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Snagging a Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 2

 Key: FD, FF, MC

Description: With Laura and Jessy both hypnotized, Rayne decides to have a little fun before convincing Jessy to join the girls of S.L.E.E.P.

    Rayne surveyed the scene before her. To her left was Laura, completely limp on her bed as her curly blonde hair framed the peaceful look on her face. To her right was Jessy, slumped over in her chair and barely held up by a combination of the wall and the small table that was next to her. Her dark hair covered half of her face, and the slow rise and fall of her chest showed off her breasts quite nicely.

    As she surveyed the two young women she let her mind wander while she gently moved the hair away from Jessy’s face.“That’s it ladies…nice and deep, nice and calm for me now.” She said, somehow managing to sound both soothing and commanding. She let herself linger on Jessy’s face for another moment, enjoying just how peaceful and relaxed she looked, before making her way back to the center of the room.
    “Ladies,” she began as a blush crept across her face, “In a moment, the two of you will find yourselves feeling like sexy, seductive strippers. You’ll find that you can hear music in your mind and allow your body to move with it, as you rise from your seats, remaining deeply asleep, and begin to dance. Slowly, seductively, stripping off your clothes.” she concluded, her face burning with embarrassment and arousal. “Do you understand?” she asked, a hint of nervousness in her voice.
    Laura murmured “Mmhmm” sleepily in response from her spot on the bed, as Jessy softly whispered “Yess…”
    Rayne giggled, more out of relief than amusement, now that she was certain both girls weren’t going to freak out at the suggestions. Well then,” she said, confidence returning to her voice as she took a seat on the open chair near the dinette table. “You can do this…now!” she said, snapping her fingers loud enough to echo off of the dorm’s thin walls.
    She watched in delight as Jessy sat up in her chair, the expression on her face still one of complete peace, as her eyes remained closed. If Rayne didn’t know any better she would have thought she was sleep walking. Instead, Jessy rose to her feet and began to sway her hips while her hands slid along her thighs and along her butt, all the way up her sides and finally to her chest. She squeezed her breasts and began rolling the double D’s around in her hands, unconsciously letting out a soft sigh as her lips parted.
    To her left, Laura rolled over on the bed and began using it more as a platform. She knelt on all fours and arched her back, showing off her butt and legs to the non-existent audience in her mind. And the real audience of one watching her every move. Unlike Jessy, Laura’s eyes were partially open and a relaxed, almost sleepy, smile played across her face. The blond slowly put her finger to her lips and bit down on it with a seductive smile, as she turned her head and looked Rayne directly in the eyes.
    For a moment Rayne felt her heart skip a beat. “Is she awake?! Is she aware!?” Both thoughts flew through her head in an instant, not to mention a million ways to handle her current situation. Most involved running away…from the room, the campus, the planet. You know, completely normal reactions to embarrassment. Fortunately she noticed that despite the fact that Laura was looking right at Rayne, she wasn’t really seeing her. Her eyes were unfocused and glazed. She sighed in relief, just as her attention was diverted by the sound of a zipper.
    She turned just in time to see Jessy open up her hoodie and arch her back, jutting her chest out as she pulled the hoodie off and continued to gyrate to the hypnotic beat in her mind. Her hands glided along the exposed parts of her breasts and moved down to her jeans, where she slowly began to undo her belt. All while her head bobbed from side to side and then back in simulated pleasure before she repeated the movement. She never once opened her eyes or revealed a hint of an expression.
    Rayne could only stare at both women until she noticed Laura’s shirt being placed in her lap. It took her overstimulated mind a moment to realize what it was before her head whipped around to see the curly haired blond leaning back on the bed. If Laura had been awake she would have been giving Rayne a wide-eyed smile, but instead it was more of a relaxed copy of one. Either way, it was sexy as hell to Rayne. It showed just how much control she had over her friend. Laura leaned further back on the bed to reveal that she had already opened and unbuttoned her jeans. Keeping with the beat in her head, she began to seductively slide them off, revealing a pair of powder blue panties that matched her lace bra.
    Rayne quickly shifted her attention to Jessy and noticed that the busty brunette had also managed to remove her jeans, revealing a boring, but supportive, dark green bra and a mismatched pair of black panties. The future pledge slowly moved her body as her hands slid down her stomach, to her butt. She had a lovely body. While it wasn’t quite as toned or defined as Rayne’s, it was soft, and smooth, with the kind of skin that you could slide your hands across for hours on end.
    Rayne hadn’t noticed, but she was sitting up much more attentively in her chair. Her own hand was caressing her leg while the other hand slowly, almost nervously,  moved along her neck and shoulder. It was half calming, half caressing. She was…if you wanted to look at it from a certain point of view…hypnotized by the scene in front of her.
    By now Laura had moved from her spot on the bed and began to dance slowly next to Jessy. This allowed Rayne to see both a little more easily. Although she still couldn’t help but chuckle upon seeing that Jessy’s eyes were still closed. She wasn’t aware of anything else in the room, only the scene in her mind.
    Laura, however, did have her eyes open. Even though she was just as blissfully unaware as Jessy, she still managed to keep time with her friend and mimic her movements. You know, like a good stripper duet should. As Jessy moved her hands along her groin and slowly up to her large breasts, Laura followed suit. The two girls caressed their own breasts for several moments before Jessy moved her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra. Laura’s bra, which was far sexier than Jessy’s, unclasped in the front, directly between her breasts. Which begged the question of what exactly Laura’s plans were for this from the beginning. Laura smiled sensually as she slowly undid the clasp.
    Rayne watched, her heart racing. as Jessy moved her arms forward enough for her bra to slide down her arms, leaving her breasts completely exposed. At the same time, Laura moved her arms and head straight back,pushing her breasts out as her bra slid down her arms and fell to the ground behind her.
    It was at this point that Rayne’s mind, more or less, checked out. Despite being completely aware of what was happening in front of her, her mind was so completely overloaded that she was unable to do much more than simply react. The hand that had been caressing her thigh had openly slid between her legs, and the hand on her chest had begun to massage her own impressive, albeit smaller, breasts. With a panting, almost trembling voice she softly said “Come to me.” to the two hypnotized coeds.
    For the first time, Jessy opened her eyes just enough to see where she was going as she and Laura both moved over to Rayne, walking in a sexy heel-to-toe fashion. “Kneel.” the redheaded freshman said, with even more of a nervous rumble in her voice. The two hypnotized women both knelt down in front of Rayne, Laura slowly slid her hands along Rayne’s arm as she did, still very much in the mindset of being a hypnotized stripper. A moment later Jessy began to mimic her friend’s movements, although her movements were less certain and more inexperienced.  
    Rayne finally managed to stop massaging herself, something she still didn’t consciously notice that she was doing, and allowed her hands to move along the bodies of the girls before her. They began at the girls’ arms and slowly moved up to their shoulders and along their backs.  She moved in closer before sliding her right hand over to Laura’s breast, where she slowly began to caress it softly. An action that earned a satisfied moan from the entranced blond. Next her left hand moved to the massive globe that was Jessy’s left breast. Her hands couldn’t even fit around her natural DD, but that made it no less enjoyable for Rayne. Jessy’s mind seemed unsure of how to react, and so her eyes simply rolled into her head and fluttered closed while she continued to massage Rayne.
    “Please me…” Rayne gasped, almost surprised to hear the words escape her mouth. She didn’t have long to second guess the situation before Laura sat up on her knees and kissed the nervous hypnotist. There was a passion in her kiss, whether it was a latent attraction to Rayne or just her falling deeper into the role in her mind, she kissed Rayne like she had paid for a more…personal encounter with the stripper she believed herself to be. It was a deep, sensual kiss that was more of a tease than anything.
    Rayne responded to the kiss and squeezed Laura’s breast. As she did, she felt Jessy’s hands sliding up under her shirt and lifting it up. It was high enough to expose her toned abs and muscular core, but also just enough to reach Rayne’s bra and pull it down to expose her left breast. Rayne wanted to protest, something primal in her mind wanted her to protect herself, but Laura’s kiss prevented her from acting on that desire. The desire disappeared as she felt Jessy’s lips begin to tease and suck on her exposed nipple.
    Rayne gasped in the kiss and tried to give them another suggestion, but Laura cut her off. The pleasure of the kiss, Jessy’s mouth on her breast, and the new addition of Jessy’s free hand squeezing and caressing Rayne’s breast, all easily overrode her attempt to speak. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn’t notice Laura’s hand moving down to unzip her jeans. It was just one more sensation to be lost in a flood of feelings and emotions moving through her. That is, until Laura gently slipped her finger into Rayne’s jeans…and then into Rayne.
    Rayne’s eyes flew open, and for the first time in several minutes her mind was aware again. But just when she thought she would have a reprieve, more pleasure flooded her system and her eyes instantly rolled up into her head. A soft moan of surrender escaped her lips as she began to kiss Laura deeply. Her left hand was resting on Jessy’s back, her intention to caress the busty beauty long forgotten. Jessy, to her credit, didn’t seem to mind. The image of being a stripper pleasuring their client was so deep, so vivid in her mind, that she wasn’t even aware of where she was or who she was with. Rayne’s hips gyrated against Laura’s fingers as they continued stimulating her friend, and hypnotists’, pleasure centers like an expert.
    It didn’t take long for Rayne to reach her climax. As the swell of pleasure moved through her body she finally broke the kiss and threw her head back to release a loud moan. It was easily loud enough to be heard in the dorms adjacent to Laura’s, but it was hardly an uncommon sound in college so no one really cared. The redhead’s body shook with pleasure as she panted and bit her lip to prevent herself from screaming, all while Laura slowly kissed her neck. The orgasm lasted what seemed like hours to Rayne, but was really only a few very pleasurable seconds. The freshman’s head finally started to clear as her orgasm subsided, and despite the pleasure she was still feeling, along with the attention of her hypnotized friends, she managed to pant out one word to them. “Sleep!”
    The effect was instantaneous on Laura. Her body went completely limp as her hands dropped away from Rayne’s body as she fell to her friend’s chest and slid down as gravity pulled her to the floor. She landed with her head to one side and her knees falling to the other, leaving her exposed breasts still visible. Jessy, on the other hand, seemed to go completely still for just a moment, until Laura’s body sliding off of Rayne caused her to start to fall as well. Her mouth slid off of Rayne’s nipple as her body slowly slumped backwards until she was flat on her back next to Laura, wearing the same blank expression on her face.
    “Holy shit.” Was all Rayne could say as she looked down at the two panty clad coeds with a satisfied smile.

    About twenty minutes later all three girls were cleaned up and redressed. Jessy and Laura sat side by side on the bed, their feet on the floor and backs straight, but with their heads slumped against their chests and their arms limp at their sides. “When you wake up,”  Rayne began as she slowly paced in front of the girls, “You will remember that I did a hypnosis demonstration with you. It was very effective, and both of you slipped into a nice, deep, hypnotic sleep. You won’t need to remember what happened while you were in that state, or how you got there…exactly…just that you were both hypnotized, and that it felt so good. Understand, girls?” Rayne asked with a renewed sense of confidence.
    “Yes…” Jessy replied softly.
    “Uh huh” Laura hummed melodically.
    “Good!” Rayne said, giggling as she sat down. “Oh! And Jessy,”  she said, focusing on the first Double D to be snagged. “You will find that you are not only okay with showing up to the next sorority meeting, you're actually eager and excited to do so…isn’t that right?”
    “Yess…” Jessy sighed. “Eager…excited.”
    “Excellent!” Rayne said as she took one last look at the two hypnotized girls, then slowly composed herself. “Awaken on three. One…Two…Three!” she finished, snapping her fingers.
    Both girls' heads slowly rose. Jessy blinked and looked around in confusion for a moment before a grin spread across her face as the realization of what had happened flooded into her mind. Of course she was completely oblivious to the fact that the memory had been sanitized.
    Laura, on the other hand, turned to look at Jessy with a big bright grin before she ever lifted her head. “I told you you would like it!” she said, nudging Jessy with her elbow. If she only knew just how much enjoyment there was for all three parties.
    “Yeah,” Jessy started with a nervous grin as she looked at Laura. “I really did like it!” She turned to look at Rayne with a smile. “Thank you!” she beamed warmly, glancing back and forth at the two girls. “When exactly…is the next meeting of your sorority?” she asked nervously “I’d…really like to come. If that would be ok with you?”
    Laura glanced at a very pleased Rayne, who was too busy hiding her embarrassment and excitement to respond. “This Friday!” Laura said, smiling and giving her friend a wink. “Dress comfortably, I have a feeling you’ll be taking a nap!”

To be continued….

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Part 2 Alt Ending 1.1
Part 2 Alt Ending 1.2

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 Featuring: Laura, Rayne, and Jessy

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