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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 6

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: On her way to restore the breaker, Rayne comes across some of her missing friends. But their strange behavior implies there is more to them than meets the eye.

    Rayne moved through the hallways as quickly and cautiously as she could. The flashlight she had didn’t exactly provide a lot of light in the antiquated school building, especially not in the basement. With its long hallways and scuffed walls and floors, the light just seemed to disappear into a dark, endless void. It was hard to imagine that the building had once held hundreds of school children.
    “Up ahead on your right will be a corridor. You’ll want to head down there.” Eve’s voice calmly said over the radio. From her vantage point in the van she was able to use the surveillance cameras to guide Rayne through the halls. Fortunately, for both of them, the cameras had a night vision mode.
    “You know…” Rayne started, the nervousness evident in her voice. “When I volunteered to go turn the breaker back on, I didn’t really think it would be…THIS…creepy down here.” She admitted, trying to calm her own nerves in the process.
    “There’s a reason I stayed in the van.” Eve replied matter of factly. 

    “You’re far smarter than I am.” Rayne said into the radio as she turned the corner and continued down the hallway. She screamed as she noticed two figures standing there. “What the fuck!?” She shouted angrily as she recognized the figures as Laura and Jessy. They made no attempt to move and instead just stood there in the middle of the dark hallway. There were no flashlights, no glow sticks, not even the glow of a cell phone to light their way. They just…stood there. Their bodies were somewhat slouched to one side, not entirely upright, and their heads were cocked to one side or the other. Laura’s hair was disheveled and covering part of her face.  
    As Rayne caught her breath and continued to grumble about the two of them startling her, she couldn’t help but notice that neither of them had spoken. “Are you guys ok?” She asked as she shined the flashlight down the hall and slowly crept closer to them. But as more of the hallway became illuminated, she swore she saw a desk near Laura…move all on its own. Just barely enough to be noticed.
    “Did you see that?” She asked as she shined the light right on the desk. “I swear that thing just…” She was cut off as a book on the floor, just left of the desk, moved directly across the hallway. Rayne screamed and began to backpedal in fear. “You guys see this, right?!” She asked desperately as she shined the light on Laura and Jessy. Neither of them responded and continued to stare at her with the same slack, limp expressions. Moments later, they slowly began to move towards Rayne.
    “Um…guys?” Rayne asked nervously as she continued to back up. “This is really starting to freak me out here. What’s wrong with you two?!” She shouted angrily. Laura and Jessy continued ambling towards her, the only other movement or response she received was a slow twitch of Jessy’s face.  
    As the two possessed girls closed in on Rayne, more and more items began to move around them. An old desk slid away from Jessy, while a discarded paint brush flew across the hallway. With each item, the two girls moved closer and closer to Rayne as she backed as far away as she could. Until the lockers lining the hallway all flew open at once, causing her to scream once again.  
    “Eve, something is really wrong here!” Rayne shouted into the radio in a panic, only to get static in return. The radios were, once again, out of commission. “Damn it!” Rayne shouted as she threw the radio in the direction of Laura and Jessy. Laura’s body twitched unnaturally to avoid it, sending the radio slamming to the ground in a small explosion of broken plastic.
    As Rayne began to back up again, her two possessed friends took another step forward and opened their mouths. There was an unnatural stretch to their jaws, as if they were pushing the very limit of what their bodies could actually do, while emitting an eerie melody. But the sound didn’t match the movements of their jaws, nor was it in either of their voices. Something was singing through them…and they were merely the vessels for it.  
    And this, more or less, was where Rayne said “Fuck that!” and turned to run back down the hallway towards the van. But the moment she did, every item in the hallway started to fly around on the floor around her to block her path. Fortunately, most of the items were not that big and she was able to avoid them or just power right through them, kicking and pushing them out of the way to make it out of the corridor and back to the junction she had been in earlier. That is. until a single piece of paper slid under her foot, causing her to lose her balance. The freshman lost her balance and fell against the hard brick wall of the adjoining corridor. She never fell to the ground, but she hit the wall with a thud, grunting in frustration more than pain.
    With an annoyed look on her face she pushed herself upright. “I hate ghos…” She was cut off by the sound of a loud clang and a loud thud as a mostly empty paint can flew across the hallway and slammed into the side of her head. Her head jerked to the opposite side from the impact and slammed into the brick wall.
    The impact’s effects were instantly apparent. Rayne let out another grunt and sighed as her eyes flew open while her entire body slowly went limp. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her body slid down the wall into a gentle pile on the floor, leaving her completely unconscious.
    As she leaned against the wall in a heap, Laura and Jessy continued their unnatural shuffle towards Rayne, finally stopping in front of her sleeping form. Their mouths continued to emit the same eerie, unnatural vocalization as Rayne’s body began to twitch violently. A gasping, gurgling sound came from the unconscious freshmen, moments before her eyes opened. They were blank and empty, unfocused and glazed. Her body twitched and jerked as it rose to its feet, almost as if it had been picked up by an invisible force.
    Laura and Jessy slowly relaxed their jaws as the noise stopped. The three possessed girls stared off into space for several moments, before slowly turning in  the direction of the stairs…and the van.
    Back in the van Eve was frantically flipping between several internal cameras in the school. The sound and motion detectors were on the wall to her right, frantically trying to raise Rayne, or anyone really, on the radio. She was also obsessively chugging “sanity pills” at an unhealthy rate.
    “Rayne, can you hear me?” She asked frantically into the radio. “Rayne? Carly? Anybody?” But her only response was dead silence. “Alright guys, if I don’t hear from someone in the next two minutes I’m calling the cops! This is insane and I’ve had enough!”
    It was at that moment that the motion sensor on the first floor went off. Eve spun to the right in her chair to see where it was, then completed a full 360 spin to face the computer and flipped on the camera of the nearest motion sensor. To her great shock and ultimate relief in the middle of the screen was Carly, staring directly at the camera and completely unmoving. “Holy shit!” Eve screamed before catching her breath. “At least I know she’s ok.”
    “Carly, can you hear me?” Eve asked, staring at the camera. But as she did, she noticed that not only was Carly barely moving, but that her body seemed to be somewhat slumped over. Her eyes were glowing in the infrared night vision of the camera, but her face was slack and her head was tilted in a way that made her hair fall across her face. She was just…staring…directly at the camera. “Carly? If you can hear me, come back to the van. I think the radios are down.”
    Without really thinking about it, Eve flipped the monitor to another camera only to find Jessy, staring directly into it. She was equally as disheveled as Carly had been on the previous screen. “What is going on…” Eve thought to herself as she turned on the microphone. “Jessy, are you…” She started, only to notice that the radio had gone completely to static. “These things really do suck.” She muttered to herself as she watched Jessy continue to stare at the camera. She didn’t blink, didn’t move, simply stared straight ahead. Right at Eve.  
    Eve started to get a very uneasy feeling. Nervously, she flipped the monitor to another camera…and again in the same position, more or less, stood Laura. She stared blankly at the camera, her jaw slack and her body upright but slumped forward ever so slightly. “Oh this is bad.”  Eve thought to herself.
    The next monitor showed Christine displayed just like the others, blankly staring at the screen. The night vision caused her eyes to glow, making the whole situation even more eerie than it already was. It was as if somehow Eve could see her soul, but that it was just not in control.
    As she flipped to another camera, Rayne appeared. “What the hell?!” Eve asked as she backed up in her chair. Rayne was so close to the camera that her blank, expressionless face filled the entire screen. But since the camera was mounted on the wall, near the ceiling, she would have had to have been standing on something or…floating. “R…Rayne?” Eve asked nervously into the microphone. But of course, static was her only response.  
        At this point the uneasy feeling started to turn to terror, and Eve, almost in a full panic, hit the radio and shouted “This isn’t funny guys!” Even though the radio was fully static the entire time. In a huff, she banged her hand onto the keyboard and flipped the screen to a random location just so she could stop looking at Rayne’s creepy expression.
    Eve took a few deep, slow breaths, then leaned in and flipped the monitor back to the camera that Rayne was on. Only to find that she was gone. Eve tried to steady her breathing and flipped to another screen…and another…and another. Not only was Rayne completely gone, but all of the others were completely missing as well.
    In her panic she completely missed the motion sensor in the school lobby, directly behind her, going off. Once. Twice. Three times…four times…five times…and then silence.
    As Eve frantically flipped between the cameras, the lights in the van suddenly started to flicker. “What the hell?” Eve said in a panic looking up at the lights as if the answer was somehow going to be found in the bulbs themselves. Meanwhile, the screen in front of her flickered on and off for a few seconds. But during those few moments where it had been completely dark, Eve swore she saw a silhouette of five girls behind her.
    At that moment the lights in the van went completely dark. The only light left was an eerie glow from some of the glow sticks that had been cracked earlier in the night but never taken. Eve was about to say something when a pair of hands slowly moved past her head, in front of her face.
    The hands were small and the fingers were moving, wiggling almost like worms. For a split second, Eve recognized that there was only one person in the group whose hands were that small. “Rayne?” she asked nervously. There was no answer. The hands just continued to move in front of her eyes and wiggle, right before jerking forward and wrapping around her neck and head in a sleeper hold.
    Eve’s body jerked in response and lifted up off her chair, immediately grabbing for the hands of the girl that was attacking her. She didn’t have time to think, her body reacted on instinct in an attempt to give herself leverage. Eve was, after all, nearly a foot taller than Rayne. But Rayne was built, the young freshman spent many an hour in the gym lifting weights, and her superior strength helped her to hang on tightly to the taller, more experienced, grad student.
    Eve struggled as hard as she could to grab the younger woman’s arms and pull them away, but she was just too strong. She could feel the room around her starting to fade. Her hands frantically flailed about, but were getting slower and slower with each passing second.
    Behind her, Rayne and the others all had their mouths open as an eerie ticking sound emanated from their throats. There was no sign that they themselves were making it. They were simply a conduit for the true source of the sound.
    Eve’s eyes began to roll up into her head. Her face puckered from the pressure of the sleeper hold while her arms slowly fell to her side. Her legs twitched to keep her body upright, but then all at once her body went limp and sagged down to the floor. She was still awake, but just barely. The possessed redhead kept her knockout grip firm around the throat of the young woman and let her slowly drift off to sleep before finally letting go. Eve’s body fell to the metallic floor beneath them as the gentle thud echoed throughout the van.
    The possessed body of Rayne moved its hand slowly along Eve’s sleeping face, almost caressing her skin as an odd ticking and crackling sound emanated from the possessed girl's throat. Her hand moved slowly to Eve’s jaw and opened her mouth.
    Although it couldn’t be seen in the room itself, there was an orb visible in the reflection of the computer screen. An orb that slowly lowered down towards Eve’s sleeping form and her open mouth, sliding inside in a way that almost seemed sensual, almost seemed seductive and erotic.
    Outside the van, the lights flickered and faded, and then all at once came back on. One by one the girls appeared, the same dazed expressions on their blank faces as they slowly lumbered forward. First Carly, then Jessy, Christine, then Laura, Rayne, and finally Eve. All glassy eyed with their mouths open, looking almost like zombies, but too smooth and fluid in their movements. It almost seemed like the girls were floating as they walked. Their feet moved but never quite seemed to touch the ground. Slowly, they moved around the van and made their way, as a group, towards the New Chicago University campus.

To be continued…

Curious what it might look like to see Rayne and Eve rendered unconscious and possessed in a completely different way? Including what might happen to Eve while she is controlled by a voodoo doll whose pins cause intense pleasure wherever they are applied? You can find the alternate chapter available here: Phasmophobia - Part 6 - Alt Scene!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly

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