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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 8

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: The possessed girls begin to mingle with the student body, but will they succeed in possessing the rest of the campus? Or will their otherworldly romp come to a surprising end?

    As Trisha was leading the, unbeknownst to her, spiritually possessed bodies of Eve and Laura out to have a little “private time” in one of the classrooms, Rayne was slowly making her way across the room in Josh’s direction. Meanwhile, Christine, Jessy, and Carly made their way to a meeting room attached to the south wall and slowly shuffled in.
    Inside the room was a standard setup of folding tables and chairs that had all been neatly stacked in the corner. Several large mats had also been spread out across the floor, creating a soft place for people to sit and meditate. The room was filled with about ten people sitting on the mats with their legs crossed and eyes closed. At the front of the room, Cheyenne was so focused on leading the guided meditation session that she failed to notice the three girls entering the room at all. Her eyes remained closed as she sat on one of the folding tables and continued the meditation. 

    The three possessed girls lumbered across the room until they finally stepped onto one of the mats as the rubber made a squeaking noise under their feet. The noise was loud enough to snap Cheyenne out of her meditation as she opened her eyes and calmly addressed the newcomers. “It’s ok, you can come in and take a seat. Just get comfortable.” She was about to go back to her meditation when all of a sudden she felt a cold chill travel up her spine, causing her to gasp as she nearly fell off of the table. As she looked around the room, she noticed that several others had also been shaken out of their trances and were experiencing the same uneasy feeling.
    "I’m sorry everyone!” Cheyenne said nervously. “There seems to be an awful lot of negative energy in the room today.” She moved over to her bag and began to rummage through it. “Just continue to focus on your breathing, breathing in, and out, very slowly, very deeply. Focus on inhaling the good energy…and exhaling the negative energy.”
    As she looked through her bag, all three possessed girls continued to slowly move to the front of the room. With each step they made their way closer to the others meditating in the room. Closer to Cheyenne.
    “Ah ha!” She said to herself as she stood up, holding a bundle of sage and lavender herbs tied together with twine, called a smudge stick, and lit the leaves. “Just allow yourselves to breathe in, slowly and easily.” she started, focusing more on those who were actually meditating rather than Christine, Jessy, and Carly. “Just allow the cleansing herbs to help purify your body…” She continued softly as she moved along the north wall towards the back of the group, coming unknowingly close to the sources of the negative energy in the room. “Just breathe in…and out…very slowly.” She closed her eyes and began to wave the smudge stick in a large, slow circle to let the smoke from the stick permeate through the room.
    Meanwhile, the others continued to close in on her. Christine stumbled closest to Cheyenne first. Her short curly hair covered her right eye as her head cocked to the left side. Meanwhile, the entire left side of her body was slumped to the side and her eyes were glazed and unfocused. She shuffled closer and closer to Cheyenne, until she came face first with a puff of smoke from the smudge stick.
    The moment the smoke hit her face the sophomore’s possessed body began to shake uncontrollably. It was as if something inside of her body was shaking and not her body itself. Her arms flailed at her sides and her head shook violently back and forth, making her hair wave around like she was at a rave. Her mouth opened in an unnaturally wide way and a glow reflected off of everything around her, but there was no visible source for the reflection. But the glow vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared.
    With the glow gone Christine’s body loosened all at once, like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her arms fell instantly to her sides as her head dropped to her chest and she crumpled straight down to the floor. She lay on the ground in a heap, on her side and still unconscious, but free of the Morai that had been possessing her.
    As Christine’s unconscious body hit the floor, Cheyenne, whose eyes were closed, smiled softly. Of course she was under the impression that the young woman had simply found a place to relax and was now at peace, since she had felt a drastic decline in the room’s negative energy. She wasn’t exactly wrong. “That’s it everyone, just breathe slowly and easily. Let your breath move down into your pelvis and simply cleanse you of your stress and your worries.” She said as she continued to move along the back wall and across the room, still waving the smudge stick in wide, lazy circles.
    While Cheyene moved past the students who were deep in meditation, she unknowingly waved the smudge stick in such a way that a cloud of smoke from the burning herbs drifted towards Carly. The long haired brunette’s head was tilted forward even more than Christine’s had been. She looked eerily like the girl from The Ring, given that her hair was almost completely covering her face while her arms dangled at her sides like dead weight. She moved with a slow, determined stride until the smoke hit her body.
    The instant she was hit her entire body jerked back, making her back arch as her chest jutted out. As it did, her head whipped back so quickly that her hair flew up and over onto her back, revealing the blank expression and glazed eyes that were staring up at the ceiling as her body twitched in a kind of catalepsy.
    She stayed in the same rigid pose as the ghost inside of her struggled to maintain control, refusing to leave. But the more smoke that drifted over the possessed woman’s body, the more it was driving the spirit out. Until finally Carly gasped as her body stopped twitching and a faint glow reflected in the room. Again, it vanished as quickly as it came as the ghost left her body. Once the ghost was gone, Carly’s body tilted further back until gravity pulled her right down to the floor with a soft thud as she landed on the mat. Her legs were parted and her arms were at her sides, almost like she was about to start making a snow angel. Now that the ghost was gone, her face appeared much more peaceful as she laid on the ground, hair framing her face as her eyes closed.
    At the sound of the thud that was Carly’s unconscious body flopping into the floor, Cheyenne smiled, assuming that the young woman had simply found a peaceful place to relax. After all, it was what she was there for. “That’s it.” she said with a warm smile, feeling the energy in the room slowly coming back into balance. “Just let all of your negative energy go. You don’t need it anymore. Just breathe, and relax.” she continued on, oblivious to everything that had happened around her.
    Cheyenne instinctively knew she was close to the south wall and turned to head back towards the front of the room, only to hear a slow groaning noise come from behind her. Despite wanting to keep the room as quiet as possible, she opened her eyes to look at Jessy. As she did she couldn't help but think that the young woman looked familiar somehow. Like someone she had seen in a dream…or a fantasy. But what took her by surprise the most was just how dark the young woman’s aura was, and how negative her energy seemed.
    She composed herself and sighed as she looked at the young woman in front of her. She had shoulder length brown hair and a glazed look in her eyes. Her mouth was hanging open and her shoulders were slumped, all she could do was continue to groan. “Oh my dear, poor girl!” Cheyenne said with genuine concern in her voice. “You look so tired, so worn out. Let me help you.” She raised the smudge stick between herself and Jessy and blew the smoke straight into the possessed girl's face. “Just breathe this in and let your negative energy float away!”
    Without realizing it, Cheyenne had blown the smoke directly at Jessy’s body at the exact moment that the ghost inside of her had planned to lunge for her. Once it was hit by the smoke, her body was barely able to move a fraction of an inch before it stopped as she let out a sigh. Her eyes rolled up into her head and her slack body gave out and crumpled to the floor in a heap. She landed knees first and fell to her side with a dull thud as her eyes fluttered closed and she lay there, completely unconscious.
    Cheyenne smiled contentedly as she looked around at the three girls, all spread across the floor and getting the rest they so clearly needed. Although their choice of meditation position was a little unconventional it wasn’t exactly unusual to see a newcomer simply collapse in a pile on the floor. She took a deep, slow breath and finally felt no traces of negative energy in the room while the smudge stick slowly burned itself out. “There we are…” She said with a smile, moving back to her seat at the front of the room. “Much better. Now everyone just focus on your center…and relax…”

    In the common area Josh jerked himself awake, having nodded off waiting for Trisha to return from the makeshift dance floor to find her friends. He quickly looked around and checked his watch, he had only fallen asleep for a minute or two. With a shrug, he sat up to grab a fry when he felt a presence next to him. He slowly turned to see the disheveled form of Rayne staring at him. “Umm…hi?” he said, rather confused.
    Rayne just stared blankly back at him, her mouth half open as she leaned in a bit closer. She still hadn’t said a word, and was just staring as if she was looking through him and not at him.
    Josh looked at Rayne for a moment and then glanced behind him to see if there was something, or someone, that she was actually focusing on. But there was nothing in the other direction. “Can…can I help you?” He asked, becoming even more confused by the situation.
    Again, Rayne gave no response and continued to stare at him. She made no attempt to move at all, save for the steady rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.
    Despite her lack of any attempt to look somewhat presentable, Josh couldn’t help but notice that she was incredibly well built, although she tried to hide it under rather baggy clothes. It was impossible to miss her chest since it was literally at eye level a few inches from his face. He looked her over quickly, trying not to be offensive even though she was in his personal space. After a few moments he decided that she must be drunk, even though she was clearly too young to drink legally. It was a college campus, after all, so that kind of thing wasn’t exactly unheard of…or unusual.
    “I’m just going to go back to…my dinner…ok?” He said as he gently picked up a fry and started to slowly move it towards his mouth. He couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, like he was being watched by a wild animal.
    As soon as he picked up the fry, however, Rayne’s mouth opened a bit more and an echoing, ticking sound came from her mouth. She leaned in as her eyes seemed to almost cross and uncross the closer she got.
    Josh leaned away from Rayne and glanced back and forth, from her to the fry “Hungry?” He asked, more than a little creeped out.
    Of course, since Rayne was more or less unconscious she continued to lean in wordlessly, helpless to the ghost that was controlling her body. As her mouth continued to slowly open, an eerie howl seemed to emanate from somewhere deep within the young red head.
    "Umm…ok!” Josh said nervously as he took the fry in his hand and put it into her mouth.
    The moment the fry, and the salt that was on it, touched Rayne’s tongue, her mouth instinctively closed on the fry while her body began to convulse. Her eyes rolled into her head so deeply that only the whites were visible.
    Josh watched the young woman’s body shake as a moaning sound came from within her. If she hadn’t been so creepy he might have actually thought the situation was hot. “Never saw a girl have a literal food orgasm before…” He said to himself, more in shock than anything else.
    Rayne’s body continued to convulse as the poltergeist inside of her tried to maintain control. But the purity of the salt was too powerful, and with a loud hiss that echoed throughout the room, it was expelled from her body.
    Josh looked around for the source of the sound but his efforts were interrupted when the unconscious, but no longer possessed, form of Rayne slammed into his chest and finally came to rest on his lap. The impact was enough to startle him as he looked down at the girl who was laying completely across his lap, her knees barely touching the floor.
    For a moment he felt almost nervous to touch her given the situation, but no one else around seemed to notice or care. With another shrug he laid a hand on her back for a moment before gently patting her on the back and then rubbing it soothingly. “I’m Josh…” He said as he grabbed the last of his fries. “Nice to meet you.”

To be concluded…

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly Trisha and Josh

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