Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Patreon Teaser - Girls of S.L.E.E.P. Pt5 - Alt Ending.

Key: FD, MC, Hypno

Description: Trisha’s attempt to take over the girls of S.L.E.E.P. takes an unexpected turn.

    As Jackie, Cheyenne, and Carly gloated to one another about their hypnotic victories over the three girls who fancied themselves as hypnotists, Trisha began to move closer to the couch that they were seated on. “Now…” Trisha said as she strategically positioned herself directly in front of the three girls, in such a way that all three turned to look up at her as realization washed across their faces, just in time for Trisha to finish her sentence. “It’s my turn!”

    “Scorpion! Scorpion!” Carly shouted out frantically as she looked up into Trisha’s predatory eyes.

    “Wait…what? There are no scorpions in New Chicago?” Trisha paused as she and the others looked at Carly in confusion.

    “No! Scorpion, like in the episode of Star Trek: Voyager, where they tell the story about the wolf giving the scorpion a ride across the river. Only to have the scorpion sting the wolf midstream, causing them both to drown. When the wolf asks why, the scorpion answers with “it’s my nature.”” She frantically looked from Jackie to Trisha and Cheyenne, then back again, as she finished.

    “I’ve seen the episode…” Trisha admitted, still confused by Carly’s seemingly random train of thought.

    “So have I.” Cheyenne chimed in, equally confused. “What does that have to do with anything that’s going on here?”

    “Seriously?” Carly asked, looking at both Cheyenne and Jackie as she pointed to Trisha. “The bisexual, nymphomaniac hypnotist…who just just had us hypnotize the three girls most likely to hypnotize her...steps up and says “my turn” and you don’t get whats about to happen?!”

    Realization washed over Jackie and Cheyenne’s faces as they looked up at Trisha, who smiled down at them. “What can I say…” Trisha started with a grin as she shrugged. “Scorpion.”

    The three girls looked at one another as the devious grin returned to Trisha’s face. “Now, why don’t you ladies just...look into my eyes. Deep…into my eyes…” she began.

    “Get her!” Cheyenne shouted as she leapt off the couch and tackled Trisha around the waist, pushing her back as hard as she could.

    “What the?!” Trisha’s eyes widened as Cheyenne grabbed her around the waist and pushed with everything she had. But before Trisha could react, Carly grabbed Trisha’s right arm and tried to wrestle it to her side. “Hey! I’m in charge here! This isn’t how this is supposed to go!” Trisha shouted while Jackie grabbed her left arm and very skillfully slid her own foot behind Trisha’s, causing the taller girl to tumble backwards to the floor with a thud. Fortunately for her Jackie was able to use her hand to cushion the back of Trisha’s head. After all, they were only trying to gain the upper hand, not actually hurt her.

Will Trisha be able to fight off the three younger and smaller girls, hypnotizing them like Eve, Laura, and Rayne? Or will she herself end up hypnotized herself and at the mercy of three complete novices? The answer is on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Trisha, Jackie , Cheyenne, and Carly With Laura, Eve and Rayne

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