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The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. - Part 2

Key: FD, MC, Hypno, Freeze

Description: With all the new sorority members in attendance, Carly and Eve are chosen to be the first pair to try and hypnotize one another.

    A few moments after Eve had managed to hypnotize Rayne and Laura, there was a knock on the door. As Trisha and Eve turned around, they saw Jackie on the other side of the glass. Trisha sighed as she moved towards the door, whispering “Wake them up quickly, please.” to Eve as she passed.

    “Of course!” came Eve’s playful response as she hugged both girls, one on either side of her, and whispered “1…2…3…Wide awake!” Fortunately for her, she was able to cover up the fact that both girls had been hypnotized from the unsuspecting Jackie.

    As soon as Trisha unlocked the door, the room was filled with high pitched squeals that can only occur when two college girls see each other for the first time in literal hours. Hugging ensued.

    “Come in, come in!” Trisha said, waving Jackie inside. “Thank you so much for showing up! This is Rayne, of course you know Laura, and this is Eve.”

    “Pleasure to meet you, Eve” Jackie said with a smile as she turned to Rayne. “We actually have met before, just briefly. But it’s good to see you again!” she said excitedly as she gave her a hug.

    “It’s good to see you too, are you joining the sorority?” Rayne asked, knowing that she had already helped hypnotize Jackie once and put the idea in her mind to, at the very least, show up to the meeting.

    “We’ll see…no offense, Trisha.” she said, putting her hand on the older girl’s arm apologetically. “I don’t believe in hypnosis, so joining a sorority based on it seems a bit disingenuous. I’m simply here because Trisha and Laura asked me to show up and I want to support them in any way that I can!”

    “So you don’t believe in hypnosis…and I assume you don’t believe you can be hypnotized either?” Eve asked, giving her a confused look.

    “Nope, I’m sorry to say that I’m completely unable to be hypnotized.” she said as she shrugged her shoulders. Rayne and Laura, on the other hand, knew better from experience and shot each other a look as they rolled their eyes.

    Before the conversation could devolve into a debate about Jackie’s ability to enter hypnosis, Cheyenne interrupted with a knock on the open door. “Am I in the right place?” she asked with a knowing smile. As expected, more high pitched squeals, hugs, and introductions followed. Do I really have to write that all out for you guys? No? Sweet!

    As the introductions began to wrap up, Cheyenne, like Jackie, also admitted to not believing in hypnosis. Instead she claimed that she was just there to support Laura and Trisha in any way she could. Rayne and Laura smiled at Trisha, who replied with a subtle wink, knowing that the two of them had been responsible for slipping those very suggestions into both girls’ minds.

    Despite their attempts at subtlety, however, Jackie and Cheyenne both happened to notice the looks that were being exchanged. Fortunately for the more devious girls here, Carly arrived just in time to break up what would have been a rather accusatory conversation. Yet another round of squeals and hugs followed as Carly made her introductions.

    “What are you doing here?” Cheyenne asked in confusion. “They didn’t rope you into joining this too, did they?”

    “No!” laughed Carly with a smile. “I’m doing a report on hypnotism for the school paper. Trisha was kind enough to let me sit in on the meeting so I can get some firsthand information on how hypnosis is being used on campus!”

    Cheyenne was clearly about to question what was going to happen that needed to be reported, just as Trisha stood up and began to address the rest of the group as professionally as she could manage. “I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight…” she started, smiling as the other conversations began to die down. One by one, everyone else took a seat on the various couches and chairs that were arranged in a semi-circle around Trisha. “I wanted to begin by briefly explaining the structure of the sorority. I am the head, and as the grad student in charge all final decisions will be made by me. With that being said, as far as I am concerned, you are all now official members of the hypnosis sorority!”

    The response was a bit mixed. The hypnotists, Laura, Rayne, and Eve, all clapped enthusiastically. Jackie and Cheyenne, on the other hand, rolled their eyes and clapped politely, but briefly. Carly never looked up from her notes.

    Not one to be easily deterred, Trisha moved on. “Tonight, however, we will be installing the first officers of the sorority.” She smiled proudly and picked up an old top hat filled with torn up pieces of paper in it to show the rest of the group. “The officers of a hypnosis based sorority have to be good at…well, hypnosis! So if you would all take a piece of paper out of the hat, you’ll find that there is a number written on it. There are two of each number inside. In a moment we will pick the first pair and they will come up and try to hypnotize one another. Whoever succeeds first will be installed as an officer!”

    Once again the girl’s reactions were not what Trisha had hoped for. This time she was met with six confused faces. It was Jackie that finally spoke up first. “I have a question…” she started, waiting for Trisha’s nod to continue. “What happens if no one gets hypnotized? I mean…I’m not a hypnotist, and I’m not weak minded enough to go under hypnosis. And I have a feeling based on conversations I’ve had with everyone else that that is a common theme here…” she trailed off, looking at the rest of the girls who were all subtly nodding in agreement. “So...what happens if no one gets hypnotized?”

    Trisha merely smiled, as if she’d expected that very response. “If no one is hypnotized, if no one is good enough to be an officer, then no one will be installed as one. And those who are interested will simply have to practice harder, won’t they?” She looked over to Rayne, Laura, and Eve and managed to successfully hide her wink this time. “Let’s begin, shall we?” she said with a smile as she leaned down to hand Rayne the hat. As she did, she whispered “Relax, it’s rigged.”

    Rayne gave Trisha an even more confused look. She wasn’t sure how she could have possibly rigged the pulling of random numbers from a hat, but she also wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer. She pulled a small piece of paper from the hat and passed it down the line until it reached Carly, who looked down at it as if she had no idea what it was or why it was in front of her. “Oh, no thank you. I’m just here to observe.” she said politely, turning her attention back to her notes.

    “Oh come on Carly! Think about it, you’ll be able to add so much more to your story! How someone tried to hypnotize you, and you tried to hypnotize someone...people will love it!” Trisha said with as much energy as possible. Which, believe me…is a lot.

    Carly thought it over for a moment and smiled. “Oh what the hell. I’m in!” she said, laughing as she grabbed the last piece of paper while the other girls made a show of laughing and cheering.

    Trisha smiled. “Now, everyone look at your pieces of paper, but don’t tell anyone what number you have until we call your number. And on that note…who has number one?”

    The girls all looked at their pieces of paper and quickly looked around, curious to see who would be going first. Suddenly, Eve stood up and moved to the front of the room. With a nervous grin on her face, she shyly revealed her paper, with the number one written on it, to the rest of the group. As everyone continued looking around the room, waiting for the reveal themselves, Carly realized she still had an unopened piece of paper sitting on her lap. Finally, she opened it and laughed evilly as she stood up and began to walk towards Eve with movements that resembled a witch from a cartoon more than a hypnotist. “Your mind will be mine, my pretty… Ahhahahahahah!”

    Several of the other girls laughed while Trisha rolled her eyes. “Alright,” she said as she pulled a coin from her pocket, “heads and Eve goes first. Tails, Carly.” She flipped the coin and let it fall to the ground, spinning a few times before it finally landed on...


    Eve smiled deviously as Carly began to playfully whine and pout about her bad luck. “It’s ok… “ Eve said soothingly as she closed the space between her and Carly. “No reason to cry…just listen to my voice and let everything drift away…I’m here now, little one…I’ll look after you.” she said as she gently stroked her hand along Carly’s cheek.

    Carly was so confused by what was happening, and the speed at which it was progressing, that she barely registered what Eve was saying. “Wha…what are you…” she tried to ask as she stumbled over her own words nervously.

    “Shhhhh...” Eve interrupted. “Just relax and look into my eyes…just let your breathing become slow and steady. It’s ok…I know you’re nervous…I know you’re confused…I’m here to help you. I’m here to help you relax…and let go. You don’t need to…slip into hypnosis for me now, Carly. You don’t need to…let the room fade away. All you need to do…is focus on my eyes…and let your breathing become slow…and steady. Let your body relax…gently and easily.”  She moved her hand down to Carly’s arm and shook it slowly to let it relax. The brunette’s shoulders started to visibly drop as her arm shook. But the most telling sign was her expression. Carly’s eyes were locked to Eve’s as if they were magnetic. Her face had begun to relax, and her mouth hung slightly open as she focused more and more deeply on Eve’s eyes. The question that was still on her lips refused to form, but every few seconds you could see her trying to form words...only to have them slip away.

    Eve tilted Carly’s head forward a bit, pulling it towards her slowly as the rest of the young reporter’s body started to sag and sink more and more deeply. Her arms began to move forward as her body hunched over ever so slightly. So much so that she was almost resting on Eve’s hand as she continued to stare into her eyes. “That’s a girl…” Eve continued. “just let yourself sink, into my eyes…into my voice…sinking down…deeper and deeper…all the way down…to sleep Carly.”

    Carly’s eyes rolled into her head as a soft sigh escaped her lips. A moment later, her legs gave out and she completely collapsed into Eve’s arms. Fortunately for Carly, Eve was quite well built and she was able to easily support the weight of the entranced girl. “Shhhh…that’s a girl.” Eve whispered. “Able to stand…nice and sturdy, nice and strong. Sinking deeper…and deeper for me now.” Carly slowly moved to balance herself as Eve stepped back with a nervous smile on her face.

    Eve looked around the semi-circle, from Trisha down to the others. Jackie and Cheyenne wore the most shocked expressions by far, as their brains tried to process what they had just witnessed. Laura and Rayne both seemed impressed. Ultimately, though, it was Cheyenne who made the first move and began to clap slowly. The applause brought a blush to Eve’s face as the other girls joined in until, finally, Trisha spoke up. “Well ladies, it looks like we have our first officer! Congratulations!”

    Eve smiled “Thank you, that was…a rush!  What do we do with her?” she said, placing her hand on the still sleeping Carly.

    Trisha smiled at Eve. “Well, you hypnotized her…what do you think we should do with her? You’re the hypnotist, you get to decide.”

    Eve looked Carly over for a moment. “I think I know what to do…” she said with a smile as she lifted Carly’s head up with a single finger. “Follow me.” she said in a commanding tone as she lead the young coed to a spot just in front of the chair she had been originally sitting in. “That’s a girl…just feel your body starting to become a bit more rigid…soft enough for me to move you easily, but solid enough that you stay fixed in place when I let go.” She took a moment and positioned Carly’s legs to be spread out slightly, to give her a stronger stance. Once her legs were in place, she took the hypnotized woman’s left hand and moved it down to her butt, making her look like she was caressing it. Then she placed Carly’s right hand behind her head and made it seem as though she had been in the middle of running her fingers through her hair. “That’s a girl.” Eve said with a smile. “Now open your eyes and let me see your best…most alluring, seductive, smile.”

    Carly’s eyes opened, but if you were to look into them you would clearly see that there was no one home. They were glazed over and her pupils were dilated to indicate just how deep she was. But despite that she still managed to flash a thousand watt smile. Her eyes even seemed to take on some life while still managing to look completely empty. She stared ahead and flashed her teeth, then her body simply came to a stop.

    "That’s a girl…” Eve continued as she gently stroked Carly’s cheek and let her hand slide down the helpless young girl’s body. “Let everything simply come to a stop…stiff and rigid…solid like stone. Becoming the perfect, sexy statue. The kind you see in museums and gardens…the kind that men stare at, wishing they were real. And the kind women look upon, wishing they could have the same perfect…chiseled body of the statue. Now you are the statue, Carly. Beautiful and strong. Solid as stone.”

    Eve stepped out of Carly’s line of sight, but her eyes didn’t so much as twitch. Her pupils didn’t even attempt to adjust to the change in light, or focus on the wall she was now staring at. She simply stood there…completely and totally unmoving, except for the very faint, very slow movement of her stomach and chest as she breathed.

    But Eve wasn’t done just yet. She took a few minutes to fix Carly’s attire and began by unbuttoning the shirt she had worn, and pulling it out of her jeans. Once it was completely out, she tucked the tank top she’d worn underneath into her bra and pulled the front of it down to show off her chest. To finish it off she knotted the shirt and left her midriff completely exposed, which framed her chest perfectly. After that, Eve knelt down and rolled up Carly’s jeans until they were just above the knee. This showed off her calves and tightened the jeans above the knee, making them hug her legs just a little more.

    When she was finally done she stood up with a smile. “Ta da!” she said proudly, showing off her newest statue.

    “She kind of looks like a farm girl!” Laura said, laughing as she took a picture. “That will make a great shot for her article!” The others laughed at her comment, as Trisha watched and smiled to herself. She knew there would be no article. And that Carly would never remember being frozen.

    “Excellent work!” Trisha said proudly as Eve took a bow before returning to her seat. “So...who has number 2?”

To be continued...

Featuring: Trisha, Laura, Rayne, Eve, Carly, Cheyenne, and Jackie

Wonder what might have happened if the toss had gone the other way? If it had come up Tails... and Carly had won the toss and got to hypnotize Eve instead? There is an alternate version of this chapter available on my Patreon page!

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