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The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. - Part 3

Key: FD, MC, Freeze, Transformation, Hypnosis.

Description: Laura and Cheyenne are chosen to see who can hypnotize the other.

    “So, who has number 2?” Trisha said, eyes gleaming as she looked out at her audience.

    The room was silent as the others looked down at their tickets. Finally, Cheyenne and Laura both slowly began to raise their hands as both of their faces turned red with embarrassment. “Well don’t just sit there, come on up. Move it, move it, move it!” Trisha shouted playfully, clapping her hands in an attempt to get them up and moving.

    Both girls slowly moved to the front of the room and looked around, glancing at one another nervously. “You ready for this?” Laura asked, smiling as her nervousness began to give way to adrenaline.

    Cheyenne, however, was having a very different reaction to their situation. “I guess.” she replied, shrugging off her own embarrassment. “Just don’t hold it against me if this doesn’t work the way you expect it to.”

    Trisha smiled and stepped between them, balancing the quarter on her thumb. “Heads it’s Cheyenne, tails it’s Laura. Ready?” Trisha asked as she looked between the two. Both shook their heads in agreement and, without further adieu, the older girl flipped the coin. The two blondes at center staged watched intently as it rose into the air and hit the floor with a ‘ting!’ It spun a few more times before it finally fell on its side and landed on...


    Cheyenne rolled her eyes as she looked up at the ceiling and gave a long, labored...and exaggerated...sigh. “Yippee…hooray…you won. Can we get this over with please?” She lowered her head to look at Laura and raised an eyebrow at what she saw. “What the hell are you doing?”

    Laura, meanwhile, was busy waving her hands back and forth in front of Cheyenne’s face as her hips swayed from side to side like a belly dancer’s. “I’m putting a spell on you.”  she said while her hands moved in a criss-cross pattern before Cheyenne’s eyes, her fingers wiggling each time they passed.

    “You’re going to...put a spell…on me?” Cheyenne asked hesitantly. “You know that’s ridiculous, right?” Although even as she said it, the blonde couldn’t help but get distracted by Laura’s hands continuously moving back and forth in front of her face. And as much as she hated to admit it, the more Laura swayed her hips and torso from side to side, the harder it became for Cheyenne to focus on just one thing among the array of movement in front of her.

    Laura’s dance continued as her hands moved side to side, then up and down in an ever confusing display of motion. “The more you resist, the more the magic persists. The more you struggle, the deeper your trance will bubble. Everything you do helps the spell to be sealed. You can see the energy in my hands…imagine it as it moves from side to side…back and forth…and then up and down…all around. There is magic everywhere, Cheyenne. Even you have delved into that mystical world from time to time, if only in your fantasies and your cosplays…you can’t deny that…you know that to be the truth now…don’t you Cheyenne?”

    Eve leaned over to Rayne and whispered “Did she really just say ‘the more you struggle the deeper your trance will bubble?’” She was trying, and failing, to hold back laughter as much as she could.

    Rayne had to bite her tongue to keep herself from giggling as she whispered into Eve’s ear. “Shhh...it seems to be working…”

    The two girls watched as Cheyenne started to slowly sway on her feet while she watched Laura’s hands, still moving side to side then up and down as they criss-crossed in front of her. The image of Laura’s body swaying to a beat that only she could hear was causing Cheyenne to lose focus, and her face had become a mixture of relaxation and confusion. Every so often she squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head to try and clear it, until finally she answered Laura’s question. “Yes…” she said as she shook her head again, harder this time as if that would break the influence Laura was starting to have. “Why is this…? This can’t be…you’re messing with my head…” the younger of the two blondes said in confusion.

    “Of course, silly.” Laura giggled as she started to move her hands diagonally in front of Cheyenne’s face. “I’m hypnotizing you…I’m supposed to be messing with your head. That’s the point…isn’t that right, my dear?”

    “Yes…” Cheyenne responded softly. She started another half-hearted attempt to shake her head, but her resistance was fading by the second. “But…hypnos…hypnosis… isn’t real…” she struggled to get out, just as Laura cut her off by quickly clapping her hands together directly in front of Cheyenne’s face. Her body jerked back in surprise, a split second before Laura reached out and grabbed her head with both hands and pulled it forward.

    “Sleep!” Laura commanded as Cheyenne’s taller frame came crashing into her waiting arms. Laura held her victim close, keeping a firm hold so she wouldn’t fall, and couldn’t help but smile as she let out a devious laugh. “That’s it…” she said between cackles “just sink deeper and deeper for me…under my spell completely and totally now, isn’t that right?”

    A soft “...yyyyeeessss…” slipped out of Cheyenne’s mouth as Laura gently lowered her to the floor and knelt beside her to support her sleeping friend’s body. Once Cheyenne was on the floor, she grinned up at Trisha as the rest of the girls erupted in applause. All except for Carly, who was still hypnotically frozen from the last chapter.

    “Well done, well done!” Trisha said with a pleased smile. “Looks like we have our second officer!” she said enthusiastically, as the rest of the girls laughed and continued their applause. Noise complaints be damned! “Well…” Trisha began with a deviously curious grin “what are you gonna do with your prize?”

    Laura looked down at Cheyenne and realized she had been gently petting the hypnotized girl’s head the entire time. “You know…” she thought to herself, looking over the sleeping young woman, “I’ve always wanted a kitten.” The grin that appeared on Laura’s face was both adorable and frightening at the same time. If this was a horror story, you might expect her to pull out a knife and murder everyone...but since this is hypnoerotic porn, she instead pulled out a hair tie and began to tie up Cheyenne’s long, blonde hair. When she was finished, she cleared her throat and began speaking softly. “Cheyenne, I know you are deeply…and completely asleep now…but you can still hear me…can’t you, Cheyenne?”

    Cheyenne managed a very faint “mmmhhmmm” and nodded her head in response to the question. If you looked closely enough, you could almost see a tiny little smile form on her face as she sank deeper into Laura’s lap.

    Laura smiled at the image and continued talking in a very soft, low voice. “Cheyenne, I want you to feel yourself…slowly…and easily…transforming. Changing from a human woman…into a kitten. I want you to feel how the hair on your body, feels like it’s growing longer…and longer. Softly covering your skin, completely and totally…I want you to feel how your body seems to be getting smaller and smaller…how you seem to just feel like you are shrinking into my lap, more and more as you become a tiny little kitten now.”

    In her mind Cheyenne felt herself becoming smaller and smaller. She felt the hair on her skin growing into a soft golden fur to match the hair on her head. “That’s a girl…” Laura continued “just feel yourself becoming more and more feline…cozy and furry…playful and cute. You can feel the human side of you…slipping into a deep…deep sleep…as you find that the playful...tiny…kitten side of you seems to come to the surface. Even going as far as to feel the shape of your ears…changing. Feel them moving up to the top of your head…becoming pointed and sensitive, sensitive to touch…sensitive to sound. Feeling how much better your hearing is becoming. Able to hear the heart beats of the girls in the room with you, their breathing… able to hear the noises around the room and move your ears to hear the different sounds.”

    As the hypnotized blonde sank deeper into Laura’s lap, she couldn’t help but feel her thoughts simply slip away into sleep. In her mind she was becoming a kitten, she could feel her ears shifting and could hear all the sounds described to her by Laura. Her hearing of course wasn’t getting any better, but her hypnotized mind told her otherwise.

    “That’s a good girl, Cheyenne, doing so well…” Laura stroked the back of Cheyenne’s head and scratched behind her human ears. “And lastly, what I want you to feel...is a tail…coming out of your butt…” she patted Cheyenne gently on her butt where her tail bone would be. “Feel it coming out and swishing from side to side…a strong…fluffy little kitten’s tail. You can feel it brushing up against my leg, against the floor...so perfectly happy to just feel it swish… from side to side.”

    In her mind Cheyenne could feel a tail appearing out of nowhere, and couldn’t help but grin a little as she felt it move from side to side. It felt weird at first…but then it seemed to simply sink into her mind and become a part of her. After all, she was a kitten. She had always had a tail…hadn’t she? But before she could figure out all these pertinent questions, she heard Laura’s voice say “You can wake up now, my little kitten…1…2…3…Wide awake!”

    Cheyenne opened her eyes and stretched out her arms and her legs as she laid sideways on the floor. She gave a big yawn that she didn’t cover and then looked up at Laura. The blonde whose lap she was sitting in was just staring down at her with a tiny grin and an expression of curiosity and…hope. Cheyenne tilted her head to the side and simply asked what she was looking at…of course that is what she thought she asked, all that came out vocally was “Meorrrow…”

    The girls in the room broke out into another round of laughter and applause. Laura simply stared at her new kitten and giggled as she petted her head. “Thats a good girl…such a good girl, Cheyenne…yes you are!”

    Cheyenne, however, didn’t like all the laughing and rolled off of Laura onto all fours and hissed at the girls who were making so much noise. This, of course, caused more snickers and laughter from the girls. Cheyenne was getting angry…very angry…indeed. She pushed back on her front legs, wiggled her butt and then...pounced! Of course, she pounced with all the ferocity of a kitten, so she went about six inches and face planted onto the floor.

    All of the laughter from the girls in the room stopped as they all echoed “Awwwww” at the adorable image of a nearly six foot fall ‘kitten’ landing face first onto the floor.

    By this time, Laura had gotten up off of the floor and taken a seat on the couch she had previously been sitting on. “Cheyenne…come here honey…come on…” she said, snapping her fingers.

    Cheyenne quickly turned her head to see Laura and awkwardly hobbled over to the couch. She crawled up onto the seat next to Laura, taking her head and pushing it underneath Laura’s hand and then looking at her with a smile as she let out a small “Mooooowwww…”

    Laura’s heart melted and she couldn't help but forget that this wasn’t actually a kitten, but her old friend. She fell into the role instantly and started to softly pet the sophomore’s head, occasionally scratching behind her ears. “Such a good girl!” she said with a smile.

    After a few more moments of laughter from the audience, Trisha finally stood back up from her chair and giggled as she took a deep breath. “Alright.” she started with a smile, looking knowingly at Rayne and Jackie. “Who has number 3?”

To be Continued…

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Featuring: Trisha, Laura, Cheyenne, Eve, Carly, Rayne and Jackie

Curious what might have happened if the coin had landed on heads? What Cheyenne would have done if she were the one choosen to hypnotize Laura? There is an alternate ending for this chapter available on my Patreon page that covers exactly that! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them!

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