Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Gassed and Collared - Hypnosis Session Log

The girls get together for a session based around an idea by Sleepygirl of nothing more then "a room filling with sleep gas" everything else is just me going bonkers

This session was used to create the Hypnotic Experience patreon exclusive video Gassed and Collared which can be found here: Gassed and Collared - Patreon Exclusive
You can also find the teaser videos for it here:
Sleep Gas Teaser:
Gas Mask Teaser:

Sleepyhypno -  11:05 PM
hehe ok... first things first
Is everyone ok with me doing a group hyponsis session that will more then likely become very adult (I am winging this one  so probably) and then later be turned into a log which you will all be able to approve?

Sleepygirl -  11:06 PM

Ivy 11:07 PM

Princess -  11:07 PM
Princess consents to this

Psyco -  11:09 PM
Yessir, pricks my finger, signs in blood.

Ivy 11:09 PM

Princess -  11:09 PM
Blood is binding

Sleepygirl -  11:09 PM
i was not told there would be a blood oath

Sleepyhypno -  11:09 PM
extreme and unsanitary but ok =cP

Sleepyhypno -  11:10 PM
heheh, im glad your all in a good mood tonight =cP
You are girls

Princess -  11:10 PM
Girls are made to be hypnotized

Sleepygirl -  11:10 PM
girls were made to be hypnotized

Ivy 11:10 PM
...meant to be hypnotized

Psyco -  11:10 PM
Girls are made to be hypnotized.

Sleepyhypno -  11:11 PM
that is absolutely never going to get old

Princess -  11:11 PM
Enough tomfoolery, onward with the show good sir

Sleepygirl -  11:11 PM
cant imagine why :cP
we've hardly scratched the surface of tomfoolery

Ivy 11:11 PM
Correct, not by my estimates, anyway

Sleepyhypno -  11:11 PM
Hehehe, i agree on both counts.  Lets begine shall we...

Sleepygirl -  11:12 PM
[Psyco’s Sleep Trigger, Princess’s Sleep Trigger, Ivy’s Sleep Trigger]

Sleepyhypno -  11:13 PM
Thank you Sleepygirl =c)
Ladies how do you feel... (all of you?)

Psyco -  11:13 PM
Blank and obedient Master.

Princess -  11:13 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:13 PM
devious :cP

Ivy 11:13 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:13 PM
good girls and how deep are you now ladies?

Princess -  11:13 PM

Ivy 11:14 PM
0-10, about 4

Sleepygirl -  11:14 PM
15,000...i didnt think i was hypnotized…

[Hypnotist’s note: Both Psyco and Sleepygirl had been hypnotized before this session, both had been woke up, but suggestibility lasts for a while after that which is why Sleepygirl ended up hypnotized without being triggered]

Psyco -  11:15 PM
100% Master.

[Hypnotist’s note: Psyco calling me master here is not a suggestion that I gave her, she merely shows respect to the person that hypnotized her once she reaches 100% which is her way of showing she is completely hypnotized and will obey. Which is what she likes]

Sleepyhypno -  11:15 PM
when did you become hypnotized sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl -  11:15 PM
i was hoping you knew :cP

Sleepyhypno -  11:15 PM
heheh, I think psyco is deep enough...
ladies why don't you help princess go deeper,  everyone type her trigger three times now please

Sleepygirl -  11:16 PM
[Princess’s Sleep trigger, three times]

Ivy 11:16 PM
[Princess’s Sleep trigger, three times]

Psyco -  11:17 PM
[Princess’s Sleep trigger, three times]

Sleepyhypno -  11:17 PM
good girls,        how deep are you now princess?

Princess -  11:17 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:17 PM
good girl
I think Ivy needs a little help going deeper now too... why don't you girls help her sleep, and say her trigger three times now.

Sleepygirl -  11:18 PM
[Ivy’s Sleep trigger three times]

Princess -  11:18 PM
[Ivy’s Sleep trigger three times]

Psyco -  11:19 PM
[Ivy’s Sleep trigger three times]

Sleepyhypno -  11:19 PM
very good, all doing so well now...  how deep are you now Ivy?

Ivy 11:19 PM
0-10, about 9-10

Sleepyhypno -  11:20 PM
good girl
Now ladies... all four of you... why don't you help Sleepygirl get into a nice deep trance with you. and trigger her... three times now.

Princess -  11:20 PM
[Sleepygirl’s Sleep Trigger three times]

Ivy 11:20 PM
[Sleepygirl’s Sleep Trigger three times]

Psyco -  11:21 PM
[Sleepygirl’s Sleep Trigger three times]

Sleepyhypno -  11:21 PM
good girls
how deep are you now sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl -  11:22 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:22 PM
very good
all of you so deep
so relaxed
how did you like being put out by... and helping the other girls go deeper ladies?

Sleepygirl -  11:23 PM
i enjoyed it

Ivy 11:23 PM
I had fun with it!

Princess -  11:23 PM
Blindsided being put out fun putting others out

Psyco -  11:24 PM
Helped sink deeper for Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:24 PM
good girls
the reason I let sleepygirl help set a trap for you.. is two fold...
1.  she was already hypnotized. weren't you Sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl -  11:25 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:25 PM
but you didn't realize it... didn't know you were hypnotized did you sleepygirl?

Sleepygirl -  11:25 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:25 PM
very good
The second reason is..
tonights script is actually based on an idea that she gave me.
although she doesn't know what idea this was
I didn't tell her
I didn't tell any of you
but I thought you'd like to know
all of you
that this was her idea...
how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy 11:26 PM
grin So very curious

Princess -  11:26 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:26 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:28 PM
good girls

Psyco -  11:28 PM
Happy Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:28 PM
is everyone ready to start?

Ivy 11:28 PM
I'm ready

Sleepygirl -  11:28 PM

Psyco -  11:28 PM
Yes Master.

Princess -  11:28 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:29 PM
very good
Just allow yoruself
to get into a comfortable position
a position where you can follow my words
and comfortably
and as you do
i'd like you to just
focus on yoru breathing
pay attention to how your stomach
and yoru chest
slowly rise
and fall
as you breathe
become aware of how
with each breathe
the air moves into your lungs
and fills you oxygen
and then gently
and easily
lets your exhale
and relax
the more you breathe
the easier it is to focus
and just relax
and just
deeper and deeper
into my words
you can do that now can't you ladies?

Ivy 11:31 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:31 PM

Princess -  11:31 PM

Psyco -  11:31 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:31 PM
very good
as you breathe
and focus on my words
the world around you
starts to fade away
and a new world
starts to take it's place
you find yourself some place
completely relaxing
someplace where you feel
and free to unwind
and just
let go
and completely relax
it doesn't matter if this place is real
someplace you have been too
or someplace you want to be
or even where you are now
it doesn't matter if this place is fantasy
a wonderful fiction
that you imagine in your mind
just let the place form around you
clearly an deasily now
you can do that can't you ladies?

Ivy 11:33 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:33 PM

Princess -  11:33 PM

Psyco -  11:34 PM
Yes <Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:34 PM
very good ladies... what place do you see yoruself in? you can simply name it... or describe it a bit if you want. the more you describe. the deeper you will find yourself sinking now

Ivy 11:35 PM
I'm sitting in a very large and very comfortable lounge chair, in front of a large window overlooking a meadow and mountain, it is very quiet here

Sleepygirl -  11:35 PM
a large, secluded cabin in the middle of a quiet forest, overlooking a nearby stream

Princess -  11:36 PM
outside on a clear day, on a bench, light breeze, just on a bench sit and weatching

Psyco -  11:36 PM
In a ruined castle Master, moss covered walls and long corridors, mid afternoon light filters through the crumbling walls.

Sleepyhypno -  11:36 PM
very good ladies
you've all done so well
just all ow this place to become clear
in your mind
become aware of the sights and sounds
the sensations and feels of everything
all around you
this is your safe place
or so you thought...
while you sit there
enjoying yourself
you barely notice a fog
starting to roll around you
it's thick and puffy
almost like a cloud
and it has a very...
sweet scent
maybe it's a scent you know
a scent that helps you relax
or maybe it's something
you've only dreampt about
something from a fantasy.
what does the fog smell like to you now ladies?

Ivy 11:39 PM

Psyco -  11:39 PM
Damp moss Master.

Princess -  11:39 PM
childrens cough syrup

Sleepygirl -  11:39 PM
almost like flowers, but sweeter

Sleepyhypno -  11:39 PM
very good
all so imaginative
all so different
yet all so very vivid
at first all you notice
is the scent
maybe you simply inhale deeper
or maybe you curl your nose...
in confusion about why this scent
is here...
but as you feel yourself
breathing in
you feel the scented fog
rolling into your lungs
but instead of oxygen
instead of helping you feel energized
you inhale a very special
kind of a sleeping gas
you feel it being absorbed by your body
into your blood stream
feel it start to move
through your body
making you feel heavy
and tired.
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl -  11:42 PM

Ivy 11:42 PM

Princess -  11:42 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:42 PM
doing so very now ladies
despite the scent
despite the sudden feeling...
of heaviness
and sleepiness
washing over your body
you still can't help but simply
more and more of the fog
into yoru lungs
it's only when the sleeping gas
finally reaches your brain
finally makes you start to feel
and floaty
that you start to realize
something isn't right.
you become aware of the fog
thick and puffy around you
you can tell from a quick inhale
that the scent your noticing
is coming from the fog
but every inhale
every time you feel your stomach and chest
and fill with air
move and more ovf the sleep gas
enters your lungs
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 11:44 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:45 PM

Princess -  11:45 PM

Psyco -  11:45 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:45 PM
very good ladies
all doing so very well
you realize
through an increasingly
foggy mind
that you need to get away
get away from the fog
you try to swat it away from your face
and move away from it
but the more you move
the more the fog gets pushed up
towards your face
the stronger the scent becomes
and the more of the gas
you inhale
into your lungs
into your body
into your mind
you notice yourself
and struggling
moving towards the door
trying to open it
but it seems to simply be
held closed
you bang on the door
but all that does
is make the fog
flow more deeply
and easily
around your now
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 11:47 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:47 PM
heavby, sleepy

Princess -  11:48 PM
heavy tired

Psyco -  11:48 PM
So heavy Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:48 PM
very good
the more you struggle
the heavier your body starts to feel
you notice your hand
go from banging on the door
to sliding down it
sliding down
until it falls
limp at yoru side
your other hand is soon to follow
soon to go limp
and loose
you feel your shoulders slumping
your jaw opening
letting more and more of the gas
drift into your lungs
you may even try to hold your breathe
but you can't do that for very long
your far too tired
the fog is moving through you
too deeply
too completely
and soon you just exhale
and then inhale twice as much
feeling your head spin
and your body sink to your knees
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 11:50 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:50 PM

Princess -  11:50 PM

Psyco -  11:50 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:51 PM
good girls
doing so very well
you feel yoruself sink
falling to the floor
catching yourself as best as you can
but then inhaling more of the scented fog
your vision starts to blur
and swirl
you swear you see the door open
and see a figure
clad in black leather
walk out
your eyes roll into your head
and your body goes completely limp
completely helpless
you fall to the floor
breathing in
more and more of the gas
and look up
to see the figure
standing over you
head to toe in leather
complete with a leather gas mask
you see them waves at you playfully
and hear a muffled voice tell you
it's time to sleep
you her the word
echo softly in your mind
and you do.
isn't that light ladies?

Ivy 11:54 PM
yes sleep'

Sleepygirl -  11:54 PM

Princess -  11:54 PM

Sleepyhypno -  11:54 PM
good girls

Psyco -  11:54 PM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:54 PM
and what state are you girls in now?

Ivy 11:55 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:55 PM

Princess -  11:55 PM

Psyco -  11:55 PM
Heavy and asleep Master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:55 PM
very good ladies.
all doing so very well
you feel the figure
gently take your hands
and start to lift you
you feel your head
hanging back
limp and heavy
as the lift you up
and throw you over their shoulder
you feel your legs
dangling against their chest
your face
bouncing softly against their butt
you can smeal the leather
and the gas
your arms hanging limp
swaying side to side
as they walk
and if it's long enough, you can feel your hair
swaying along with your arms
totally asleep
totally helpless
a part of you
a deep part
is aware of the person
maybe it's someone you know
someone you've fantasized about
or someone you've longed to find
but they seem to be
just what you've always wanted
in a person who would
set a nice little gas trap for you
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 11:58 PM

Sleepygirl -  11:58 PM

Princess -  11:58 PM

Psyco -  11:59 PM
Yes master.

Sleepyhypno -  11:59 PM
very good ladies
how do you feel, seeing your fellow sisters in trance, be put to sleep like this?

Psyco -  12:00 AM
Dropped deeper Master.

Sleepygirl -  12:00 AM

Ivy 12:00 AM
I feel really good

Princess -  12:00 AM
fun to watch

Sleepyhypno -  12:00 AM
good girls
and how do you feel as you are carried limp and helpless over this persons shoulder?

Sleepygirl -  12:01 AM

Ivy 12:01 AM
heavy and helpless

Psyco -  12:01 AM
Blank and sleepy Master.

Princess -  12:01 AM

Sleepyhypno -  12:02 AM
good girls
you feel yourself being dropped
with a gentle flop
onto a large soft bed
you feel yoru body bounce
and siggle
softly in your sleep
you feel their hands
along your body
leather gloves
sliding along your skin
finding all the right places
to stimulate your sleeping form
more and more
you feel them removing yoru clothes
sliding off ever piece
one by one
some they have to lift up a part of you
limp and helpless as they do
before letting you drop back down
onto the bed
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:04 AM
excited and floaty

Sleepygirl -  12:04 AM
helplesss, excited

Princess -  12:04 AM
little   escited

Psyco -  12:04 AM
Heavy, blank and aroused Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:05 AM
good girls all doing so very well
piece by piece
your clothes are removed
until there aren't any more clothes
to remove
you feeltheir hands moving along yoru body
as if they are studying you
finding all the places in your body
in your sleeping form
that get a reaction
that cause an unconscious twitch
the smile
all the places that make a gentle little moan
slip out of you
all the while helpless
and unaware
as they start to work your body
work your form
in all the places they discover that work
the more you they touch
the more you feel your body tingling
the more you feel everything
building inside of you
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Princess -  12:07 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:07 AM

Ivy 12:07 AM
*nod ndo

Psyco -  12:07 AM
Yes Master, building pleasure.

Sleepyhypno -  12:07 AM
you feel them working you
in all of your most intimate
and private places
feeling yoru heart beating
faster and faster
in your sleep
feeling your breathin g
getting faster
feeling your lungs filling with air
more and more
yoru chest and stomach
rising and falling
more easily
more deeply
in and out
as you feel your pleasure building
more and more with each
and every breath
your body starts to shiver
and tingle
you become aware of a moan
slipping outof you
and then you feel the pleasure
crash through your body
free to flow
your helpless to resist it
hepless to rest feeling the climax
move through every part of you
making you gasp and shudder in your sleep
and tingle
and just experience this
as deeply as you can now
you can do that can't you ladies?

Psyco -  12:09 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepygirl -  12:10 AM

Princess -  12:10 AM

Ivy 12:10 AM

Sleepyhypno -  12:10 AM
good girls
how do you feel as your bodies come down from yoruclimbas?

Princess -  12:11 AM

Psyco -  12:11 AM
Satisfied Master.

Sleepygirl -  12:11 AM

Ivy 12:11 AM
super light

Sleepyhypno -  12:12 AM
good girls
how deep are you now?

Princess -  12:12 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:12 AM

Ivy 12:12 AM
0-20, 17

Psyco -  12:13 AM
360% Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:13 AM
good girls
all doing so very well
As you lay there
letting your body relax
you start to feel the fog
you feel yoru eyes fluttering open a bit
you try to sit up
but you can't
not yet
yoru still too tired
you take a moment to just
slowly and gently
in and out
and clear your head
when you finally sit up
you are greeted by the person
in the leather
still wearing the gas mask
you can't see their face
can't see their eyes
but you can tell they are looking at you
all you an see
is their body
noticing how it's
exactly what you like
exactly what turns you on the most
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl -  12:15 AM

Princess -  12:16 AM

Ivy 12:16 AM

Psyco -  12:16 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:16 AM
good girls
you start to notice
that your naked
you feel a flush across your face
the reality sinking in
you move to try and find something
to cover yourself with
but as you do you see the leather clad figure
wiggle a finger at you, scoldingly
as if to say
no no no...
you notice them hold up a small spray bottle
and aim it at your face
just as you realize what it is
just as you gasp in surprise
a thick
colored fog sprays out of it
and evelops your face
blocking your vision
and filling your lungs with a new
more powerful gas
what color do you see the gas being ladies?

Ivy 12:18 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:19 AM

Princess -  12:19 AM
no color

Psyco -  12:19 AM
Pinkish purple Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:19 AM
good girls
as you inhale
you can't help but notice
the scent of the gas is very different
very familiar
it's something...
very personal to you
something that used to make you feel calm
and relaxed
back when you were younger
a scent that stands out
as being so soothing
a wonderful memory
to simpler times
just let yourself
imagine that scent now
filling your nostrils
and taking you back
what scent is it that you smell now ladies?

Ivy 12:20 AM
fabric softner

Princess -  12:21 AM
luandry detergent

Psyco -  12:21 AM
Subway restaurant Master.

Sleepygirl -  12:21 AM
laundry detergent

Sleepyhypno -  12:21 AM
good girls
that scent is so personal
so powerful
that you can't help but smile
inhaling eagerly
as the gas makes your so loopy
so giggly
you don't even realize your going gassed anymore
your simply lost in a memory
as your giggle turns to a sigh
and your eyes roll up
inot your head
and you fall with a thud back onto the bed
deeply asleep
and unaware
totally helpless
never feeling the person with you
starting to dress you...
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:23 AM
calm and safe

Sleepygirl -  12:23 AM
looppy, he;lpless

Princess -  12:23 AM

Psyco -  12:23 AM
Giddy and dizzy Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:24 AM
good girls
your not sure how long your asleep
or even when you passed out
the next thing you notice
your waking up
but your body feels...
you hear a strange squeking sound as you move
and realize
you wrapped
head to toe
in leather
only your face is exposed
you try to sit up
but the outfit takes some time
to learn to move
and your still aware
aware of the person in front of you
covered completley in leather
a gas mask obscuring their face
and in their hands
in a gas mask... just for you.
how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:25 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:26 AM

Princess -  12:26 AM

Psyco -  12:26 AM
Intrigued Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:27 AM
good girl s
you see them moving the mask to you
you try to struggle
try to get away
but your own leather outfit
hinders your movements
and you can't help but feel the mask
put onto your face
and tightened around your head
you notice a rubber scent
in the mask
and discover that the eye pieces
seem to have a glaze on them
you can see through them
but not clearly
and then you hear it
a puff and a hiss...
as a new gas starts to move into your lungs
fromthe gas mask
you instantly feel your head spin
and swirl
as you sit back down on the bed
to suppot yourself
the room is spinning
as you start to feel the gas
working into your body
into your mind
how do you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl -  12:29 AM

Ivy 12:29 AM
confused and overpowered

Princess -  12:29 AM
reely dizy

Psyco -  12:30 AM
Woozy Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:30 AM
good girls
the gas seems to make you
seems to make it so that
or resisting
is the farthest thing from your mind
it opens up your thoughts
and sedates... not your body
but your resistance
it drops your defenses
and opens you completely
and totally now
after that.
that is what a good dose of
obey gas
is supposed to do.
don't you agree ladies?

Ivy 12:31 AM
*nod nod nod yesss

Sleepygirl -  12:31 AM

Princess -  12:31 AM

Psyco -  12:32 AM
Yes master, obey gas.

Sleepyhypno -  12:32 AM
the effects seem to overwhelm you
you find yoruself so very
and passive
noticing how as you breathe
as your lungs fill with air
you just seem to let go
and exhale out all yoru resistance
all of your will
and simply do as the gas
was designed to make you do
you simply obey
without thought
without question
all you do
is obey
isn't that right ladies?

Princess -  12:33 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:33 AM

Ivy 12:33 AM
yess obey

Psyco -  12:34 AM
Yes Master, obey.

Sleepyhypno -  12:34 AM
what is it that you ladies do now?

Psyco -  12:35 AM
Obey Master.

Sleepygirl -  12:35 AM

Ivy 12:35 AM

Princess -  12:35 AM

Sleepyhypno -  12:35 AM
how does that make you feel now ladies?

Ivy 12:36 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:36 AM
passive, compliant

Psyco -  12:36 AM
Obedient Master.

Princess -  12:36 AM
submissivde passive

Sleepyhypno -  12:36 AM
good girls
as the gas fills your mind
opening up your thoughts
allowing you to be
and shaped
you start to see the lenses in your mask
turn to a spiral
opening up your mind
even further
helping you to simply
let go
and sink
and as you do
you start to hear
a very faint
distance voice
through the ear piece
in the mask
whispering softly
you are a pet
you will obey
over and over again
slowly and gently
through your mind
programming you
shaping you
into a perfect leather pet
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl -  12:38 AM

Ivy 12:38 AM
*nod nod nod  nod yesssss

Princess -  12:38 AM

Psyco -  12:38 AM
Yes Master, prefect leather pet.

Sleepyhypno -  12:39 AM
as you sit there
the world spinning
you see the leather clad person in front of you
move towards you
with the clip for a leash in their hand
you didn't even notice
that you were wearing a collar
around your neck
and they simply
move the clip
to yoru collar
and you hear the clip lock in place
echoing through your mind
and everything snaps into clarity
you feel yourself move to your knees
looking up at them
your only desire
to obey
to do as your told
a leather pet
for the one that collared you now.
isn't that right, my pets?

Sleepygirl -  12:41 AM

Ivy 12:41 AM
yes yes!

Princess -  12:41 AM

Psyco -  12:41 AM
Yes master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:41 AM
very good my pets
you feel the person holding your leash
give it a gentl tug
and you start to follow them
maybe you crawl
maybe you walk
it's all up to you
whatever you feel
the most comfortable with
whatever brings you
the most excitement
the walk you
for quite a while
maybe just around your special place
maybe only in private
but if your comfrotable with it
you can also imagine them
walking you around in public
knowing your completley covered
head to toe
no one can see you
not one can see who you are
they can see you
every curve and line of your body
all on display thanks to the skin tight
deep black leather
how does this make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl -  12:44 AM
helllpless, exposed

Princess -  12:44 AM
sexuy arouseeed obedient

Psyco -  12:44 AM
Exposed and aroused Master.

Ivy 12:44 AM
cautious, walking outdoors ok but not in public

Sleepyhypno -  12:44 AM
thats fine Ivy
it can be
wherever you want it to be
in your fantasy
wherever you feel comfortable

Ivy 12:45 AM

Psyco -  12:45 AM
Yes Master, comfortable.

Sleepyhypno -  12:45 AM
good girls
or should i say, my good little pets?

Ivy 12:45 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:46 AM

Sleepyhypno -  12:46 AM
what are you now ladies?

Ivy 12:46 AM
good little pets

Princess -  12:46 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:46 AM
good little pet

Psyco -  12:46 AM
Good leather pet Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:47 AM
very good
and do pets do?

Ivy 12:47 AM
pets obey

Sleepygirl -  12:47 AM

Princess -  12:47 AM

Psyco -  12:47 AM
Obey master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:47 AM
very good and who do you pets obey now?

Sleepygirl -  12:48 AM

Princess -  12:48 AM

Ivy 12:48 AM

Psyco -  12:48 AM
You Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:48 AM
very good my pets
In your minds
you'll find yourself
being led around by your leash
feeling the gas sink deeply
and completley
into your lungs
feeling your mind becoming more open
open to control
to being lead
to being guided
open the obedience
you may be lead around in public.... or in private
or maybe the person leading you
has some special task
or special pleasure
for you to fullfill
it's all up to you
and what you find the most
and when your ready
to come back to the real world
you'll simply allow yoruself
to just let the fantasy fade away
and take a deep
slow breathe
filling your lungs with oxygen
and waking up...
that is.
when you are ready to do so...
until then
enjoy being a nice
obedient pet
how do you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl -  12:51 AM

Princess -  12:51 AM
open obedient

Psyco -  12:51 AM
Obedient and led Master.

Ivy 12:51 AM
obedient and relaxed

Sleepyhypno -  12:51 AM
good girls
and how deep are you now my pets?

Ivy 12:52 AM
0-30, 22

Princess -  12:52 AM

Sleepygirl -  12:52 AM

Psyco -  12:52 AM
580% Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:52 AM
very good
how did you like, ending up gassed and controled, and being turned into leather pets?

Sleepygirl -  12:53 AM
enjoyed it, felt very helpless

Princess -  12:53 AM
didnt miand, enjoy being gassed and obedient

Psyco -  12:53 AM
It felt freeing to be made obedient Master.

Ivy 12:54 AM
Have never thought about leather before, I didn't mind it

Sleepyhypno -  12:54 AM
good girls
in a moment I'm going to end the log...
but keep talking to you ladies while your deeply relaxed
and compliant.
is that ok with you my pets?

Ivy 12:54 AM
yes yes

Sleepygirl -  12:54 AM

Princess -  12:54 AM

Psyco -  12:55 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:55 AM
good girls
is there anything you want to tell the readers of the log... before we end this?

Princess -  12:55 AM
We look good in leather, dont we?

Ivy 12:56 AM
your safe place may not be as safe as you think...and that's not a bad thing

Sleepygirl -  12:56 AM

Psyco -  12:56 AM
Obedience is pleasure Master.

Sleepyhypno -  12:56 AM
very good my pets

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