Friday, October 4, 2019

Patreon Teaser - Girls of SLEEP - Pt4, Alt ending

Key: FD, MC, Hypno

Description: What if the shy Jackie had won the toss, instead of the dominant Rayne in The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. - N.C.U. - Part 3? Would she be able to hypnotize the excited freshman on her first attempt at being a hypnotist? Or would Rayne turn the tables on her and put her under anways? his is just a teaser of the alternate ending I wrote to investigate that question, the rest of it is available on my Patreon Page!

    Trisha took a deep breath to compose herself. “Alright.” she started with a smile, looking knowingly at Rayne and Jackie. “Who has number 3?”

    Rayne slowly held up her ticket. Even though she knew that there were only two girls left, and she was obviously one of them, she couldn’t calm her nerves. As she stood up she heard giggles coming from the two successful hypnotists, Carly and Cheyenne, while Trisha smiled and winked at her. She couldn’t help but glance at the hypnotized forms of Laura and Eve, two girls that were supposed to have won their tosses, as she passed them. 

    Jackie, on the other hand, was a bit less…well…anything. “Alright, let's get this over with.” she said, letting out a sigh as she stood up and moved to the spot across from Rayne.

    “Heads, Jackie goes first. Tails, Rayne goes first. Are we ready?” Trisha asked the two girls with a practically giddy smile as she looked back and forth between them.

    Both girls nodded, one shaking with nervousness…while the other looked bored to tears. Rayne’s heart nearly skipped a beat as Trisha flipped the coin. “What if it lands on heads?” she thought. “What if I end up hypnotized instead of Jackie? What if I…I…oh god, why is this turning me on?” It was a surprising amount of thoughts to go through her head in the time it took for one coin flip. But finally the coin hit the ground, as both young women watched it bounce and spin as it finally come to rest on...


    Rayne’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest. Trisha had said the entire thing was rigged. That the toss would always land in their favor…but none of them had landed the way they were supposed to! And now Laura and Eve were both hypnotized and she was next!

    Jackie’s reaction, as expected, was far less enthusiastic. “Well, shit.” she said matter of factly as she turned to look at the others. Carly and Cheyenne were sitting on the center couch with their two hypnotized subjects sitting on the floor next to them. “Anyone know how to do hypnosis?”

    Unfortunately for Jackie, Eve and Laura, the two girls who were both hypnotists, had already been hypnotized. The girls that had unexpectedly hypnotized them, Carly and Cheyenne, looked at one another and then to Jackie before shrugging in unison. They knew they had gotten lucky in hypnotizing the others and couldn’t offer that much help.

    Jackie turned to look at Rayne, who was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t look at me!” she said, a hint of laughter in her otherwise annoyed tone. “I’m not helping you hypnotize me, are you crazy?”

    Jackie sighed and turned to Trisha with a very defeated, sad-puppy dog look in her eyes. Trisha, of course, melted immediately. She glanced back and forth between Rayne and Jackie a few times, torn between helping the girl whom she wanted in the position of power, and helping the pathetically cute one in front of her. “Oh fine!” Trisha finally relented as she leaned in and whispered into Jackie’s ear for several moments that, to Rayne, seemed excruciatingly long.

    Rayne watched the scene in front of her unfold, trying not to let the nervousness and excitement she was feeling show. Instead, she chose to focus on the anger and annoyance she was feeling towards Trisha at that moment. “How could she?!” she asked herself. “She was supposed to help me! Wait a second…” she thought as she tried to calm herself down. “Maybe she’s telling her to try something that she knows won’t work! She could do that, right?”

    Just then she noticed a surprised expression cross Jackie’s face, almost like a light bulb had gone off in her head. She grinned at Rayne before turning to Trisha. “Do you think that will work?”

    “Nope, I’m fucked!” Rayne thought to herself. “Oh well…she’s not going to get me without a fight!” She steadied herself as if she were preparing for battle, albeit one of a more...hypnotic nature.

    Trisha nodded to Jackie with a smile, both to answer her question and encourage her. But as Jackie looked back at Rayne, she couldn’t help but swallow nervously. “Alright…” she said, trying to steady her voice. “Here goes nothing.”

    Even as she stood there, watching and waiting as Jackie began her induction, Rayne felt a tremor go through her body. “I want you image in your mind, a cabin in the woods. I want you to let yourself see it, in all of its detail. The wood and stone that make up the outside, the hand crafted bricks that make up the chimney. Even the carefully crafted roof tiles, made out of kilned clay.”

    Jackie paused and watched Rayne for a moment. The younger redhead seemed to be focusing intently on Jackie, but her features had softened. She decided to continue. “Notice the stone path that leads up to the cabin. Every stone large and flat, laid into the ground with care. Take a moment to also notice the setting of the cabin. Surrounded by trees, tall, strong pine trees. The kind of trees that provide you safety, protection, and privacy all year round. Not only from the weather and the forest, but from the people of the world. A perfectly peaceful place to escape to. Nothing to bother you here. Surrounded by the sounds of the birds, and the pine trees rustling, and the faint trickle of a nearby creek. The perfect place to just relax. Isn’t that right Rayne?”

Continued on Patreon...

Featuring: Trisha, Rayne and Jackie
With, Cheyenne, Laura, Eve and Carly also in the story but not playing a major roll.

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