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The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. - Part 5

Key: FD, F/F, MC, Hypnosis

Description: With three girls already hypnotized, Trisha springs her final trap!

    “Now…” Trisha said as she strategically positioned herself directly in front of the three girls in such a way that all three turned to look up at her. Realization washed across their faces just in time for Trisha to finish her sentence. “It’s my turn!”

    Before Eve, Laura, or Rayne could respond to Trisha, the older girl raised her hand in front of them and began to move it before their eyes in smooth, delicate motions. She kept her fingers and hand loose which added a random quality to otherwise straightforward pattern it was moving in, left to right and back again. It gave her fingers the appearance of almost fluttering as they passed before the girls’ eyes.

    The three young women all had their own unique, yet similar, reactions to the situation at hand. Eve, whose knowledge of hypnosis was limited to the suggestions she had been given, watched Trisha’s hand with a confident smile, certain that she could resist whatever Trisha had planned for them. Laura, on the other hand, knew exactly what Trisha was up to and was actually curious as to how she would adapt it to work on three subjects. And Rayne...well, Rayne’s heart was skipping a beat as her mind raced to find a way out of the situation that wouldn’t cause even more embarrassment for her. But regardless of the differences in each of their responses, they shared one thing in common: all three, for their own unique reasons, were following Trisha’s hand as it fluttered back and forth before them.

    Trisha knew that she had their attention and let her hand continue to flutter around, slowly and easily, back and forth. Having seen several girls hypnotized already that evening, she knew that all three were already in their own unique suggestible states, and that if anyone was going to try and turn the tables, right now at least, it would be Eve. She continued to swing her hand from side to side as she watched the grad assistant out of the corner of her eye, but kept her gaze focused in Rayne’s direction.

    The moment Trisha’s gaze landed on Rayne, the redheaded freshman let out a soft gasp, despite herself. She was so nervous that she barely registered Eve sitting up to make her move. 

    But Trisha did notice, and she was prepared. As her hand waved across the girls’ eyes, swinging gently to the left as it did, she noticed Eve smile deviously. Trisha kept her gaze on Rayne as she swung her hand away from Eve and towards Rayne. Eve saw her chance and made her move. She quickly sat up to pounce on Trisha…but before she could even stand up, Trisha moved her other hand directly in front of Eve’s face and snapped her fingers between the brunette’s eyes. “Sleep!” she said to Eve while still looking directly at Rayne.

    The snap and Trisha’s command to sleep took all three girls by surprise, even though it was only directed at Eve. The overconfident brunette hadn’t even seen it coming. At first her entire body jerked in surprise, not only from the sound of the snap, but at having Trisha’s hand so close to her face. It lasted just long enough for Trisha’s command to slide into her mind. As her body began to go limp, Eve let out a soft sigh and a relaxed, almost playful grin formed on her face. Her eyes crossed and rolled up into her head, her body tilting to the side and landing against Laura with a thud before falling back on the couch and slipping away into a deep, hypnotic sleep.

    Laura and Rayne, on the other hand, had clearly been affected by the snap and suggestion as well. But the moment Eve’s hypnotized body slammed into Laura’s shoulder, both girls jumped in surprise and looked over at the brunette as she fell to the couch, deeply asleep. Having been snapped from her dazed state, Rayne’s gaze quickly turned back to Trisha, just in time for Trisha’s hand to make its way back around to Rayne’s direction. So far around, in fact, that it landed squarely on Rayne’s forehead as Trisha pushed her head back and whispered the word “Sleep!” in a commanding yet playful tone. Almost as if she were trying to hold back a laugh as she said it.

    Rayne let out what could only be described as a high pitched squeak as Trisha pushed her head back. As the young freshman stared blankly up at the ceiling, her body slowly tilted back until she landed against the back of the couch. Her head slowly fell forward as she did, only stopping when it was finally resting against her chest. Oddly enough her eyes never fully closed, instead they just stared ahead, empty and unseeing as she fell deeper into trance.

    Laura remained focused on Eve as she fell against her shoulder, but when she heard Trisha say “sleep” a second time she almost expected it to be aimed at her. When she finally tore her attention away from Eve and back to Trisha, she was fully anticipating it to be the last thing she remembered that evening. Instead, she saw Trisha’s attention was focused on Rayne. Her confusion only lasted a few moments, until she felt the impact of Rayne hitting the couch and quickly turned to see the young freshman crumpled up beside her, deeply asleep. Laura couldn’t help but let out an amused laugh as she turned back to Trisha. “Wow, you got them both in…”

    Trisha stopped Laura’s train of thought in its tracks as she tapped the curly haired blonde directly in the center of her forehead and uttered one word. “Sleep!”

    Laura’s reaction was distinctly different from the others. There were no jerks or twitches from her body, instead it came to a complete stop as she stared at Trisha in surprise. It almost seemed as though her mind was still trying to figure out what had happened. But the longer she sat there, completely unmoving, the less focused her eyes became, and the bigger her pupils got.

    Trisha laughed as she moved her hand, the middle finger of which was still firmly on Laura’s head, and flattened it out to gently close the hypnotized woman’s eyes. Laura’s facial expression didn’t change at all, nor did her posture, she simply sat there with her body angled as if she were still looking at Trisha through closed eyes. The scene sent a shiver down Trisha’s spine as she moved her hand along the young woman’s face, down to her shoulder as she softly pushed her back against the couch.

    Trisha took a moment to savor the scene before she silently bounced up and down in excitement. To the couch on her left, deeply asleep, was Cheyenne, as was Jackie on the couch to her right. Before her were Eve, Laura, and Rayne, all deeply hypnotized, and standing just off to the left between both couches stood Carly, a completely hypnotized statue. As she reveled in the success of her plan, she glanced down at her watch. “Hmm...I have a few minutes to play before I have to get down to business.” she said as she composed herself, a devious grin forming on her face. “Everyone in this room currently in a deep, deep state of trance…listen to my voice. I have a few…suggestions…I’d like to give you…”

About half an hour later…

    “Three…feeling your body slowly coming back online. Four…stretching out, opening your eyes, and allowing your mind to clear. Aware of your surroundings again and…Five! Wide awake!” Trisha smiled as she looked down at the couch where the newly appointed officers of the hypnosis based sorority…otherwise known as S.L.E.E.P...were seated. “How do you feel?”

    Eve, Laura and Rayne all blinked and looked around. Sitting on the couch to their right were Carly, Cheyenne and Jackie. All three girls were seated on the couch with their feet on the floor and their hands in their lap, staring ahead blankly, still clearly hypnotized. “What just happened?” Rayne thought to herself as she took in the scene around her. “We were celebrating our success and then…Trisha!” As the thought came back to her she looked up at Trisha in shock, realizing…remembering...that Trisha had hypnotized them. At least Rayne assumed she had gotten all three of them. She didn’t remember seeing Laura go under, but given that she could see her stretching out of the corner of her eye, it seemed as though she had been equally affected.

    Laura, meanwhile, was grinning at Trisha. “That was sneaky...good job!”

    “Wait, what just happened?” Eve asked, confused, as she looked around at the others.

    “You succeeded!” Trisha said, smiling excitedly. “You managed to hypnotize the other girls and have been installed as officers of S.L.E.E.P.!”

    “Oh.” Eve stopped for a moment, confusion evident on her face as Rayne and Laura watched. “How the hell did I do that?” she asked, her confusion growing by the minute.

    Laura smiled and, without actually turning her head away from Eve, rolled her eyes up to glance at Trisha. “You brought her out of the ‘world’s greatest hypnotist’ suggestion, I take it?” she asked playfully.

    “Well, waking her from the trance woke her from the suggestion as well. But I don’t know that we’ll need it much from this point on, to be honest. I think you and Rayne can handle everything just fine.” Trisha said, smiling. 

    Rayne gasped softly as the words “just fine” echoed through her mind. Not like a suggestion, but more like…a long lost memory. As she looked up at Trisha an image flashed through her mind. An image of…Trisha’s nipple? Rayne shook her head, but that only seemed to make the memory brighter and more vivid. In her mind she could see Trisha’s nipple and felt herself slowly sucking on it, sliding her tongue around it in circles as it stiffened. One by one the images continued forming in her mind, each more vivid than the one before. In them, she could see the others as well. Eve was there, hypnotized and sucking on the other nipple. From what she could see, it seemed like they were all sitting on a couch...

    She glanced around and noticed that one of the cushions on the other couch had several indentations, as if there had been people kneeling on it...not to mention a butt imprint that resembled Trisha’s. Like, exactly. She’d checked out that butt on more than one occasion…she knew what that indentation would look like. “Wait, what?” she thought as she tried to piece together the images. But as she glanced around and saw the other three girls, still deeply hypnotized on the couch next to them, another image flashed through her mind: all three of them, standing behind the couch that Trisha had been sitting on, leaning down over her. Carly was in the middle, sliding her hands around Trisha’s neck from behind and massaging her chest, while Jackie sucked on Trisha’s neck, and…and Cheyenne…was kissing Trisha!

    Rayne glanced around as Eve, Trisha, and Laura continued their conversation beside her. “Laura…” she thought, “Where was Laura?” As she struggled to find her way through the suppressed memories, a curly blonde ponytail appeared in an image. In it, Laura’s face was buried between Trisha’s legs, clearly inside of her open jeans. “She was...eating her out…” she thought to herself as the image in her mind crystallized. All six girls had been hypnotized to pleasure the head of the sorority. The sorority in which she had just been installed as an officer. 

    As Rayne contemplated the scene in her mind, she could see the image of Trisha climaxing as she moaned “That’s it…that’s it…that will be fine! Just fine!...Just fine…Just Fine.” Even after the memory was fully formed inside of her mind, the sounds continued to echo.

    “You ok over there?” Trisha questioned as Rayne snapped out of her daydream.

    “Huh?” she asked with a start. “Oh, yeah…yeah I’m fine.” she said with a smile. “Just fine.” She mentally kicked herself for giving away such an obvious clue as to what she had really been thinking about.  “Now what?” she quickly asked to cover up her obvious slip up.

    “Now we get some sleep. It’s late and we all have things to do in the morning!” Trisha said. Her energy level was clearly fading as the excitement of the evening finally wound down.

    “What about them?” Eve asked as she pointed to the three hypnotized members still seated on the other couch, gazing blankly ahead. 

    “Hmm?” Trisha asked distractedly, looking over at the others. “Oh! I almost forgot. Members...dismissed!” she said as she snapped her fingers.

    As if on command, Carly, Cheyenne, and Jackie all stood up, almost in perfect unison, turned to the right and walked single file around the couch and out the door. Never once did they show even the slightest hint of waking from their trance.

    “Oh that was cool!” Laura said with an evil cackle as she stood up from the couch. “What will they remember in the morning?”

    Rayne’s mind was racing a mile a minute. She had seen through Trisha’s plan…she had seen the creation of a harem, a hypnotic harem, that Trisha could completely control for her own uses. She should be horrified, or angry, but instead she was...excited. Excited and determined.

    “Oh they won’t remember a thing in the morning.” Trisha laughed as they all began to move towards the door.

    Rayne watched Trisha as the group walked towards the door. “I want what you have.” she thought to herself. “I want to control this sorority. All of it...even you!” Her eyes were sharp with determination as plans began to form in her mind.

    “They won’t remember a thing?” Eve asked, confused.

    “Nope. They will completely forget that they were hypnotized.” Trisha said with a smile as the girls neared the doorway. “And so will all of you!” she added matter-of-factly.

    Rayne had been absent-mindedly following the others the door, but was halfway through it when Trisha’s words finally registered. “Wait what?” she asked, just as her body tensed and she let out a soft gasp. Had she been aware enough to notice, she would have seen Laura’s and Eve’s bodies react the same way.

    Trisha simply smiled at the three of them and whispered “Good night.” as she turned and walked away.

    The three young ladies, all of whom had been hypnotically triggered by the mere act of walking through a doorway, replied “Good night.” in unison and began to walk to their respective dorms.

    A few moments later, Rayne’s mind cleared as she emerged from her trance. Her memories of being hypnotized, the realization of what Trisha was really doing with the sorority, and everything she had been so determined to do, were all completely gone. Just like that. She did, however, remember successfully hypnotizing Jackie. She also remembered that, along with Eve and Laura, she was now an officer in the sorority. And then she remembered Klaire…she had a promise to keep with her roommate.

Twenty minutes later…

    The door to Klaire and Rayne’s dorm room opened and the outline of Rayne could be clearly seen against the light from the hallway. Klaire was awake...and terrified. She didn’t know what Rayne had done earlier, or how she had managed to flip the dynamic, but here she was. And Klaire didn’t have the faintest idea what to do. So she did the only thing she could think of...she pretended to be asleep.

    Rayne sat down in the chair next to Klaire’s bed and set something down on the end table, then reached over and flipped on the reading light next to the chair. “I know you’re awake.” Rayne said, a commanding tone present in her voice. “No sense in pretending, you breathe differently when you’re asleep.

    “Shit.” Klaire thought to herself as she slowly uncovered her face and sat up, carefully pulling her knees into her chest and crushing a pillow to her chest for comfort.

    Rayne smiled and held out a cup. “I got you some tea. Earl grey with a twist of lemon, just how you like it.” she said, offering the cup to Klaire.

    Klaire nervously took the cup and slowly inhaled its scent. It was, in fact, exactly how she liked it. “How…how did you know?” she asked nervously.

    Rayne smiled as she picked up her own cup of hot chocolate and took a sip. “I didn’t, but the barista did. A tight shirt and a warm smile can get you all kinds of information if you ask the right way.” Rayne said, laughing slightly.

    For the first time since their run in earlier, Klaire actually laughed and began to relax as she took a sip of her tea. “Thank you.” she said nervously.

    “You’re welcome!” Rayne replied with a genuine smile before taking a long sip of her hot chocolate. “So…” she began, sitting back in the reading chair to get comfortable. “Tell me about yourself.” Her tone was friendly...yet commanding...and came with the clear indication that Klaire had no choice in this matter.

    Klaire sipped her tea and hoped it would hide her nervousness... which it didn't Finally, she looked at Rayne and sighed. “It’s gonna be a long night…” Klaire thought to herself as she watched Rayne smile deviously as she sipped her drink.

The end…for now.

Wonder what might have happened if Carly, Jackie, and Cheyenne had been successful in hypnotizing the other girls... Would Trisha still attempt to hypnotize the victors if they themselves were not hypnotists? Would they see it coming? What about Klaire... what would happen if she got the drop on Rayne instead of the other way around? There is an alternate ending to this chapter and ultimately this entire story dealing with just that scenario available on my patreon page!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them!

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Featuring: Trisha, Laura, Cheyenne, Eve, Carly, Rayne, Jackie and Klaire

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