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The Perfect Model - PhotoStory

 Key: MD, FD, FF, Freeze

Description: A young woman arrives at an art studio with the hope of being the model for a lovely stone statue. Little does she know just how involved the job may be.

Note: This story is based on several pictures made by Crimson Gorgon


   Stacy couldn’t help but stare at the three statues lining the back wall of the modeling agency. They were so life-like, so perfect in their forms and expressions. Every detail was absolutely flawless, right down to the individually sculpted strands of hair and the single dangling earring that was added after the statue had been sculpted. They were…beautiful. Exquisite, even. The models that had posed for them must have been very proud. She only hoped that her statue would look as good, or that the sculptor would be as taken with her as with the others.
    “Lovely, aren’t they?” Stacy’s train of thought was interrupted by a confident female voice. She turned to look at the doorway as a short haired brunette made her way inside. “Perfect beauties and perfect statues. Every inch and detail on display for the world to see.” The woman took a few steps into the room and smiled at Stacy. “Maybe your lovely form will be joining them next.” She said, winking and extending her hand. “Name’s Marla, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She said warmly, a stark contrast to the demeanor she had projected just moments ago.
    “Stacy!” The young, dark haired woman said eagerly, shaking Marla’s hand as she looked back at the statues. “Oh I do hope so. I’ve always loved the idea of having a statue of me made. I just hope I’m a good fit for the exhibit you have planned next month.”
    Marla smiled and moved over to a desk near the window. She picked up a small glass and filled it with whiskey as she looked at Stacy. “It’s a time crunch to be sure. We have less than two weeks to prepare and find the right statues to display. But I think we can manage.” She said with a smile as she handed Stacy the glass.

    “Thank you!” The young woman said, taking the glass and sipping it nervously. “How many do you need for the exhibit?” She asked, trying to stay focused on the job.
    “Five should do it this time around.” Marla said, pouring herself a shot of the whisky and downing it rapidly. “The display is small and only temporary. It should only last a month at most, and maybe not even that if it doesn’t have the proper draw.” She locked eyes with Stacy as the air of confidence returned. “Which is why I need to find two more models to pose, so I can sculpt them…or rather…their forms, into the marble. They need to be sexy and alluring, and be able to imply a story, a perception. A life captured in a single moment.” Marla moved closer to Stacy as she spoke, every step seemed to make her appear more confident, more intimidating. “Are you that kind of girl, Stacy?”
    Stacy almost flinched as her nerves took over. She tried to speak, but knew she was about to stutter and stumble over her words. Instead, she caught herself and took a confident step towards the much taller woman. “Why yes, I believe I am.” She said with a smile, striking a playful but sexy pose as she placed one hand on her hip while her knee crossed her leg.
    Marla leaned back against her desk with a satisfied grin. “Well then, let’s see the goods.” She took a sip of whiskey, this time straight from the bottle, as her eyes roamed over Stacy’s form. 

    Stacy looked at her in confusion before she realized exactly what Marla wanted. Slowly, she took another step forward and unbuttoned her shirt, letting it fall to the floor, before undoing her jeans and sliding them down her legs.
    Marla didn’t even bother to hide her enjoyment of the scene in front of her. Instead she watched with devious grin as her eyes took in the young woman’s exposed form.
    Stacy wasn’t blind to the look the artist was giving her either, and decided to use it to her advantage. She leaned over to provide a better view of her butt as she let her bra fall down her arms to the growing pile of clothes on the floor, then hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them teasingly down her legs. Once all of her clothes were off, she knelt down to put them in a neater pile and grabbed the whisky glass that she had placed on the floor. She took her time standing up, taking the opportunity to show off her form, and placed her foot on the pile of clothes beside her. In one swift movement she sent the pile sliding across the floor. With the clothes out of her way, Stacy sauntered over to a small, white pedestal in the middle of the room and stepped onto it. She took a long, slow draw from the glass and smiled seductively, putting her hand on her hip and leaning back to look at Marla. “Well? Am I what you're looking for?” She said with as much confidence as she could muster.

    Marla couldn’t help but smile as she continued to take in every inch of Stacy’s naked form. She brought the bottle to her lips and took a slow drink, lowering it to the desk with a devious grin. “Oh yes. I’d say you’re quite…perfect.” She held up a remote that was aimed at the flash bracket set up on the side of the room and pushed the button.
    A bright flash filled the room, lingering for several moments as if it was more than just a flash. Stacy let out a gasp, her mouth forming into the perfect surprised pucker. But she never made it further than that. Something in the flash filled her mind and emptied her thoughts, making them disappear as quickly as the glow of the flash.

    Marla smiled, pleased with herself, and let out a devious chuckle as she stepped closer to Stacy. “Yes…” She said, hitting the button again and filling the room with another mind blanking flash. She watched as the flash made Stacy’s pupils contract, quickly at first but then gently slowing as her mind fell into a deep hypnotic trance. “You, I think, will do very nicely.”
    Stacy’s expression remained the same. Marla pushed the button again, this time her pupils contracted only half as much. Each press of the button flooded her mind with a deep pulse of hypnotic energy that traveled through her optic nerve, deep into her brain, and blanked her thoughts…what was left of them, anyway. If she had been conscious, she might have noticed that with each flash, Marla’s eyes became darkened for a split second. Her pupils weren’t reacting to the flash, rather it was a pair of contacts that she wore to protect herself from the effects of the flash. In that millisecond, they transitioned and became completely opaque to protect her eyes. 

    Marla looked over her new statue and smiled. “Oh you’ll do perfectly.” She said to herself, pressing another button on her remote. This time, the platform that Stacy stood on began to light up. More importantly, Stacy’s feet began to turn to stone. A gentle crackling sound filled the room as more and more of the young model's body slowly followed suit, rising up along her knees and her hips. With every second that passed, more of her lovely body became stiff and rigid, and her soft white skin  turned to cold, gray stone. 

    In a matter of moments Stacy’s entire lower half was completely petrified, and her arms were beginning to transform next. She still held the empty whiskey glass delicately in her left, now petrified, hand as transformation spread from her arms to her shoulders. Marla simply smiled. “I do love watching you girls…change…like this.” She said, the lust evident in her eyes.  

    As the moments continued to pass, the wave of gray stone moved along her stomach and her back. Her breathing came to a slow, steady stop at exactly the right moment. She had just exhaled, allowing her stomach to contract and making her appear even thinner than she really was. Likewise, as she inhaled her chest jutted out even further before it followed the rest of her body in petrification.As the wave of stone washed around the base of her breast and sliding to her nipples, a soft moan escaped Stacy’s lips while her nipples hardened to granite. It was the last semblance of a thought that would enter her mind…for at least a month. 

    Marla took a step closer to Stacy, staring into her blank, dilated eyes as the wave of gray stone slowly moved up her neck, along her jaw and her face. She leaned in with just enough time to softly kiss Stacy’s lips before they turned to stone and stared into the helpless model's eyes. “Enjoy your nap, my lovely statue.” She whispered, smiling seductively at the young woman. 

    Stacy continued to stare blankly ahead, accepting the kiss that she wasn’t even aware had happened. Her eyes looked completely through the young woman who was in the process of turning her into exactly what she wanted to be most. A living statue. If only she had been aware enough to realize that. Moments later, the wave of petrification washed over her eyes, turning them from glassy, glazed windows to her soul, to smooth gray granite. 

    Marla brought the bottle of whiskey to her lips and took another slow drink as she watched the very last moments of Stacy’s transformation, as the individual strands of her hair started to slowly turn to stone one by one. A wave of gray washed through her hair until finally the crackling sound came to a soft stop. The room was quiet for a moment as Marla admired her newest work of art, giving the statue a soft, satisfied smile. “God I love that!” She shivered as her hand ran over Stacy’s cold, hard body. It was only then that she realized she had forgotten to remove Stacy’s glasses. “Oops!” She chuckled to herself. “Oh well, it will add character to the piece.” 

    A few hours later, the door to the studio opened, and Marla walked in. “This is my studio, make yourself at home while I get some things ready.” She said as she moved to her desk. Behind her a young woman, another model, walked into the office and was instantly taken aback by the row of now four lovely statues lining the back wall.

    The young woman, Jessy, walked in and began to admire the statues, each more lovely than the next. She couldn’t believe that she was actually here in Marla’s studio. It had been a dream of hers to work with such a talented sculptor, and to have her form immortalized in a stone statue. Her body shivered at the idea.

   “Lovely, aren’t they?” Jessy’s train of thought was interrupted by Marla’s confident voice. “Perfect beauties, and perfect statues. Every inch and detail, on display for the world to see.” The woman took a few steps closer to Jessy, a glass of whisky in her hand. “Maybe your lovely form will be joining them.” She smiled, winking at the young woman.


Jessy took the glass and looked over the four perfect statues, grinning. She couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to have a statue of yourself made by such an exceptional artist. And for a brief moment she wondered what it must be like to be the statue itself, with the world's eyes on every inch of your body.
    She turned to Marla with a confident smile as she took a long, slow drink and said. “Oh, I will be.”
    Marla grinned deviously and nodded. “Well then…” She began, sliding her hand along her pocket to make sure the remote control was where it should be. “Let's see what you’ve got.”

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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