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The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. - Part 4

Key: FD, MC, Hypno

Description: The final toss between Rayne and Jackie…or is it?

    Trisha took a deep breath to compose herself. “Alright.” she started with a smile, looking knowingly at Rayne and Jackie. “Who has number 3?”

    Rayne slowly held up her ticket. Even though she knew that there were only two girls left, and she was obviously one of them, she couldn’t calm her nerves. As she stood up she noticed Eve and Laura nod subtly in approval, while Trisha smiled and winked at her.

    Jackie, on the other hand, was a bit less…well…anything. “Alright, let's get this over with.” she said, letting out a sigh as she stood up and moved to the spot across from Rayne.

    “Heads, Jackie goes first. Tails, Rayne goes first. Are we ready?” Trisha asked the two girls with a practically giddy smile as she looked back and forth between them.

    Both girls nodded, one shaking with nervousness…while the other looked bored to tears. Rayne’s heart nearly skipped a beat as Trisha flipped the coin. “What if it lands on heads?” she thought. “What if I end up hypnotized instead of Jackie? What if I…I…oh god, why is this turning me on?” It was a surprising amount of thoughts to go through her head in the time it took for one coin flip. But finally the coin hit the ground, as both young women watched it bounce and spin as it finally come to rest on...


    Rayne internally breathed a sigh of relief. Jackie, on the other hand, just kind of sighed and stared at Rayne. “Congratulations…” she said in a voice that managed to perfectly portray both sarcasm and boredom at the same time. “Can we get this over with, please?”

    Rayne closed her eyes and took a deep, slow breath. In her mind she imagined herself ten feet tall, strong and powerful. Not just physically, but mentally as well. She imagined herself staring down into Jackie’s eyes as Jackie slipped into a trance just from the power and confidence that she could summon. This was her test. If she could muster this kind of confidence here…she could use it on Klaire, too. “This is it. “ she said to herself. “You can do this.”

    “You ok over there?” Jackie asked with only the slightest hint of actual concern as she looked at Rayne. “You’re supposed to hypnotize me, not yourself...rememb…. oh!” Jackie gasped as Rayne opened her eyes and stared directly into Jackie's. There was an intensity to them, a confidence, that she had not seen before. It was as if she was trying to stare her way into Jackie’s mind. She could almost feel it.

    Rayne didn’t say a word, she merely focused on Jackie’s eyes and took a small, half step forward, barely closing the distance between them. But that step caused Jackie to take a full step back without even realizing she had done it. Rayne let the sadistic glee that she was feeling slowly creep into her eyes as she continued to stare confidently at Jackie, taking several slow steps toward the now retreating sophomore.

    Rayne’s look was so confident, so domineering, that even Trisha found herself taking a step back, while Eve and Laura both were fixated on the scene before them. All they could do was stare in shock as Rayne slowly advanced on Jackie, who was automatically retreating one small step at a time. They weren’t even sure if Jackie knew she was doing it…or if she had any idea how quickly she was running out of space.

    Rayne couldn’t help but let out a small giggle as she watched Jackie bump into the wall behind her. The expression on Jackie’s face only confirmed the idea that she didn’t even realize the wall was there, or that she had been backing up at all.

    As soon as Jackie bumped into the wall she quickly slid her hands behind her, as if she was feeling for an opening or some way to slip even further away from Rayne. When she was unable to find a gap, she quickly turned around to check for one. The action only took a second, if that, but Rayne was ready for it. The moment Jackie turned around, Rayne took a very long step, one that more closely resembled a jump, and landed directly in front of her. Leaving them nose to nose once Jackie turned to face her again. All Jackie could do was gasp softly, completely unable to look away.

    Rayne smiled confidently as she stared into Jackie’s eyes. She had been completely silent the entire time, and was able to keep Jackie’s attention with nothing more than her confidence and presence. She was close enough to feel Jackie’s breath against her skin, against her lips as she stared into Jackie’s eyes.

    “Rrrr…Rayne…” Jackie struggled to get out, panting more noticeably than she would have liked. “What…what are you doing?” she asked. She tried to slip away to her left, but Rayne extended her arm and placed it on the wall next to Jackie, blocking her escape. A second later Jackie tried to go to the right, only to have that path be cut off as well.

    Trisha, Eve, and Laura sat in stunned silence by Rayne’s actions. They knew on a fundamental level what she was doing…well, at least Laura and Trisha did. Eve’s skills were only a temporary hypnotic suggestion. None of the girls were sure if Rayne’s plan was going to work the way she intended it to, but they couldn’t tear their gazes away from her.

    Jackie, however, was starting to realize that she may actually be in a bit of a bind. She quickly turned her head away from Rayne and slammed her eyes shut. “What are you doing?” she asked, sounding genuinely nervous but with a hint of...excitement in her voice.

    Rayne didn’t respond, at least not verbally. Instead she simply reached out and turned Jackie’s head to face her again. As she moved in closer, straightening herself to stand taller over the helpless girl, she let her hand start to caress Jackie’s cheek.

    Jackie didn’t resist Rayne’s hand as it moved her head so she would once again meet the young freshman’s piercing gaze. But as she looked into Rayne’s eyes, it almost felt like Rayne was somehow growing taller. It took her a moment to realize that Rayne was gently pushing her down the wall with the hand that was on her cheek. Making her appear taller and more dominant. Jackie let out an unconscious sigh as she slowly slid down the wall.

    Rayne backed up ever so slightly to give Jackie some space, while keeping her more or less pinned to the wall. Jackie slid down a few inches and stopped, still supported by the wall but clearly having to look up at Rayne. A vantage point that made the younger girl’s dominating gaze seem even more powerful. “What…what do you want…from me?” Jackie asked nervously.

    Rayne let a small, playful smile flash across her face as she placed a single finger to her lips to quiet Jackie. Then, as her smile grew more devious, she kissed the tip of her finger and gently pressed it to the center of Jackie’s forehead.

    Jackie’s eyes crossed and rolled upward, and as she felt Rayne’s finger touch her forehead she couldn't help but let out a sigh. She didn’t know what was going on, but the world felt like it was spinning and swirling around her. She tried to form a question, but before she could she felt Rayne’s hand gently slide down her face and softly close her eyes. Almost instantly, Jackie’s body began to sink. Her mind swirled with confusion as she struggled to come to grips with what was happening. She would latch on to anything, anything at all, just to have some idea, some notion, as to what was happening to her and what she should do about it. Fortunately for her…Rayne had the answer she needed so desperately.

    “Sleep…” Rayne whispered softly, almost inaudible to Jackie, and completely inaudible to the girls watching.

    As quiet as it was, it was sweet release to Jackie’s ears, and her mind. Finally, she had a direction. She knew what she had to do. She was supposed to sleep! And that realization was the last thing to go through her mind, before she let out a long, slow sigh and slid the rest of the way down the wall, landing on the floor in front of Rayne. Deeply asleep.

    Rayne smiled down at Jackie, nearly shaking with excitement. She had done it! She had hypnotized a girl with little more than her attitude alone! She was so happy, so focused on what had happened, that she had completely forgotten about the other girls in the room. Which was fine because the three of them, the ones that were awake anyway, were too stunned to respond.

    Finally, Trisha began to clap as Eve and Laura followed suit rather excitedly. Rayne jumped and spun around, realizing that she was not, in fact, alone with her newly subdued prey. That she was actually in a room with six other people. Even though three of them were hypnotized.

    “That was amazing!” Trisha said, laughing with excitement and a hint of nervousness. “What are you going to do with her?” The tone of her voice implied that she was curious for more than one reason.

    Rayne looked down at the sleeping Jackie. She had been so focused on putting her under that she didn’t really have a plan for what to do with her. “I...I don’t know. I didn’t think about it.” she admitted as the other girls watched in eager anticipation.

    “Well…” chimed in Laura, petting Cheyenne, who was curled up in her lap like a sleeping kitten. “Indulge yourself…what do you think would be fun to see?”

    Rayne looked at Jackie and thought back to the first time she met her…and how sexy she looked dressed in that maid costume. “Jackie…” Rayne began with a smile, “when I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes…still deeply hypnotized. You will believe that you are a french maid, and you have been charged with cleaning up the room.” She realized it was kind of a lame suggestion, but it was best that she could come up with on the spot.

    As the other girls looked on, curiosity evident in their eyes, Rayne snapped her fingers. The moment she did Jackie’s eyes shot open, but they had a glazed, unfocused look to them. It was plain to see, to the trained eye at least, that Jackie was still completely hypnotized and following her orders. Rayne offered the hypnotized maid a hand to help her up off of the floor. “How do you feel?” Rayne asked, a little embarrassed at the suggestion she gave.

    “L'auteur ne parle pas français” came Jackie’s reply, in a perfect French accent.

    “Holy shit!” shouted Rayne in surprise. “Did she…did I…did I just make her speak French?”

    The other girls laughed as Jackie started to tidy up the books in the common area. “No!” Laura struggled to get out while gasping for air between deep, almost painful laughter. “She’s studied French for years! Even studied abroad in France for a semester or two!”

    “Oh…” Rayne said, turning beet red in embarrassment. “That’s…that’s good to know.” She watched as Jackie went about her cleaning duties until an idea finally came to her. “Jackie…” She said commandingly to get the hypnotized maid’s attention “be sure to take care of Laura’s kitten!” she said pointing towards the now sleeping Cheyenne.

    “J'aurais pu écrire un dialogue ici, mais je pensais que ce serait drôle.” Jackie said as she moved to the sleeping Cheyenne, and carefully pulled her off of Laura’s lap to move the hypnotized kitten into a more comfortable position on the couch. To give her a bit more room, Laura got up and moved to the center couch that Eve was currently occupying by herself.

    “What did she say?” Rayne asked, still confused by the whole situation.

    “No idea!” Laura said, still laughing to the point of having to hold her side from the pain. “I don’t speak French…but this is funny as hell!” She was clearly enjoying watching her friend be completely unaware of what she was doing, while the other was moved around like a limp ragdoll.

    Rayne shrugged and resigned herself to not knowing what Jackie was saying. “Don’t forget to clean the statue!” she demanded as she pointed to Carly.

    “Si vous parlez français s'il vous plaît ne me déteste pas!” Jackie said as she took several tissues from a box and moved to the still-hypnotically posed, and completely frozen, Carly. Much to the girls’ amusement, and Rayne and Trisha’s excitement, Jackie start to dust Carly. All of her. She took careful time to clean and dust her head, then her shoulders, then breasts, going as far as to palm them in her hands to scrub them clean. Both Rayne and Trisha were able to hide their embarrassment and arousal...until Jackie leaned down to scrub between Carly’s legs. At that point just about everyone turned beet red, except for Laura who was still laughing uncontrollably. Rayne nearly burst.

    Finally Trisha spoke up, mainly because her arousal had just about reached its limit and she knew it. “Alright, I think we had better start to wrap this up… if you don’t mind, Rayne.”

    Rayne gave her an embarrassed smile and moved over to Jackie. “Jackie, stop and look here a moment please.” she said in a soothing but firm tone.

    “J'espère que vous avez apprécié cet œuf de Pâques.” Jackie said, looking at Rayne in confusion.

    Rayne simply gave the hypnotized French maid a smile before tapping her square in the forehead. “Sleep!”

    Jackie’s expression made it seem as though she’d been hit in the head with a rock, rather than gently tapped with a finger. The moment Rayne’s finger touched her head it jerked backwards as she let out a gasp. Her mouth hung open and her eyes fluttered up into her head while her entire body tilted to the side. Without bending a single joint, she fell to the couch.

    The three remaining  girls applauded Rayne on her accomplishment and the show she had just put on. Since Cheyenne was passed out on one couch, and Jackie had fallen onto the other, while Carly was frozen in front of the only chair, Eve and Laura were seated on the only remaining couch in the middle of the room. Rayne happily sat down between the other two girls after the applause died down and she accepted the congratulatory, and mandatory, hugs.

    “Excellent job, that was really impressive!” Trisha said as she casually made her way to the couch holding the three newly-proven sorority officers.

    “Thank you!” Rayne said, blushing. “What do we do now?” she asked innocently enough as she looked to Eve and then Laura. Neither girl had an answer.

    “Now…” Trisha said as she strategically positioned herself directly in front of the girls, in such a way that all three turned to look up at her as realization washed over their faces. “It’s my turn!”

To be concluded….

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Featuring: Trisha, Laura, Cheyenne, Eve, Carly, Rayne and Jackie

Curious what might have happened if the coin had landed on heads? How Rayne would have reacted to the idea of being hypnotized by Jackie? There is an alternate ending for this chapter available on my Patreon page that covers exactly that! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them!

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