.  Of course, it took Cheyenne a moment to realize that both girls were completely frozen. “What the hell?” Cheyenne asked as she looked at her friend and the maid, frozen in a kiss. “Laura’s not into girls?! And why is she…not moving?”

    Rayne moved behind Cheyenne confidently. “I froze her... “ she reached around and tapped Cheyenne in the center of the forehead as she whispered “like I just froze you…” Cheyenne stared at the scene in front of her as Rayne moved around the motionless cosplay heroine, sliding her hand along Cheyenne’s body as she did. She took a moment to look at Laura and Jackie as she thought about Cheyenne’s earlier comment. “You’re right, of course…Laura isn’t into girls. And I doubt Jackie is either. And judging from what I saw of you flirting with all of the guys at the costume contest before I got there…I doubt you are either. Funny how things work out like that when you’re hypnotized…isn’t it?” She said, knowing she would never get a response. The irony, of course, was that of the four coeds in the room, the only girl whose sexuality had been permanently affected by hypnosis was, in fact, Rayne herself. That fact was completely lost on all of the young women.

    After a brief moment of walking around the helpless young women, she turned to face them with a smile. “So…let’s make sure you are all sorority material…”

The End… for now.

Featuring: Rayne, Laura, Jackie, Cheyenne

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