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Snagging a Pair of Double D's - N.C.U. - Part 4

 Key: MC, FD

Description: With Rayne and Christine both hypnotized, Trisha decides to have a little fun with her subjects. Meanwhile, Rayne attempts a little conversational hypnosis on Klaire to give her the push she needs to join the sorority.

    Trisha emerged from the common area and held the door for Rayne and Christine as they trailed behind her. Both girls were laughing and talking as the three of them began to walk down the campus paths, with no particular destination in mind. It was a completely normal scene, and to the untrained eye both girls seemed wide awake. Of course if you looked close enough you would be able to see the glazed, distant look in their eyes. Both Rayne and Christine were in a waking trance, and neither of them knew it.
    Trisha wasn’t really paying attention to the girls, who were talking about nothing in particular as they followed close behind. She was too busy making sure that no one noticed them. Making sure they were alone. “So how did you girls like being hypnotized tonight?” Trisha asked innocently as they walked through a small park with several trees around them to provide cover.
    “Hypnotized?” Christine said with a smile. “We weren’t hypnotized?” She glanced over to Rayne, chuckling and waiting for her to confirm.
    Rayne rolled her eyes and giggled at Trisha.  “Yeah nice try, but we definitely weren’t hypnotized!”
    Trisha did a terrible job of hiding her smile as she laughed. “You weren’t? Well that was my mistake, I guess.” She said, not even trying to pretend that she meant it. “I guess all that talk about…making out…was just normal conversation.” She said, leaning heavily on the obvious trigger she had planted in both young women.

    Christine and Rayne both gasped softly as they heard the trigger. Both girls turned to one another with a look of lust in their eyes. Slowly, they moved closer to each other until their lips met in a kiss. It was slow at first, with a nervousness to it, an unfamiliarity, and then…it began to deepen.
    Trisha watched with a pleased smile on her face as she began to move closer to the girls. “And I definitely don’t think that talk of…stripping…would have been hypnotic at all.”
    Christine gasped again as she pulled back from the kiss and started to pull her shirt up and over her head. Her nipples stiffened instantly as her breasts were exposed to the cool evening air, and the moment her shirt was off Rayne pulled her back into the kiss. It was deeper this time as she pushed her tongue into Christine’s mouth while their hands roamed each others’ bodies.
    With Rayne holding Christine in the kiss, Christine could only move her hands under Rayne’s shirt and slide it up her toned, muscular body. As she slid the shirt upward, she somehow managed to free Rayne’s breasts from her bra as well. Reluctantly, Rayne broke the kiss and allowed Christine to pull the shirt over her head before turning her attention back to the sophomore.  
    Trisha’s smile had long ago been replaced with a look of arousal and fascination. Watching Rayne’s eagerness as she kissed her fellow coed was engrossing in and of itself, but to watch both girls slowly strip off each other’s clothing as they continued to kiss and grope one another was even more arousing than she’d anticipated.
    Each girl was lost in their own interpretation of the hypnotic suggestions that she had given them as they attempted to remove the other’s jeans. Neither wanted to break the kiss they were so eagerly partaking in, but with each moment that passed their desire to strip one another grew stronger and stronger. “Now, what could have caused this to happen?” Trisha asked with a knowing smile. The response she got, however, was completely unexpected.
    Rayne broke the kiss and wordlessly grabbed Trisha by the shirt, pulling her in close to kiss her instead. As she did, Rayne’s hands began sliding along the older woman’s body and inching her shirt up little by little. Trisha held her close in the kiss as Rayne did her best to pull the shirt off without breaking it.
    Meanwhile, Trisha felt Christine’s hands begin to undo and pull down her jeans, in a far more aggressive manner than she would have expected. As Christine slowly slid them down, her hands began to massage Trisha’s legs, caressing and teasing them in all the right places.  Trisha could barely comprehend what was happening, her mind was stuck in a state of shock, surprise, and arousal. All she could do was respond to the kiss with the same eagerness she’d programmed into her friends. That is, until she felt Christine’s tongue slide into her pussy.
    Trisha broke the kiss with Rayne as a gasp escaped her lips, just before she was yanked forcefully to the ground. She felt herself being rolled to her side as she landed and tried to regain control of the situation. As she looked around she noticed Christine was on the ground next to her, and before she could process anything else her old friend’s tongue slid back into her again. TrIsha moaned in pleasure as her eyes rolled into her head for a moment. “How is she so good at this?” She thought to herself. Her eyes opened as she looked around for Rayne, only to see the redhead’s groin move directly into her face as Rayne leaned down to slide her tongue inside of Christine.
    Trisha giggled in pleasure as she enjoyed the orgy that she had…semi-accidentally created for herself. All three of their moans could be heard further than any of them would have liked, had they not been otherwise occupied. But fortunately for the hypnotically aroused coeds and their hypnotist, no one was around to hear their orgasms echo through the campus courtyard.
    As the three girls ended up in a pile on top of one another, relaxing in their afterglow, Trisha couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at Christine. “I think it’s safe to say that your application for the sorority has been approved!”
    Christine giggled, the glazed look in her eyes still visible to anyone who would look. “I’m glad I could meet with your approval!”
    “More than you could imagine.” Rayne said with her own set of glazed eyes, arousal still heavy in her voice. Without a second thought, she turned the sophomore's head to her own and started to kiss her again, even more deeply this time.
    Trisha laughed. “I think I may be creating a monster.” She said as she watched Rayne begin to make out with Christine again. “Alright, you two…” she said reluctantly. “I have things I need to do. We need to get dressed again and I need to erase your memories.”
    Of course this didn’t seem to affect Rayne or Christine in the slightest as they continued to deepen the kiss and slide their hands along one another.
    Trisha rolled her eyes as she looked down at the two younger women. Finally she sighed and snapped her fingers commandingly. “Sleep!”
    Christine and Rayne both stopped in mid kiss as Christine let out a soft sigh. Her body went completely limp while her head fell back onto Trisha’s shoulder. Rayne, who was laying across Trisha to get to Christine, fell forward as her head rested softly between Christine’s face and Trisha’s exposed breast.
    Trisha couldn’t help but smile and pet the head of the eager young freshman. “It’s too easy sometimes.” She mused to herself before working on erasing the events of that afternoon.  

    Some time later, an awake but forgetful Rayne made her way back to her dorm room. From her perspective it had been a very productive day. She had managed to meet two very lovely, well endowed young women, and helped them decide to join the sorority. The details of how exactly that had occurred were a little fuzzy to her, but that wasn’t important. It just felt…perfectly natural.
    She opened the door to see Klaire curled up in her chair reading a book, exactly where she expected to find her at this time of night. “Hello.” Rayne said with a pleasant smile.
    Klaire looked up from her book. Her eyes were full of disdain at being interrupted, but when she saw it was Rayne the look faded instantly. She wasn’t sure why. “Oh, hello.” she said, much more softly.
    Rayne laughed. “Were you expecting someone else?”
    Klaire shrugged and slipped a bookmark into her book. “No, not really. I just get so wrapped up in things that I sometimes forget to be more polite.'' The honesty was a remarkable change from the way she had treated Rayne in the past. It was also a testament to just how much Rayne was able to influence the young woman. “How was your day?” Klaire asked as she set her book down on the end table to give her roommate her full attention.
    Rayne smiled as she thought back to her day, hypnotizing two young women in Laura’s dorm room and then seeing Trisha hypnotize a third. It was just enough to make an idea form inside of her mind. “Actually, it was pretty good.” She said with a smile as she sat down on her bed and looked Klaire in the eye. “We managed to recruit two new members to our sorority today.”
    Klaire nodded politely, but Rayne could see that she wasn’t really interested in hearing about the sorority. But she had an idea. She wanted to see if she could…change her roommates mind.
    Rayne took a moment to think about the various conversational techniques that she had studied recently. As she did, she formed an idea…a pattern if you will…in her mind. “I know you said before that you weren’t interested in coming to the sorority meetings.” Rayne started as she slowed her voice down and looked into Klaire’s eyes. “But, just for a moment, if you were to think about the idea, from a new perspective. If you were to just…take your thoughts on the matter…” Rayne continued as she physically held up a hand between them, grabbing the air in front of her as if she were taking Klaire’s thoughts herself. “And then just…set them aside now…” The redhead moved her hand that was holding Klaire's ‘thoughts’ and motioned as if she were tossing them away. “You could find yourself in a position to be open to a new idea now, Klaire. You can do that, can’t you?” Rayne asked in a way that implied it was much more a suggestion than a question.
    Rayne watched as Klaire let out an almost inaudible gasp as her thoughts were taken and tossed aside. She could only stare back at Rayne in confusion.
    “You like to explore new worlds, new ideas in your books Klaire…” Rayne continued. “So it shouldn’t be too hard for someone as…smart and adventurous as you are, to see that doing something new like…joining a new group. Might open up some new doors for you…in your mind.” Rayne’s voice was slow and soothing as she kept eye contact with her roommate all the while.
    Klaire’s expression remained one of confusion. She wanted to clear her head somehow. But it made no sense for her to be feeling fuzzy. She was just having a conversation with Rayne, after all. Wasn’t she?
    Rayne smiled and began to draw an imaginary frame in front of her. “Just paint a picture in your mind, of all of the fun that you could have. Meeting new people, people who are…almost…as smart as you are. People who you could really see, enjoying yourself with now Klaire. And just let that image…” Rayne carefully pushed the non-existent image of what she had just described closer to Klaire. “Become clear and solid in your mind…to the point where you just can’t help but think to yourself now…” Rayne took a deep breath and snapped her fingers between the two of them, causing the dazed brunette to jerk in a seat ever so slightly. The idea was similar to a shock induction. Catch her off guard just enough to slip an idea into her mind. She watched with a smile as Klaire jerked at the sound of her fingers snapping, as Rayne continued confidently. “I’d like to go to a meeting. If only to see if I’d like it!” Rayne said, wording it as if it were Klaire’s own thoughts and not her suggestions.
    Klaire blinked at Rayne. Her mouth was just barely hanging open, but her jaw had relaxed considerably and Rayne even thought that she could see Klaire’s pupils dilate. Finally, Klaire shook her head and looked back at Rayne. “I’m sorry, I think I’m a little tired.” She said, seeming almost embarrassed to admit it. “How about this, I’ll think about it and I'll let you know before the next meeting. Ok?”
    Rayne smiled as she sat back on her bed, still staring intently at Klaire. “Of course. After all, you should probably…sleep on it…now. Don’t you think so, Klaire?”
    Klaire couldn’t help yawn as she nodded. “Y…yeah. I think you're right. Would it be rude if I said goodnight now?” The young brunette said in a sleepy, almost dazed tone.
    Rayne did her best to hide a devious smile. “Not at all. In fact I think you should sleep…now Klaire. Good night.”
    Klaire’s eyes began to droop when Rayne said that, and an almost giggly expression crossed her face. “Ok, good night!” Klaire said as she rolled into her bed and flipped off her reading light.
    The only light left in the room came from the window, but it was just enough to illuminate the devious smile on Rayne’s face. “I have you now…” she thought to herself.

The End. For now.

Curious what might have happened if Trisha and Christine were the ones under Rayne’s control? I have an alternate chapter available on my patreon site, that you can find here: Snagging a pair of Double D’s - N.C.U. - Part 4 Alt Chapter

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. If you’re curious to see how many times this story hypnotized my lovely editor you can check out the editing banter file between her and I here: Snagging a pair of Double D’s - N.C.U. - Editing Banter

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