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Volunteering for the Show - SHR - Part 3

 Key: MC, MD, M/F,  Hypno, Freeze

Description: Sleepygirl describes a dream where she and her friends visit a park to help advertise a very special kind of charity...

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 8-04-2011
Subject: It’s for charity…right?

Wanted to get this out of my head before I forgot, and I don't think I've told you about any of my dreams recently. So here's some new reading material for you...I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

I was with Laura, Klaire, Kim in this big park...nothing unusual about it, just a lot of trees surrounding us with the occasional bench for seating and some scattered along the path as well. It was a fairly nice day, the sun was shining and birds were singing, and there were a few other people walking through the park as well. We walked along the path, laughing and just having a good time, when I saw a girl standing by one of the trees nearby. Her back was to me but I could see that she had one hand on the tree and was leaning against it. At first I didn't really think anything of it, but as I watched her for a moment I noticed that it seemed less like she was leaning and more like she was posed that way. I wandered over to examine her and noticed that not only was she posed and unmoving, but her shirt was undone and exposing her chest, and in the hand that was not against the tree she was holding a familiar stack of fliers. When everyone else noticed where I had wandered to they followed me over and started to look at the girl as well. None of us knew her, but we all had the same expressions on our faces, and I could tell they were having a feeling of deja vu too. I took one of the fliers from the girl's hand and saw that it was for a hypnosis show. The same one that was being advertised in the mall a while back (from a previous dream, I believe? the one where we were all hypnotized and frozen in a mall, etc) and now the only difference was that the event had been upgraded to a charity ball. There was an additional paragraph below the announcement about something, but as soon as I read it, my eyes glazed over and it slipped from my memory. The others took their own fliers and read them as well. Of course I didn’t notice that they all had the same brief, glazed expression on their faces before they finished reading. And by then we were all strangely excited about the upcoming show. 

As we stood there with the fliers, a male voice came from behind us and said something about being glad we’d gotten his phone call.I turned around and saw the hypnotist from the stage show we'd gone to a few months ago, but looked down at my phone in confusion since I didn't remember getting a call from anyone. As I looked around everyone else gave me the same confused expression and shrugged. The hypnotist just smiled and asked if we remembered him. I vaguely remembered where he was from and told him so, but I still wasn't entirely sure. He kept smiling and waved his hand at me (like he was doing the jedi mind trick) and said that we could remember him without remembering him...and as he said that I felt myself grow sort of calm, like I knew him and trusted him. The details seemed...fuzzy at best. I only knew that he was the hypnotist putting on the charity ball, nothing else really seemed that important. He looked over at the others, then back to me, and said he was glad we were all dressed for the occasion. Until that point, I hadn't paid any attention to our choice of clothes, but as I looked at myself and the others I noticed that we were all in rather revealing clothing in one form or another. Kim was in a short black skirt that stopped mid thigh, and a green shirt that was tight in all of the right places. Laura was in a short blue dress that stopped just above her knee and was very form fitting, with matching shoes. Klaire was in a red and white dress that was form fitting and also rather low cut, and I was in a blue and white dress that was very low cut to show off a good amount of cleavage and form fitting to boot. He smiled at the four of us and began to walk away, motioning for us to follow him, and as we walked through the park we came to a small group of people playing frisbee in the grass. There were only five of them, three girls and two guys, and I watched as the man walked up to them and asked if they would want to see a hypnosis demonstration. He pointed over to us and mentioned that we'd already been hypnotized and were very...receptive to suggestions. Even though we'd heard what he said, it never really registered in my mind that he was talking about us...and judging from the expressions on everyone else's faces, they were having similar thoughts.

The group of people seemed interested enough and the man walked up to one of the men in the group and asked him to pick one of us. Specifically, the one he thought he had the worst chance of hooking up with. When he pointed to Laura, the hypnotist told him to give it a try anyway. He walked up to her and gave one of the worst pick up lines any of us had ever heard (thankfully I don't remember what it was) and, as expected, got a less than stellar reaction from her. But as she rolled her eyes at the man, the hypnotist simply looked at her with a smile and told her that that was one of the best pick up lines she'd ever heard, and that it completely melted her heart. Instantly her expression changed, her face started to turn red as she blushed and giggled a bit while looking completely enamored with the man and even beginning to flirt with him as she slid closer. With a grin the hypnotist looked at the other man and asked him the same question, but as he opened his mouth to answer his girlfriend hit him on the arm. The hypnotist smiled between the two of them and asked if he might like his girlfriend to be a little more...suggestible, instead. The man smirked at the hypnotist and answered that he definitely wouldn't mind that, while his girlfriend glared at the two of them and said that that won't be necessary. The hypnotist looked over to her and asked outright if she thought she could be hypnotized or not...when she shook her head no he smiled and said he could prove her wrong. He looked over to the rest of the group and told them that they were free to play with us, with the warning that any surprise would freeze us instantly with no memory of what happened. Most of them stayed to watch the demonstration, while the guy who was flirting with Laura continued to do so, but looked around at the rest of us like he wanted to take a shot at playing with the others. With a smile he moved over to Klaire and tried to flirt with her, to no avail. He made a comment about surprising her to make her a little more helpless, that was only met with a glare. Just then he leaned in close to her, almost like he was going to kiss her, while Laura watched from the sideline with an infatuated grin still on her face. The two of them stared at each other for a moment, and in a split second he turned around to face Kim and snapped his fingers in front of her face. She blinked once and jerked for a split second, then just as the hypnotist said, her body froze in place and she stood there staring at the man with a confused and mildly surprised expression. The man moved over to her with a smile...poking her, waving a hand in front of her face, testing to see if she was really frozen, and even copping a feel, then blatantly massaging her breasts. With a grin he turned back around to face Klaire and said she would probably be more compliant if she were frozen like this. She glared at him and told him not to try it, then turned around so her back was to him. But as she did he quickly reached for her and started to tickle her sides; she jumped for a moment and started to turn back around but never fully made it as her body simply stopped moving, her face frozen in a mixture of annoyance and confusion, as the man's hands began to wander over her body and feel her up. 

After feeling her up for a few more moments he turned to me and Laura and asked who wanted to be next. Laura slid up next to him with a flirty smile and answered that she wouldn't mind, and with a smile the man remarked that he would rather save her for last, before teasing her with a quick kiss. She eagerly returned it and even tried to deepen it a bit until he broke it a few moments later. She smiled at him, still blushing and looking a bit dazed, acting kind of like a schoolgirl. The man leaned in again and rubbed his nose against hers, then quickly reached around and grabbed her butt, pinching it as she shrieked and giggled in surprise. But the moment she moved, her body stopped, a blush frozen on her face as he began to massage her. 

As I looked around and back over to the hypnosis demonstration, I saw that everyone in the other group was slumped over in one form or another, all of them completely hypnotized. Two of the girls were slumped against one another, while the other man stood glazed and expressionless as his girlfriend knelt in front of him, slumped over while she gave him a blow job. In the next instant I felt myself being jerked and spun around, then kissed deeply. My mouth hung open helplessly, frozen while the stranger’s tongue roamed inside of my mouth, my eyes wide with surprise while his hands found my breasts and began to fondle them. He caressed them for a few moments before I felt a tap on my forehead, and as I came to I saw him frozen in front of me. His arms were outstretched and in one hand was a stack of fliers, while the other had four pairs of panties hanging from it. At his feet, kneeling, were the other two girls from the group, frozen and posed in a way that made it seem as though they were worshipping him. A few feet away on one of the benches was the man whose girlfriend was the center of the demonstration. He was seated on the bench, frozen, while his girlfriend straddled his lap with her pants around her ankles. Both of them also held stacks of fliers. Meanwhile, the hypnotist had moved on and was unfreezing Kim, Laura, and Klaire.

The hypnotist began to walk away again, looking behind him as a way of telling us to follow, until we came to the middle of the park. As he looked the four of us over, a man passed by our group. The hypnotist stopped him and asked if he would be kind enough to help him pose the four of us...explaining that we were hypnotized, suggestible, and easily frozen, and that none of us would remember a thing. The man seemed understandably skeptical, and so the hypnotist offered to demonstrate as he asked Kim to step forward. He began to explain to the man that all he needed to do was freeze us, demonstrating as he tapped the center of Kim’s forehead and watched as her body jerked for a brief moment before completely freezing in place. Then the hypnotist began to explain that once we were frozen, he could do anything to us. As a demonstration, he began to fondle Kim's breasts and even slid a hand up her skirt, revealing that her panties were gone as he slipped a finger between her legs to finger her briefly. After that, he explained that the same thing would unfreeze us. When he asked if she remembered anything she shook her head with a bit of a dazed expression and said no. The other man seemed eager to try it and walked up to Klaire confidently, smiling at her as he looked over her body and commented that she had a great rack. Her eyes widened at this and she moved as though she was about to slap him. Or punch him, because I’m sure it could have gone either way. But before she could, he reached out and blatantly pinched both of her nipples while her hand froze in mid air, soon followed by the rest of her body. He continued rolling her nipples between his fingers and kneading her breasts for a few moments before pulling them out of her dress. He moved behind her to bend her knees and put her in a kneeling position on the ground, once she was, he tilted her head up and moved both hands to cup her breasts as if she was offering them to him.  

As the rest of us watched her be exposed and posed, the man finished and moved over to Kim, asking for her hand. She took his hand cautiously and he bent down to kiss it gently while Laura commented on how chivalrous that was. As she did, the man gently tugged Kim's arm down and she jerked, almost stumbling for a moment as her arm remained in his hand and her body stopped. Of course, she looked slightly tilted, as though she were going to fall into his arms, with the same expression of surprise and confusion frozen on her face. Meanwhile, he smiled and straightened her while his hands felt up her body slowly, moving and groping her as much as he wanted. Then he turned toward Laura with a grin and asked if she knew what he was going to do with her. When Laura shook her head no, he gestured her closer so he could whisper it to her and as she slowly made her way toward him, he leaned in and whispered...very crudely...that he was going to make her eat out Kim. Laura's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak as the man's comment had its intended reaction, her body froze from the shock of what he said, and left her standing there on display next to both of them. He moved in closer and began to feel her up through her clothes before he stripped the two of them, and as he posed them he left Kim standing upright with her back arched and chest out, both of her hands on Laura's shoulders. Meanwhile, he posed Laura on her knees with her mouth open and her face between Kim's legs. One hand grabbing Kim's ass and the other holding a stack of fliers.

When the man was finished and had admired his work, he moved toward me with a smile and asked if I had any requests. I was still staring at the others in shock as he commented that he had an idea in mind for me anyway. When I remarked that he seemed to be full of ideas he smiled and offered me his hand. I took it slowly as he gently tugged on it to pull me closer to him while he wrapped an arm around my waist. He looked deep into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me slowly and gently...I started to return the kiss he kept it up, very slowly and tenderly, almost romantically as his tongue slid along mine. I was starting to get a little lost in it when I felt his finger slide into me. I hadn't realized my panties were gone and I was just as exposed as the others. My eyes widened in mid kiss as I felt myself shiver and moan, just as my body went still. Of course that didn’t stop him from kissing me after I was frozen. He deepened the kiss as his tongue massaged mine, while he removed my dress with his free hand as the other continued to slide deeper into me. Once I was naked he began to pose me, bending me so that I ended up on my knees as well, and moved my hand so that I was now fingering myself. In my free hand was the ever present stack of fliers. Once we were all posed, the hypnotist and his accomplice left us on display in the park. People walked by us throughout the course of the day, walking around us curiously to see if we were really frozen. Some waved their hands in front of our faces and poked us, while others took the opportunity to feel us up. At one point I saw a man passing by and groping Klaire's breasts, blatantly massaging them and even leaning in to suck on her nipples. Two more men groped Kim and Laura, stealing a kiss from each of them.I even felt myself being fondled and caressed at one point, while someone else took the liberty of moving my hand deeper into me and even simulated me rubbing myself. Slowly, the fliers started to disappear. Laura's were the first to go and I watched as she and Kim unfroze and dressed themselves as if nothing had happened before leaving. Mine were next and I did the same, paying no mind to how I had just spent the day. 

And that is where the fun ended. So, as I said, I hope you enjoyed it. I, strangely enough, have no comments...although now I'm curious if I'll ever end up having one about this 'ball' that these fliers keep advertising. I almost asked what a hypnosis charity ball could possibly entail and then I thought probably everything that just happened here, to some extent. Oh well, that's just me rambling, pay it no mind. Like I said, I hope you enjoyed it! Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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