Friday, September 20, 2019

Patreon Teaser - Girls of SLEEP, Pt2, alt ending

Ever wonder what might have happened between Carly and Eve... if the toss in The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. part 2 had landed in Carly's favor instead of Eve's?   Here is a little hint, the rest of the story is available on my Patreon page!

    Several of the other girls laughed while Trisha rolled her eyes. “Alright,” she said as she pulled a coin from her pocket, “heads and Eve goes first. Tails, Carly.” She flipped the coin and let it fall to the ground, spinning a few times before it finally landed on...


    “Sweet!” shouted Carly with more excitement than anyone had expected. “But...what do I actually do?” she said in confusion as she looked around the room. “I’ve never hypnotized anyone before…in my life. I’ve never seen it done for real other than the afternoon I spent with Trisha, Laura, and Rayne…and, well, I didn’t really understand much of what they were doing.”

    “Oh come on.” Cheyenne started with a grin. “Just swing a pocket watch or something in front of her eyes, haven't you ever seen a movie?” she said as she laughed at the thought.

    “That’s...not a bad idea, actually.” Laura said, looking from Cheyenne to Carly.

    “Wait, what?” Cheyenne asked, confused that her joke was being taken seriously.

    “Anyone have a pocket watch? I left mine in my other pants!” Carly said as she pulled the pockets out of her jeans.

    The rest of the girls laughed, assuming no one would actually have a pocket watch with them. Trisha, on the other hand, merely smiled and handed one to Carly as the others looked on, dumbfounded. “Here you go.”

    Carly stared at the pocket watch in her hand, clearly confused. “Why do you have this?” she asked.

    Trisha narrowed her eyes in a look of disbelief as she waved her hand around the room. “Hypnosis…sorority.” she replied slowly and sarcastically.

    “Oh, right!” Carly said as Trisha rolled her eyes. Carly held the watch in her hand and examined it as she took a deep breath. She’d never done this before, but she had seen Saturday morning cartoons, so all she could do was draw from that and see what happened. She raised the watch up in front of Eve’s eyes and began to swing it slowly from side to side. “Watch this watch of gold…and soon you will do…as you are told.” she said in her attempt at a stereotypical villainous voice.

    The other girls, including Eve, all got a good laugh at the cartoon reference. But Eve noticed, quite unexpectedly, that she was having a hard time taking her eyes off of the watch. That she couldn’t pull herself away from just watching it swing back and forth, back and forth, in front of her.

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