Monday, April 10, 2023

Doll Factory, Session Log

 Key: MD, MC

Description: A real hypnosis session where Kitty finds herself inside my doll factory, and Dolls would love it if she were to join them.

This session was used to create the real hypnosis video Doll Factory

Sleepyhypno 1:00 AM
Ok Disclaimer time... Is it ok with you if I hypnotize you with the purpose of using the sessin to create a script to create a video from, and or post a version of the log publicly which may or may not be edited to seem far more naughty and dirty then it really is, or to make it far cleaner then it really was?

Kitty 1:00 AM
hehe yes

Sleepyhypno 1:01 AM
Good... well then... here we go =cP
Just allow yourself to get into a comfortable position
a place where you can just focus on my words
and allow your mind and body to just...
to just become
fuzzy and calm.
to feel the world around you fadeing away
and allowing yourself to focus
completely and totally
on my words
and just feel them
slide into yoru mind
like they ahve done so many times before
so easy to just let them slip all the way in
completely .
to find that they seem to just...
make that connection
in that special part of your mind
in that special part of your soul
that part deep inside
that you only let out in the most...
playful of times
you kon wthat part don't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:03 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:03 AM
yes, of course you do
it's  side of you that...
not everyone gets to see
it's sa side that some times
you like to hide
but with me
you are free to simply
allow this playful side of you
to just slip out
and relax
more and more easily
more and more deeply
into my words
and you do
just allow yourself
to become aware of me
there with you
showing you off my newest...
a person standing in front of you
but they are not exactly a person
they are a doll
a human looking doll
you can slide you hands along their form
along their body
and they feel completely
but yet they are unmoving
just staring...
their skin feels slightly more
and stiff
as they stare ahead
blankly and easily.
while i whisper into your ear.
that I thoguth you might like...
to see how this is done...
would you like that Kitty?

Kitty 1:06 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:06 AM
good girl
As i stand there with you
sliding my hand along your arm
i point to a special little collar
around the dolls neck...
the collar itself is nothing special...
simple leather...
but in the center is a gem...
a gem that seems to radiate energy
seems to surround the doll
and seems to just...
at your mind
drawing you in.
it's almost like it's...
reaching out to you
like it's trying to find
exactly the right way
the right... frequency
to access your mind
to access your thoughts
you can feel it...
the more you are by it...
moving closer...
and closer into yoru mind
can't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:09 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:09 AM
very good,  doing so well
like you always do...
I comment that I need...
to go take care of a few things...
a few... little trivial things...
and that i shouldn't be gone long...
but I ask you to simply...
kep your hands... to yoruself...
to not touch anything.
for it would be... ashame for you to end up
a dolly...
and for me to not be here to see it.
you notice a playful wink
as i slide my hand from your arm
and leave you with the doll.
of course as soon as I leave
your curioisity
gets to you...
you are such a curious person
and you can easily just...
push away the pull of the gem
you can easily divert the pull
the hum that you feel in your mind
as you stare
a bit more deeply
into the gem.
slowly breathing
and easily now...
how do you feel Kitty?

Kitty 1:12 AM
calm relaxed

Sleepyhypno 1:12 AM
godo girl
you realize...
in the back of your mind
that the gem is... having an effect on you
and you take a deep breath
and brush it off
letting your mind simply...
clear of it's effects
you can't help but ssmile...
can't help but wave your finger at the doll in scolding fashion
your midn is too strong
too steady to be so easily...
so easily controlled
you turn to look around this little... facility
that I have created
tubes and stands all around you
lining the walls
a computer station on the far wall.
you take a few steps
and notice that tubes each have a doll in them
life sized and standing
firmly at attention
each with a similar collar
with a gem...
as you take another step you can't help but feel something
deep in your mind
as if that same...
fuzzy feeling
is trying to sneak back in
trying to slide in under your guard
you can feel that ca'nt you Kitty/

Kitty 1:15 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:16 AM
As you feel it
sliding int your mind
into your thoughts
you realize that it seem sto becoming.
from behind you
you turn around to look at the doll behind you
it appears to be standing
exactly as you left it.. .
but you swear it feels...
you could swear you moved
further away from it.
you take another deep breath
and push the fuzzy feeling away
and smile
turning to walk towards the computer station
at the far end
but as you do you notice
the gem on the doll in the tube to yoru left
slowly lights up
you feel as if it is
pulling at you
calling to you
you feel your mind start to become fuzzy
and calm
it's like the world around you just starts to...
shrink away
you feel that you can simply
and stand...
rooted to the ground...
you feel the fuzzy feeling
sliding in further
and further
you can feel that can't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:19 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:19 AM
good girl
how are you feeling?

Kitty 1:20 AM
calm relaxed fuzzy

Sleepyhypno 1:20 AM
good girl
you can't help but just feel your body starting to
just stand
still and calm
your barely aware that the fuzzy feeling
seems to be coming from more then one place now
from the doll you are focused on...
and from the doll you first saw
but again you are strong
and confident
you smile and shake you head
clearing it
but it doesn't seem to clear
all the way...
your mind is still a little fuzzy
a little tired
but thats ok...
it's ok to be fuzzy
at least thats what your mind tells you
or was it... simply repeating what it was told...
you turn to look again at the first doll
and notice that it has moved
i'ts face is pointing at you...
blank eyes
staring deeply at you
you start to back away
watching it.
and then otice out of the corner of your eyes
more nad more of the dolls
lining the walls
have their gems start to activate
the doll in front of you slowly steps towards you
stiff and rigid
like a toy
but focused on you
how does that make you feel Kitty?

Kitty 1:23 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:24 AM
you start to glance around and see the dolls
slowly moving towards you
there is a hum
a vibration that you can feel
not so much in your body
but in your mind...
in your thoughts
kind of like
like interference
you thoughts start to become muffled
and fuzzy
your head starts to feel like it's
almsot disconnected
like it's foating and drifting
you'd swear the room was spinning
but yet you find yourself...
rooted to the ground.
and realizing that you have...
no need to think
not need to more
to just be still
blank and calm
you find that your body seems to stiffen
seem to become rigid
like your muscles are slowly
locking up
becoming still
you can feel that can't you Kitty?
so easy to type
so easy to reply
no need ot think
you can simply hit the 'y' key...
can't you Kitty?
it's ok to allow your body to move... to be able to respond...
it's second nature
simple and easy to just
if you can see me now Kitty?

Kitty 1:32 AM

[Hypnotist note: You’ll notice if you look at the timestamps an 8 minute gap between what I started typing and her reply. It is not uncommon for subjects in general or Kitty specifically to ‘lock up’ or freeze when you are doing a suggestion about freezing. As such they don’t always respond. In this case however, I found out the next day that she had actually dozed off for a bit, which also happens.]

Sleepyhypno 1:32 AM
good girl...
are you ok Kitty?

Kitty 1:32 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:33 AM
finding it a little hard to move?

Kitty 1:33 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:33 AM
good girl
it's ok to be still
to be a dolly
to be on display...
but it's also ok to type...
just a bit
you don' tneed ot type alot.
just need to simply say...
you can do that can't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:34 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:34 AM
good Kitty
doing so very well
so very helpless
and relaxed
blank and calm
as you feel your body
slowly stiffening
your mind realizes
in the very very back
that something is wron g
you shake your head
and clear the fuzziness
but not completely
the more you push it back
the more it seems to just
roll back in
like waves on the beach
you look around slowly
and discover that the dolls
are all moving towards you
one step
after another
by step
how does that make you feel Kitty?

Kitty 1:36 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:36 AM
good girl
you try to turn
try to move
your body responds in such a...
sluggish fashion
you look over at the computer and notice
a wonderfully placed
emergency button.
you can't help but think
if you can get to that button
this might shut down the system
shut down the dolls
you struggle to move
struggle to walk
every step
there is another wave
washing in
into your mind
the fuzzy ness
grows stronger
as you push it away
only for it to come back
and again.
you notice the dolls moving closer to you
one by one...
surrounding you
as you move towards the computer
every step brings you closer to freedom
to safety
but every step gets harder
and harder
isn't that right Kitty?

Kitty 1:39 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:39 AM
you manage to move
in front of the panel
you go to pick up yoru back foot but discover
you can't lift it...
it's rooted to the ground
you try to leavn forward
but your front leg also is frozen
the fuzzy feeling slides deeper
and deeper
into yoru mind
your thoughts seem to be
drowned out by the fuzzyness
you bend at the waist
leaning in
your arm reaches out
you can see the button
you feel your stomach and back
the fuzzy feeling
getting in
sinking deeper
and deeper
into your thoughts
blank and calm...
but you ressit
you have to push that button
you konw this...
you can feel it.
can't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:41 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:43 AM
you manage to lean your body
just far enough forward
to have your hand over the button.
before your torso just seems to come
to a stop
stuck and frozen
your mind is struggling
no need to think
blank and calm
rooted to the ground
a dolly on display
but you resist
you move your hand
and lower
feeling your shoulders stiffen
you take a deep breath
clear your mind as much as you can
and push with all your might
lowering your hand
you feel your fingers
gently touch the top of the button
and then you feel a finger
touch the back of your head
you feel a tingling
slide through yoru mind
through you body
the fuzzy waves that rolled into your mind
become a tidalwave of static
your hand sitting
gently on the button
but your body is stopped
you can't help but just
isn't that right my Kitty doll?

Kitty 1:45 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:45 AM
good girl
doing so very well
so blank and calm
empty and controlled
you feel a tingle...
move through your ind
not a thought...
not like your used too
this is more like a command
more like a message from the outside
directly into your mind
without effort your body stands up
straight and tall
arms at your sides
feet together
a blank expression on yoru face
you feel yourself turnign around
unaware of the dolls all around you
only to find me standing there
shaking my head
with a smile
i told you not to touch anything
as i slide my hand along your skin
slong your face
you just didn't listen
you feel a shiver of pleasure
wash through yoru boy
at my touch.
don't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:48 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:48 AM
good girl
are you enjoying yoru time as a doll?
it's ok to answer honestly.... y or n....

Kitty 1:49 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:50 AM
good girl
you feel the dolls around you
moving to remove your clothes...
allowing yourself to be displayed fully
you feel my hand along yoru body
kissing you softly
as you just stand
inot the void
you can feel the touch
feel the kiss
but it's all so...
and your mind is so blank
and empty
trickling with energy
isn't that right Kitty?

Kitty 1:51 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:51 AM
you notice me turn and snap my fingers
your body seems to move
all on it's own
following me
step by step.
a little more smoothly
then the drones
then the other dolls around you
but still very stiff
very rigid...
it's like your body
is being moved not by itself
but by an outside force
as you just step
and follow
blank and calm
just a doll
no need to think
just obey
i lead you to a circular platform
sitting on the ground
slightly raised
illuminated... from below.
I step aside
and without thought
you simply step on.
you always obey like that.. don't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:54 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:55 AM
The moment you step on... you feel a different kind of energy
sliding along your body
this energy is focused not on your muscles
not on your nerves
but on your skin
you start to feel your feet
becoming slowly
more rigid
more stiff
it's like your skin is being...
changed to something more...
not exactly plastic
not exactly stone
something smooth and pliable
but rigid and stiff.
you feel it sliding up yoru legs
along your thighs
and over your butt
over your groin
moving up slowly
inch by inch
you can feel that can't you Kitty?

Kitty 1:56 AM

Sleepyhypno 1:57 AM
the feelings moves up...
more and more
along your stomach
along your back
higher and higher
ove ryoru chest
and your shoulders
sliding down your arms
so easily
feeling your skin
all the while your mind is blank
and empty
you feel your neck and head
your hair turning into an almost
rubbish feeling
thick and stiff
as it moves over your face
and along your eyes
along your mouth
your blank expression frozen
as your eyes
glaze over
blank and empty
you feel your body
completely become a doll
as your mind simply...
shuts down completely
totally controlled
totally helpless
and obedient
you will obey Kitty
and you will still respond to me.
your body stiff
your body rigid
but still respond
deeply and easily
moving just enough to reply
and then freezing again
isn't that right Kitty?

Kitty 2:00 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:00 AM
good girl
but as your body solidifies
you start to notice another energy
sliding deep inside of you
into your breasts
into your groin
sliding all the way inside of your pussy
as if you were being
by pure will
you can feel it pulsing inside of you
and completely
all the way side of you
your body and mind frozen
but the pleasure
just seems to radiate through you
more and more depely
all the way through yoru body
through your mind
it's as if this energy
is finding a way to stuimulate
every single part of you now
you can feel that can't you Kitty?

Kitty 2:02 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:03 AM
everything tingles
every nerve in your body lights up
all at once
you are after all
easily controlled like this
helpless and blank
you have no resistance
you are simply a doll
and dolls obey
dolls do as they are told
dolls simply
feel what they are told to feel
and you feel wave after wave
of deep
intense pleasure
every wave making your body shiver
and tingle
making your body shudder
and your mind simply
become a thicker
and deeper
layer of fuzz
completely blank and empty
as you simply can't help but let yourself
deep and hard
your body shakes on the inside
and your mind simply
short circuits
and you go even more blank
and calm
no need to think
rooted to the ground
letting your body feel wave after wave of pleasure
as you just sink
into this feeling
more nad more deeply now
isn't that right Kitty?

Kitty 2:05 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:06 AM
very good girl
doing so very well for me now
as you feel your body
and your mind
completely still
and calm
and rigid
you feel me slide a hand
along your body
slowly examining you
slowly commenting that you are...
the perfect doll
you feel my hands reach up
and slide a leather collar
around your neck
and see the glow of the gem
pulsing slowly
you feel it's energy
deep in your mind
deep in yoru body
gently finsihing off yoru transformation
you are a doll
you will do as you are told
you will obey
isn't that right Kitty?

Kitty 2:07 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:08 AM
very good
you feel yoruself being led...
as if you were simply being moved
your body is more rigid and robotic
as you walk
finding your perfect display area
what you can be seen
where you can appreciated
you find your body posing
into position
something sexy
something alluring
something that shows off your form
but all the while
your mind is blank
and empty
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
a doll on display...
is'nt that right my doll?

Kitty 2:10 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:10 AM
very good...
in a moment
you will be free
to pose yourself
only if it's safe to do so
allowing yourself to simply
take no a pose
either standing or sitting
something sexy
and alluring
something you'd find
very seducitve
and then your mind will simply freeze
and repeat
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
a doll on display
you will repeat this mantra
ten times
and then you will find yourself
simply turning back into a human
depely hypnotized
relaxed and open
and telling me Kitty how you feel...
you can do that can't you?

Kitty 2:12 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:12 AM
good girl
you will obey and follow your orders to pose... and repeat that mantra
ten times
NOW my Kitty

Kitty 2:13 AM
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
a doll on display
rooted to the gorund
blank and calm
no need to think
a doll on display
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need ot think
a doll on display
rooted to teh gound
blank and calm
non eed to think
a doll on display
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need ot think
a doll on display
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
a doll on display
rooted to teh ground
blank and calm
no need to thin
a doll on display
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to think
a doll on display
rooted to the gorund
blank and calm
non ned to think
a doll on displayu
rooted to the ground
blank and calm
no need to thin
a doll on display

Sleepyhypno 2:17 AM
good girl.
what are you now Kitty?

Kitty 2:17 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:17 AM
good girl
are you an awake human?

Kitty 2:17 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:17 AM
and how does that make you feel?

Kitty 2:18 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:18 AM
very good, and how deep are you now Kitty?

Kitty 2:18 AM

[Hypnotists Note: 75 for kitty is pretty good. It’s hard to get her past this, while doing a scripting session like this so I was pretty pleased with the depth that we got on this session]

Sleepyhypno 2:18 AM
good girl
did you enjoy being turned into a doll?

Kitty 2:19 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:20 AM
did you notice that i took the idea you had... when we talked last week and adapted it for this?

Kitty 2:20 AM
didn't think about it

Sleepyhypno 2:21 AM
you don't think right now... do you Kitty?

Kitty 2:21 AM
no think

Sleepyhypno 2:21 AM
no you just obey... don't you kitty girl?

Kitty 2:21 AM
girls are made to be hyofdsnadsf
I'm hypnakfsdnsd
yes obey

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM
and how do you obey kitty girl?

Kitty 2:23 AM
no think
girls are madet obe klhsdfhsadf
I'm madet o be jhosfasd

Sleepyhypno 2:23 AM
no think, just obey
you do as your told.
like a good doll
don't you kitty girl?

Kitty 2:23 AM
girls are madet obe akfdhksfhdsfd
I' mmadet o be jkyaskfnsd
just obey

Sleepyhypno 2:24 AM
good girl
sadly it is getting late so we should get you to bed.
but before oyu sleep i want to wake you a bit
but once i tell you that you are a doll
you will slip right back down
where youa re now.
understand kitty?

Kitty 2:25 AM

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM
good girl
waking up on three
wide awake...

Kitty 2:25 AM
wide awake is pretty optimistic

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM
heheh i know right =cP
how are you feeling?

Kitty 2:26 AM
fuzzy open nice

Sleepyhypno 2:26 AM
good girl

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