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The Sci-Fi Convention - SHR

 Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, Freeze,

Description: Sleepygirl has a hypnotically induced dream where she and her friends visit a Sci-Fi convention with a very distinct theme of mind control. And wouldn’t you know it, they have free samples!

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Subject: The Sci-Fi Convention

    I think my dreams last night are a testament to how worn out and fried I've been lately, because...yeah, well I'll tell you about it momentarily but yeah. My brain is a strange place when it's overactive, running on not enough sleep, and who knows what else. So anyway, if nothing else you'll get reading material out of this. You're welcome. 

    From what I remember, the beginning of the dream started out with me, Eve, Laura, Jessy, Niki and Jill standing at the bottom of this huge set of stairs that were leading into some kind of sci fi convention...odd, but we'll continue along anyway. The group of us started walking up the steps to get to the door, and when we got there we noticed that there were these white lights all around the door frame. It seemed kind of odd but I guess in hindsight it was more to go along with the convention, and no one else seemed to really think anything of it, so we kept going inside. I stayed back a bit and watched as everyone else went in, because I'm paranoid and was curious to see if there was really anything to the lights or if they were just a decoration. Nothing seemed to be going on so I moved forward, which is when I saw that the door was really more of a hallway...four of us were already in so I decided to just follow at that point. I was the last one in, and as soon as I stepped through the lights around the door started to flash and light up...I was confused but everyone else seemed to think it was kind of cool. Once I stepped through the lights flashed one more time, really brightly, and as soon as it faded we were all frozen in the hallway. And I'm assuming this was true for everyone else too, but my mind had the thought of 'have fun, enjoy your day, try new things' looping constantly in it. I'm not sure how long that went on for, but eventually the lights stopped and we could all move again, and no one (myself included) really seemed to notice or pay attention to what had just happened. So naturally we kept walking in and finally reached the entrance of the convention. Having never actually been to a convention I can't vouch for what they look like or their setup or anything, but this was divided into a few areas - at least that I could see - and after a few moments we decided to head to the mind control area (yes, there was a mind control area). We walked over and noticed there were quite a few booths set up, so we just started walking around to take everything in. We started walking down one aisle and stopped in front of a booth where a girl was standing in front of it, but she was just staring ahead with this blank look on her face, not even really recognizing that we'd approached her. At the top of her head she was wearing what looked like some kind of headset. Except it was like one I'd never really seen kind of sat at the top of her head and two side pieces came down with buds that went into her ears, along the top there also seemed to be a button too. Once we got closer to her she finally started moving and held out headsets for each of us and said please put them on. They looked harmless enough and looked like they were off, so we all took one and put it on (I guess the programming of 'try new things' from earlier worked well). Considering how awkward the headset looked it fit comfortably enough, and once we all had them on the girl started talking again (which was odd because she was speaking normally but still had no expression on her face). She started to explain how everything in the headset worked and that, essentially, you could blank a person's mind and control their body with it....and then decided to demonstrate by randomly reaching out and touching the button on Niki's headset. As soon as she touched it Niki's face went blank and she seemed to stand at attention like the girl had been before we walked up to her. Everyone else seemed surprised by this, but the girl from the booth kept talking as if she hadn't even done anything, and explained how she was completely unaware of everything and paused while a few of the group tried to wake her. After a minute or so she pressed the button again and Niki came back to life, but she seemed confused as to why we'd all gathered around her and what was going obviously it also made you forget what had happened, too. While this was going on the girl had kept talking and, without warning again, reached out to press the button on Jessy's headset. She barely had time to look surprised before her face took on the same blank, robotic stare...we tried to wake her up, like we had with Niki, but again it didn't work.
    Meanwhile the booth girl has started explaining how you can command the person with it too, and tells Jessy to enter capture mode. We looked at her when we heard this, and while we were momentarily distracted Jessy walked over to Laura and pressed the button to activate her headset. She looks shocked and confused for barely a second as her face goes completely blank, and she stands staring at the rest of us. The girl, meanwhile, hasn't stopped talking (even though I don't think anyone was listening) and moved on to talk about how you can input information into the person's mind as well, and then pushes another button on a remote control that makes Jessy and Laura's headsets flash briefly. As the headsets flashed their eyes rolled up into their heads and started to flicker, it only lasted for about a minute or so before the flashing stopped and they went back to normal. They seem normal again after this happens, except now they're raving about how great the headsets are and how we all need to put one on right now, to the point where they started trying to turn the rest of ours on. The rest of us were just looking at one another nervously as this was happening, and as we were trying to figure out how to get them to calm down, Jessy moved over to Niki and touched the button on her headset, leaving her blank again. We started to move away from them, but as Eve reached out to try and get to the button on Laura's headset, Jessy managed to get to hers as well. Once she is standing blankly at attention, Jessy tells her to enter capture mode and Eve blankly turns and reaches for Jill's headset. Jill tried to avoid her while Laura moved for my headset, but the two of them were too close, and after a few moments of struggling Laura managed to touch the button on mine at the same moment that Eve touched Jill's. Meanwhile, the girl from the booth activated Jessy and Laura's, leaving all six of us just standing there blankly, then she pushed a button on her remote and we started being programmed with thoughts of how much we loved the headsets and what a great idea they were. A few moments of that went by and then the headsets stopped, the girl at the booth went back to standing blankly at the front of it, and we were all awake again.
    We started to walk away from the booth, Laura and Jessy having both kept their headsets, and walked towards another booth a few feet away that was filled with spirals. The booth itself had several spirals inside of it, and all of them had different labels over them - freeze, sleep, masturbate, and blank mind. Laura was the first to move over and start examining them...she moved over to the freeze spiral and, after a few moments, noticed that nothing seemed to be happening. At that point I noticed a line on the ground that she was still standing behind and figured it had something to do with why it wasn't working. As I noticed this, one of the men working the convention walked through us and tried to move past Laura, enough to make her move over the line as he squeezed by. Laura was still talking to us at this point, but now that she was over the line, every time she glanced at the spiral she seemed to move slower and slower, even her speech started to slow down. A few moments later she came to a complete stop and appeared to be totally frozen. The other girls noticed this but seemed more impressed than curious, and Jessy and Niki started moving towards the sleep spiral next. This one had a couch in front of it, and as the two of them sat down and started talking on the couch, since they were already well within the range of the spiral, the two of them started yawning more and more, first Niki and then Jessy. Then they started looking like it was becoming more of an effort for them to just keep their eyes open, and they seemed to be blinking longer and longer each time they glanced at the spiral. Eventually Niki's head dropped to her chest as she fell back against the couch, and Jessy followed suit, slumping against her. Meanwhile, Eve and Jill had started to move toward the blank mind spiral (and thus missed what happened to Jessy and Niki). They moved in range of the spiral, talking to one another as well and occasionally looking over to see what the others were doing. And as they kept talking they seemed to be stopping in mid sentence every few minutes, like they were losing their train of thought. They were able to shake their heads to clear it a few times and continued talking, but as the minutes passed their pauses got longer until eventually the two of them were left just staring ahead at the spiral with blank expressions on their faces. At that point there was only one spiral that hadn't been I moved over to the one that was labeled masturbate. I stepped in the range of it and it felt like I was being pulled towards it, and at the same time I could already feel myself getting turned on...and the more I kept watching it, the more I felt like I was being pulled into it. And the arousal I was feeling just kept getting stronger, to the point where eventually I felt my hands sliding down into my pants and I, well, started masturbating until I eventually orgasmed. Not long after, all of the spirals just stopped and all of us kind of snapped out of it and looked around at each other...lucky for me I don't think anyone else noticed how I was...keeping myself occupied. Once we all got up to leave we noticed another spiral at the entrance/exit of the booth that was labeled we passed the line for it while we were going to leave, everything that happened while we were in the booth seemed to fade away into a fog, and didn't really seem important to remember or think about, which also seemed completely normal.
    As we kept walking through the various booths, we stopped at a table with a man holding a bottle labeled 'obey spray' who asked us if we'd like to sample it. Most of us stepped back and said no thank you, but Jill stepped forward and volunteered to try some. Instead of handing her the spray like we expected him to, he sprayed a small puff of it in her face and instructed her to flash him....which she did, without giving it a second thought. Giving the rest of us an even bigger grin, he asked again if anyone else wanted to try some, which again we all declined. He didn't push it and offered us small bottles to take as samples instead, which Eve and I ended up taking. At this point we all were turning back around to head for the exit in the mind control area when we saw another booth we hadn't gotten to, with another man giving samples of some kind of pink candy. He didn't look as...on the up and up as the other booth vendors, but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take matters into my own hands to get someone to try some of it (because I was curious, dammit). So I took the bottle of obey spray the other man had just given me, walked up to Laura and sprayed a small puff of it in her face like the man had done to Jill. Once I sprayed her I instructed her to go try a piece of the candy and watched as she walked over to the table to take a piece from the man. As Laura started eating the candy I noticed she was acting a little...funny. She had a confused look on her face and was swaying on her feet a bit, and as she kept chewing it her hair also started to turn pink, and then her eyes eventually did too. By the time she had finished the piece she had walked back over to us and was popping bubbles like a bimbo, acting all bouncy and asking who else wanted to try some candy. I didn't even have to use the spray this time as Niki and Jill both volunteered, so they walked over to the table and took their own pieces, and as they were eating it the same transformation happened. Both got the same confused looks on their faces as their hair and eyes changed color, and eventually both got the same ditzy looks on their faces as they walked back over, blowing bubbles with the candy. Jessy and Eve didn't actively say anything about the changes that had happened with them, but they definitely had confused looks on their faces. Regardless, we all started walking towards the end of the mind control area and stopped at one of the last booths we hadn't seen yet. A man stepped out from behind it with a smile and asked us if we ever wanted to get away with something we should have gotten in trouble for. Looking at each other I shrugged and answered yes to see what would happen. He stepped over to me and asked who would be the hardest to get away with something, from the girls in the group, so I pointed him to Eve, who he asked to stand off to the side by herself. Once she'd done that he walked over to her and dipped her over his knee, kissing her deeply. She put up a struggle for a few moments and eventually had to knee him to get him to stop, once he broke the kiss, he stood up and smiled and took out a neuralizer and flashed it in Eve's face...which caused her to simply blink and stare blankly at him, like she was waiting for him to say something, and then snapped back to normal. He explained to us that it wiped her memory and that you could also suggest things to them after the flash, which he demonstrated by using the neuralizer again and telling her that the kiss was the best she's had in quite some time. When she woke up this time she looked embarrassed, was blushing and even looked a little infatuated with him. After that he turned around and asked if anyone had any problems with his manipulation of her like that? Jessy looked rather concerned and spoke up that she did, and so he turned to her with a smile and flashed her with the neuralizer. In the process, though, he got me too and the both of us just stood there blankly waiting for instructions. Once we were blank he told us that we enjoyed seeing our friends manipulated like this and actually wanted to see more, even if it was on us.
    Once the two of us snapped back to awareness, I saw Eve looking at us with a grin and looking over to the man, and then asking him what else he could do with those. He stopped to think for a moment and then looked back over to her and then again at us, saying the convention could use a strip show of sorts, then looked back at us and asked who wants to be first? So I volunteered Eve, who gave me a confused look for a split second before the man flashed and blanked her with the neuralizer....and then suggested that she was a stripper and should get started on her routine. When she snapped out of it she gave him a flirty smile and started to dance to an invisible beat while her hands played over her body and then started to slowly pull off her shirt. As she's dancing she looks over at the rest of us and gives him a sly smile, saying that it would be more fun to have more strippers...of course he agreed and turned around to use the neuralizer on the first two he saw, which happened to be Niki and and Jessy, giving them the same instructions that he gave Eve. They woke up, smiled, and moved over to where Eve was and began dancing too while they slowly started to strip off their clothes. After a few moments the three of them had stripped off all of their clothes, and Eve picked up her bottle of obey spray and commented that she knows how to make another stripper, too, then aimed it at Laura and sprayed her with it quickly. Once Laura was incapacitated by the spray Eve gave her her instructions and Laura (who was still a bimbo) joined the rest of them in their line and started stripping as well. Before I had much of a chance to react, the man with the neuralizer turned to me with a smile and flashed it in my face...once I was blanked, he told me to go join my friends as a stripper and do my routine. I snapped out of it a moment later, feeling much less inhibited and sexy, and joined the others and started dancing and stripping off my clothes. Eventually all six of us were stripped naked, performing in front of the man and the rest of the convention. As we kept dancing he smiled at us and held up the neuralizer again, flashing and blanking us, once we were blank he instructed us to masturbate ourselves to orgasm. We all snapped awake and started masturbating there in front of everyone, and one by one we started cumming, me included, too far gone to notice that the man from the spiral booth was wheeling the spiral labeled 'sleep' towards us. He started it spinning so, as we were all masturbating, we couldn't help but look at it...the longer it kept spinning the slower our touching got, we started rubbing ourselves less and less as sleep started to overtake us. Eventually we all stopped completely and just slumped onto one another, hands still resting on our bodies and in some cases fingers still inside of ourselves. And that is all I remember about that.
    I don't know what to blame this one on.I don't usually dream about myself masturbating, so blaming it on a lack of sleep seems...I don't know, not quite right. so there was my explicit and odd dream in not so much of a nutshell. I don't know what else to say really, I think my ears need to cool off now because they felt like they were burning while I was typing that in any case, I hope you enjoyed it? I don't know why I added a question mark to that but moving right along, I shall talk to you later! Oh, and before I forget! It’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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