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The Spirals Spa - SHR - Part 3

 Key: MD, MC, MF, Hypno, Freeze

Description: On her third visit, Sleepygirl seems to find herself becoming part of the Spa, as its entertainment…and its decoration.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-4-20XX
Subject: The Spirals Spa! Part 3!

    I had another spa dream last night (my way of dealing with a long week, maybe?) that was worth sharing, so I thought I would...well, share. :oP I'm taking a mental health day and saying screw productivity today (at least that's what I'm telling myself...we'll see how long it takes me to start feeling bad for not getting things done that I should be doing), so I figured I'd get it written down while I still remembered and was in the mood. I would say I hope you enjoy, but I think that's a given since you seem to enjoy hearing about my dreams :oP
    [Hypnotist Note: and publishing them!]

    There were a few little differences in this one, but I'll get to those eventually. In any case, as I walked up to the desk the blanked out girl behind it turned to me with a smile and greeted me, looking for all intents and purposes like she hadn't just been staring ahead vacantly a moment before. I asked for a massage and was led back to a changing room, where I stripped and put on a comfortable robe before moving to the room with the massage table. This time, however, I couldn't help but notice that there were other girls in the dressing room. Some of them seemed to be nervous about being there, like it was their first time. Others however, seemed like they were almost in a daze already, like they were simply asleep on their feet and following a predescribed, or well rehearsed pattern. I noticed that as I walked past one of the mirrors that was on the walls that I seemed to have the same blank, autopilot look as the other girls. I wanted to stop and look for a moment but my body just kept going…and then I just kind of…forgot. What was I saying? Oh, right, the massage! I laid down on the table as the masseuse walked in and poured a small handful of oil on my back and began to work on my back gently and deeply. He ran his hands up and down my back, working into all of the right spots and getting the knots out. They slid up and squeezed my shoulders deeply, the thumbs pressing into my shoulder blades and working more oil into my skin. I felt the oil start to take effect as his hands moved up to my neck, my shoulders sagged and my head slid gently to one side as they massaged my neck deeper and then slid back down my body, across my shoulders and back...squeezing my butt and working the oil into my legs and feet, making them go completely limp. As I laid there helplessly, he slid a hand under my hip and quickly flipped me over on the table. By this point my body was practically a ragdoll. I flopped over without so much as an attempt to help him, or hinder him, and I could feel that my face was basically just slack and expressionless. I can only imagine the semi glazed look I probably had in my eyes. It was so relaxing…and soooo stimulating. His hands moved back up my legs and across my stomach, just below my breasts. He poured more of the oil into his palms and reached up, fondling my breasts and squeezing them gently as he rolled them around in his hands while I laid there...he felt me up for a few more moments and moved to the top of my chest and then up the front of my neck, to my ears and along my jawline, all the way up to and across my forehead. Sliding along everything smoothly and gently, relaxing me completely and making me more helpless at the same time. But yet I was still aware, inside at least. I don’t think there was a single outward sign that I was awake in any way, other than my eyes being open. Is being in a day dream the same as being awake? Or asleep? These are the deep thoughts that I have while I write you pornographic dreams! Once he was finished he picked me up gently and carried my limp body to the steam room.
    The man carried me over to one of the benches against the wall and set me down on it softly, leaving the room as the steam started to come through the vents while I leaned back limp against the wall. Normally when I'm in the steam room the steam blanks my mind and basically just leaves me pretty out of it (you've read my other spa dreams, so you know what I'm talking about). But this time as the steam started to drift over me I didn't notice myself becoming more blank, or more dazed, or it getting harder to think....this time I noticed myself getting more aroused. The steam just kept coming from the vents, swirling around me, and pretty soon it felt like it was just clouding everything else from my mind. All I could think about was how warm and aroused and horny I was feeling...if I would have been able to move I might have taken matters into my own hands since I was the only one in the room, but since I was helpless and unable to move I could only sit there and feel myself getting more aroused by the moment. At some point a man walked into the steam room and sat down near me. As the steam started to drift around him I noticed him becoming affected by it, too...whether he was flushed from the warmth of the room or his own arousal, I don't know, but he seemed to be breathing a bit heavier and his hard on was easy to spot under the towel he was wearing. I saw him look over at me and watched his eyes move up and down my body as he slid closer to me. He leaned over and started running his hands along my skin, feeling me up, then he moved in and kissed me deeply, sliding his tongue into my mouth as his hands caressed me. I managed to move enough to return the kiss, but the rest of my body was still too limp to move, so all I could do was sit there helplessly as the steam continued to swirl around us, clearly getting both of us hornier as the man massaged my body and undid the towel around his waist. He moved in front of me and started teasing me with his cock until he finally slid inside of me, rocking into me deeply and slowly as the hot steam moved around us. Once again as I write this I can’t help but think that on some level I should be at least a little embarrassed by letting this happen. But that doesn't seem to be the case. This seemed so natural, like this was why I was here. For pleasure…to give…pleasure. My body tried to move with him and respond as much as it could as he moved inside of me...I could feel him getting bigger inside of me as he leaned in and kissed me deeply again. I rubbed my tongue along his as he started to rock into me faster, until he finally started to orgasm moments later. I started to cum with him and felt wave after wave roll through my limp body, until I finally started to come down from it and relax. Once both of our orgasms had subsided, the man picked me up and carried me into the room with the hot tubs, gently setting me down into one.
    The water started to swirl around me as I was lowered into the hot tub, making me feel more relaxed and calm. I sat there, enjoying the water flowing over me and felt the headphones being placed over my head. This was interesting too, in the other dreams I've usually been too dazed and blanked out to notice the headphones or the suggestions that came from them, but this time I was able to hear them for myself. The suggestions started coming through, to feel more relaxed and calm and confident even in real life, and then the second set started, to enjoy the spa and want to return and bring friends, and to obey and be compliant whenever I was in the spa. The two sets of suggestions kept looping, I'm not sure how long though, but eventually the suggestions changed to a loop of the word forget, and at the very last moment it said 'sleep'. My head dropped to my chest and the headphones were removed. I don't know how long I slept, It didn’t seem important. But in the back of my mind I could hear the suggestions rolling through my thoughts again and again as more and more images of my friends being at the spa formed and then faded away. I remember one this time of Eve, sitting in the hot tub with the headphones on. Slowly watching her thoughts get altered just like mine, while one of the men working there enjoyed her body to its fullest. It was a very stimulating sleep.
    At some point later I woke up and was able to move again, obviously not remembering anything of what had just happened, and walked to the showers. I was the only one in there when I entered the room, and as I started the water and stood under it, I felt myself starting to slowly freeze. I moved a hand through my hair to let the water run on it and when I tried to bring it back down, I found it stuck there. All I could do was just stand there in the shower with my head back, breasts exposed as the water beat down against them. Little by little I felt the rest of my body coming to a slow stop as the water continued to run over me. And finally, I felt my body stop completely as the last bit of it was frozen under the water. Another man entered the room and turned off the shower, removing me from the room and carrying me out into the spa. But not like a normal cradled carry. No, at this point I was a statue, he had me slung under his arm, my hands still in my hair, my breasts jutting out, completely stiff and carried horizontally. Finally he placed me in an area of the spa that I don't really remember seeing before, but that looked similar to a lobby, just more private and away from the main window displays (I feel like I created a display room of sorts for the people that end up frozen...great, now I'm getting ideas). The man set me down and started to pose me, moving one of my arms behind my head (kind of like I was reaching for something), arching my back just a bit so that my chest was thrust out just enough, and placing the other hand on my hip...leaving me looking confident and seductive for anyone to notice. And that is where I stayed, that is where I belonged. On display in this private little lobby for the…VIP guests to enjoy. I don’t really know how long I was there. I remember seeing several men walking past and looking at me. I remember, specifically, two of them walking past, one of them seemed familiar to me, which was then reinforced by that same guy nudging the other and remarked that I was “a good time.” Oddly enough that made me feel very…good…almost tingly inside when he said that.
    So that was...interesting. And I need a cold shower now. :oP  (kidding...mostly). I honestly don't know what else to say about that one, heheh. In any case I hope you enjoyed reading and I will talk to you later *hugs*. Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Sleepygirl
Mentioned: Eve

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