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Christmas in the park - SHR - Part 5

Christmas in the Park - SHR - Part 5

Key: MD, MF, MC, Sleepy, Freeze

Description: In the final installment, Sleepygirl and her friends end up at a Christmas party where they are the entertainment for the evening.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 12-20-20XX
Subject: Christmas in the Park! The final chapter!

    I know, this took forever, but you did get to hear about them so give me credit for that at least. To be honest I'm surprised I remember it as much as I do, but it's kind of all coming back to me now that I'm actually sitting down to write this out. So take that for what it's worth and enjoy!

    The group of us were still frozen and on display, but from what I remember the ice that was covering us was just starting to thaw. As the ice started to melt I felt myself wake up a little more, feeling confused about how we'd ended up where we did given that I didn't actually remember anything that happened. Once I moved a bit to shatter the rest of the ice, I helped a few of the others free themselves, noticing that they didn't seem to remember what happened either. Everyone seemed a little dazed and confused, once they unfroze and emerged from the ice, and we all started to walk around again, not really paying attention to the fact that we were all still completely naked, and, at least in my case, feeling at least a little aroused. As we kept walking, we noticed a gingerbread house in the distance with some smoke coming out of the chimney, and we started to make our way towards it. Laura made a comment that she felt like it was calling to her and a few others, myself included, agreed. So we started walking that way, as if it was pulling us towards it. When we reached it and opened the door the smell of gingerbread met us, the house was warm and inviting and seemed to draw us in even more. As we looked around we saw clothes lying on chairs and other pieces of furniture, not really acknowledging that they were all the same. A Santa-style bikini top and bottoms, along with boots and a Santa hat. Since we were all still naked, and apparently unphased by it, we decided to put them on. I grabbed a blue outfit and changed into it, noticing that each of the pieces had circuits wired through it. When I was putting the hat on I saw the button to activate it was in the little fluff ball that's at the top of pretty much every Santa hat. At that point I saw that Niki and Laura were starting to examine the circuits in it as well, but it was Jessy who decided to press the button in her hat first. Even though she wasn't wearing the hat when she pressed it, all of the circuits in the rest of her clothes still activated,     sending sparks of red and green electricity trickling and flowing along her body as gold sparks surrounded her and moved up and down her skin. Finally, they made their way up to her eyes, they were blank once she'd pressed the button, but as the electricity made its way into them they flashed for a brief second, one eye red and the other green, and as it faded she seemed to come to life again. It was hard to see what kind of an effect the circuitry had on her at first, but she seemed to be much happier, like she didn't have a care or worry in the world, and like she was full of Christmas spirit.
    Even as everyone tried to question Jessy about what had just happened, she just seemed to happily brush it off by commenting that she wasn't really sure, but she felt full of Christmas spirit now. As a few of the others started examining their hats, I moved over to Jill and pointed out where it looked like Jessy had pressed on her hat. Curiously, she pressed hers as well and the red and green sparks of electricity started to flow over her skin, leaving her happy and filled with the Christmas spirit, too. Everyone noticed what had happened this time and slowly the rest of them started turning on their own hats, first Niki and Laura, then Eve, one by one they were all affected as flashes of red and green electricity filled the room and trickled across their bodies. I walked up to Niki after hers finished and pressed the button on her hat again, to see if anything would happen if I pressed it a second time, only to find that nothing did. It seemed like the circuits were always on, and even though everyone had noticed at that point, no one really seemed to care. I watched as Jill walked up behind Kim, who was looking at her hat cautiously, and reached around to press the button on it. Everyone else in the room watched happily as the electricity arcs started to make their way across Kim's skin and up to her eyes, and once they flashed she looked at us with a smile, encouraging us to try it. One by one, Serena, Klaire and I cautiously activated the circuits in our outfits and pressed the buttons in our hats. When I pressed mine I felt myself sort of go blank as the electricity and sparks moved across my skin, flickering red and green until they got to my eyes and the programming finalized with a brief flash. As I felt myself come back to life, I noticed that just like the others, I felt much happier and more energetic, full of Christmas spirit.
    Right as my circuits finished activating, a door behind us opened. We walked in to see a room fully decorated with wreaths and trees, candles lit everywhere and a large fireplace  filled the room with warmth. There was music playing in the background, mistletoe hung from the ceiling and in a few doorways, and food set up on various tables. I walked around to admire the candles and trees and noticed a strong mix of peppermint, pine needles and holly, as I took it all in it seemed to make me feel more passive and at ease in the room. I moved over to the trees and examined all of the ornaments on them, noticing that many of them were of young women in holiday clothes, posing cheerfully. As I moved in closer I could only think of how realistic they seemed. I pointed it out to Jill and Klaire, who thought it was interesting but didn't seem to think of anything else of it. I walked away and sat down to relax, watching as some other men and women entered the room, the women dressed in the same outfits as ours. One of the men walked over to Niki and started to talk to her, nodding ever so slightly to another man who changed the music. Niki didn't seem to be interested in him, but continued to talk to him out of politeness while he kept trying to flirt. While the conversation continued, Niki seemed like she was getting distracted, that it was harder for her to focus, which helped the man out as she started smiling and nodding without really being aware of what she was agreeing to. I noticed I was feeling a bit fuzzy at that point as well, it seemed like an effort to keep my thoughts straight and it was hard to focus on much of anything. When I looked around the room everyone else looked like they were feeling the same way, and the ones who weren't actively carrying on conversations seemed to be staring blankly into space.
    I couldn't really say anything at that point because it was getting harder to concentrate, but I kept watching the man and Niki. He tried to make another move on her, but she was still coherent enough to reject his advances, until he moved her over to one of the wreaths and asked her to look at it for him. There were already flashing lights on the wreath, but as they moved over to it the lights started to shift and form a slow, swirling circle on the wreath. She seemed confused at first, but was already so fuzzy and distracted from the music that she couldn’t really look away. It didn’t take long before her face went slack, and the more the lights swirled the more she got lost in them, giving her eyes a glazed, unfocused look, as the man whispered into her and took her by the hand, leading her down a nearby hallway with several doors. Fuzzy as I was, I followed the two of them down the hall to the room I saw them go into. Through my own haze, I saw her laid on a bed as he climbed on top of her, kissing her neck and fondling her breasts, then sliding into her. She laid there helplessly the entire time, completely oblivious as he used her body for his own pleasure, and once he came he told her to stand. At that point, though, the two of them moved to a spot in the room where I couldn't completely see them. I couldn't open the door more to see what was happening, or else I'd be seen, but I did see a golden glow come from the room, and when I was finally able to look inside again, Niki was gone. When I heard the man moving back towards the door I went back to the other room, where most everyone was still talking but still in their own daze. As I looked around I saw Serena and Jessy, just standing there with blank looks on their faces, not talking to anyone but just staring off into space instead. I watched as two other men moved over to the two of them and started checking to see if they were aware or not, while one started to blatantly grope Jessy's chest and the other snapped his fingers in front of Serena's eyes. The man that was feeling up Jessy then leaned in to kiss her deeply while he slid his hands under her top, massaging her breast openly in the middle of the room. The man in front of Serena leaned in to kiss her neck and her ear gently, taking things much more slowly, but before they could go any further, the two of them picked up the girls and carried them off. One carried Jessy cradle style, while the other simply threw Serena over his shoulder. I waited a few moments before following them down the hallway, noticing that the room Niki was in was completely empty. When I got to the rooms I saw them enter, I stayed back in the hallway between the two, keeping an eye on both of them to see what would happen.
    I looked in Jessy's room first, watching as the man who carried her in laid her down on the bed and began massaging her breasts again, squeezing them deeply as he pulled up on her bikini bottoms and started licking her vagina. When I moved over to Serena's room I saw the other man drop her on the bed, making her breasts bounce as she stared up at the ceiling blankly. He moved over her, running his hands along her legs and sides, kissing up her stomach and chest. While the man in Jessy's room was undoing his zipper and licking in between her breasts, the man in Serena's room had already undone his pants and was teasing her blank face with his cock, rubbing it along her lips and down her cheek. The man in Jessy's room had slid into her and started to pump in and out of her hard and deep, while the other man was much slower and gentler with Serena as he slid in and out of her. As I stood in between the rooms, i heard both men start to cum and looked in on the man with Jessy first, watching as he cleaned up and pulled out a golden loop of some kind, of course while I was moving between both rooms I saw the same glow appear from them without actually seeing the cause. By the time I looked in both again, Jessy and Serena were gone. The man in Serena's room was about to head towards the door, which made me hurry back to the main room. IThey reappeared in the main room a few minutes later as I went to talk to Eve and Laura, mentioning that some of the others had disappeared, though they didn’t seem to think anything of it.
    As I continued watching, another man was moving in on Klaire and approached her with a drink. She was so fuzzy and unaware that she took it from him without a second thought. He didn't actually say much to her, just kept observing as she took sips of the drink he'd given her, noticing that she seemed to be getting more and more spacey with every sip she took. Finally, he offered a toast to her and chugged the rest of what was in his glass, and, again, being half out of it already…Klaire did the same. As she finished her drink her eyes seemed to glaze over and she swayed on her feet, looking completely helpless and empty as she even fell a little bit in his direction. As he held her up, she somehow seemed even more oblivious to what was happening. And as the two of them headed down the familiar hallway, I followed while he led her to another empty room. I almost passed the room, except I heard the man's voice coming from one of the rooms, telling her to get down on her knees. When I moved over to the room,     I saw him sliding his cock into her mouth. He started pumping in and out of her, hard and deep, as she stared ahead blankly, completely unaware as he kept going, pausing only to tease her lips with it sometimes before pushing it deeper into her. Finally he pulled it out of her mouth and laid her down on the bed, then he slid his cock between her breasts and started pumping again, deeper and harder until he finally came all over them. Once he cleaned the two of them up he pulled out another loop and slid it under her arms, then looped it in the back. When he finished it started to glow and she looked like she was starting to shrink, then kept doing so until she was around five inches and able to fit in the palm of his hand. Once I’d seen that, I left before he could notice me, but as I entered the room again I couldn’t help but notice some of the ornaments on the tree. Three  of them looked like Niki, Serena, and Jessy.
    Once I turned away from the tree I saw a man behind Eve holding a cloth in his hand, as if he wasn't even going to bother seducing her. In one quick motion he wrapped his arm around her waist and covered her mouth and nose with the cloth. She started to struggle against him, but his grip was too strong and she ended up inhaling more of the scent as her eyes slowly started to droop while she grew weaker and sagged back against him. Finally her entire body went limp and fell back into him as he put the cloth in his pocket and picked her up, carrying her down the hallway into another room. When I found them, I saw him pulling off her bikini top and massaging and licking her breasts, then taking her bottoms off and sliding into her slowly, pumping in and out of her as she laid there helplessly. When he finished I saw him take out a loop as well and wrap it around her, shrinking her down to ornament size. As I left and walked back into the room I saw another man moving towards Laura, flirting with her, and when he saw she was responding to him he asked to show her something in private. She followed him willingly down the hallway and into one of the rooms, and when I reached the door I saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a diamond pendant. She watched as he started to swing it in front of her eyes, confused but captivated by it as he kept letting it sway back and forth while the light glinted off of it. Little by little her face went slack and her eyes unfocused and glazed over. He moved her back until she was against the bed, and leaned in closer to her, keeping the pendant in front of her eyes while he whispered something into her ear. Then he laid her back onto the bed and moved over her, still keeping the pendant in her field of vision and letting it sway and dangle as he teased her with his cock. He slid it along her legs and around her vagina, then he finally slipped inside of her, rocking in and out as he massaged her breasts and kissed her deeply. I felt a little dazed watching him with the pendant, and aroused from watching everything unfold. When he finished, he took out the loop as well and I watched as it was wrapped around her and began to glow, then as she shrunk down to an ornament.
    I knew he was finished, so I moved back to the main room, where I saw a man talking to Kim. She looked like she was still having trouble focusing as the man took her by the hand and led her to one of the doorways, and before she could protest or say anything else he leaned in and kissed her deeply. As soon as he did her eyes flew open, and the mistletoe above the two of them sent a single shock of electricity into her head. Her eyes flashed yellow, the color of the electricity, and she instantly put her hands along the man's face and began to respond to the kiss with as much passion as she could manage. The man smiled and pulled away, leading her back to one of the rooms, while at the same time I saw another man walk up to Jill, smile, and tap her on the forehead. As soon as he did that her body froze up and she stared ahead at him, not moving or thinking, completely oblivious as he picked her up and carried her down the hallway. I moved down the hallway, seeing that he led her across the room from Kim, and decided to watch both of them. Kim was practically tearing the clothes off of the man that had brought her to the room, then pushed him onto the bed and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth. The man with Jill was fondling her body deeply while she laid there helplessly, unmoving, with no response at all from her. Kim, meanwhile, already had her man's pants undone and was teasing his cock with her hips while she leaned up and sucked on his neck and lips. The man in Jill's room was slowly sliding his cock along her legs and massaging her breasts deeply and I was jolted away from watching them when I heard loud moans coming from the other room and looked in to see Kim on top of the man, riding him like a cowgirl. After a few more minutes I heard the man in Jill's room grunt as he started to cum, while Kim started cumming hard and screaming in the other room. The man with Jill slid the loop around her easily since she was already unmoving, and I watched as she shrank with the transformation.     Kim, meanwhile, decided to pose for the man as he wrapped the loop around her naked form and shrunk her to an ornament.
    As I walked back to the room, I saw the new ornaments added to the tree of everyone I knew, and smiled a bit just as I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turned around, I came face to face with a pendant, similar to the one that was used on Laura earlier, and watched as the man holding it began to let it gently sway back and forth in front of my eyes. The sparkles on it kept catching the light and I couldn't look away as it kept spinning in front of me. I felt myself getting lost in it already, getting weaker and weaker as every flash seemed to pull me deeper. Even though it was right in front of me I saw it in my mind too, swaying and spinning and flickering with the light, making me more and more fuzzy. Eventually my face went slack as I just stood there, staring blankly at it. The man led me back to one of the rooms and started whispering in my ear softly, telling me that I was a stripper and that he was my client, then he snapped his fingers as the suggestion kicked in. I smiled seductively at him and pushed him back into a chair as I reached around and undid my bikini top, letting it slide off of my arms and move my hands up to my breasts, squeezing them deeply and leaning in to kiss him. His hands moved in and started massaging my breasts, then my stomach, and made their way down to my back and to my butt, squeezing it firmly as he slid my panties off of me. He deepened the kiss and I heard him unzipping his pants, sliding his tongue into my mouth and rubbing it softly against mine. He grabbed my sides and lowered me gently down onto his cock, and started rocking up into me slowly and deeply. I felt his tongue sliding against me and his hands massaging my breasts, squeezing them deeply and rolling the nipples in his fingers, all while he kept rocking deeper into me, getting harder with each thrust. He pumped deeper and harder and I could feel the orgasm building as he pumped harder and faster, then finally kissed me deeply and whispered for me to cum. I kept cumming harder and deeper, over and over, until     I felt the loop being wrapped around me, and even though I was in mid orgasm I felt my body getting stiff and rigid and smaller, getting tighter around his cock until I slid off, completely unable to move. I saw the man in front of me as I swayed back and forth, and finally he placed me on the tree with everyone else. All I could see was everyone else dangling around me, dazed, helpless and stiff and rigid as ornaments.
And that was where everything ended. I hope you enjoyed that, it took a while to type, especially at the end because I felt like I was getting affected just typing about the pendant and being frozen as an ornament. I think I froze in the middle of my orgasm, too. Not just in the dream, I mean I had an orgasm typing this out and froze in the middle of it. So now I think I need a cold shower. You know how you said you were wondering what was distracting me last night? Well I think this will probably be what distracts me today, in any case I hope you enjoyed hearing about these, sorry they took so long to get to you. But now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Jill, Kim, Serena, Niki, Eve, Laura, Jessy, Klaire, and Sleepygirl

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