Monday, June 20, 2022

Followed Home - Hypnosis Session Log

 Key: MD, MC, MF

Description: In a fantasy inspired by a comment that Ivy herself made several months ago, our dear subject finds herself being followed home… After some clever parkour maneuvers through some backyards she manages to lose her pursuer, or does she?

[Ivy Comment: ....I did?! …Also, this makes me sound SO MUCH COOLER than I really am!]

This script was used to create the real hypnosis video “Followed Home” which can be found here: Followed Home

Sleepyhypno 11:34 PM
I thought so =cp
Alrighty, so dislaimer time, Is it alright with you if I put you into a hypnotic trance that you may or may not remember based solely on my mood at the time, and then use the log file to create a hypnotic script for a video that will be posted and then post the log of the session as well?
Choices:   Yes,  Sure.

Ivy 11:36 PM
LOL! Yes, it is alright

Sleepyhypno 11:36 PM
Sweet, are you ready to begin?

Ivy 11:36 PM
Yes, I'm ready to begin

 Sleepyhypno 11:36 PM
Just allow yourself to get into a comfortable possitiong
a place where you can simply focus on my words
and allow your mind...
and body...
to simply relax.
and let go.
all yourself to imagine... in your mind
that you are going on a walk
it's a lovely day
just the right temperature
just the right amount of sun
your favorite season, whatever that may be
and just feel yourself
going deeper
with each and every step
step by step
slowly and easily
just letting the world around you
becoming more and more vivid
more clear
and detailed
you can do that can't you?

Ivy 11:38 PM

Sleepyhypno 11:39 PM
very good
just become aware
as you walk
of how you just seem to breathe
more easily
more deeply
when you are walking
feeling your feet
one in fron to fthe other
carrying you deeper into relaxation
deeper into my words
letting everything around you
fade away
and just letting the world
in your mind
become vivid and clear
become aware of the sounds around you
birds and leaves rustling

[Note From Ivy: *blink blink*...this is niiice]

Sleepyhypno 11:39 PM
maybe waves,
or the distant sound of car engines
it's all up to you
up to what you find the more relaxing
the most peaceful
letting every step help you to simply
deeper and deeper
down into trance
down into a nice hypnotic sleep
isn't that right?

Ivy 11:41 PM
mmhm, yes

Sleepyhypno 11:41 PM
very good
doing so well now.
and as you walk
you start to realize
that it's getting
a little late
later then you'd like.
so you start to walk towards your home
with every step
things become more and more familiar to you
if they weren't already
but you can't help but think...
in the back of your mind...
that you are being followed
there seems to be a distant
faint echo...
of shoes
foot steps don't sound like your own
they are different
and they are getting closer
how does this make you feel?

Ivy 11:43 PM
on high alert

[Ivy Note: Feeling that right  now]

Sleepyhypno 11:43 PM
you start to feel your heart racing
feel yoru adreanline start to flow
you become hyper aware of your surroundings
you look behind you and see...
in the distance
a person walking towards you
faster then you are currently walking
catching up...
gaining with every step
just a silhouette in the distance
but there is something about that
that makes you feel..
just a bit more on edge
you feel yourself starting to walk faster
quickening your pace
not wanting to alert that person following you
if they indeed are...
following you
after all
it's probably just another person
going for a walk
nothing to worry about
you decide to make a turn...
its not your usual way home
but it will
get you out of their path
out of their line of sight
how do you feel?

Ivy 11:45 PM
I can feel my heart starting to race

Sleepyhypno 11:45 PM
very good
it's exciting isn't it?

Ivy 11:46 PM
yeah, I know i'm ok here but i can still feel the alert

Sleepyhypno 11:46 PM
as you turn the corner
you start to run
not sprint...
a quick jog
to give you some space
give you some distance
but as you look across the street
you realize that you can see
in a reflection
that person that was following you
and now they...
are very clearly
and they are running
faster then you are.
you quickly make another turn
cutting across the street
and deciding to cut through yards
or alley ways
fields or parks
whatever is between you and your home
you are more then happy to use
as a short cut
a way to lose your persuer...
how do you feel ivy?

Ivy 11:48 PM
I feel like I''m getting tired, out of breathe, still on high alert

Sleepyhypno 11:49 PM
the more you run
the more you feel yourself panting
feel your heart thumping in yoru chest
beating rapidly
your running out of steam
but your almost ther.e
almost to safety
you make your way to your house
and quickly take out the key
fumbling a bit from your nervousness
your legs feel like they are about to give out.
about to collapse beneath you
you hear your key slide into the door
and feel the door open
you push yourway inside
and quickly
turn and slam the door shut
harder then you would have liked.
you quickly lock the door
and even barricade it
tightly shut
how do you feel now?

Ivy 11:51 PM
I feel like I'm sliding down the door onto the floor, my heart thumping like crazy

[Ivy Note: I felt like I was in a movie]

Sleepyhypno 11:51 PM
you find that your place of safety
doesn't exactly feel safe
not yet
you keep your outside lights off
and peer outside
maybe through a peep hole
or mail slot
maybe through  a window
the seconds seem like hours
your rapid heart beat the only thing
that keeps you aware of just how long
you wait...
and then you see them
a figure
silhoutetted in the night..
jogging past
but their speed
and their demeanor seem
very different..
they aren't chasing you at all
they are simply jogging
simply out for a run.
how does that make you feel ivy?

Ivy 11:54 PM
A bit embarrassed, like I was being ridiculous

Sleepyhypno 11:54 PM
yes,  that would be a bit... embarassing
you feel yoruself let out a small laugh
and a relieved sigh
you feel yourself blushing
embarassed at thinking
that you were being followed.
you wait for a few moments
hidden and safe
to catch your breathe
before finally clmibing to your feet
and turning on the lights
you take some time to clean up
to wash your face
and change your clothes
after a scare
there isn't anything that feels better
that i've found at least
then a fresh set of clothes to relax in
and cool
refreshing splash of water
on your face.
you feel yourself start to calm down
start to relax
and decide it's about time to slip away to bed
you feel much better now, much more safe.. don't you?

Ivy 11:57 PM
mmhmmm, cozy in fact

Sleepyhypno 11:57 PM
very good
how deep are you now?

Ivy 11:57 PM
0-20, about a 9, I'm immersed but still coherent.

Sleepyhypno 11:58 PM
thats good
just relax and enjoy
as you make your way to bed
you can't help but find yourself being..
extra careful.
making sure all of your doors are locked
and closing the window
you opened before you went for a walk
you can't help but giggle at how
on any other day
you wouldn't even flinch
about the idea that the window was opened
but today...
today you just feel so much better
so much safer...
with your window
and locked.
don't you ivy?

Ivy 11:59 PM
yes, I do feel safer

Sleepyhypno 12:00 AM
very good
you make your way to your bed room
yoru warm inviting bed
waiting for you
you walk inside and close the door behind you
and then feel a hand grab you around the waist
pulling you to them

[Ivy Note: I can feel that]

a strong grip
you feel their body against your back
you inhale to scream
to yell for help
but as your scream is muffled
but a thick
damp rag
being placed over your face
it doesn't stop you from screaming
but with all the windows and doors shut tight
the rag muffles your scream just enough
of course once you finish your call for help
you can't help but inhale
and feel a thick
almost heavy air
fill your lungs
there is a very sweet
very strong sent with it
and you can't help but feel yoru head instantly spin
and swirl
how do you feel about this now ivy?

Ivy 12:03 AM
On edge again, a bit frightened but part of me got excited

Sleepyhypno 12:03 AM
you can feel them holding you close
a voice
whispering seductively in your ear
telling you it's ok...
telling you that you had a good
hard run
and that it's time for you to
take a nap.
the voice is soothing
but with a hint of deviousness
maybe it's a voice you recognize
or maybe it's a voice you've dreamed about
you can feel their body against yours
flailing and struggling
but a part of you can't help but notice
in the very back of yoru mind
just how fit they are
just how much their body seems to
fit what you like
what you enjoy
a part of you can't help but be
by being so close to this person
this person holding you
and all the while
every breathe
makes your body feel heavier
making it harder to move
harder to fight.
harder to think
slipping away
little by little
isn't that right?

Ivy 12:06 AM
yes i can feel myself getting heavier

[Ivy Note: Same, me, same]

Sleepyhypno 12:06 AM
the more you struggle
the harder it is to struggle
the heavier you get
the deeper you sink
down into sleep
a deep helpless sleep
you feel your arms
barely moving in resistance
finally come to a stop
hanging limp at your sides
you feel th eperson leaning you back to support you
as your knees,
already tired from you run
finally give out
and they simply hold you up
with their body
you hear them whisper
into your ear
nighty night...
and then feel your eyes roll up into yoru head
feeling your eye lids fluttering closed
and a final gasp
and sigh
as you sink into sleep
deep and helpless now
isn't that right ivy?

Ivy 12:08 AM
nod nod yes getting deeper and deepr

[Ivy Note: Oh oh....that's the first sign; I didn't correct my typo.]

Sleepyhypno 12:08 AM
yes you are.
you feel your attacker
carry you to your bed.
and gently stand yo up on your feet
and let you go
with yoru legs barely holding you
you start to tilt
no sign of resistance
no attempt to catch yoruself
you just fall
deeper and deeper
and land face first
on yoru bed
bouncing softly
gently on the bed
completely out

[Ivy Note: *drifts off...slaps myself lightly on the cheek* FOCUS!]

you feel the person with you
slide their hands up your back
and gently lift your head
off of the bed
as the damp
sweet smelling cloth
is placed under your face

[Ivy Note: Excellent touch!]

and your head is then lowered
keeping the chloroform flowing
into your lungs
more and more
with each
and every breathe
isn't that right?

Ivy 12:11 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:11 AM
how do you feel?

Ivy 12:11 AM
sooo heavy

Sleepyhypno 12:12 AM
good girl
and how deep are you now?

Ivy 12:12 AM
0-20, 17 or so

Sleepyhypno 12:13 AM
good girl
you feel them sliding their hands
slowly along your body
along yoru back
along your arms
sliding along your butt
and down your legs
taking their time
to simply caress you
to massage you
to feel every inch of your body
maybe there is a familiar feeling
to this
maybe this is someone you know
someone you trust
someone who is already intimate with you
or maybe it's a crush
a person you long to be with
who finally just...
tooke the inititive
or maybe it's a complete stranger
someone you don't know...
something who is simply here...
to enjoy you...
it's can be whomever you feel the most
comfortable with...
whatever option you would enjoy the most...
you can see that can't you ivy?

Ivy 12:15 AM
yse i can

Sleepyhypno 12:15 AM
very good
and who do you have with you ivy?

Ivy 12:15 AM
frankly i see you
not a stranger, id fight much harder

[Ivy Note: Still do at the moment of this reading.]

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM
it helps you to feel safe,
knowing it me...
doesn't it ivy?

Ivy 12:16 AM
yes i trust you

[Ivy Note: That helps, at least it helps me, a great deal.]

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM
good girl
as their hands move along your body
you start to feel them
working your pants
slowly off of you
lifting you up
and sliding them down
the cool air of your bedroom
sliding along yoru skin
as they move more and more
along your body
finding all of the most
and sensual places to touch
you feel yoruself being rolled over
onto your back
and pulled up to a sitting position
your ehad hanging back
until you get to a seated position
then falling helplessly forward
only to feel yoru shirt
being pulled up
and over your head.
deeply asleep and helpless
how do you feel now ivy?

Ivy 12:19 AM
i feel so much more excited

Sleepyhypno 12:19 AM
it doesn't take much time
for you be completely naked
completely exposed
but too deeply asleep
too helpless
to realize it.

[Ivy Note: *blushes profusely*]

you feel them tilt your head up
with a single finger
under your chin
and kiss you
but there is a definate...
tone to the kiss
not one of passion
one of taunting
one of teasing
they know you are helpless
know you are unaware
and they are simply
enjoying you
while you can't respond
as the kiss breaks
they tilt your head back a bit more
and gravity takes your body
as you fall back onto the bed
with a flop
and a second later feel the damp cloth
being haphazardly flopped
onto your face.
how does this make you feel ivy?

[Ivy note: I wonder if it would be prudent to admit what a great touch this is to me…]

Ivy 12:21 AM
i feel like im being toyed with now

Sleepyhypno 12:22 AM
do you like that feeling?

Ivy 12:22 AM
oooooo, sooo much

Sleepyhypno 12:22 AM
good girl
while you there
and sedated
you feel their hands moving along yoru body
feel them
becoming more intimately connected with you
in whatever way you would most enjoy
feeling there body enjoying yours
and feel the pleasure that they are
unintentionally giving you
they seem to be completely focused on their own enjoyment
but yet in yoru state
you can't help but just
feel the pleasure
that comes from that kind of intimate
and as their pleasure builds
so does yours
and it doesn't take long before that pleasure
comes to a wonderful climax
that moves through your body
through yoru msucles and nerves
and just helps you to sink
even more depely
and easily
down into sleep
helpless and relaxed
and just feel that pleasure
for as long as you'd like now...
and when your done, tell me how you feel...

Ivy 12:28 AM
i feel like i just floated away
super light

Sleepyhypno 12:28 AM
good girl

Ivy 12:28 AM
soo dazed

Sleepyhypno 12:28 AM
how deep are you now?

Ivy 12:28 AM
0-30, 27

Sleepyhypno 12:29 AM
godo girl and how does that make you feel?

Ivy 12:29 AM
so amazingly goood!

Sleepyhypno 12:29 AM
good girl
as your pleasure subsides
you feel the person with you
slide off you
and flip you back over
onto the bed
your face landing softly
and easily
on the chloroform rag
deeply helpless
deeply asleep
isn't that right?

Ivy 12:30 AM

[Ivy Note: Girl, get a grip on yourself!]

Sleepyhypno 12:30 AM
with you completely
incapacitated now...
you feel them start to move your body
putting your arms behind your back
and tying them
feeling the rope
thin but strong
binding your wrists
no struggle in yoru body
none at all
then you feel them moving down
and doing the same to your ankles
feeling the rope along your skin
a sturdy
but soft rope
one that feels good
along your skin
tying your ankles nice and tight
not that your in a possition
to resist.
your too deep
too helpless now
isn't that right?

Ivy 12:32 AM
yes sooo helpless

Sleepyhypno 12:32 AM
good girl
you feel their hands
sliding up your legs
an dbinding your legs
just above the knee
keeping your body in a nice
straight line
and then lifting your ankles...
bending them like a scorpinos tail
and tying your ankles
to your wrists
leaving your arms and legs
bent behidn you
pressing you even more deeply
into the cloth
feeling it's thick
heavy scent
sliding into your lungs
with every breath
and finally...
tying the rope
around your waist
and then attaching it
to the bind between your ankles
and your wrists
preventing you from being able to struggle
not that you could struggle
not for a while.
how do you feel ivy?

Ivy 12:36 AM
the part of me that wanted to struggle fell alssp so long ago...i feel so calm and relaxed and want to know what happens next

[Ivy Note: “alssp” is not a word!]

Sleepyhypno 12:37 AM
would you like me to tell you ivy?

Ivy 12:37 AM
anything it is all sooo exciting!

Sleepyhypno 12:38 AM
good girl
as you lay there
the cloth gets pulled away from yoru face...
and your allowed to breathe
clean fresh air
of course your still...
deeply asleep
and helpless
it will be some time before you wake
your not sure how long you are asleep
they all feel the same
but sooner or later
probably later
you star tot wake up
and start to struggle
start to shift
you immediately notice that you can't move
not really
you can wiggle and thrash
but your not going anywhere
your too tightly bound
your body twisted into a position
where you have no leverage
your simply stuck...
how does that make you feel?

Ivy 12:40 AM
i want to fight again

Sleepyhypno 12:40 AM
im sure you do
but the more you struggle
the more tired your body becomes
and the more force you put on the binds
the tighter they seem to get
after a while you reach a point
of exhaustion...
where your simply too tired to struggle
and you decide to simply
rest for am oment
it's only then
only when your quiet
that you notice...
a sound...
in the room
a ticking sound...
you look over at your night stand and notice
a metronome
slowly ticking
to side
back and forth

[Ivy Note: I love this touch!]

a rythmic
slow tick
that you didn't notice was here
before now
how do you feel seeing this ivy?

Ivy 12:42 AM
confused, very curious, i can kinda hear it

Sleepyhypno 12:42 AM
sitting next to the metronome
is a hand written note that says
i'll see you tomorrow
until then
just focus
and sink
you find your eyes
starting to follow the metronome
as it goes
and easily
back and forth
in front of you
your body seems to twitch
and struggle
but then relax
your mind slowly fading
back and froth
into the simple
of the metronome
it's not long...
until your mind simply
ticks away
and your left
bound and tied
staring blankly
and deeply
into the metronome
you can see that now can't you ivy?

Ivy 12:44 AM
yes its soothing

[Ivy Note: Ivy, I get your brain is basically melted right now...but that's the wrong "it's", hahahaah]

[Hypnotist Note: All typos made by me are done in the correct frame of mind and simply because I do not care to correct them. Enjoy.]

Sleepyhypno 12:45 AM
yes it is
and your so relaxed and calm now
that you will find yourself
just staring
in your mind
about what your captor...
might have in store fo ryou
when they return
you can stey in this state
for as long as you'd like
and when your ready to wake up
simply imagine the world in yoru mind
fade away
and allowing yourself to wake up
but that
doesn't need to happen
just yet
for now simply let yourself
watch the metronome
and listen to tick
as you sink deeper
and deeper
until your ready to wake up
you can do that can't you ivy?

Ivy 12:47 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:47 AM
good girl
how do you feel now ivy?

Ivy 12:48 AM
my body feels heavy but also like i'm floating my mind feels blank and  spacey

Sleepyhypno 12:49 AM
how deep are you?

Ivy 12:49 AM
0-30 i thinkn 31

Sleepyhypno 12:50 AM
good girl
did you want to tell the viewers... the wonderful people reading this log... anything in particular?

Ivy 12:52 AM
i am very familiar with metronomes, i thnk thats why i can hear it...and im really struggling to even keep my eyes open i can hear the tick tick in my head, it keeps wanting to draw me away

Sleepyhypno 12:52 AM
good girl
should i let you remember this when you wak eup... or leave it a surprise... for when you see the video...

Ivy 12:54 AM
leave as a surprise

[Ivy Note: Darn it, NO, ALWAYS remember..... I don't want to forget this one!!]

[Hypnotist Note: She will be able to remember this one when it is publicly posted.]

Sleepyhypno 12:54 AM
good girl
then you can simply let the memory fade away when you wake up
a surprise for the video...
isn't that right?

Ivy 12:55 AM
heheh yes a lovely surprise

[Ivy Note: .....and that's my cue sigh. I suppose it’s time to forget now…]


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