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Volunteering for the Show - SHR - Part 4

 Key: Md, MC, M/F, Hypno, Freeze

Description: The big day finally arrives as Sleepygirl and her friends show up for a charity hypnosis show, only to realize they are a little overdressed. Lucky for them that won’t be a factor for very long. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 8-29-2011
Subject: Finally made it to the show!

Courtesy of my weird ass dreams. I started writing this a few days ago, but painting caught up with me. God does my body hurt.

Also, for the record, there will be no charging of rent for being in my brain thanks to your negotiations the other night. Although I have absolutely no idea what they were, I will say that you were making your point, as usual. 

[Authors note: it was so long ago I have literally no idea what she’s referencing but left it in cause it sounded fun.]

Onward with the dream, though! This one is another continuation, and I am apparently more tired than I thought this morning. I was about to say ‘I should start writing these down to keep track of them' and then I caught myself and realized that's exactly what I'm doing. In here. Right now.  

This one is a continuation of the stage show one where everyone's been frozen, hypnotized, programmed, etc. On a side note, sometimes I feel like my dreams should end with tv style "to be continued” screens. Anyway, I was sitting in this room waiting for the stage show to start. It was kind of a mix between a small auditorium and something that's used for a dinner theater style event. There was a platform set up as a makeshift stage with chairs where the actual performance would be, and small circular tables set up around the room for the audience. It was a comfortable, quiet atmosphere for the most part. I was sitting at a table with Laura and Jill, and while we waited the three of us spent a few minutes talking about how amusing it was that we managed to find each other even though we hadn't arrived together. As I was looking around I noticed that everyone seated was dressed fairly casually, but among the three of us, Laura was wearing a dark blue dress that stopped just below the knee, with a low enough neckline to show off her chest. Of course it was form fitting in all the right places. Jill was wearing a low cut black t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans, and I was wearing a light blue dress similar to Laura’s, one that was just as form fitting. Needless to say we looked a little out of place in comparison with everyone else. Finally the lights began to lower, just enough for the hypnotist to be visible as he stepped out onto the stage. He started going through the typical explanation of what hypnosis is, and as he talked I couldn’t help but think that his voice sounded familiar even though I couldn’t place where I knew it from. When he finally finished his introduction, he asked the audience if anyone had been hypnotized before. Half a dozen or so hands went up, myself and Laura among them, albeit somewhat slowly and nervously. With a smile that was almost a smirk, he followed his question up by asking if anyone had ever been hypnotized by him, specifically. If they remembered, of course. The hands in the crowd slowly lowered as a few people shook their heads while he stepped off of the stage, circling the room until he finally stopped in front of a woman seated at one of the tables. She stood up to shake his hand and they began talking, but as they did I noticed that he never fully let go of her hand. And that the more they talked, the more distant the expression on her face became. I kept having to shake the feeling of deja vu, like I'd been in her position before. She kept nodding but I couldn’t help but think she wasn’t aware of what he was saying anymore. When he finally let go of her hand, it stayed frozen in midair and her face had gone slack, eyes vacant and glassy as he tapped the center of her forehead and began whispering into her ear. 

When he was finished, he moved to another table and began speaking to another woman I recognized as Eve, which seemed strange as I hadn't seen her come in either. They talked for a few minutes as he asked her name and if she had been hypnotized and, if so, how long ago. While they talked he began moving his right hand from side to side, enough for it to be just within her field of he did, he snapped his fingers when he would reach the end of each side. After a few moments, he snapped and then pointed to the stage, and the hypnotized woman who was now standing on it, and asked if Eve knew her. She quickly turned around and started to shake her head, but as she turned back around she came face to face with the hypnotist, who quickly placed a finger on her forehead and commanded her to sleep. Instantly, her eyes slammed shut as she slumped forward into his arms. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, and as he did she straightened and stood upright on her own and then opened her eyes, revealing the same glazed stare. He smiled and whispered something else, and she turned around and began to move up onto the stage obediently, joining the other girl that was still standing there on stage, in the same spot he'd directed her to, staring ahead vacantly. He walked around for a few more moments before he stopped at our table and smiled at the three of us. We made polite conversation before he asked our names, then asked if we'd ever been hypnotized by him. The three of us looked at each other briefly and then back to him, shaking our heads and answering that no, we never had been. With something that almost looked like a smirk, and a shrug, he turned to the rest of the tables and commented that he must be more forgettable than he thought. As he turned back toward us he waved his hand in a line, across all three of our faces, and drew out the word 'sleep' as he did. As he passed over each of us our heads fell to our chests, one by one, as our eyes closed and we sank into sleep. 

Like the others, we moved to the stage blankly and stood in front of three empty chairs. I was vaguely aware of the others standing around me, even in the haze my mind was in, when he stood in front of us and held up a candle. He turned to explain something to the audience and as he did, began to talk about the light from the flame and its flicker. I could feel myself being drawn into it almost immediately as it pulled me down further into the haze. At some point the candle faded from my vision, even though I still saw the flickering in my mind, and my eyes closed. The rest of the evening was a typical stage hypnosis show. Two other women I didn't know were turned into chickens and then cats, a man who had gone under in the audience and was pulled on stage kept being bitten by his chair, while Laura was seduced by another man who was convinced that he was a satyr. While she was being seduced, Jill and I were turned into sex kittens and seduced another man in the audience who was all too happy to indulge us. Eve and several other girls were turned into strippers and gave imaginary stripteases and pole dances to the audience, and later in the evening I was frozen by another girl on stage who I thought was Medusa. During all of this everyone on stage was randomly frozen and posed during some of their acts as well, some for fun and some to make things look a little more risque. When the evening started to wind down, the hypnotist began to explain the side effects of the trance to the audience...that anything surprising or unexpected, or even exciting, would make any of the people on stage freeze in place again. To demonstrate he tapped Jill on the head lightly...and although it was difficult to tell at first that she was frozen, a few poses made it easy to see that the tap on the head had indeed frozen her in place. Moving down the line he continued his explanation and suddenly poked Laura in the sides, her body was able to jerk in surprise for a split second before she, too, stood frozen. And as he moved down to Eve, he emphasized that any action would do the trick, just before leaning in to kiss her deeply and freezing her in place next. Then he explained that even if the action wasn't a surprise it should easily do the trick, as he stopped in front of me and blatantly said he was going to kiss me. Even though the action wasn't surprising in any way, when his lips touched mine I felt my entire body be placed on pause as I stood there, still and unmoving. As the four of us stood there like statues, I heard him continue to explain to the audience that an orgasm would freeze the person for the duration of the evening, followed by the gasps and moans of the rest of the people on stage, and then silence.

The next thing I knew we were back in the crowd and walking around talking to people in the audience. It seemed simple and harmless enough at first, until we noticed how suggestible we were. I saw some women barking like dogs and clucking like chickens while the people in front of them giggled. Another man was being frozen by a group of women at another table, while the table next to them was enjoying dropping another woman and then bringing her back up again. As the night drew on their suggestions became more...bold and risque. I was pulled aside by two men and turned into a stripper for them and ended up giving both a lap dance right there at their table, freezing me in mid dance while I was straddling one of them. Not far away, Laura was flashing a group of men who were enjoying her, thoroughly, while Jill and a few others were playing an imaginary game of strip poker with three men, who could barely contain their grins when they happened to lose every hand they played and were in their bra and panties before long. More and more people ended up frozen as the night went on, having been given orgasms in some form or another. And more than one, including Laura, were made love to as they were frozen, helpless to do anything at that point. I watched, in my own frozen form, as all of the volunteers from the show ended up as frozen statues mixed in among the rest of the audience. Once everyone was frozen, everything finally faded from my vision and was fuzzy again. When I woke up again, I was back on stage with everyone else with the sound of the audience clapping in the background. I looked around at the others, who wore the same confused expression, and even though I didn't remember any of what had happened, I couldn’t help but feel my face turning red from embarrassment. 

I walked off of the stage with everyone else and found Eve, Laura and Jill in the crowd, already gathered and deep in conversation. Between the four of us we found that we didn't have many memories of what had happened during the show, and began to try and piece together what little we could recall. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the hypnotist move off of the stage and down into the crowd as well. He stopped to talk to one woman who’d been watching from the audience, and as he did I could see the familiar way her face relaxed and her muscles went slack. Not to mention the dazed expression. He leaned in to kiss her, quickly but deeply, then stepped back and watched the life return to her eyes as she resumed talking to him as if nothing had happened. With a smile, he continued on his way and the girl turned around and made her way over to us. It wasn't until then that I noticed it was Kim that he'd been talking to the entire time. As she joined in on our conversation, I made no mention of what had just happened to her and instead turned my attention back to the hypnotist and the next girl he'd moved over to. She was unfamiliar to me, but I watched anyway as he spoke to her, softly and gently, until she was in the same state as Kim...slack, relaxed, and vacant. He leaned in and kissed her softly, going further this time and sliding his hand under her shirt to quickly feel her up, taking a card out of his pocket and placing it between her breasts before he stepped back and disappeared into the crowd.

Meanwhile, the five of us continued to talk as Kim told us some of the things we'd been doing on stage. Unknown to us, while we were talking the rest of the audience had slowly filtered out of the room until finally it was just us. Of course no one really noticed until we were snapped out of our conversation by someone calling out the word “ladies” just loud enough for us to hear it. We turned toward the source of the voice to see it was the hypnotist, holding up a camera. Before any of us could say anything there was a bright flash as he took our picture, surprising all of us enough that, as the flash slowly dimmed, it left all five of us frozen in place. He stood back and looked us over with a smile, moving between us to ensure that we were truly frozen, and feeling us up when he could, before he began moving to the backstage area and told us to follow. Mindlessly, we did until we arrived in his dressing room. As we all stood there in the room he had us give him a sexy striptease, one by one...and once we were naked, we struck seductive, erotic poses for him and froze in place. He slowly undressed himself as we watched helplessly, and.when he was completely undressed we all unfroze at once and moved to him. Some of us began kissing him and running our hands along his body while others began massaging him. Laura and Kim stood behind him, each of them rubbing one of his shoulders while I kissed him and let my hands roam over his body. Eve and Jill kneeled in front of him and, one by one, began to give him a blow job. Eve started on him first, sucking him off deeply and completely as Jill stood up and began kissing his neck until we eventually felt his body begin to shudder as he climaxed, followed by moans coming from Eve as she started to cum as well. Long after he'd finished climaxing, she was still writhing and moaning in pleasure, with a vacant look in her eyes, until he tapped her on top of her head and she collapsed in a heap in front of him, completely limp and unconscious. 

Laura and Kim bent down to pick her up and carry her to a clear, soft spot on the floor where she slept. The two of them returned to their places behind him and continued massaging his body, Kim occasionally leaned in to bite and kiss at his neck while Jill kneeled down and began to give him his second blow job. She worked at him eagerly, licking and teasing him until he came a second time, and when he did her own orgasm started almost immediately. Just like Eve, her orgasm continued long after he was finished until he touched her head and her body went limp. Again, Laura and Kim picked up her unconscious body and laid her down next to Eve. As the two of them moved back to the hypnotist he moved to Laura and started to kiss her deeply, pushing her against a wall as he began to knead her breasts with one hand and slip another between her legs. He deepened the kiss and entered her as she rocked with him against the wall, gripping his shoulders and grinding against him until her own orgasm started. She gasped and shivered in pleasure as her eyes seemed to take on a vacant stare until she was touched on the head and slumped against him. Kim and I walked over to the two of them without a word and picked up Laura's sleeping body, then placed it on top of Eve and Jill to create a small pile. As Kim and I returned to him again, Kim began to kiss him along one side of his neck while I kissed the other. He felt both of us up for a few moments before leaning in and, in one motion, entered Kim. I continued kissing him as he fucked her and reached back to massage my breasts with one hand. I was barely aware of how much time passed, but eventually I heard Kim start to moan and cum..and out of the corner of my eye I saw him tap her forehead as her eyes rolled into her head and she slumped to the floor. Without a thought, I helped him carry her to the pile of unconscious girls. Once we had lowered her to the ground I turned and he began to kiss me hard and deep, his tongue rubbing against mine as his hands roamed my body. My hands slid down his body until they found his hard on and began to stroke and tease it while he slipped a finger between my legs and began teasing me. I moaned into the kiss when I felt his cock replace the finger and begin to rock into me deeply, pressing myself into him deeper as his pace quickened. Once I started to orgasm, the pleasure overwhelmed me and with every moment that passed I felt my mind emptying more and more. I was barely aware of his finger touching my head, but all at once everything faded to blackness as I felt my body go limp and slip into unconsciousness on the floor. 

I think that the only other thing that happened was that we finally woke up, but were still blank and empty as we dressed and left the room. That's definitely where it ends, though. So that was...entertaining...and button pushing... and I might just be imagining things but I swear that at one point while I was writing this (yesterday maybe? the day before) I froze and had an orgasm. I don't think that was in my head, even though it seems odd. I mean, I know recounting these can sometimes get me more than a little turned on, but still. :oP Oh well, in any case, I hope you enjoyed it. Now that I'm scrolling through the email it kinda looks like a small novel, hope you don't mind the excess of reading material, hehe. Anyway, I go get food now, talk to you later, besides, now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl586 for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Sleepygirl, Laura, Eve, Kim, Jill

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