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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 7

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: As Trisha catches up with an old friend, the possessed girls make their way to  campus and begin to explore.

    In the common area of New Chicago University, a young man slowly made his way to a seat and fell into it, counting on gravity to do the rest. He landed with a gentle thud and sighed as he set down a large plate of french fries in front of him and slowly opened a packet of salt.  As he shook its contents over his meal in exhaustion, a pair of cold hands landed firmly over his eyes. “Guess who?” Said a playful, seductive female voice into his ear.
    The young man sighed and relaxed back into his chair, resting his head against the young woman’s chest for a moment. “Your hands…are so cold.” He said with a small smile. “They feel amazing!” He finished, relaxing into her touch.
    Trisha laughed and moved her hands away from his eyes, slapping him on the shoulder and taking a seat across from him. “How’ve you been Josh? I haven’t seen you in a while.” She asked as she reached out and stole a fry.

    Josh sighed and took a fry of his own, but instead of biting it he began to wave it around frantically. He had been stuck in the basement of the main building for the last few weeks, working on rewiring the main networking trunk of the campus server room. When he was finally done he sighed and ate the fry. “This isn’t what I was expecting when I signed up to work on campus in exchange for grad student classes.” He sighed, looking every bit as exhausted as he felt.
    Trisha nodded and gave Josh a sympathetic smile as she leaned in across the table. “You do spend a lot of time alone…” She started, clearly trying to lead the conversation in a specific direction. “But you’ve been able to better yourself, at least.” 
    Josh’s response was a near catatonic stare as he slowly blinked at Trisha and mindlessly ate another fry. “...Context?” He finally replied after a few moments of attempting to figure out what she was getting at.
    Trisha suddenly seemed more nervous and shy as she continued. “You know…you learned to do your yo-yo…and you read those comic books…and you…well, you spent hours researching and learning to do hypnosis a few years back.” Subtlety was not her strong suit.
    Josh chuckled and gave her a tired, but genuine, smile. “I was wondering where you were going with this.” He said as he sat up, looking a bit more relaxed and eating his fries with a bit more effort than he had been.
    “You still do that…don’t you?” Trisha asked, trying to be seductive but also failing miserably.
    Josh raised an eyebrow and held up a fry between the two of them, slowly moving it from side to side in front of Trisha’s eyes. “Sometimes, when I have a willing participant. It’s been a while, honestly.” He said, chomping down on the fry. “Why?”
    “Well…” she began, a devious grin forming on her face. “A group of my friends kind of stumbled into the interest of doing hypnosis and being hypnotized. We even started our own little hypnosis…sorority, you might say.” She finished with a proud grin.
    Josh laughed as he downed roughly half the plate of fries in one handful. “So that’s your group that's been doing that, huh?” He asked with a mouthful of fries.
    Trisha seemed taken aback by his comment “You’ve…heard about us?” She asked cautiously.
    Josh just shook his head with a grin. “Yeah, believe it or not a group of girls having a hypnotic orgy is going to make the rounds in the rumor mill. But I hadn’t heard who was involved, just that it was happening." He took a break from eating his fries as he leaned back to watch Trisha’s response.
    “Oh…” She said, looking a bit embarrassed. “I guess we’ll have to be a bit more careful.” she blushed. “But my question was more…would you like to meet a few of them?” She asked as her face lit up again with the same deviousness.
    Josh raised an eyebrow as he watched Trisha closely. He didn’t really say anything, just watched her as his gaze traveled over her face. He was trying to get a feel for what she might be thinking…what she might be feeling. He had known her since they were both freshman at N.C.U. and he had done a few hypnosis demonstrations at parties that she had held from time to time. But there was something very different about what she was implying now. She had an idea in mind. And it was equal parts intriguing and terrifying to him.
    Behind him the six possessed girls slowly lumbered into the common area. Their faces still held the same slack expressions while their bodies still were hunched over, one arm hanging lower than the other and their heads cocked at odd angles. Their clothes and hair were disheveled from the events of the day. As they entered the room their bodies seemed to stop and assess the area before they split up into two groups. Rayne, Eve, and Laura all began to move toward a small, empty area near the north wall where a group of students were dancing to music blaring from someone’s phone. Meanwhile, Christine, Carly and Jessy all turned to head towards a small meeting room connected to the south wall, where a gathering appeared to be happening inside. 
    Trisha happened to notice the three walking toward the makeshift dance floor, but thanks to the odd canister style lighting of the room she didn’t notice their current disheveled state. Of course it didn’t help that both her and Josh’s backs were mostly turned to them, either. “I can actually introduce you to a few of them now.” She said with a grin as she got up and headed in their direction. “Wait right here!”
    Josh shook his head and let out an exhausted laugh. “That girl goes a mile a minute at the slowest.”

    Eve, Rayne and Laura had slowly started to move around the group of nearly twenty students that were dancing, weaving their way in between the oblivious coeds. Oddly enough, their twitching movements and disheveled looks made them fit right in with the others. Ironic how dancing can sometimes make you look like a possessed zombie, isn’t it?
    The girls managed to weave their way through the other students until they finally met in the middle and looked at the dancing students around them. That is, until Trisha bounded into the group with a smile on her face. “Hey guys!” She shouted, loud enough to be heard by her friends over the music, but not to disrupt the other dancers.
    Without a word, the three possessed girls turned toward Trisha and slowly formed a circle around her. One by one they slowly, rhythmically began moving around the older grad student. Their bodies twitched and shook as they moved, while the ghosts inside struggled to control them. In the end, the girls were too helpless and unaware thanks to their incapacitated states.
    Trisha watched the girls dance around her with an amused grin on her face, oblivious to their fixated, blank stares. “What are you guys doing?” She asked, laughing as the music thumped in her ears. Around her, Eve, Rayne, and Laura continued to slowly move around her in their own type of dance.
    Of course, none of the three possessed girls responded. Not at first, anyway. But after a few moments of silence, all three opened their mouths in unison, just barely wider than the slack jawed expressions they wore moments ago. As their mouths hung open, a ticking sound seemed to emanate from deep within them. It was almost as if it was coming from somewhere deeper than their vocal chords, echoing from their throats instead of being spoken or even simply vocalized.
    The echo of the ticking filled Trisha’s mind. It wasn’t louder than the music, but in her mind it had already managed to drown out her thoughts. It clouded over her mind with a simple, constant, slow ticking. And although she wasn’t able to focus on the music, she found that her body began to slowly move to it anyway as her expression followed the others.
    While Trisha danced, she locked eyes with Laura and slowly began to turn in unison with the curly haired blond. She kept her eyes fixed on Laura’s blank expression, keeping time with the music as they circled one another. If it hadn’t been for the ticking sound that was clouding her thoughts, Trisha would have noticed that Laura clearly didn’t look like herself. There was something very wrong about the way she moved. The way she danced. Even the way she looked. And although it was hard for Laura to look unattractive, something should have stood out to Trisha. If only she had been clear headed.
    All of the ticking and confusion that was happening in Trisha’s mind was having another effect on the young woman. She was becoming quite aroused. After a few moments of spinning to keep Laura directly in front of her, she finally reached out and grabbed the possessed blonde to pull her close and kiss her slowly. 

    Across the room Josh heard a cheer come from the crowd. He lifted his head to look over, but wasn’t able to see what had caused the reaction. Instead, he slumped further down into his chair, leaning his head back to use the backrest as a head rest. With a contented sigh, he closed his eyes and relaxed.

    In the middle of her embrace and kiss with Laura, Trisha felt a hand sliding along her back. It was twitching and jerking, but there was still a sensual nature to it. She broke the kiss and turned to see Eve’s blank face leaning in as the same ticking sound emanated from deep within her. The combination of sounds and sensations made Trisha completely forget her original intentions of introducing the girls to Josh. Instead, she simply slid a hand along Eve’s torso and pulled her close. She looked around for Rayne but wasn’t able to find the young freshman, instead she just smiled back at Laura and wrapped an arm around each of her blank and possessed friends. “Ladies, let’s go someplace a bit…quieter…shall we?” She asked as the three of them moved to the edge of the dance floor and toward the hallway leading to the classrooms. The two possessed girls hobbled along as best as they could but were all but dragged to the door by the extremely amorous Trisha.
    As all three girls left the common area, Rayne slowly emerged from the mass of dancing students. Her short red hair was messier than it had been originally, and her head was slumped forward at such an odd angle that she appeared to be staring at her shoes instead of where she was going. Nonetheless, she expertly moved around the obstacles in front of her as she slowly made her way toward Josh, while a soft ticking sound echoed from her throat as she walked away.

To be Continued…

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly Trisha and Josh

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