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Snagging A Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 1

 Key: MC, FD, FF

Description: Rayne meets up with the other members of the S.L.E.E.P. sorority to discuss adding on new members, only to discover the girls in question are unusually busty.

    It was a noticeably peaceful afternoon as Rayne sat on her bed and enjoyed a book. Klaire had gotten up early and was gone long before Rayne had woken up. It was unusual, to say the least, but given the rapid shift in their power struggle, Rayne assumed she needed time to adjust.
    A moment later the doorknob began to jiggle. Rayne glanced up and grinned for a split second, hiding her expression just as Klaire opened the door, balancing a drink holder with two cups in it. “I’m…not disturbing you, am I?” Klaire asked nervously, standing in the doorway as if she were afraid to go any further.
    Rayne smiled. “Not at all.” she said, putting the book down to sit up on her bed. “What have you got there?” she asked, even though she was sure she knew the answer.
    Klaire cautiously entered the room and handed Rayne one of the cups. “It’s hot chocolate, I thought I’d return the favor since you brought me one last night.” Rayne still couldn’t believe how Klaire’s demeanor had shifted so drastically from the hostility she’d shown just a few days earlier.

    Klaire watched as Rayne took the hot chocolate with a smile, and when she was sure Rayne seemed pleased with it she sat down on her bed and began to sip her tea. “So…” Klaire began, nervousness showing in her voice. “‘Where do you go at night? I’ve been kind of rude in kicking you out all the time, but you seem like you're kind of busy anyway. So…where do you go? What do you do?” She asked, genuinely curious.
    Rayne’s eyes lit up as she realized that her plans to hypnotize Klaire may work out a bit more quickly than she had hoped. “Well…” she started, trying to hide a smile. “A few of my friends and I are trying to start a sorority. We’ve been collecting girls to pledge and doing… ummm…” She trailed off, struggling to find a word that was accurate enough without admitting they were essentially having hypnotic orgies. “Interviews with potential new members.” Rayne finally finished, trying not to blush at the thought of giving Klaire a more…personal interview. “Maybe you’d like to come to one of our meetings and pledge in the sorority? I can put in a good word for you.” Rayne said, winking and giving Klaira a smile that betrayed a bit more of her devious intentions.
    Klaire did her best to hide her revulsion, the very idea of sororities on campus annoyed her and there was no way she would ever be caught dead in one. But, of course, she didn’t want to hurt Rayne’s feelings so she did her best to hide her emotions and responded with a simple “No thank you.”
    Rayne’s face fell. She honestly didn’t think that Klaire would pass up the opportunity. She was about to push the idea a little more when the sound of her phone vibrating on the nightstand caught her attention. It was a text from Laura, asking Rayne to come to her dorm room for sorority purposes. “Oh.” Rayne said, trying to save face but not give in. “I’m sorry. I have to run. Thank you so much for the hot chocolate, I really do appreciate it!” She said, flashing a genuine smile at Klaire and heading out the door.
    “My pleasure!” Klaire answered, getting more comfortable on her bed now that she would have the room to herself, for a few hours at least.
    As Rayne moved into the hallway she turned around and slowly began to close the door, watching Klaire as she did. “You…WILL…be one of the girls of S.L.E.E.P.!” She said to herself with an evil grin as she closed the door. “I’ll see to it.”

Fifteen minutes later…
    Laura opened the door to her dorm with a typical bubbly smile on her face. “Rayne! Come in, come in!” she said excitedly as she motioned to a young woman sitting in front of the small coffee table that Laura had in her room. “I want you to meet one of my oldest friends, Jessy!”
    The woman at the table had brown hair that came down just past her shoulders, with one of the brightest and most excited smiles she’d ever seen. It was hard to imagine someone being more perky than Laura, but Jessy had managed to pull it off! Speaking of perky, the other…feature that Rayne couldn’t help but notice was the fact that Jessy’s chest was unusually large for a woman of her size. And given how they shook when she laughed, they appeared to be completely natural. “Huh.” Rayne thought to herself. “A Double D…those are rare on a college campus”.
    Her thoughts were interrupted when Jessy bounced out of her seat and gave Rayne a tight hug. “It’s so good to meet you, Laura has told me so much about you!” The excitable brunette gushed over the nervous freshman. Her eyes were so wide that for a split second Rayne thought she may, in fact, be crazy, but then settled on just heavily caffeinated.
    Laura plopped down on her bed and giggled excitedly. “I’ve been telling Jessy all about S.L.E.E.P. and our efforts to gather new pledges!” she said happily.
    Rayne’s head whipped around as she gave Laura a look that was a mix of confusion and concern. “You…have?!” She asked worriedly.
    Laura rolled her eyes, the smile never leaving her face. “Of course! I told her that we’ve been meeting with different pledges to see if they would be a good fit for the sorority, and having regular meetings where we discuss the different things we need to do to make the sorority official!” Laura said without the slightest hint of nervousness.
    Rayne breathed a sigh of relief, until Jessy chimed in. “And about the hypnosis part of it!” Jessy exclaimed with a giggle as Rayne’s nervousness spiked again.
    “Just how we use it to help the girls focus on their studies, and to help them relax and unwind after a stressful day.” Laura answered with a grin that showed an almost villainous level of deviousness. Which seemed to fit since she was talking trying to pull one of her oldest friends into a sorority that would end up hypnotizing and controlling her.
    Of course then the realization dawned on Rayne, that Laura had been suggested to forget the more intimate and erotic happenings at the sorority. A suggestion that Rayne hadn’t really had any evidence to prove was working or not…until now. With the knowledge that it was actually working, she let a small smile cross her lips. But she was snapped out of her fantasies as Jessy spoke up.
    “I’m not opposed to checking out the sorority.”  She started, as the smile on her face fell for just a moment. “But I’m afraid I don’t really believe in hypnosis. I saw a stage show once and it was all people acting like chickens.” She concluded with a shrug.
    Laura winked at Rayne, flashing her a devious smile as she turned to look at Jessy. “Maybe a demonstration is in order then?” She asked, trying to push Jessy out of her comfort zone without revealing her true intentions.
    “A demonstration?” Jessy asked with a decidedly curious, but still skeptical, look.
    “Why don’t I hypnotize Laura so you can see for yourself?” Rayne said, grinning more deviously than she had intended to as she looked over at the curly haired blonde. It was pretty clear that Laura was setting up the conversation for either Jessy or Rayne to be the subject for the demonstration. But Rayne had other plans. “If you’d be ok with that Laura?” she said as her grin morphed into an innocent, and clearly fake, smile while she fluttered her lashes.
    Laura looked over at Rayne, confused and caught off guard at the change in her plans. She’d hoped that Rayne would back her up on the idea but didn’t think she would set her sights on Laura. But, despite the surprise, the idea of slipping into a nice relaxing trance seemed like a great idea to Laura. Whether this was the result of weeks of slow hypnotic programming, or just her excitable nature and love of being the center of attention, was anyone’s guess. “Alright!” she said, shaking off her surprise and confusion as she smiled at Rayne. “Where do you want me?”
    “The bed would be lovely.” Rayne said matter of factly, blushing as she realized the double entendre in her statement. Fortunately, no one seemed to catch the other meaning or her blush. Laura sat down on the bed and made herself comfortable as she looked up at Rayne with a smile, letting her feet dangle off of the bed.
    “Well, ” she said, winking at Jessy and adopting a more seductively playful tone, “I’m all yours…hypnotize me!” Of course this completely killed the idea that no one else had caught the double meaning of Rayne’s previous statement, but with Laura you could never truly be sure.
    Rayne’s face flushed a deep red as she moved in front of Laura and held up her right index finger in front of the young woman’s face. “Focus on the tip of my finger…” Rayne began in a surprisingly compelling but soft voice. “Focus and follow.” She continued as her finger slowly began moving from side to side, similar to a pocket watch. “Just let your eyes follow my finger as it moves, slowly and easily, from side….to side. It’s so easy to just follow the finger with your eyes. Letting them drift with the finger, slowly and gently. Every motion just helps the world around you fade away more and more. Nothing matters but the tip of my finger, and the sound of my voice now.”
    Laura’s playful expression had slowly faded as she continued to focus on Rayne’s finger. It was like every movement from one side to the next, and back, seemed to wash away more of her tension and awareness. Her bubbly smile was gone, replaced with a very different, more relaxed, kind of smile. There was almost no tension in her lips or cheeks, but you could still see the shape of the smile that had faded away, and her sparkling white teeth behind her lips. The sparkle in her eyes was slowly fading as they began to glaze over while her shoulders slumped and her back arched. Her head had begun to lean forward, as if she were trying to move closer to the finger that she was focused so deeply on.
    Behind Rayne, Jessy was completely transfixed as she watched one of her oldest friends slowly relaxing to something as simple, and almost silly, as a finger being waved in front of her eyes. But despite that…Jessy couldn’t seem to look away either.
    Rayne continued to tell Laura to follow her finger and just relax as she began moving her fingers in a more circular pattern. Doing so made Laura’s eyes gently roll upwards as the finger moved higher, and then slowly lower as it moved down and back to its start. Trying to keep track of it made Laura's expression fade even more as her jaw slowly fell open and her eyes struggled to reopen from every blink. But what Laura failed to notice was that every slow, gentle swirl was bringing Rayne’s finger closer and closer to her face. Until finally Rayne’s index finger gently stopped directly between Laura’s eyes, causing them to cross for a split second, just before Rayne tapped her forehead and said “Sleep” in a soft, but commanding, tone.
    Laura gasped softly as her eyes crossed again, straining to see the finger that had tapped her forehead. But once her mind heard Rayne’s gentle command to sleep, her eyes continued to roll up into her head while her eyelids slowly fluttered down. Only the whites of her eyes were visible for a split second before her body relaxed completely and began to slowly fall back against the bed. She landed softly as her body bounced against the mattress, making her breasts jiggle softly before coming to a complete stop. Just like the rest of Laura.
    Jessy’s mouth hung open as she stared, shocked and captivated by what she had just seen. She didn’t realize it, and had no real context to realize it, but she was already in a light trance herself. The image of watching her friend slowly become hypnotized was in itself very hypnotic. All she could do was let out a soft gasp as Laura’s body hit the bed. She turned to look at Rayne just as the freshman slowly turned to look at Jessy with a serious, almost powerful, gaze and held up the same finger before Jessy’s eyes.
    “Follow my finger now, Jessy.” Rayne said as she started to move her finger in the same slow circle she had used on Laura.
    The effect on Jessy was almost instantaneous. Her eyes locked onto Rayne’s finger and followed it immediately as it moved around her face. She let out a gentle gasp of surprise and confusion as her face began to relax while her pupils dilated. Her body, on the other hand, had the exact opposite reaction. Rayne couldn’t help but notice the busty brunette’s fingers gripping the edge of the table with one hand while her shoulders and back both tensed up, causing Jessy to straighten in her seat. “What…what are you….doing?” the captivated young woman asked with a voice that was barely more than a whisper.
    Rayne gave Jessy a devious little smile as she brought her finger to a stop directly in front of the bridge of her eyes, making her eyes cross in an attempt to stay focused on Rayne’s finger. “Why Jessy, I’m demonstrating what it’s like to fall into a hypnotic…” she moved her finger forward and tapped the young woman on the forehead. “Sleep…now.”
    Jessy’s gasp echoed Lauras, but her physical reaction was quite different. Instead of slowly sinking back against the bed as Laura had done, Jessy looked like she had just been shot with a phaser set to stun. Her entire body jerked at Rayne’s touch for a split second before going limp all at once, as one arm hung limp at her side while the other fell down into her lap. Her eyes slammed shut next as her face went slack and her head dropped to her chest, leaving her deeply asleep and unaware.
    Rayne stood back with a smile and glanced between Jessy and Laura’s sleeping forms. “And that concludes the induction portion of our demonstration.” She said as the devious grin returned to her face. “Now it’s time to move on to something a little more…fun.”

To be continued.

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Chapter 1 - Alt Ending 1 (Patreon Exclusive)
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Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Laura, Rayne, Jessy and Klaire

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