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Experiments In Recruitment - N.C.U. part 3

Description: In an effort to help Rayne hypnotize Jackie, Laura decides a small demonstration may be in order.

Key: FD, F/F, MC, Hypno, Freeze

    Rayne followed Laura into the commons area that she had tried to hypnotize Laura in just an hour ago. Sitting on the couch at the far end of the room was a rather thin girl with long brown hair. She seemed to be rather plainly dressed in just jeans and a shirt, and her hair had been pulled back into a simple ponytail. But yet there was still a down to earth, natural beauty about her.

    “Hey!” Shouted Laura excitedly as she moved around the coffee table to give the young woman a hug. “Thank you so much for coming to help us out!”

    The brunette smiled and nodded to her, “My pleasure. I’m not sure how much help I’ll be, but I’m here nonetheless.” The young woman's voice had an odd cadence to it, almost like she was speaking sarcastically even though she wasn’t. But her warm smile helped to convey her emotions without confusion.

    Laura gave her a playful smile “Oh, we’ll see about that.” She turned toward Rayne as her smile became more devious. “This is Rayne, the pledge for the psychology sorority that we are trying to organize. Rayne, this is Jackie, a friend of mine from drama class.”

    Rayne and Jackie exchanged the usual pleasantries before Jackie jumped right to her point. “So, I take it that you’re the one who is going to try and hypnotize me?” she asked Rayne. “I have to tell you, I’m not a believer. I don’t think hypnosis is real. And despite what Laura may try to tell me, I don’t think I can go under. But I’m willing to let you try.” Her comments were genuine, which made Rayne smile and blush at the same time. She appreciated the young woman's honesty, but was starting to feel embarrassed about trying to hypnotize a person who didn’t think they could be hypnotized. Almost like the stakes of the situation were, somehow, higher now.

    Laura winked at Rayne and then turned to look directly at Jackie. “I know that you don’t believe in hypnosis, Jackie…but it is actually real.”

    Rayne couldn’t help but notice that Laura’s voice had changed dramatically. She was speaking more slowly, more clearly. A second later it dawned on her that Laura was using her ‘hypnotic voice’ while she was talking to Jackie. She was trying to prep Jackie to be hypnotized.

    “The thing with hypnosis…” Laura continued “is that it’s really misunderstood. When most people think of hypnosis, they think of girls acting like chickens, or sleepwalking with their arms out like zombies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s simply a state of focus. A state where you simply find yourself following every word that the hypnotist says…and just relaxing into those words. You can see how that might be nice, can’t you Jackie?”

    Rayne’s quickly turned her attention to Jackie to see her reaction. To her surprise, Jackie looked more skeptical than ever as she stared back at Laura. The only change in her posture was a small eyebrow raise. “Umm…I guess, but I still think it’s fake.”

    Laura simply smiled. “Well, that is a common opinion. But what I have learned is that if you can’t see yourself being hypnotized, Jackie…then maybe seeing someone else hypnotized will bring you around.”

    Rayne watched as Jackie thought the idea over and started to nod. “That’s a pretty good idea.” Rayne thought to herself “If she sees someone else get hypnotized, then she’d have evidence that it can…wait a second! I’m the only other one here?!” Rayne screamed in her head as she realized Laura’s plan. Fortunately for her, Laura was too focused on Jackie to notice that she had been outed. 

    As Laura continued to try and work Jackie into a more agreeable mind set, Rayne slowly started to move closer and closer to her blonde mentor. She could tell from the conversation that Laura was setting it up to ‘prove’ to Jackie that hypnosis was real…by hypnotizing Rayne. But Rayne had another idea. She waited patiently for the right moment, which came just as Laura said “to help you understand how hypnosis works, I can just hypnotize... “ She turned to face Rayne, only to find the younger redhead right in front of her. Two fingers were perched at eye level a few inches from Laura’s face. “Oh!” she gasped “Rayne...What…what are you doing?”

    “Shhhhh” Rayne said softly as her fingers started to move slowly and rhythmically back and forth in front of Laura’s eyes. “Just relax…and follow my fingers.” She said in a smooth, almost seductive, voice as her fingers continued to sway from side to side. Laura was instinctively drawn to them. She followed with slight turns of her head as they moved left…and right…left…and right. She struggled to form a reply, but nothing ever came out. Rayne winked at Jackie before letting her fingers move to the center of Laura’s gaze, and then raise straight up. The blonde followed her fingers and tilted her head up just a bit further so she could keep sight of them. But just as she did, Rayne brought her fingers down as quickly as she could while Laura’s head followed them down. A finger snap echoed through the commons area, along with a  forcefully spoken “Sleep!” 

    Laura never really had time to figure out what was going on. She followed the fingers up and then straight down so quickly that her curly hair bounced behind her. But as her head came down, her eyes slammed shut and her mind simply went to sleep. After all, it seemed like the thing to do in this situation. It seemed perfectly logical to Laura. And so there she sat with her head down on her chest, completely hypnotized in front of the two girls she had planned to hypnotize, herself.

    “Holy shit!” Jackie exclaimed with a surprised laugh. “You just…you just got her didn’t you? She didn't even see that coming!”

    Rayne giggled innocently. “No, she didn’t! Her plan was to hypnotize me to prove it could work. I had another plan.” She took on the kind of pose you might see a model using to display an item on a commercial. Except this time the item on display was the hypnotized Laura. “Whaddaya think?” She asked with a smile.

    Jackie had leaned in to examine the sleeping Laura, who was now slumped forward in her chair. “That was…pretty cool, actually. But how do I know she isn’t faking it?”

    Rayne shrugged. “You’re her friend. What's something that you think she wouldn’t do unless she was hypnotized?”

    Jackie gave Rayne a curious look, but then slowly turned back to face Laura with an evil grin on her face. “Hmmm…” she mused out loud “Make her sing…I’m a little teapot!”

    Rayne tried to hold back a sigh of disappointment. “Of all the stupid things…grrrrr!” she thought to herself. “Ok, I can do that!” she said out loud with a smile as she turned to Laura. “Laura…in a moment I’m going to snap my fingers. When I do you will stand up, move to the center of the commons area, and recite, and act out the song “I’m a little teapot.” You can do that for us now, can’t you Laura?”

    Rayne waited for Laura to nod as she internally screamed at all the sexy things she could be doing to her, but instead snapped her fingers to make the sexy junior recite a children’s song.

    Jackie, on the other hand, was laughing her butt off as Laura stood up from the chair and moved to the center of the room without even opening her eyes. She placed one hand on her hip, and the other out like a spout and came to life as she started singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout! Here is my handle! Here is my spout! When the tea is ready you’ll hear me SHOUT!” The blonde practically screamed the word ‘shout’, which made both Jackie and Rayne jump in surprise. “Tip…me over and pour me out!” she finished as she tilted her body to the side like she was being poured out. (Based on something I did to a friend in college. I’m sorry!)

    Jackie was laughing so hard that she had fallen over onto the couch and was slapping the cushion repeatedly. Even Rayne, for as annoyed as she had been, couldn’t help but chuckle, although it was followed immediately by a surge of excitement as she watched Laura slowly return to her upright position. Once she was upright, her right arm sank to her side softly, while her left arm fell with a thump. A moment later her head dropped to her chest as she fell right back to sleep. Rayne’s heart skipped a beat.

    The fantasies forming in Rayne’s mind were interrupted by Jackie. “Ok, I think I believe that SHE is hypnotized. But I still don’t think I can be. But god I wish we had filmed that! What else can we do to her?” The tone and excited look in Jackie’s eye gave Rayne hope for something a bit more…sensual.

    “Well…” Rayne said, hiding an evil grin “ever want to play with a life sized doll?”

    Jackie’s face lit up as she looked over at Laura with a smile. The reply of “Yeeessss!” came out sounding far more devious than Jackie had intended, but it was exactly what Rayne wanted to hear.

    The two girls moved over to Laura as Rayne slid her hair out of the way so she could whisper into the sleeping girl’s ear. “Laura, until I tell you otherwise…you are a life sized doll. You cannot move, but you can be posed. And no matter what pose we put you in, you will stay in that position. You understand that, don’t you Laura?”

    A gently whispered “yes” was all the two girls needed to start their adventure. Rayne stepped back and let Jackie have the first pose. The sophomore quickly tilted the blonde’s head up and to the side while swaying her hip to the opposite side and placing her hand on it. Essentially putting her in the perfect runway model pose.

    Rayne was pretty impressed but decided to up the ante just a bit. She tilted Laura’s head down, as if she were doing the ‘over the glasses’ look. You know, if she were wearing glasses, or if her eyes were open. Just go with it. She then took one hand and placed it squarely on Laura’s breast to make it look like she was massaging herself.

    Jackie snickered as she started to move her friend’s body to give it more sway. “How are we doing this to her? I mean, she’s asleep but why isn’t she limp?”

    Rayne had an idea, “She’s not asleep, she’s hypnotized. Didn’t you ever play freeze tag as a kid?” she asked, slowly moving around Laura to get closer to Jackie, while at the same time making it look like she was trying to adjust the blonde’s legs.

    “Of course!” replied Jackie as she struggled to give Laura’s face an expression. But the more she tried to make her look sexy, the more her face seemed to go ‘derpy’.

    “Well…” Rayne said with a smile “When you played freeze tag you were kind of in a trance all to yourself, you just never knew it. You held your body in place, just like Laura is now. You didn’t move, you didn’t talk. And if you were one of the really, really good players, you didn’t even think. You just imagined you were a statue on display, a doll to be posed…just like Laura is now. Were you…that good at freeze tag, Jackie?” Rayne’s heart suddenly moved into her throat as she watched the brunette continue to fuss with Laura’s face.

    Jackie let out a small laugh as she stepped back to admire just how bad a job she had done at posing Laura’s face. “I actually was really good at that game, I guess.” She turned to look at Rayne only to find the girl staring at her with a smile. A single hand reached out and touched her left shoulder.

    “Freeze!” Rayne said with a confident tone that completely hid just how nervous she really was. At first she wasn’t sure if it had worked or not, as Jackie stayed staring at Rayne with a look of confusion on her face. But the pose was one that didn’t necessarily mean she was frozen, just confused as to what to say next. It took Rayne a second to process this and finally she removed her hand from Jackie’s shoulder and stepped aside. The brunette continued to stare exactly where she had been. Rayne did a silent but extremely animated happy dance, one that even included moving around the now hypnotically frozen Jackie to do an ‘in your face!’ motion.

    After a few minutes of self indulgence she regained her composure and looked at the two frozen girls. She realized that they were supposed to meet up with the last girl, Cheyenne, soon, so she would have to act quickly. She paced back and forth for a moment before an idea came to her and she quickly ran up to Jackie and to whisper suggestions into the brunette’s ear. A little subtle foreshadowing later and she leaned back to admire the young woman. She quickly glanced around to make sure no one else was there before she leaned in and stole a kiss from the lips of her hypnotically frozen target.

    Rayne was feeling considerably more confident and even a little cocky as she turned to face Laura with a devious grin. She was intending to exact a similar prize from a girl who was rapidly coming close to being considered a lover…only to come face first with Laura’s artificially posed ‘derp’ face. “Ewww! Gross!” she exclaimed, rapidly losing any and all arousal she had been feeling.

    She regained her composure and shook her head in disappointment, then quickly snapped her fingers. “Wide awake, Laura” she said in an annoyed tone.

    The blonde snapped back to life right on cue and looked around, clearly confused. “Wait…what just happened?” she said, looking first at herself and the position she was in, then to Rayne, and finally to Jackie.

    Rayne smiled confidently “Oh…I managed to hypnotize Jackie…and you, before you could use me as your little test dummy! I thought she was supposed to be my target, what’s up with trying to hypnotize me first?!”

    Laura looked at Rayne with a soft smile. “I wasn’t going to try and hypnotize you. I was going to set it up like I was, and then at the last second decide to let you hypnotize me instead. But you jumped ahead a few steps…good job!”

    Rayne looked a bit embarrassed. “Oh…” she let out softly. “Sorry.”

    Laura gave her a hug. “It’s ok…you did great! With both of us, apparently.” she took a moment to examine Jackie. “Now what?”

    Rayne smiled at Laura and checked her watch. “There is something I’ve always wanted to try…”

    Jackie woke up a few minutes later, sitting on the couch in the commons area without any idea of how she had gotten there or what had happened. She looked around, confused, only to discover that Rayne was standing in front of her, holding a pocket watch in front of her eyes.

    “Just relax and focus on the watch Jackie…” Rayne started with a smile as she began to swing the watch slowly from side to side. “Just relax and watch the watch as it moves, gently and easily from side to side. Allow your eyes to follow the watch, closely and carefully. So easy to follow the lovely shiny watch as it moves. Back and forth, back and forth.”

    Jackie simply watched the watch move back and forth, as she really didn’t have a chance to figure out what was going on. A look of confusion formed on her face as she did…but no words ever slipped out. She simply kept following the watch as it swung back and forth. Back and forth. Every swing seemed to make her eyelids heavier and heavier. Just as Rayne was telling her they would. Her head started to drop down, but she caught herself and kept watching the watch. Another drop, this one harder to recover from, and then finally she heard the word “Sleeeeeep”. And her eyes simply closed as her head tilted forward.

    Laura couldn’t have been prouder of her student as she watched her hypnotize Jackie with a normal, old fashioned pocket watch induction. She smiled up at Rayne as the redhead turned towards her. She was about to comment on how good of a job she had done, but was cut off by the pocket watch dangling directly in front of her face. She couldn’t help but watch as it moved from side to side. Back and forth. She could hear Rayne talking in the background, but it seemed so far away. And she was so tired. She just wanted to close her eyes…close her eyes and rest. And her world faded to black as she did just that.

    The next thing Laura was aware of was walking down the hallway of the dorms. But these weren’t her dorms, they were in an entirely differently building altogether. Beside her, Rayne smiled. “Welcome back…” she said confidently. “I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d take you on a little walk while you were asleep. I had an idea on how to get your skeptical friend, Cheyenne…and I need to borrow a few things from a friend first…”

    For some reason this all seemed completely logical and normal to Laura as she followed Rayne down the hall. She couldn’t help but be curious as to what Rayne had managed to cook up. 

To Be Continued...

Featuring: Rayne, Laura, Jackie
Mentioned: Cheyenne

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