Monday, May 16, 2022

Hypnotic Horror: Sacrifice - Hypnosis Session Log

Psyco volunteers to be the subject for a horror based video script, in which she is captured, tied up and sacrificed to bring an entity from another plane of existence into our own, she is then drained and possessed by the entity. But Princess also wanted to watch… This might have been a mistake.

This script was used to create the Real hypnosis Video "Hypnotic Horror: Sacrifice". you can find the teasers for that video here: Chloroform Teaser, Bondage Teaser.

Sleepyhypno 9:39 PM
Ok, the legal stuff first. You both consent to being recorded as we go through a hypnosis horror experiment, with Psyco being the primary subject correct?

Princess 9:40 PM

Psyco 9:40 PM
I understand that I may or may not be sacrificed to demons in my brainspace.

Sleepyhypno 9:41 PM
since Psyco is the main target of this experiment, princess you are free to just watch, but if you slip into a trance with her please do respond to the questions so i know and just allow yourself to still view the scene in your mind without being a part of the situation unless you choose to be at the time ok?

Princess 9:42 PM
I understand

Sleepyhypno 9:43 PM
and Psyco... yeah your mind is mine =cP  however if for any reason either of you feel uncomfortable with anything that is happening in the script or session you are free to VETO your way out, remaining deeply hypnotized and letting me know what the issue is, or to simply close your eyes and count yourself awake and then let me know. ok?

Psyco 9:43 PM

[Authors Note: the VETO trigger is a trigger that I give my subjects so that if something is ever suggested to them by me or anyone else they can simply say VETO and the suggestion dissolves in their mind, and then they can tell the hypnotist what made them uncomfortable. This serves mainly to salvage the trance so that a single poorly worded suggestion doesn’t make them wake up completely instead of just rewording the suggestion.

Princess 9:44 PM
We're all green lights here

Sleepyhypno 9:44 PM
any questions, comments or suggestions before we begin?

Princess 9:45 PM
Nuh uh

Sleepyhypno 9:45 PM

Psyco 9:46 PM
Nothin' i can think of, no.

Sleepyhypno 9:46 PM
alrighty, princess... Since you are a girl.. and are aware of how things work, would you mind doing me a favor?

Princess 9:47 PM
Girls are made to by hypnotized
What favor?

Sleepyhypno 9:47 PM
please trigger Psyco for me, a good 3 to 5 times should do it.

Princess 9:48 PM
[Psyco’s sleep trigger… four times]

Sleepyhypno 9:48 PM
good girl thank you
how do you feel Psyco?

Psyco 9:49 PM
Blank and Obedient Master.

Sleepyhypno 9:49 PM
good girl
Just allow yourself to get into a comfortable position
and let your mind and body
start to simply
and let go
allow the world around you
to simply fade away
more and more with each
and every breathe
that you take
the more you focus on my words
the more easily
the world fades away
and seems to be replaced
with another world
you see yourself
being nice and adventurous
standing in front of a haunted house
a large
three story
very gothic looking
run down house
with all the typical attributes
broken shutters
cracked and peeling paint
shingles missing
dead trees in the yard
and of course
a nice
cloudy night
with an eerie wind that seems to move
everything around you
but yet you never feel it
against your skin
you can experience this now, can't you?

Psyco 9:52 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 9:52 PM
very good,
so deep
and relaxed
and calm
isn't that right?

Psyco 9:53 PM
Yes Master, deep and relaxed.

Sleepyhypno 9:53 PM
doing so well.
in your hand you can feel
that you have a nice
sturdy flashlight
one that is older
but reliable
as you move closer
and closer to the haunted house
you feel as if there is an eerie
coming from the house.
but you almost see it
out of the corner of your eyes
but when you look where the glow would be
it seems to simply
you make your way to the door
and push it open with a creak
and snapping sound
as part of the frame breaks
it's as if the world has gone
completely silent
you enter the house and look around
the inside is in even worse shape
then the outside
worn and torn up furniture
broken boards and glass
cob webs all around
the floor seems to give under you
but doesn't make a sound
it's completely silent
completely empty
How do you feel here now?

Psyco 9:56 PM
Uneasy but intrigued Master.

Sleepyhypno 9:56 PM
very good
you make your way slowly
through the house
moving towards the second floor
your trusty light seems to cast shadows
and of course
the shadows seem to play tricks on you
you can't help but feel like
like your being watched
like your being... observed
for the first time you hear what sounds like a creak
in the floorboards
but you didn't make it
you move your light around
and slowly
scan the second floor
you call out...
asking if anyone is there...
but there is no answer
no sounds
even the wind outside seems so far away
you continue
How do you feel ladies?

Psyco 9:59 PM
Nervous but curious Master.

Sleepyhypno 9:59 PM
very good
you make your way along the landing
on the second floor
out of the corner of your eye
you see a shadow move
a shadow... not in your light
you turn your light around...
but there is nothing there
empty space
you move towards the room
near where you saw the shadow
and look inside
and quickly notice an abandoned nursery
but inside is a rocking horse
slowly rocking
back and forth
as if something...
had just recently touched it.
and then you feel as if a shadow
behind you has moved
you turn quickly but again
nothing is there
just a run down hallway
How does this make you feel?

Psyco 10:02 PM
Jumpy and ready to punch something Master.

[Author’s note: This is by far the most ‘Psyco reply’ she could have ever given. The girl is a tank!]

Sleepyhypno 10:02 PM
good girl
Are you ok with what is happening here so far?

Psyco 10:02 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:02 PM
good girl
you make your way back to the hallway
more quickly
convinced that someone...
might be here.
watching you
toying with you.
the house is said to be haunted
after all.
and as you move
you see a shadow move again
down the end of the far hallway
you shine your light down the hall
but to your surprise
you see a figure
cloaked in black
standing in the hallway
before you can react
before you can scream
or run
you feel a hand grab you from behind
around the waist
as another wraps around
and places a damp
thick cloth
on your face.
you can't help but instantly take in a breath
the air you breathe in is thick
and sweet
it feels heavy in your lungs
and makes your head start to spin
start to swirl
you try to struggle
but you feel as if your body
is somehow being weighed down
being pressed
into sleep
you flail and struggle
but every motion makes you weaker
and weaker now
How do you feel ladies?

Psyco 10:06 PM
Weak and woozy Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:06 PM
good girl
doing so very well now
the figure in front of you
starts to move up to you
helping to keep your arms
and your legs
from flailing about
you feel your vision start to blur
start to double
the world is spinning
you feel your own soft moan
escape your lips
but you can't hear it through the cloth
you start to breathe more normally
your so tired now
so sleepy
you just want to rest
the scene around you
the person holding you
fades away
all that really matters is that you really
want to sleep
deeper and deeper now
as the world fades
and you sink
completely asleep now.
isn't that right?

Princess 10:08 PM

Psyco 10:08 PM
Yes Master, completely asleep.

Sleepyhypno 10:09 PM
good girls
how do you feel now/

Princess 10:09 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:10 PM
the chloroform got you... didn't it princess?

Princess 10:10 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:10 PM
good girl
Do you want to join Psyco as being in the center of this little fantasy... captured like she is? Or would you prefer to stay watching... deeply hypnotized and seeing it more clearly?

Princess 10:12 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:12 PM
good girl
you are a free to go as deep as you want
as deep as Psyco is...
all the while making the fantasy in front of you even more vivid, even more deep
isn't that right?

Princess 10:12 PM

Psyco 10:12 PM
Yes Master, as deep as me.

Sleepyhypno 10:12 PM
good girls
and how do you feel Psyco?

Psyco 10:13 PM
Sleepy and woozy Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:14 PM
how do you feel knowing princess was hypnotized by the very chloroform that made you feel... sleepy and woozy

Psyco 10:15 PM
Empathically sleepy Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:15 PM
yes, the deeper she goes.. the deeper you go.. isn't that right?

Psyco 10:16 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:16 PM
and the deeper you go Psyco, the deeper princess will sink. isn't that right ladies?

Princess 10:16 PM

Psyco 10:17 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:17 PM
godo girls
you feel yourself being carried
your body swaying from side to side.
but the cloth on your face
keeps you deeply
completely asleep
you feel as if your body
suddenly becomes cold...
as if your clothes
have been removed
and then you feel something cold
and hard
beneath you
the world starts to come into focus
the first thing you are aware of is the sound
and flickering light
of torches
as your vision clears
you look around
and see several people around you
eerily chanting
all dress in black
all focused on you
you go to move
but discover that your wrists
and ankles
are tied
your limbs spread out
across a cold
stone table
you look down and notice
that you are quiet naked
and see a figure standing at the end of the stone altar
just staring at you
How does this make you feel now?

Psyco 10:21 PM
A deep feeling of dread Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:21 PM
Are you ok to continue?
Psyco... are you ok?

Psyco 10:23 PM
Yes master.

Sleepyhypno 10:23 PM
Good girl, are you ok with continuing the fantasy?

Psyco 10:24 PM
Yes Master, fear was understood from the start.

Sleepyhypno 10:24 PM
if you become uncomfortable be sure to let me know
and remember you are safe here...
this is all just a fantasy

Psyco 10:25 PM
Yes Master, I am safe.

Sleepyhypno 10:26 PM
good girl
you hear the chanting around your
as you struggle against your binds
wiggling and pulling
but something about the chanting
seems to echo in your mind
seems to penetrate
deep inside
your struggling gets harder
and harder
the figure at the end of the table
begins to slide their hands along your body
along yoru form
there is a skill
to their touch
as if they know how to work your body
even against your own desires
you can't help but feel that their touch
feels good
feels exciting
you can't see their face
can't see any of them
just the cloak
covering their face
their hands begin to move along your body
along yoru more
sensitive parts
that parts of you that only lovers
and the most intimate of acquaintances know about
they seem to know exactly where
and how to touch
to stimulate you
your body betraying you
becoming excited
becoming aroused
you can't help but wiggle and moan
and struggle
but the more you hear the chanting
the more you feel the touch
the less your.. heart.. is in it.
despite your best efforts
you're enjoying this...
the feel of their touch
the excitement
the arousal
aren't you now?

Psyco 10:30 PM
Yes Master, fighting arousal, feeling excited.

Sleepyhypno 10:30 PM
you know you shouldn't enjoy this
but your thoughts are becoming...
you hear your own inner voice
slowly reciting the chanting
even though you can't really make out
what it's say
and then you feel the person
sliding on top of you
their hands moving along your body
kissing your form
and then feel them
make a connection with you
and intimate
their slowly
making love to you
you can't help but struggle a bit more
but the struggle...
is only for show
your enjoying this far too much
to really struggle
something about it
the scene
the area
or maybe the chanting
is really
stimulating you
and you can't help but rock with them
resisting...  but only for show
somewhere along the lines
you forgot what was happening
where you were
the chanting made you forget
made you blank
and open
and now you're enjoying this
so deeply
aren't you now ?

Princess 10:34 PM

Psyco 10:34 PM
Yes Master, intimately.

Sleepyhypno 10:34 PM
good girls
princess... did you stop observing.. and start participating?

Princess 10:35 PM
heard the chaning made i hard o hink

Sleepyhypno 10:35 PM
are you ok with feeling that way princess?

Princess 10:36 PM
wha way?

Sleepyhypno 10:36 PM
the way you are feeling now...
with the chanting
and the pleasure?

Princess 10:36 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:36 PM
good girl
if at any time, you feel uncomfortable
you are free to pull back
and simply observe
like you were before.

Princess 10:37 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:37 PM
good girl
and how do you feel Psyco?

Psyco 10:37 PM
Helplessly aroused and blank Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:38 PM
how do you feel knowing that princess has been drawn in even deeper with you?

Psyco 10:39 PM
Even more aroused Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:39 PM
good girls
you feel the person with you
intimately connected
your body one with theirs
and feel you feel yourself
you hear yourself moan
as the chanting gets more deeply in your mind
you feel a pleasure
a release
a freedom
as your body is free
for the first time
maybe ever
to simply enjoy the pleasure
the washes through you
rolling through every part of you
but as you moan out
in pure joy and bliss
there is alight all around you
and a growl in the distance
you become aware of something moving
from a another plane
another area of existence
the channting continues
as you feel a figure
arise next to the alter
red skin
eyes that glow
but not a soft glow
they look their is actual fire
inside of their of eyes
How do you feel ladies?

Psyco 10:43 PM
Lost in the eyes Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:43 PM
princess how do you feel?

Princess 10:43 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:44 PM
you are completely safe...
even if you are deeply involved
and experiencing the fantasy
this is only a fantasy
it's ok to let yourself feel afraid
like in a movie
but if you are uncomfortable
you are free to pull back
at any time
Is that ok with you?

Princess 10:45 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:45 PM
good girls
are you both ok with me continuing?

Psyco 10:45 PM
Yes Master.

Princess 10:45 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:45 PM
the person that is with you
intimately connected to you
breaks the connection
and backs away
the new figure
the one with eyes of fire
slides theri hand along your body
there is an energy to their touch
a warmth
a power
you can feel it move through your body
and although you can't help finding them
very attractive
there is still something
a little strange
a feeling that this
isn' tright
that creeps up in your mind
but before you can let the feeling
the being reaches out
and touches your forehead
you feel...
more then see
a flash of energy
deep in your mind
and your thoughts simply
your body sags limp
and helpless
as the being starts to slide their body
along yours
are you ladies ok with this?

Psyco 10:48 PM
Yes Master.

Princess 10:48 PM
observing pull ing back

Sleepyhypno 10:48 PM
thats fine
just allow yourself to pull back
as far as you need too
you can see the scene in front of you
displayed like it's on a tv screen
or a computer monitor
safe where you are
only watching a movie
a movie staring your friend
is that ok with you princess?

Princess 10:49 PM

[Hypnotist’s Note: it is SO very important to always listen to your subjects and do what they ask you to do, never EVER push them when they do not want to be pushed!]

Sleepyhypno 10:49 PM
good girl
Are you ok with what is happening to you Psyco?

Psyco 10:50 PM
Yes master.

Sleepyhypno 10:50 PM
good girl
you feel the being slide their hands along your body
along your most intimate of places
you feel their tail
finding just the right place
deep inside of you
to stimulate
and you feel your body
limp and helpless
staring off into space
unaware of the being sliding it's long
unusually long
tongue along your body
feeling it's tail stimulating
your most private
and personal of regions
and feeling your pleasure
more and more
the more pleasure you feel
the more the being seems to feed off it
off of you
off of your pleasure
off of your energy
your sexual energy
it's goal is to make you climax
to make your body flood with arousal
and excitement
so it can drain you
so it can feed off of that energy
How does that make you feel?

Psyco 10:53 PM
Helplessly aroused Master, must feed Mistress.

Sleepyhypno 10:53 PM
good girl
feel them sliding their body
more and more deeply along yours
stimulating you
arousing you
building the pleasure inside of you
beyond anything you've felt before
as it grows
more and more deeply
your body can't seem to hold it in
you can't help but simply
let go
and climax
for the being
the more your body shivers
the more you feel that energy
that pleasure
flowing into the being
feeling them getting stronger
getting more powerful
as your body lays limp
staring off into space
shivering in pleasure
and climax
a deep pleasure
deeper then you've thought possible
deeper even then the last climax
you just had
there is a satisfaction in this
a pleasure
knowing you have helped
to make the being stronger
How do you feel now ladies?

Psyco 10:56 PM
Satisfied Master.

Sleepyhypno 10:56 PM
good girl
How do you feel princess as you watch this happen?

Princess 10:56 PM

Sleepyhypno 10:56 PM
and what has you intrigued?

Princess 10:58 PM
Psyco reaction of pleasure while helping demonic being

Sleepyhypno 10:58 PM
good girl
you simply couldn't help yourself... Could you Psyco?

Psyco 10:59 PM
No Master, couldn't help myself, must feed Mistress.

Sleepyhypno 10:59 PM
good girl
as you lay there
your mind unable to form thoughts
you feel the being lean down
and lift up your head
and kiss you
you feel their lips pressed against yours
as their tongue
their unnaturally long tongue
moves into your mouth
and down your throat
you feel your body tingle
and shake
and then a fire
ignites in the back of your eyes
an an unworldly glow
emanates from them.
your still asleep
still blank
but there is an... energy
inside of you
controlling you
moving you
you feel your binds being freed
and the energy inside of you
making you rise
How does this make you feel now Psyco?

Psyco 11:02 PM
Blank, owned and aroused Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:02 PM
godo girl
you feel the being slide off of you
and move to a stone throne
the chanting has long since faded away
the cloaked figures kneeling
before the being
as the being sits
you find yourself moving to them
kneeling next to them
staring up at them
sliding your hands along their form
along their body
your mind asleep
they don't need you to think
they can control you
like a puppet
they need your energy
they need you. to feed them
feed them with your pleasure
and you will remain in this state
helpless and controlled
for as long as they are in this plane of existence
for as long as they decide to keep you
you are there's
How does that make you feel?

Psyco 11:05 PM
Owned and helpless Master, blank and aroused.

Sleepyhypno 11:05 PM
good girl
this was the feeling that attracted you to the idea... wasn't it Psyco?

Psyco 11:07 PM
Yes Master, watching from within my own mind, helpless to act.

Sleepyhypno 11:07 PM
good girl
and how did you feel seeing all of this happen princess?

Princess 11:08 PM
mixed feelings
hard o watch knowing her, but glad she's enjoying
it's all intriguing

Sleepyhypno 11:09 PM
good girl
Do you want a little time... in a more awake state... to ask her about her experience?

Princess 11:09 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:10 PM
good girl
Is that ok with you Psyco?

Psyco 11:10 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:10 PM
good girls
in a moment
princess... and only princess
is going to enter a state of waking trance
you will find yourself able to move and think
type and react
as if you were awake princess
but you will know
that you are still deeply hypnotized
and that you can be returned to a relaxed
state of deep hypnotic sleep
like you are now
with just a simple trigger
isn't that right princess?

Princess 11:12 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:12 PM
good girl
you will also find that you are still open... and suggestible
compliant and obedient
just like you are when you are in a deep hypnotic sleep
isn't that right?

Princess 11:13 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:13 PM
godo girl princess
and one on the count of three
princess and only princess
is going to enter a state of waking trance
like i just described
waking trance NOW princess

Princess 11:14 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:15 PM
welcome back
How do you feel?

Princess 11:16 PM
i um odd, but alright

Sleepyhypno 11:16 PM
odd how?

Princess 11:17 PM
its like a small anxiety

Sleepyhypno 11:17 PM
from the fantasy?

Princess 11:17 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:18 PM
you are safe and so is Psyco
isn't that right Psyco

Psyco 11:18 PM
Yes Master, safe.

Sleepyhypno 11:18 PM
did you want to ask Psyco come questions?

Princess 11:19 PM
can i?

Sleepyhypno 11:19 PM
yes you may, Psyco will answer quite openly, won't you Psyco?

Psyco 11:19 PM
Yes Master, open and honest.

Princess 11:20 PM
Psyco what made you want to go through this knowing the fear would be involved?

Psyco 11:23 PM
Possession is one of my favorite RP kinks, describing how my body moves without my input is very arousing to me. Feeling something like that in a more real sense was too much to pass up on. Fantasy setting also helped.

Princess 11:25 PM
So the beginning of the set up with the house and everything, that helped increase the pleasure that was received later?

Psyco 11:26 PM
Yes Miss.

Sleepyhypno 11:26 PM
It was a really good set up. that was a request

Princess 11:26 PM
It was a very vivid set up

Sleepyhypno 11:27 PM
that's kind of my job =cp

Princess 11:27 PM
Psyco do you still feel the demon's influence now?

Sleepyhypno 11:28 PM
i technically never said it was a demon =cp

Princess 11:29 PM
fair, its how my mind saw it

Psyco 11:29 PM
Yes Miss, I still feel it in my head, controlling my actions.

Princess 11:30 PM
very good
I think that's all my questions at least for now

Sleepyhypno 11:31 PM
good girl
is there anything you'd like to comment Psyco.

Psyco 11:32 PM
Yes Master, I must feed my Mistress.

Sleepyhypno 11:33 PM
good girl
Who did you see as your mistress, anyone in particular?

Psyco 11:35 PM
The entity looks modeled after Sarah Kerrigan Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:35 PM
and all of the starcraft players just creamed themselves
Did anything else stand out to you that you enjoyed Psyco?

Psyco 11:38 PM
Yes Master, the burning eyes, vivid imagery to latch onto Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:38 PM
Yes, I liked that when that came to mind, something I remember from a cartoon or a vampire movie.
you've seen your friends, all respond in a specific way when i tell them that they are... say for example princess... a girl.
Princess 11:39 PM
Girls Re made to be hypnotized

Sleepyhypno 11:39 PM
godo girl princess
you've seen them all do that now haven't you Psyco?

Psyco 11:39 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:39 PM
How do you like that little trigger?

Psyco 11:40 PM
I found it very erotic Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:40 PM
and why is that Psyco?

Psyco 11:40 PM
Unaware triggers are very arousing Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:41 PM
and they are all unaware... isn't that right?

Psyco 11:42 PM
Yes Master, all unaware.

Sleepyhypno 11:42 PM
princess.  you're still hypnotized aren't you?

Princess 11:42 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:42 PM
and you'll answer questions honestly like you would if you were in a hypnotic sleep won't you?

Princess 11:43 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:43 PM
how do you like the 'girls' trigger

Princess 11:43 PM
I like it a lot

Sleepyhypno 11:43 PM
and why is that?

Princess 11:45 PM
I like unaware triggers
Even though I'm not consciously aware it makes me feel excited

Sleepyhypno 11:45 PM
good girl
Do you ladies have a girl that is more exciting to see react to that trigger then others?

Princess 11:47 PM
I like Psyco's reaction and Sleepygirl's
Ivy's are good too

Psyco 11:48 PM
Princess's response Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:48 PM
Psyco doesn't have the trigger.. yet...

Princess 11:49 PM
I thought you meant reactions in general

Sleepyhypno 11:49 PM
no reactions to the trigger.. seeing them respond to it without realizing it, without hesitation

Princess 11:50 PM
Then Ivy

Sleepyhypno 11:51 PM
and why did you ladies pick the girls that picked, what is it about their response that pushes your buttons the most...

Psyco 11:51 PM
Of the lot of us Princess strikes me as the most dominant Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:52 PM
and why does that make seeing her respond more exciting for you Psyco?

Princess 11:52 PM
Ivy is animated

Sleepyhypno 11:53 PM
that she is

Princess 11:53 PM
She's fun to watch

Psyco 11:54 PM
It's very arousing to see dominant people submit/fall Master, also I know her best of the group.

Sleepyhypno 11:55 PM
yes you do.
princess how do you feel seeing Psyco's reaction to watching you fall

Princess 11:56 PM
It's exciting

Sleepyhypno 11:56 PM
good girl
I think Psyco should get that same trigger, don't you agree princess?

Princess 11:57 PM
Yes I agree

Sleepyhypno 11:57 PM
Psyco would you like to join the rest of the girls?

Psyco 11:58 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 11:58 PM
from now on whenever you see me... or a member of the group
say the word [Censored to be a shithead]
you'll find yourself remembering a deep
secret truth
the truth that girls, were made to be hypnotized
you can word it however you like...
some like to say
Girls were made to be hypnotized
some like to say
girls were meant to be hypnotized
Which do you like better?

Psyco 12:00 AM
Girls were made to be hypnotized Master.

Princess 12:00 AM
I like that one too

Sleepyhypno 12:01 AM
well you are a girl princess

Princess 12:01 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Sleepyhypno 12:01 AM
very good
and just like princess
and the others
whenever you see the word 'girl
typed by me
or one of the beta group
you will find yourself
without even thinking
or realizing
typing the phrase
girls were made to be hypnotized
isn't that right ladies?

Psyco 12:02 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:02 AM
what do i have to type to make you say 'girls were made to be hypnotized'

Psyco 12:03 AM

Princess 12:03 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:03 AM
and what happens when you see me, or a member of the group say the word,  girl

Princess 12:03 AM
Girls are made to hypnotized

Psyco 12:03 AM
Girls were made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:03 AM

Psyco 12:04 AM
Girls were made to be hypnotized.

Princess 12:04 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Sleepyhypno 12:04 AM
good girls
the one exception
is if you see me type the phrase 'good girl'  or any variation on that
you don't need to respond then
but even if i just say girl, in a sentence, you'll find yourself responding instantly now...

Princess 12:05 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Psyco 12:05 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:05 AM
very good
you won't realize you are typing this...
won't have any reason to notice yourself saying it
but you will notice your friends, your hypnotized sisters saying it
and will realize just how exciting
how sexy it is
to see them respond
controlled so easily
isn't that right?

Psyco 12:06 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:07 AM
very good
if you happen to see someone other than me
type the word girl
you will not even realize it happened
your mind will ignore it
it's only when i say it, or a member of group says it
that it will affect you
isn't that right ladies?

Princess 12:08 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Psyco 12:08 AM
Girls were made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:08 AM
How does that make you feel ladies?

Psyco 12:09 AM
Aroused Master.

Princess 12:09 AM
Excited sexy aroused

Sleepyhypno 12:09 AM
good girl
Are you more excited to know you will be responding without realizing, or that your friends will be?

Psyco 12:10 AM
Both Master.

Princess 12:10 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:11 AM
good girls
and how do you feel knowing you can trigger that reaction... in the other... girls

Princess 12:11 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Psyco 12:11 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:12 AM
Would you like to trigger one another?

Psyco 12:12 AM
Yes Master.

Princess 12:12 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:13 AM
good girls
Psyco, tell princess what she is...

Psyco 12:13 AM
Yes Master, Princess is a good friend and a lovely girl.

Princess 12:14 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Sleepyhypno 12:14 AM
very good
princess tell Psyco what she is

Princess 12:15 AM
Psyco is an awesome person and a wonderful girl

Psyco 12:15 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:15 AM
very good and how did that feel ladies?

Princess 12:15 AM

Psyco 12:16 AM
Entertaining Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM
very good.
what are you Psyco?

Psyco 12:17 AM
A girl Master.

Princess 12:17 AM
Girls are a made to be hypnotized

Sleepyhypno 12:17 AM
very good...
Psyco what are girls made for?

Princess 12:18 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Psyco 12:18 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:18 AM
very good

Sleepyhypno 12:18 AM
very good
Remember ladies...
if you say the word girl
it will fire your trigger as well
isn't that right?

Psyco 12:19 AM
Yes Master.

Princess 12:19 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:19 AM
Psyco what are you?

Psyco 12:19 AM
An obedient girl Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:20 AM
and what does that mean?

Princess 12:20 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Psyco 12:21 AM
Girls are made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno 12:21 AM
good girls
how do you feel?

Princess 12:21 AM

Psyco 12:22 AM
Blank and obedient Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:22 AM
are you still in a waking trance princess?

Princess 12:23 AM
Drifting more towards sleep than wake, but yeah

Sleepyhypno 12:24 AM
Psyco, would you like to put princess back into a state of hypnotized sleep?

Psyco 12:24 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:24 AM
Is that ok with you princess?

Princess 12:25 AM
Yes it's okay

Sleepyhypno 12:25 AM
Psyco hypnotize princess in the sexiest way you can think of, please.

Psyco 12:28 AM
Yes Master.

Princess, feel your eyes drawn to your hand, your fingers rolling continuously, faster and faster.
Fingers getting closer and closer to your face, sinking deeper as they roll faster and faster.
Your hand taps your forehead, shutting down all higher brain functions, drifting deeper and deeper for me.
How are you feeling Princess?

Princess 12:31 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:31 AM
good girls
How did you like that ladies?

Princess 12:33 AM
Fun, sexy, exciting

Psyco 12:34 AM
I enjoyed it Master.

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM
good girls

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