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Christmas in the Park - SHR - Part 3

Sleepygirl and her friends are delivered to the men on Santa’s “good” list to be enjoyed. Or is it really a
naughty list?

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 12-6-20XX
Subject: Christmas in the Park: A spirited return!

    The group of us were all still in the room next to the workshop, all still frozen, tranced or unconscious in one way or another. The fire was still crackling and popping while soft music played over it to keep us all deep under its effects, helpless and at the mercy of the elves and the men who wanted us. One of the elves walked into the room and over to Laura, who was still unconscious on the floor. He leaned down to tap her on the shoulder and her eyes opened, though they still had a glazed and blank look to them as she stood up and stared ahead at nothing. He led her out of the room, over to an area with a large pinwheel type lollipop, the same kind I saw used on the other girl at the tail end of the last dream. He sat her down on a chair in front of the lollipop and flipped a switch behind it as the wheel came to life, slowly spinning and swirling around into an endless spiral. Laura's eyes glazed over even more as she stared at it, letting it hypnotize her even deeper than she already was. Minutes passed and the elf returned to the pinwheel, Laura's face was completely slack by this point and her eyes were only half open but still staring deep into the pinwheel. The elf flipped the switch to stop it and instructed her to stand up. She slowly raised herself up out of the chair as he moved over to her and began to strip off her clothes, piece by piece, until she was completely naked. Then he led her over to a large pod and opened it for her, she entered and the door closed behind her and a few minutes passed. When the pod opened, Laura stepped out looking like a dominatrix in a black leather corset and matching, skintight, leather pants, with black knee high boots. The elf placed a bow on her head and led her over to a bag. As she stepped inside he pulled the bag up and over her head as she disappeared.  

    Shortly after, a screen appeared on the wall of the room we were all being held in. Onscreen, Santa appeared in a house and pulled a very blank-looking Laura out of his bag, then left her under the tree. Two men walked into the room not long after he left and removed the bow from her head. As soon as the bow was removed, she came to life and looked over the two men with a devious smile before she finally decided to approach them, looking very commanding and powerful. She gently pushed one of the men against a wall and kissed him deeply and passionately, long and hard, holding him in the kiss for a good few minutes until finally she broke it and smiled at him. He had a bit of a dazed look on his face, not because he was affected by anything, but more from the surprise at her forwardness. She trailed a finger down his face and held it under his chin confidently, looking between the two of them. Moments passed and the men sat her down in a chair as one moved behind her to massage her shoulders deeply and the other worked on her feet and moved slowly, sensually, up her legs. Once she had had enough, she looked down at the man kneeling on the floor and told him to pleasure her and show her how good he could make her feel. The man started running his hands up and down her legs and undid her pants, sliding them down and off of her, then parted her legs and moved between them to slowly eat her out. He kept at it slowly and steadily while her hands gripped his shoulders, she was so lost in the pleasure that she didn't notice the other man slip a rag out of his pocket and, just as she began to orgasm, he slid his hand around her nose and mouth, covering it with the cloth. Her eyes widened as she half gasped in surprise, half moaned in pleasure from the orgasm, her body writhed in pleasure and struggled against the man but slowly the grip she had on his arm relaxed as the muscles went limp and her body started to as well. The confident look in her eyes was gone. As they began to droop, she slowly lost consciousness more and more until finally her body went limp and sagged back against the chair while her head dropped to her chest. The man removed the cloth from her face and grinned down at the other man, commenting that now it was their turn to have fun. While she was unconscious they both took their turns having sex with her and using her to pleasure themselves until they had had their fill. Once they finished and redressed her, she walked back into the room with the Christmas tree where the elf was waiting for her. Just as she entered the room, he blew a handful of the magic dust into her face and watched as her eyes rolled into her head and she slumped to the floor. Finally, the screen on the wall went black as another elf entered the room we were all still in.
    The elf walked into the room and tapped Jill on the shoulder as she stood up with the same dazed, blank expression on her face, and followed him into the next room. He led her to the pinwheel lollipop where she sat down while it hypnotized her deeper, and once she was completely helpless and unaware, she was stripped naked and led into the same pod as Laura. After a few minutes the pod opened and Jill emerged dressed in a short, low-cut french maid outfit with black stockings and high heels. The elf placed a bow on her head and walked her over to a bag, where she stepped in and disappeared as he pulled it up over her. Almost instantly, the screen on the wall of the room came to life again and displayed Jill being deposited under a tree in another room, and the elf removing her from the bag as two more men walked in. The elf disappeared immediately and both men started to flirt with her. To her credit, she flirted with them just as well, acting very ditzy and giggly, and coming on to them as much as she could. One of the men grinned and leaned in to whisper something in her ear that made her giggle and blush, then he moved in and kissed her deeply while she wrapped her arms around him and slipped her tongue into his mouth. The other man, who had disappeared briefly, appeared behind her and moved in close, then, in one quick motion, stuck a tranquilizer dart in her neck. She gasped in the kiss as she felt the prick, and broke the kiss, only having enough time to turn her head and spy the other man before her eyes fluttered close and she sagged into the waiting arms of the man she had been kissing. Once she was knocked out the two men had their way with her, just as the other two did with Laura, using her to pleasure themselves. Multiple times. Once they had had their fill, Jill was redressed and a handful of dust was blown into her face, before she ultimately ended up back in the bag and then the room. Again, the screen went dark.
    Once Jill was taken care of, the elf returned to the room and tapped Eve on the shoulder. She was still on her feet, somehow, although her eyes were vacant and glazed over a bit more as he led her out of the room and over to the lollipop spiral. She sat down in front of it and he flicked the switch, and just as it did with the others, it started spinning slowly into itself. Her eyes became more glassy, more vacant, as she stared helplessly into the red and white spiral. After a few minutes, he flipped the switch again and the spinning stopped, but Eve stared ahead vacantly as though she were still watching. The elf had her stand up again and stripped her clothes off, piece by piece, until she was completely naked and led her over to the pod, where she stepped inside to be programmed. Once the programming was complete, she stepped out of the pod wearing a Wonder Woman costume. The elf led her over to yet another one of his bags, where she stepped in and disappeared as it was pulled up and over her. Not long after, he deposited her under the tree of another man that was eagerly waiting for her. As the elf left, the man removed the bow on her head and her eyes came to life. She began to flirt with the man, moving towards him seductively but with a confident and powerful look in her eye. He smiled and flirted  with her for a while, moving in closer with each passing moment. Finally, when he was within reach, he reached out to grab her lasso in one smooth motion, then pulled it into a loop and dropped it over her head. She started to squirm and object, briefly, even though he made sure that it was tight around her arms and waist as he bound her with it, but once the lasso was tightened she stood at attention before him. Gone was the struggle and conflict from her face, replaced with a blank, empty expression as she stood and waited for instructions. The man smiled to himself and brushed her cheek gently with his hand, instructing her to kneel and watching with a pleased smile as she did. While she knelt blankly on her knees before him, he unzipped his pants and gave her her next instructions, to give him a blow job. She blankly complied and began to suck on him deeply, bobbing her head up and down onto him and sucking him off completely as he held her shoulders for support and moaned in pleasure. Once he finally reached his climax he instructed her to stand again and pushed her lassoed form gently against a wall, where he slowly began to strip off her costume, being careful to ensure that the lasso remained around her. When she was finally naked he tightened the lasso again and lifted her up, sliding into her and indulging himself again. When he finally orgasmed a second time, he dressed her again and led her back to the tree where the elf was waiting with another handful of dust that was blown into her face. As her body went limp and sagged against the elf, he put her in another bag and returned her to the room, with her none the wiser.
    As the elf placed Eve back in the room, he moved over to Niki next and tapped her on the shoulder. Her eyes opened without thought, glassy and unfocused, as he walked her out of the room and to the lollipop spiral where she was hypnotized deeper, and then stripped naked. Once she had been stripped she was led into the pod where she was programmed further and emerged, several minutes later, wearing a short black skirt, a very low cut white blouse, glasses with no actual lenses in them, and black heels. She looked very much the part of a sexy teacher. She stepped in and disappeared into one of the elf's bags, where he then left her under the tree of another man who was waiting for her. As he took the bow off of her head she came to life and started lecturing the “student” in front of her about being more responsible and working harder on his projects. The man grinned at her as she continued to lecture him, not even trying to hide his amusement as he pulled out his own personal science project, which happened to be a freeze ray. As she gave him a stern look and asked if he was even listening, he pulled the trigger on the ray as a beam of light hit her directly in the chest. A wave of light blue began to spread to both ends of her body, from her toes up to her head, slowly freezing her body in place with every part that it touched. As her lower half began to go still, she tried to object and ask him what was happening to her, just as the wave spread up her neck and through her face, leaving it frozen with an expression of confusion, shock, and annoyance. The man smirked and picked her up, moving her frozen form to a bed where he undressed her and tossed her clothes aside. Once she was naked he began to pleasure himself with her, sliding himself in and out of her frozen form in every area he could until he reached several climaxes. Even after his orgasms, he continued groping her body, running his hands along her sides, stomach, and breasts, then going a step further and fondling and caressing her breasts and nipples, even leaning up to lick them teasingly. When he finally had his fill he dressed her again and led her back to the tree, where the elf knocked her unconscious with the magic dust, and transported her back to the room.
    As the elf deposited Niki back with the rest of us he moved down the line to Jessy, who was still sleeping peacefully on the floor, and tapped her on the shoulder. Her eyes opened with the same sleepy, unfocused expression everyone else had, and she was led to the next room and hypnotized deeply and completely by the lollipop spiral. Once she was deep enough, the elf stripped her naked and led her to the pod to be programmed like the others. A few minutes after she entered, she emerged from the pod wearing a short red, Star Trek uniform with black boots. She was led into another bag by the elf and disappeared into it as well, only to end up under another tree. As the elf disappeared next, another eager man entered the room and removed the bow from her head with a smile. Jessy's eyes came to life again and she began talking to the man very animatedly. He smiled and flirted with her as she continued talking, moving closer to her all the while, until eventually he leaned in and wrapped an arm around her waist, dipping her over his knee to kiss her. While she was distracted, he quickly grabbed her phaser and gently stood her up, only to take a step back with a devious grin and fire the phaser directly at her. She gasped in surprise for a moment and then her body instantly went limp as she fell back into his arms. Once she was unconscious he gently laid her on the floor and undressed her and then began to pleasure her, fondling her breasts and fingering her as she slept. Finally, he used her body to pleasure himself before dressing her again and leading her back to the tree, and the elf.
    The elf continued to move through the room when he returned, going over to Klaire next and touching her shoulder. She stood up with that familiar glassy look in her eyes and followed the elf to the pinwheel in the next room, sitting down in the chair in front of it as the elf flipped the watch and it came to life. Minutes passed and her expression became even more vacant and relaxed as she was deeply hypnotized. Once he determined she was deep enough, the elf switched off the lollipop and instructed her to stand, which she of course did without thought. She was stripped naked and led to the pod to be programmed next, and when her programming was complete she stepped out from the pod dressed in an elegant, medieval dress that stopped at mid thigh with a rather low neckline that was lined with gemstones. The cycle continued and she was placed into one of the elf's bags and left under a tree, only to be awoken by yet another man waiting for his Christmas present. The man removed her bow and she gave him an almost timid smile as they began to flirt with one another. Klaire took several steps toward him and gently ran her hand along his cheek and down his arm as he smiled at her. They continued to talk and flirt for a few more moments until he pulled out a small wand and recited something in an unfamiliar language, pointing one end of the wand at Klaire, who was looking at him with a confused expression. As he finished reciting the spell, he flicked the wrist holding the wand at her and her expression began to relax. The seductive, flirty expression vanished from her face, as her eyes took on a far away look and glazed over ever so slightly. Her posture loosened and she looked at the man with that same dazed, dreamy expression. He took her hand and then led her over to a bed, sitting down on the edge and looking at Klaire with a smile while he instructed her to do a striptease for him, and to make sure that she really let herself get into it. Some life slowly returned to her eyes as she looked at him with a seductive smile again, her eyes filled with lust, while she danced to an imaginary rhythm for him. She straddled him slowly at first, leaning in to kiss him deeply, then stood up and pulled off her dress, tossing it aside, leaving her in just a bra and panties. The man pulled her onto his lap again and kissed her hard and deep as her tongue slipped into his mouth while her body pressed itself against the man's hard on. He broke the kiss and instructed her to keep going as she stood up again and unhooked her bra, letting it fall down her arms and onto the floor in front of her. Finally, she hooked two fingers in her panties and slid them down, slowly and sensually while he waited for her to step out of them before pulling her back onto his lap. She straddled him as he reached up to massage her breasts and teased her with the tip of his cock while he pulled her in for another kiss and entered her at the same time. His body rocked up and down onto her as she kissed down his neck and began to suck on it, occasionally biting at it gently as his hands grabbed her butt, pushing her deeper into him. Moments later he finally started to cum into her, triggering her own orgasm. As she slowly came down from the rush of pleasure, he pulled out his wand and flicked his wrist at her, reciting something that instantly made her body relax and her eyes glaze over once again. She lifted herself off of him and blankly began to dress again, waiting for him to lead her back to the tree and be sedated once again.
    Once Klaire was laid back down on the floor, unconscious, the elf moved to Serena and tapped her shoulder as she stood up. Dazed and blank, she followed the elf to the spiral to be hypnotized, then stripped and led into the pod to be programmed. Once the next round of programming was finished, she emerged from the pod dressed in a form fitting, low cut police uniform. The elf led her to his bag and then transported her to another Christmas tree where he unpacked her as another man entered the room and immediately removed the bow from her head. As the bow was removed she adapted a stern but seductive expression as she began “questioning” the man. Of course, the man smiled innocently and answered her “questions” for a few minutes as she moved ever closer to him, before reaching for her nightstick in one quick motion and hitting her in the head with it. For a split second, her eyes crossed as her body went limp and she began to fall to one side, barely allowing the man a chance to catch her. The man picked up her limp form and carried her over to a bed, where he laid her down and began to explore her unconscious body, letting his hands roam over her and under her shirt as he groped and fondled her, then finally had his way with her. He finished with her quickly, and once he was satisfied he took her back to the tree where the elf sedated her just like the others. Once he deposited Serena back into the room, he stepped over to Kim and touched her shoulder. She stood up in a daze and followed the elf over to the pinwheel to be hypnotized and stripped naked. Like clockwork, she was taken deeper only to be led to the pod where she emerged in a very sexy outfit, in her case a very skimpy cheerleader uniform that barely covered her chest and stopped just above mid-stomach, with white heeled boots on her feet. She was led into a bag by the elf and transported to another room, left under another tree, this time for two men who appeared after the elf left. One of the men removed the bow from her head as she smiled at them as they began to flirt with her. As one of them slipped behind her, beginning to kiss and suck on her neck as she gasped a bit and moaned softly in surprise. The other man in front of her smiled and pulled a diamond pendant out of his pocket and showed it to her, at first just in his hand since he was obviously trying to impress her. But then he held it up in front of her eyes so she could get a better look. The man behind her continued kissing her and began to massage her shoulders while the other man began to hypnotize her with the pendant. Even though she was distracted by the other man, she couldn’t help but be fascinated by the pendant in front of her and how much it was shining. Eventually the other man stopped kissing her and kept massaging her shoulders as the other man let the pendant sway gently in front of her eyes, relaxing her deeper. Soon her shoulders started to sag as her muscles began to let go and relax, even though her eyes kept tracking the pendant they were slowly blinking and drooping as the second man whispered in her ear. Her eyes started to glaze over as they struggled to stay open and she swayed on her feet. Finally, the man lowered the pendant and leaned in to whisper “sleep” into her ear, watching with a smile as she fell completely limp back into the arms of the other man, who grinned down at her. The two of them picked her up and carried her over to a chair, while the first man instructed her to open her eyes and pleasure both of them. One of the men slowly stripped off her clothes, taking turns at pleasuring themselves in any way they could imagine using her body. Of course when they both had their fill, multiple times, they dressed her in her cheerleader outfit and left her for the elf.
    Finally, as I watched the screen in the room go dark, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I was able to move again but still felt fuzzy and dazed as the elf led me out of the room and over to the pinwheel, where I sat down. He flipped the switch behind it and it began to spin slowly, swirling into itself as I stared into it, feeling everything fog over even more. My face went slack as my eyes glazed over and I felt myself being pulled deeper and deeper into it. I wasn’t aware of how much time passed, but finally the elf flipped the switch to stop the pinwheel. I stared ahead with a blank, glassy expression as it slowly came to a stop and he stood me up and began to strip off all of my clothes, pulling my shirt over my head then unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor. As I stood there, naked from the waist up and still completely oblivious, he unzipped my jeans and slid them down as I stepped out of them, finally he slid my panties down last and led me over to the pod. I stepped inside and heard low, soft music playing inside as the doors closed and it began to program me while it deepened my trance. Moments, or minutes, later the door slid open and I stepped back out, wearing a white nurse's outfit that consisted of a short white skirt that stopped at mid-thigh, a red and white top that looked more like a corset, white stockings, and matching white heels, complete with a stethoscope around my neck. The elf led me out of the pod and over to one of his bags, where I was “wrapped” and placed under another Christmas tree. Two men walked into the room and over to me, removing the bow on my head as they felt me up. As soon as the bow was removed I felt myself come to life, feeling flirty, sexy, and even a little slutty as I looked over the two men with a seductive smile and asked who wanted to be examined first. The man directly in front of me smiled and ran his hand up my arm and over my chest, stopping to blatantly squeeze my breast as he commented that he would go first. He continued flirting and touching me as I leaned in to kiss him deeply, letting my hands roam over his body. While he kissed me, I didn't even notice the other man slide behind me with a devious smile. As the other man broke the kiss, he commented that maybe it was time I examined my other patient, and as I turned around to face the other man, he smiled at me and dangled a watch in front of my eyes. His partner slipped behind me, pressing himself close to my body, and slipped his arms around my waist to begin massaging my breasts. I moaned as the other man moved closer to me and began whispering in my ear, hypnotizing me, keeping the watch swaying just far enough away from my face so the light would reflect off of it to hold my attention, all while the other man continued massaging and caressing my breasts. I started to go limp against the man as he kept groping me while the other one placed a finger under my chin, tilting my head up to ensure that I kept looking at the watch. Before long my eyes started glazing over and my face went slack as the other man held up my limp body. Seeing that I was almost fully gone, the man holding the watch waved his free hand before my eyes and told me to sleep, my eyes fluttered for a moment before slamming shut as my head dropped to my chest. He slipped the watch back into his pocket and told me to stand up, then instructed me to kneel. As I opened my eyes to kneel in front of him, I heard a zipper and saw his cock emerge, gazing blankly ahead at it as I began to give him a blow job. The other man brought over a chair and sat down in it, watching with a smile as I kept sucking him off deeper and faster, completely unphased when he came into my mouth and had me lick him clean. The other man nodded to him and undid his own pants, making a comment about it being his turn now as he instructed me to pleasure him next. I turned to him, still kneeling, and began to give my second blow job of the evening, making sure to suck him off as deeply and thoroughly as the first man, until he came in my mouth as well. Once both of them were satisfied, they moved me over to a bed and instructed me to strip for them and sit down on the bed. As I sat on the bed, naked, the first man knelt in front of me and spread my legs, then began to eat me out. Even in my dazed, half aware state, I couldn’t help writhing and squirming on the bed as he continued to lick me until I came. As I started to orgasm, the other man slipped behind me and wrapped a hand covered with a white, chloroform scented, rag over my nose and mouth. I gasped, my body still shuddering from the orgasm as my eyes rolled into my head,  already too overloaded with pleasure and too enthralled to struggle against him. All I could do was breathe in the scent deeply and sink back into the man and the bed while my body sagged against it, going more limp by the moment. Finally, my eyes slipped shut as I sagged back onto the bed, completely unconscious. While I was fully incapacitated, the men took turns having sex with me until they finally had their fill. Once they were finished, they stood me up and led me back over to the tree, not even bothering to redress me, where the elf was waiting with a handful of dust. I was already too far gone to notice as the dust was blown into my face and I collapsed into unconsciousness yet again.

And that is pretty much where the dream ended this time. And I think I'm sufficiently distracted enough from typing all of that, so I think I need a cold shower. In any case, I hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you later! Now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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