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Custom Clothing - SHR

 Key: MD, MC, MF, Freeze, Sleep,

Description: Sleepygirl is hypnotized to recount a dream where she visits a clothing store with some very unique, and hypnotic, clothing.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-7-20XX
Subject: Custom Clothing

I finally have a spare moment to write this since it's been a busy weekend, but I had an...interesting...dream the other night (Friday I think?), that I thought you might like to hear about. I'm blaming lack of sleep, even though I think I passed out and actually slept decent that night, but moving right along. I hope you enjoy :oP

I was standing in front of this clothing store, and Niki, Jill, and Laura were standing next to me. We were looking at window displays and saw some other people go in, so we decided to follow. We started walking around the front of the store a little, but not long after we entered a man came up to us holding four bracelets that he said the store was giving out as samples. They were nice enough, all of them had the same gold band, but each one had a different colored gem in the middle of them - so naturally I took the one that was blue. While I was putting it on he moved over to Laura and started showing her some of the bracelets 'features', in the middle of him doing that he touched the gem in the middle of it. After he did that I thought I saw a brief flash come from it and, unexpectedly, saw a light trickle of electricity flow up her arms and to her eyes, which flashed the same color. I didn't pay it much attention, but then he started moving over to Niki and showing her as well. While he was doing that I noticed Laura started to look like she was feeling tired, the man pointed her over to a chair near the front window display and then touched the gem on Niki's bracelet - which, again, flashed and sent out a small stream of electricity. He was about to move over to Jill, next, but got interrupted by a customer from the back who needed help with something. After he left Niki, who was starting to look as tired as Laura, moved to another chair that was next to her also by the front display. There were actually quite a few people nearby, although once I got a closer look I noticed that they all looked like they were asleep in some form or another. All of the women were wearing the bracelets we had been given, and all of the men were wearing watches - all of them had similar gems someplace on them. As I was noticing this, Laura looked at me and was about to comment that she was feeling...well, something, I don't know what it was really because she only got to "I feel so - " before her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out in the chair. In the meantime, Jill had moved over to the mannequins in the window display, where she was waving me over to. When I got over to it I noticed why I'd heard her gasp before waving me over - the 'mannequins in the window' were actually three women that were frozen, wearing different costumes and bracelets, and that two of the women were Jessy and Eve. Eve was in a short, black leather dress with matching knee high boots, and Jessy was in a long, greenish blue, looking medieval dress. Both their eyes were closed, and as Jill was examining them she found a jeweled headband on Eve's forehead (and a similar one on Jessy's) with gems that were glowing a faint blue color. Jill moved to touch the gem on Eve's headband, and immediately after she did her eyes open and she looked around, confused. At that point I noticed there was another gem on her dress and that the gems on the others around her, which had been blinking before Jill pressed the gem on her headband, were glowing solid. I was, apparently, letting my curiosity get the best of me at this point, because while Jill was busy with them, I moved closer and subtly touched the gem on her bracelet while she was distracted by everything else. Just as I did that the man who gave us the bracelets walked back over to us, and apparently he saw what I did to Jill's gem because he gave me a look and a wink, and moved over to Eve. After he asked if she was feeling ok, and while Eve was asking what Jessy was doing the man pressed the other gem that was on her dress. As he did that the same spark of electricity seemed to move over her skin, but this time her behavior changed as well, it seemed more sexy and seductive in general, almost like a dominatrix (I don't know, I'm not trying to make sense of this) or something similar. The man swatted her on the butt and told her to walk around the store for a bit, then looked at me and started explaining what was going on (basically that the gems work with circuits that make the person behave like what they're dressed as) while he touched the gems on the bracelets of everyone else. Then he looked at me and pointed over to Jill, who looked like she was about to pass out at any minute, and commented about my turning her bracelet on. She gave me a curious, dazed look and asked what was going on, and as I tried to explain to her her eyes closed and she slumped down into the chair, leaning against the others.

The man touched her bracelet with a smile and moved over to Jessy, showing me the circuits that ran through her dress and explaining that the tiara on her headband was keeping her frozen. He touched the gem on it and her eyes instantly opened as a confused look crossed her face. She looked like she wanted to be angry at the man but couldn't bring herself to be. But before she could say or do anything, he pointed out the gem on her dress and nodded to me. I pushed the stud and, like the others, the electricity flowed over her skin and the confusion vanished from her face. Instead, she smiled happily at the man and took on a kind of a medieval tone (really proper, etc). He admired her for a minute and then tapped the gem on her tiara again, making her freeze in place, and then moved her back over to the window, feeling her up while he did. Once he'd put her back in the display window he motioned me over to another group of people sitting in chairs near the display. He explained that the watches and bracelets sedated the person once the gems were touched, and once they were out their minds were programmed to work with the circuits in the clothing and the bracelets/watches, and that it was hard to wake them up after the first time they were knocked out. Apparently that's where I came in, because he gave me this puppy dog look and asked me if I would help him wake up the others that were there - nodding to one of the other men in the chairs. I agreed to help him and leaned down in front of the man, placing my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply until I felt him start to move and wake up. The man that worked there smiled and asked what I thought of the watches effects, wondering if it wasn't just a little bit of a thrill to have them so compliant... as he trailed off, he leaned in and kissed the remaining woman in the chair, then asked if I would mind waking the last man, too. I walked over to the unconscious man and leaned down, placing one of my hands under his chin and tilting it up to kiss him deeply while the other hand rested on the back of his neck. Once I broke the kiss I saw the man that worked in the store watching and smiling and asked if I wanted to give the man any suggestions. I wasn't feeling that bold, apparently, so I said no. He kept smiling and started moving closer to me, asking if I was usually a dom in these kinds of situation or if I tended to lean more toward the sub side...when I answered sub he ran his hand along my arm and down my chin, commenting that the bracelets make the wearer very submissive (this pushed buttons...I haven't entirely figured out why yet). Then he tilted my head up and kissed me, saying maybe he should show me how...then he held the wrist that was wearing the bracelet up, looked me in the eye, and told me to activate it. I touched the gem and not long after my body started feeling slow and heavy, the man offered me a hand and led me to just in front of the chair next to Laura. But instead of letting me sit down he held one of his fingers under my chin while I stood there feeling more and more tired from the effects of the gem. When I could barely keep my eyes open, he leaned in and whispered that he would be here when I woke up, and then kissed me again, deeper this time. I leaned into the kiss as much as I could, but eventually the effects took over and when the kiss broke my eyes rolled up and I slumped back into the chair behind me.

The next thing I knew I felt him kissing me again and as I woke up I saw Niki giggling at me while he smiled. He took my hand and helped me up, leaning in close to whisper that it was my job to make sure I helped my friends find some sexy costumes and get the full treatment from them. He walked away and Niki and I started walking through the shop, while we were walking I saw Eve pinning a man against the wall and Jessy flirting with another man that was in the middle of trying on a costume. I spotted Jill and Laura wandering around, noting that neither one of them had found costumes yet. So I walked into an area with racks of super hero costumes and picked out a wonder woman esque costume for Jill, one that was fairly skimpy. She gave it a look that said she didn't seem to like it, but when I suggested that she go try it on she agreed with no hesitation and took it back to the dressing room. While I was still in the middle of those racks I took a black widow costume as well and walked it over to Niki. Before she could argue I 'suggested' that she just try it on, and just like Jill, she agreed instantly and took the outfit back to the dressing rooms. Being able to give direct suggestions must have been a part of the programming that went with the bracelet as well, because when I told her that her eyes flashed the color of the gem on her bracelet before she walked away. Once the two of them were in fitting rooms, I found Laura at the front of the store and told her to go to the area with the fantasy and medieval costumes to find a costume - again, her eyes glowed the same color as her gem. Once she was over there, I started looking through them and picked one out for her. It looked similar to a princess costume, but was basically just a long and elegant looking purple dress with a headband. I grabbed it off of the rack and took it over to her, telling her that I found the perfect costume that she needed to try on now. Her eyes flashed again and she took the costume from me and headed to the back. Since I had found costumes for everyone else at this point, I went to find one for myself next. There was a small area with spy costumes that I started looking through and ended up picking one out from (one that basically just amounted to being a tight leather outfit). Not long after, the rest of them came out of the dressing rooms in their costumes. I saw gems/studs on them just like the ones that were on Eve and Jessy's, but obviously theirs weren't activated yet. I spotted Niki's on the belt of her costume and moved over to her, offering to adjust her belt for her. When she agreed and let me do it, I made a few small 'adjustments' and pressed the stud that was in the middle of it - the electricity moved over her skin, up to her eyes (which flickered for a moment) and her behavior started to change to match the costume. Laura's was in the cleavage of her costume and since there was really no easy way to get to it, I just walked up to her and blatantly pressed the gem, before she had a chance to ask what was going on the electricity arced over her skin and her eyes flickered for a moment before the circuitry in the clothing took over. I moved over to Jill last, and saw that hers was in the tiara of the headband that went with her wonder woman costume. Apparently I was feeling really devious (I think that was a theme for this dream in general...) because I brought Eve over and had her restrain Jill while I pushed the gem on the tiara and waited for it to take effect. Once her gem had been activated too, the man that worked in the store walked over with a smile and congratulated me, but commented that I'd missed one of the girls. Just as I asked who he leaned in and kissed me again before remarking that it was me, and pressing the stud on my costume.

As far as I can tell, the effects of the gem and the circuits in the clothes basically made me feel more devious and sexy and maybe like I was on a little bit of a power trip, too. :oP At that point everyone else had moved around the store and were doing their own thing. Niki was tazing someone, Jill had her wonder woman lasso wrapped around a guy, and there were numerous other people wandering around too...a caveman, a wizard of some kind, and a hypnotist. The wizard and the caveman caught my eye first so I started to follow them. The wizard seemed like he was moving in on another girl, but just as he was about to move his staff another girl, who turned out to be Klaire - looking rather confused - bumped into him. Before she could say anything to him, she saw me and started walking over, asking what was going on. As I was explaining things to her, the wizard started moving up behind her, the staff he was holding was starting to glow and I could tell he was about to strike - then he reached a hand out for her shoulder and spun her around. When he did, the staff put out a kind of combination of mist and electricity that hit her directly in the face and formed a kind of a cloud around her. When it faded she was standing in place with a blank and slightly dazed look on her face. He leaned in to kiss her and made a comment about her being more polite from now on, or something along those lines, and walked away. Right after he left the man from the shop appeared and put a tiara on her head and told me to 'take care' of her when she woke up...I assumed that meant activate the gem, so when she woke up and asked what was going on, I simply commented that it was nothing she needed to worry about and pressed the gem. Like I figured, she froze in place, except this time there was a visible wave that came from the tiara and spread down her body, freezing it, and leaving her staring at me blankly. I left her there and started following the cave man, who I had just found again. It seemed like he was stalking Jill, from what I could tell, and he was almost right on top of her. But just as he was about to hit her, she turned around and pushed him across the store, knocking him into Eve, who then started to yell at Jill (I have cat fights in my dreams now?). The two of them were starting to get into it. Jill was trying to throw the lasso around Eve, but Eve got hold of it first, looped it around and dropped it over her head. Once she did that there was this golden arc type of thing that moved over Jill's body and left her standing there blankly at attention. Then whatever programming went with Eve's dress kicked in....and she started feeling Jill up, and kissing her neck, and if I'm remembering this right she may have called her her slave and little bitch, too, and then she started kissing her. So I'm guessing the assumption that she was a dominatrix earlier was right. While Eve and Jill were distracted, the cave man started moving up behind her again, slowly enough that he wouldn't disturb them. In the meantime Eve had broken the kiss, calling Jill her little bitch and slave again, to which Jill repeated, and as Eve was about to say something else the cave man struck her against the back of the head. As he did that, a small arc of electricity moved from the club to her head, causing her face to go slack and her eyes to blank. She swayed on her feet for a few moments before finally falling back against him, unconscious. He started dragging her away and feeling her up while he was doing so, then he came back for Jill. After he slid off the lasso, she blinked back to awareness and was about to say something when he brought the club down against her head too. Like Eve, she went blank and slack, swayed, and then fell back against him limp and unconscious. He dragged her away as well, to an area in the back of the store where Eve was already laying.

I watched him drag her away and noticed the hypnotist had found someone he appeared to be moving in on as well. When I turned to move closer, I saw that it was Niki, and that he was slowly moving up behind her with a pocket watch in his hand. She hadn't noticed him yet, and he had already slid up directly behind her while she was bending over to pick something up. While she was bent over he held it out to about the spot where her eyes would be when she stood up. When she did finally stand up her eyes met the watch and he started swinging it back and forth in front of her, the watch was sending sparks (of electricity possibly, i'm not really sure) directly into them so she was pretty much forced to watch it - and since that was the case she was out in no time. He placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her around, she was still staring blankly at the watch, he kept it swaying in front of her and told her to kneel. As she did I heard the sound of a zipper being undone and saw him take his cock out and instruct her to give him a blow job. The entire time he kept the watch in front of her eyes as she kept sucking on him deeper and she seemed oblivious to everything around her, even when he'd cum into her mouth she kept sucking. Once he'd cum he had her unzip her black widow costume, enough to expose everything but her arms and legs, and had her lay down. With the pocket watch still dangling in front of her, he slid into her, and at that point I heard another noise from behind me. When I turned around I saw the cave man inside of Eve and eating out Jill at the same time. They were both out of it, and when both of them had cum he switched and moved inside of Jill and started on Eve. Behind me, Niki was dazed and out of it on the floor, and the hypnotist and cave man were starting to move around the shop again. I started moving around again as well and saw Jessy had moved in on the wizard and was talking to him and just generally being very charming. In the middle of their conversation he moved his staff to fire on her and it set out another ball of mist and electricity, causing her to be left standing blankly staring at him when it cleared. He moved in closer and started to kiss her and feel her up, then opened her dress and slid it off of her. In the middle of him doing this Laura started to yell from across the store, when I turned around I saw she was yelling at the cave man - who actually appeared to be somewhat afraid of her (in hindsight it was a funny image). I called her name a few times to get her attention, but was only really doing that to get her to stop yelling at him. By the time she realized that, though, he had already recovered himself and had advanced on her enough to strike her over the head with the club. In moments she was standing there, blank faced and dazed, swaying and falling back into the arms of the cave man.

When I looked back over to Jessy, she'd been stripped naked by the wizard and was in the middle of giving him a blow job. The caveman, likewise, was already preparing to have his own fun with Laura. And before I had a chance to do anything else there was a pocket watch being lowered in front of my face. Given what the sparks of electricity that were coming from it did, I didn't have much choice but to watch it as it started to swing back and forth in front of my eyes. As it was swaying I felt hands moving over my body, hands were massaging my breasts while I felt my neck being kissed all while I stared helplessly at the watch. Then I felt my costume being slid down and off of me slowly, and I was being leaned forward. I was too concerned with the movement of the watch in front of me, nothing else really seemed to matter. I heard words, but I don't know if they were being whispered to me or if they were in my mind, telling me to obey and give in. And then I felt the hypnotist slide into me and start rocking slowly and deeply in and out. He kept the watch in front of my eyes, so that was all I could see or care about even when he started rocking faster and deeper into me. On some level I felt him getting bigger inside of me, but I wasn't aware enough to care. I don't know how long it lasted, but he kept rocking deeper and harder into me while I started getting closer and closer to orgasm. I heard more words telling me that I would obey, and then I felt his cock start to cum inside of me. And before long I was cumming, too, for how long I'm not sure. Even after he finished orgasming he kept rocking into me slowly and deeply, the entire time the watch kept swaying back and forth and left me pretty much oblivious to everything. And that...was where the dream ended.

And I don't know if I should chalk it up to residual effects but I swear I had another orgasm while I was sleeping that night...which seemed odd because that doesn't happen. Ever. But I could be wrong, I'm not entirely sure. And on the subject of residual effects, while I was writing that last bit up I swear I felt like I was kind of reliving it, in terms of feeling him inside of me again and even seeing the damn watch. My dreams are way too weird...I blame lack of sleep. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Laura, Niki, Jill, Jessy, Eve, Klaire and Sleepygirl

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