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Volunteering for the Show - SHR - Part 2

 Key: MC, MD, M/F,  Hypno, Freeze

Description: While walking through the mall in her dreams, Sleepygirl finds some of her friends frozen on display and holding fliers for a charity hypnosis show. But as one of her friends bumps into a familiar face, Sleepygirl starts to wonder if there might be a few more living advertisements in the mall by the end of the day. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>

From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date:  5-24-2011
Subject: Bumped into an old friend...

I started writing this up yesterday, but I got distracted...can't imagine why. 

I don't know if you remember or not, but a while back (honestly it's been long enough that even I only vaguely remember this) I had a dream about being hypnotized at a show and frozen, left on display for the duration of it, etc, etc. Like I said I only barely remember the details, but this one was kind of similar which reminded me of it. In any case, I was walking around a mall...just window shopping and people watching, when I bumped into Laura, Jill and Klaire. We started to walk around together, and as we were walking I noticed a sign near the center of the mall where they set up for special events. The sign was advertising a charity event being held in a few days by a hypnotist. Laura seemed excited by the idea of it when I pointed it out, and was eager to get more details. Klaire looked like she had no interest in going to it or learning more about it, despite begrudgingly admitting that it was nice they were doing it for charity. Jill seemed generally curious about it, and in the end the interested outnumbered the uninterested, so after we got a closer look at the information on the sign, we continued on our way. 

As we continued making our way through the mall I noticed Kim standing over by one of the stores. At a quick glance she looked like she was talking to someone, but when we moved closer to her I saw that no one else was around her, and she wasn't moving either. Her mouth was open as if she was in mid conversation, looking at someone that was no longer in front of her. It was like her body had been paused or something. When I got closer, I noticed she was holding a stack of fliers in one hand. It almost seemed as if her body had been posed by someone to make it look like she was handing them out. I gently pulled one of the fliers from her hand and examined it, seeing that it was another advertisement for the charity event. Unlike the larger sign, the flier explained that "the person holding this stack of fliers has been hypnotized and frozen for demonstration (and entertainment) purposes" as an example of what could happen at the show. I pointed it out to the others and it seemed to capture the interest of Laura and Jill even more, while Klaire looked just as disinterested as she had before. 

I held on to the flier and stuffed it in my pocket as we continued to walk around, and as we continued on our way I saw Niki in front of another store. At first it looked like she was talking to a man, but before I could get to her we were separated by a large crowd of people. By the time we managed to squeeze our way through and I had a clear view of her again, the man she'd been talking to was gone and Niki appeared as still and unmoving as Kim had been. In her hand was another stack of the same flier that was now stuck in my pocket. Once I was able to get everyone else’s attention and point out the fliers in her hand, their curiosity seemed to grow even more. We couldn’t help but wonder if we would find anyone else in the same predicament, but decided that since we already knew what had happened to her we could move along and keep shopping. Not long after, Klaire got distracted by something in the window of a nearby jewelry store and wandered off to look at it. When I glanced around to see where she was, I saw a man talking to her...and although I wasn't entirely sure, he looked like the same man I’d just seen talking to Niki. I nudged the others and pointed him out as we watched to see what, if anything, would happen to her. As we moved closer to listen, I heard him telling her how things in life just pause sometimes, and that that was okay because sometimes you just need to stop what you're doing and enjoy yourself. Or something along those lines. As he talked to her, though, his right hand was slowly moving back and forth at his side...and the longer he talked to her and guided her into trance, the more his hand moved forward - until at one point it was slowly going up and down in front of the two of them. When he was satisfied that she was deep enough, he raised his hand and stroked her cheek gently. She stood in place, unmoving and staring straight at him, even though it was easy to tell by her glazed eyes that she wasn't really seeing him at all. While the three of us continued to watch, the hypnotist started to gently move Klaire and straightened her in a way that arched her back just enough to show off her breasts and cleavage. Then he took her arm and extended it just enough to make it seem like she was trying to hand the fliers out, and placed another stack of them into her frozen hand. 

As he finished doing this we decided to approach him, and as we did he looked at us and smiled. He asked if we were interested in the show and Jill nodded to Klaire, commenting that he'd already put one of our group members under. He smiled, almost a smirk really, and asked if we were going to be coming to the charity event. Laura spoke up first and said that we were. And of course she said this as enthusiastically as possible. The hypnotist smiled at her as I mentioned that Klaire was the only person in our group who hadn't really been interested in going to the event. He looked back at her with a smile and stroked her cheek again, telling us that that would no longer be an issue and that he was sure she'd be very eager to go now. Jill looked at him, a little skeptically, and said that seemed unlikely, but he only smiled in response and asked if perhaps we'd like a quick demonstration. We looked at one another and shrugged, then nodded in agreement. He seemed pleased with the answer and looked at me, but as he did I had a sudden memory of him from a stage show I'd been at months ago, remembering that he was in fact the same hypnotist. He tilted his head slightly and continued to look at me, as if the same realization had just dawned on him, and said that he knew me. I was surprised as he offered me his hand and, with an almost sheepish expression, apologized and said he didn't remember my name. I gave it to him and he shook my hand slowly and repeated it, answering that he did remember me from the show. Then he asked if he was remembering correctly and had I been hypnotized in the audience? When I told him he was right, he smiled and asked if I remembered that night or if I still had any pieces that were...fuzzy. I thought about it for a moment and explained to him that I was actually still a little fuzzy about what happened after the show. With a grin he said “good”, which confused me. Before I could ask what that meant, he pulled my arm down quickly as his fingers snapped in front of my eyes as he said a single word. “Freeze.” Before I could process what was happening I felt everything around me come to a stop. My face was frozen in an expression of confusion as he smiled at Laura and Jill, slipping his hand out of mine and waving it in front of my face. Then, as if they needed more proof, he began to pose me. Jill stared openly in disbelief and asked him how he had done that. As he moved one of my arms he explained to her that once someone is hypnotized, they're always able to slip back into a trance state. Or, in this case, be frozen again. He glanced between Laura and Jill as he finished his explanation and his gaze rested on Jill while he said she hadn't been hypnotized before, phrasing it as more of a fact than a question. She seemed confused by the turn the conversation had taken, but nodded her head in agreement. In the next instant, though, he looked at Laura and moved in closer to her...enough to invade her personal space as he smiled deviously as he said that she, however, had been hypnotized before.

Before she could answer or react, he took her hand in his and began tracing slow circles on the back of her hand as he looked into her eyes and began speaking softly to her. He told her that he could tell she'd been hypnotized before, so he was sure she remembered how easy it was to slip back into that state. Laura, of course, was caught off guard, but her eyes never left his as he continued tracing slow, rhythmic circles on her hand and continued on about how easy it was to just let everything fade away when you have something to focus on. Before long, her eyes were glazing over and the hand that he was still holding had gone limp. The hypnotist looked over at Jill to see her watching with an expression of confusion and nervousness. He smiled and let Laura's hand go as he began to explain how easy it was to be hypnotized while moving closer to her, speaking in the same soft whispers he had to Laura. She almost seemed to know what was coming as the muscles in her face started to relax little by little. He continued the induction slowly as her face became slack and relaxed, her eyes unfocused...and just when it seemed like she was just on the edge of still being awake and ready to drop, he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Her eyes widened in surprise as she leaned into it, but just as quickly as it began, it was broken as he smiled at her and said freeze. She stood there, mouth still parted from the kiss, arms still limp at her sides, eyes unblinking. 

Since we were all frozen he moved around to us, one by one, and began whispering suggestions into our ears. Suggestions to want to come to the charity event, to bring friends, and to wear something very sexy when we did. Once he'd programmed us with all of our instructions, he woke us up just enough to walk us through the mall. Not that we realized what we were doing, of course. After a few minutes, he stopped and froze Jill again and left her with a stack of fliers like the others. He did the same with Laura, and then with me, until all of us were scattered and frozen throughout the mall. Eventually, after some time had passed, I felt myself unfreeze and looked around. The fliers I'd been holding were gone and I felt like I was in a daze, but started walking toward the entrance at the front of the mall to leave, not even thinking about the fact that I'd just spent the entire day frozen there. In my haze, as I walked out, I saw Jill, Laura, Klaire, Niki and Kim all walking out too, all of us with the same dazed expressions on our faces.

And that's where I woke up! Anyway, I thought you might enjoy that one given, I have to say, after all of that build up I'm kinda hoping I have another dream about the charity ball because I'm really curious about it now. But I guess we'll see what happens :oP Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Sleepygirl, Laura, Klaire, Jill, Kim, Niki

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