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The Spirals Spa - SHR - Part 2

 Key: MD, FD, MC, MF, Hypno, Gas, Freeze

Description: In a separate dream Sleepygirl returns to the spa to relax, and gets a few more suggestions put into her suggestible mind, leaving her in a slightly more visible position of seduction.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 2-21-20XX
Subject: The Spiral’s Spa! Part 2?

    Finally getting to this since I'm feeling a little better today, and I don't think I've actually emailed you about one of these in a while. If I have I don't remember, but in any case I had one the other night and thought you might need some entertainment or reading material. So, here we are :oP

    In any case, I was at the spa again for this one (been having a lot of those lately, somehow I'm thinking that's my own way of telling myself I really need to relax) and I was walking in and up to the front desk from what I remember of the beginning. The girl at the desk was staring ahead blankly, almost so still that I wondered for a moment if she was frozen. But as I stepped in front of the desk her eyes came to life and she looked at me with a friendly smile, welcoming me and asking what she could help me with. I told her I wanted to use the steam room, hot tub, and hair salon, and so she led me back to a changing room. As we walked back, I noticed several men and women frozen on display in the windows and throughout the spa. Kind of like those greek statues that you see in museums or in like mansions on TV, but they were clearly real people. Most were posed in such a way that they had the bulk of their body exposed, and what little was covered with a towel didn’t really hide anything of…value, for lack of a better word. There were a few that were posed together, men and women leaning in to one another, the flirty seductive aspect of the…art pieces, was pretty self evident. But what really stood out to me was just the blank expressions on their faces. If they had an expression at all it was very subdued, very relaxed. Almost no muscle tension in their cheeks or jaw at all. Kind of…thrilling if I’m being honest. Anyways, I entered the changing room when we arrived and stripped off my clothes and put on a robe, then entered the steam room. There were already four people sitting on one of the benches in the room when I entered, but I sat down, not really paying attention to the fact that they had already been affected by the steam. I sat down and let the steam start to drift over my body, enjoying the feelings of it. I'm not sure how long I sat there for as it kept sliding all around me, it got harder to think with each moment that passed and soon I wasn't even aware of how much it was blanking me. I just sat there, staring ahead blankly and breathing softly until my mind just shut off completely.
    I don’t know how long I was in the steam room for, minutes or hours, it all just seemed to blend together. I remember, like in the back of my mind, that one by one the other people in the room would have an attendant come in and gently take them by the hand to lead them out. There was a shiver that just seemed to go through my watching these people slowly get up and walk out, like they were asleep on their feet, or a kind of hypnotized zombie. And of course, for every person that left another would take their place. Coming in stressed and alert, ready to relax, oblivious to just how unnatural the relaxed state of the people around them really was, only to have the steam slowly slide down along their bodies and have them blank out just like the rest of us…just like me. At some point I felt someone take my hand and lead me out of the steam room and down the hall to the hot tubs. It was kind of like what I described above. Like being asleep on my feet. My body moved, not so much because I wanted it to, but because it was natural for it too. Like the person leading me knew how my body should work and therefore my body just worked the way they wanted it too. Kind of freaky when you think about it. Kind of hot too, though. :oP
    Once we stopped, I was lowered into the hot tub and started to feel the water swirling all around me. I sank into it as it flowed over and around my body and relaxed me even more, and eventually I felt a pair of headphones being slipped onto my head. Mantras started playing from them and relaxing me even more...telling me how relaxed and calm I felt, how obedient and compliant I was and how good it felt, and how enjoyable it would be to bring friends to the spa. I couldn’t help but think about how much fun it would be to bring Klaire, or Laura here. Watching them be all chatty and talkative while sitting in the steam room, or getting a massage, and just watching their thoughts fade away as the steam slowly worked its way into their lungs and along their bodies. How that normally bubbly and bright expression on Laura’s face would just fade away little by little leaving her blue, glassy eyes to just stare ahead without a thought. Or how nice it would be to watch Klaire finally relax, she’s way too uptight you have to admit! It was kind of thrilling to sit here and just…plot how to set a trap for my friends like this. The mantras kept looping around and filling my mind as one of the spa employees slid into the hot tub next to me. His hands slid across my stomach and up my sides as they gently began to stroke my breasts. He started to massage them, gently and firmly, as he leaned in to kiss up my neck...once he reached my lips I tilted my head and started to kiss him deeply and passionately while he kept massaging and caressing me. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, rubbing it against his as he squeezed my breasts and rolled the nipple between his fingers. As I started kissing down his neck I felt one of his hands move from my breast, down my stomach, and over my hips. The water flowed and swirled around us as his hand slid between my legs and caressed the inside of my thigh, teasing around the outside of my sex and getting me even hotter. He teased me for another few moments and then I felt one of his fingers slide in as he began to finger me. He kissed and sucked on my neck as his finger moved inside of me, making me more and more aroused until he finally moved his finger and slid his cock inside of me. I couldn’t help but think, as I write this, that it should probably bother me that I was being fucked by a complete stranger…I mean, right? But yet it didn’t! Not even a little bit. It just felt natural to do this, familiar even! There was just something about the way the steam, and words in the headphones made me feel that…it just felt like this was what needed to be done, what I wanted to do. Not only for my enjoyment, but for his too. Is that odd? I started moving with him, matching his rhythm as he rocked in and out of me deeply, kissing him with as much passion as I could. He continued moving into me, getting harder as he did, until finally I felt him cum inside of me and felt my own orgasm follow not long after.
    Once I came down from my orgasm, he took my hand and led me out of the hot tub, over to the hair salon where I sat down in one of the chairs and started to have my hair washed. As the wash was being massaged into my scalp, I felt it start to work its way into my mind too. As it worked its way into my mind, I felt myself becoming more confident and determined and forgetting any doubts about myself that I might have had, and in general just much happier. But as these thoughts worked their way in I felt myself forgetting everything that had just happened to me, too. Even writing this it’s like I barely remember it! Like it was something out of a dream…I mean it was a dream, literally, but like, a dream in a dream. Does that make sense? Once my hair was rinsed and finished, someone else took my hand yet again and I stood up to follow them, still dazed and blank from the effects of everything even though I wouldn't fully remember why when I woke up.
    I was led over to one of the front window displays of the spa and stripped naked and dressed in a long, flowing blue dress. The dress was a deep blue and even though it covered me, it clung to me in all the right places to show off my form and still gave passers by a hint that underneath I was completely naked. I was placed in front of a man who was clearly frozen, made to look as though I was seducing him. As soon as they placed me in front of him I felt myself getting aroused just from looking at him, and even more sexy and confident knowing that he was frozen and I could do whatever I wanted with him. I started to run my hands along his frozen body, feeling his form and how firm it was under my hands...feeling him up like that only seemed to make me more aroused and I felt the desire growing in me even more. As I ran my hands over him I felt a smooth oil covering his skin as well, I leaned in to kiss him on the lips first and then trail down his neck gently, my hands still roaming and caressing whatever I could. I tasted the oil on him as I kissed his lips and skin, and as I did I noticed my body starting to feel like it was slowing down. As I noticed it getting harder and harder to move, I managed to move my hands along him just enough to slide them down,  under his clothes, and stroke his manhood before kissing him again. The moment my lips touched his, my entire body froze completely and I was left on display like that in the front window. Did I mention I had his manhood IN my hand when I froze?! Talk about a stiffy! :oP I’m honestly not sure which part of that turned me on more, being frozen in a kiss, with someone else who was frozen in a kiss, or having a helpless guy's frozen manhood in my frozen hand. The world may never know :oP Even though I was frozen there I saw people passing by out of the corner of my eye, watching and observing the scene, including a few of my friends - I at least remember seeing Jessy and Kim (I think? I'm drawing a little bit of a blank on that at the moment) walk by, and maybe one other person but I don't remember who. Maybe next time I'll have to drag one of them in to see how they enjoy it. :oP And at some point I'm kinda hoping to do the whole seems like I've done pieces or certain parts each time. It would be interesting to see how out of it I end up after doing the whole thing. :oP Although I think that's just more my subconscious telling me "YOU NEED TO RELAX" again. Well see.
    Anyways, that was my...adventure, if you will. I enjoyed it, I hope you did too. And I hope today is a better day for you. *hugs* talk to you later. Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Sleepygirl
Mentioned: Laura, Klaire, Jessy, Kim

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