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Snagging a Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 3

Key: MC, FD

Description: Rayne meets up with Trisha in one of the campus lounges to discover a new friend, and a future member of the sorority is there waiting for her.
    A few hours after she left Laura’s dorm, Rayne went down to the main common area of the campus. It was a large room filled with tables, booths, and a few couches scattered around the outer walls. Rayne hadn’t really spent much time there, she never had time and being around people made her instantly nervous when she walked into a room. Fortunately it didn’t take long for her to spot Trisha as she waved frantically to get Rayne’s attention.
    As she made her way to the back of the room, she noticed Trisha was sitting on one of the couches with a young woman she’d never met before. The woman was taller than Rayne but shorter than Trisha. Rayne guessed she was about five feet, five inches. She had shoulder length dark hair that was extremely curly, to the point of being almost spring-like, and tanned skin with just a hint of an olive complexion. She also happened to be very well endowed, easily reaching the Double D level. “Huh.” Rayne mused to herself. “Two in one day. What are the odds?”
    “Hey!” Trisha said excitedly as Rayne made her way over to the two girls. In front of them was a coffee table, conveniently stocked with a variety of coffees, creams, and sugars, that she skirted around before taking a seat. “This is Christine! Christine, this is Rayne!” The girls exchanged pleasantries as Rayne settled in next to Trisha, who sat in the middle. “I was just telling Christine about the sorority!” Trisha said, beaming proudly.

    Rayne blinked a few times and nodded wordlessly. She wasn’t sure exactly what Trisha had told the other woman about the sorority, but she wasn’t planning on saying anything until she knew for certain. To her surprise Christine spoke up before Trisha could explain. “I’ve always wanted to try being hypnotized!” She beamed as her eyes lit up with excitement.
    “Really?” Rayne said slowly, giving Trisha an accusatory look.
    Trisha only giggled excitedly. “I told her how we are hypnotizing the girls to think they’re just improving their relaxation and study habits, but in reality we're creating an army of willing slaves to serve us in whatever way we desire!”
    Rayne could only stare at Trisha in shock. But as she glanced at Christine, she saw the young woman smile and nod. “I’m all in!” She added enthusiastically.
    Rayne’s jaw fell open. “You..are?” She looked between Trisha and Christine, baffled.  
    A minute later both girls burst out laughing and Trisha patted Rayne on the shoulder. “Relax, we're joking!” She said, giving Rayne a knowing wink that Christine couldn’t see.
    “All that aside,” Christine started. “I’ve always seen hypnotists in cartoons and stories. We even had one show up at our drama club once to help us focus. So I really am curious to try it!” She finished with a smile.
    “Were you hypnotized when you were in the drama club?” Trisha asked, her curiosity piqued.
    “No.” Christine said. “I missed it and came in at the very end when everyone was waking up. They all looked so peaceful and relaxed, it was hard not to be a little jealous.” She lowered her head a bit, seeming embarrassed as she continued. “The hypnotist did such a good job that two girls in my class even went out to dinner with him afterwards. They both said it was the best night of their lives!” Christine paused, thinking about what she’d just said. “In fact, they both used those exact words. Weird isn’t it?”
    Trisha winked at Rayne again before turning her attention back to Christine. “Well…” she started, picking up a cup of coffee from the table in front of them. “I’m sure we can help you with that. Do you like coffee?” She asked, smiling as she held the cup in between her and Christine.
    Christine’s eyes practically rolled into her head as she smiled. “I adore coffee!” She said, practically in her own kind of trance just from the thought of it.
    “Good.” Trisha said as she lowered her voice to sound more soothing and relaxing. “What I’ve always liked about coffee…is just how strong the scent is when you first make it. How you can simply watch the steam, float gently up in front of you, as it swirls in the air. Like it’s simply inviting you to just relax…and to watch the steam as it moves, as it floats higher and higher. Allowing your body to simply relax more and more as it does.”
    Rayne noticed that Christine’s eyes seemed to be following the steam up and away from the cup as it swirled around in front of her. There was the tiniest twitch in the young woman’s cheek just before her expression grew even more relaxed.
    “And of course…” Trisha continued, “there is that wonderful smell. That aroma that just seems to move into your nostrils as you take a long…slow…deep breath…and fill your lungs with the wonderful scent… of fresh brewed coffee.” As she spoke, all three girls took a nice deep breath, although only one of them was doing it intentionally.  
    “That's it.” Trisha said with noticeable satisfaction in her voice. “Many people think that the most…powerful draw of coffee…is that it is a stimulant. It helps to wake you up…helps to make you…focus on what you are doing now. But really, coffee has another feature that I think is even better. Would you like to know what that is?”
    Rayne couldn’t help but notice that Christine’s only response was a slow nod. Her expression had become very relaxed, her lips were parted and her eyes had taken on a slightly reflective glaze as she simply stared at Trisha.
    “Coffee helps you to relax…that’s why people love it so much.” Trisha said as she moved her free hand to pick up a small creamer container from the table. “It helps you to just let go now…it’s a reminder that no matter what your day has been like…you can always have this one little cup…and things will get so much better, so much easier. And then there is the other part of a nice, relaxing cup of coffee…” Trisha said with a smile as she slowly started to pour in the creamer.
    Rayne watched as Christine’s eyes followed the slow circular motion that Trisha was using to add the creamer. The contrast between the black coffee and the pure while creamer created a light brown cloud that drew in the lovely raven haired beauty even more. Every slow gentle circle around the coffee cup made the image more compelling to her slowly captivated mind.
    Trisha’s smile grew as she saw just how engrossed Christine was in the coffee. She slowly set down the creamer and picked up a stirring stick, then began to slowly swirl the coffee around in the cup, creating a small but effective spiral. “Coffee can be the one thing that helps you find, and achieve, your dreams. After all, aren’t dreams just clouds in our coffee to begin with?” She asked with a small chuckle.
    Christine was too far gone to respond with anything more than a nod. As her shoulders sagged even more, the slow rise and fall of her chest made her breasts press against the skin tight shirt she was wearing. Her body leaned forward ever so slightly, but her eyes never left the coffee cup as the spiral of creamer continued swirling inside of it. Every swirl just seemed to make her breathing become slower and more steady as she drifted away into the hypnotic swirl in front of her.
    “That’s it…” Trisha continued as her smile became openly more devious. “Just watch as it spins…imagining the way this would taste…how it would make you feel. The hot, strong black coffee…mixed with the smooth, creamy, cool white creamer. You can imagine how it would feel along your tongue…hot and then cold…blending together into a sweet, smooth blend of pure relaxation. Pure bliss and enjoyment. You can feel that to be true now, can’t you Christine?” Trisha asked as she removed the stirring stick from the coffee and let the creamer continue to swirl around.
    Christine was so relaxed that she didn’t even nod. However, Trisha and Rayne did notice the young woman’s tongue slide along her lower lip as she swallowed softly. Trisha knew she only had one more thing to say to the young woman. She raised her other hand, softly snapped her fingers, and leaned in to whisper “Sleep.” Both girls watched as Christine’s eyes crossed, one eye rolling up as the other rolled down, while her eyelids fluttered rapidly and slipped closed. Slowly, her head fell forward until it was gently resting on her chest. Trisha let out a tiny giggle as the girls watched Christine slowly drift to her right and fall against the back of the couch, completely hypnotized.
    Rayne watched with a particularly satisfied smile as Christine gently fell onto the couch. Her eyes were drawn to the girl’s breasts as they jiggled slowly until she came to a stop on the couch. She turned to Trisha with an air of excitement, curious as to what she had in store for the lovely young woman. Then she noticed Trisha was giving her a strangely familiar, and devious, smile.
    “Sleep!” Trisha said as the sound of her fingers snapping echoed through Rayne’s mind. The freshman blinked in confusion, but something strange was happening. Every time she blinked, her eyes stayed closed just a little bit longer than the time before. Her mind was stuck in a state of confusion. She wasn’t being hypnotized… or so she thought, so why did Trisha tell her to sleep? But yet, the idea just seemed so natural now, so right to her. She had to fight to open them up again, but as soon as they opened they would instantly close all on their own.
    Trisha watched the scene before her with an almost academic curiosity. Rayne was completely silent as she stared at Trisha, her eyes slowly closing and then opening. She blinked, and her shoulders began to relax. Another blink, and her face seemed to just let go. Another blink, and this time her eyes were only able to open halfway as the young woman’s hand slid onto the couch. One more blink, and her eyes fluttered, barely open at all. One final blink and her eyes never reopened.
    Trisha’s eyes lit up as she watched Rayne’s head slowly tilt down, further and further forward as her shoulders sagged. It wasn’t long before the young woman’s red hair was covering her face. Trisha reached forward and brushed her hypnotized friend’s hair out of her face, but all the gentle touch did was make her fall against the couch. Deeply asleep, just like Christine. Just like Trisha had wanted.
    Trisha slowly stood up and moved behind the couch so she could talk to both girls more easily. Of course it didn’t hurt that her vantage point gave her a nice view down both of their shirts. “Doing so well now ladies…so relaxed and deep. So happy to know that there are two of you here, both deeply hypnotized and relaxed. You like that, don’t you ladies?”
    Both of the hypnotized girls nodded gently, but Rayne managed to softly whisper “Yes.” just barely audible under the background noise of the room.
    The response made Trisha smile even wider. “I thought you might like that. You wouldn’t mind telling me now ladies, have either of you ever had a…sexual…interest in another girl. Or girls in general?” There was a nervous tremble in her voice as she asked.
    Rayne softly answered “yes” again as she barely moved from her current position. Christine, on the other hand, blushed deeply as she gave an embarrassed nod and let a very small, trembling “Yes.” slip from her lips.
    Trisha managed to contain a squeal as she looked down at both girls. “Oh do I have a plan for the two of you.”

To be continued

Curious what might have happened if Rayne had decided to jump in and start hypnotizing Christine? There is a patreon exclusive alternate ending that can be found here:Snagging a pair of Double D’s - N.C.U. - Part 3 Alt Ending
There is also an alternate scene written by Sleepygirl and fleshed out by me that you can find here: Snagging a pair of Double D’s - N.C.U. - Part 3 Alt Scene

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. If you’re curious to see how many times this story hypnotized my lovely editor you can check out the editing banter file between her and I here: Snagging a pair of Double D’s - N.C.U. - Editing Banter

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