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Christmas in the Park - SHR - Part 4

Sleepygirl and her friends continue to explore the Christmas Park, and find an area full of snowmen that are far more naughty than they expect.  

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then sent me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 12-13-20XX
Subject: Christmas in the Park! Still going!

    Remember how we mentioned the other night that I seemed to be done with my Christmas dreams? Well we were both wrong, and my brain apparently decided to flare up again, which resulted in another dream. I may never be able to look at snowmen the same way again. 

    I woke up back in the room we were taken to when everything started, and the same one we were brought back to after the last encounters under the Christmas trees. This time, though, the room was normal. The fire that was keeping us compliant and tranced had finally gone out, and the soft music that had been keeping us relaxed and dazed had stopped. Everyone else had woken up as well, fully clothed  and remembering nothing about the encounters we had just been on or what happened during them. We all stood up, getting our bearings, and talking about what there was left to see in the park. I looked around at everyone, trying to think of where we hadn't been yet, and noticed that the rest of the group seemed more and more playful with each other, and in general. I noticed it in myself, too, that my energy was up and I had more of a desire to play, and that I felt a little less inhibited. Eventually we all just decided to start walking and see what we would come across that didn’t look familiar. After we left the building and started walking through the park again, I noticed there seemed to be less people walking around, but didn't really give it a second thought. Laura and Jessy pointed out another area, not far from the candy cane and ice sculpture areas, that was filled with snowmen. The Christmas lights in the archway above it spelled out Snowman Land, and they decided to head in that direction.
    The area was pretty much just what it said, and was filled with snowmen of different sizes, shapes, and designs, with a small room filled with items you would need to add to your own snowman, like eyes, a nose, a hat and arms, even pipes to stick in their mouths. We started walking through it, looking at all of them and just enjoying the sights and the snow, even giggling and commenting about some of the men that were walking around the area too. Niki and Jill wandered off to one side and started packing snow to make their own, while Laura and Jessy, who were well ahead of us when we entered the area, were already in the middle of making theirs as well. Everyone split off into their own directions and I started walking around, noticing Eve, who had been walking in front of me, wandering up to one of the snowmen.
    Eve stopped in front of it and looked him over, walking around behind him and adjusting his hat first, then stopping as she came to the spot where his pipe was coming out of his mouth. She paused when she noticed that it looked like there was smoke coming out of the pipe, and even when she pulled it out there was still a fine plume of smoke visibly coming from it. When she held it up to get a better look, some of the smoke started drifting toward her face. As she started to breathe in the scent, her eyes started to look glassy and unfocused and she shook her head as though she was trying to clear it. She put the pipe back in the mouth of the snowman, but even then the smoke seemed like it was purposely drifting back toward her face. Her face was starting to go slack as she continued to struggle, but she couldn’t seem to avoid breathing in more of the smoke from the pipe. She lifted an arm to try and wave the smoke away from her face, but by that point it was clear that she was too limp and relaxed to actually fight it off. As another whiff of the smoke drifted toward her, her eyes rolled into her head before she finally went completely limp and fell, unconscious, into a small drift of snow next to the snowman.
    As I watched Eve fall to the snow, unconscious, I noticed Laura and Jessy standing by another snowman across the way. Actually, Laura was standing by an undecorated snowman  that they'd finished building and Jessy was walking back towards her with a pile of things she'd grabbed from the back room. Jessy tossed a hat and scarf at Laura, along with some pieces of coal for eyes, while she took the rest of the items and finished building it. As Laura put the hat and scarf onto the snowman, Jessy placed the nose on its face and a pipe into the spot where its mouth would be and stepped back to wait for Laura to finish. She placed buttons on his middle section, and finally took the two larger pieces of coal that would be his eyes and put them above his nose. As she finished and took a step back, I noticed her gaze was still fixated on the snowman's eyes. She wasn't hypnotized by it, but as I moved closer I noticed a flushed look on her face, and that her breathing seemed heavier, one of her hands was even starting to idly rub her chest. Jessy noticed this too and shook Laura's shoulder with an embarrassed look, and must have asked what she was doing. Laura looked over at her and shook her head, mumbling something about the eyes distracting her for some reason. She took a step back and asked for Jessy’s opinion while Jessy moved closer to adjust a few pieces, as she did I noticed Laura get distracted by a man that had been walking around the area and made her way over to him and started flirting. Meanwhile, Jessy had started to look over the snowman as well, and was finding herself in the same situation as Laura. Once her eyes finally met the coal eyes of the snowman, her breathing quickened and her hands started to wander over her body. Even when she wasn't looking at its eyes, she seemed to be getting more and more horny by the moment, and the fact that she was still in the middle of a public space didn't seem to cross her mind as her hands massaged her breasts and nipples, then even started to move into her jeans to finger herself. While Jessy was...occupied...I looked over to check on Laura, only to see her pressed up against the guy she had been flirting with just moments ago. Her shirt and bra had been discarded and she was kissing him deeply as he groped and squeezed her chest. Just as I looked back over at Jessy, I saw the man with Laura unzipping his pants and moving her up against a wall. When I turned back to Jessy, I saw that she had moved the snowman's nose down to its “groin” and was rubbing it like it was his cock. And if the look on her face was any indication, she wanted to start sucking it any minute.
    I decided to give the two of them some privacy and continued walking around a bit until I saw Klaire and Serena over behind another snowman. They looked like they were in the middle of making snowballs to have a fight with, so I watched from a distance for a few moments when I noticed something strange. At first I thought I was just seeing things, which seemed unlikely, given everything else I've seen in my dreams, but I swore that the snowman near them was somehow moving towards the two of them. But it was more like he was expanding in their direction when I got a closer look. Neither one of them seemed to notice what was happening, and had moved away from the snowman, but that didn't seem to matter as I watched it continue to expand. It crept around behind Serena and started to envelop her, in the way that a blanket would cover someone, and bit by bit she disappeared under the blanket of snow. Klaire noticed and moved closer to her to see what was happening, but as she moved in the snowman reached around behind her and began to cover her as well. Before long the two of them were completely enveloped by the snowman, where they stayed like that for a few moments before the snow began to melt off of them, and somehow the snowman never shrunk or lost any snow during all of this. As the snow melted off of them you could see that they were frozen in place like ice sculptures, completely unmoving. They were both still holding the snowballs they'd been making, Serena looking like she was getting ready to throw it, while Klaire held hers in both hands as if she were packing snow.
    As I was watching the snow finish melting off of them, I saw Niki over near another snowman out of the corner of my eye. She was fixing a hat and scarf on it that she'd found not too far away. But as I moved closer I noticed that she wasn't too far away from another snowman that Jill and Kim were next to, actually. Once the scarf and hat were to her liking, she looked as though she was going to start adding more snow to him but she kept pausing after a few moments, as if she was getting distracted. She had the same look that Laura and Jessy had had on their faces earlier, like she was getting aroused. Every time her eyes would meet the snowman her face flushed a little more and she seemed more and more distracted, until finally she must have been overcome by the arousal. She walked over to a man that was walking around the area, who seemed familiar for some reason, and began kissing him deeply. He seemed surprised at first, but he started getting more into it once she pushed herself closer against him and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Before long, he had his hand up her shirt and was groping her, moving her back against a wall as he felt her up. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kim swaying on her feet next to another snowman, and as I stepped closer I saw why. She was standing directly in front of the snowman's pipe, which had sent a plume of smoke straight into her face. As she kept swaying, the plume lessened to a thin stream of smoke, but she was still right in its pathway. She kept swaying on her feet for a few more moments before one more big puff of smoke came out of the pipe and hit her in the face, sending her backwards into the snow. Luckily another man stepped in and caught her, then laid her down on the snow. When I looked over to Jill to see why she hadn't stepped in to do anything herself, I saw part of the snowman coming off of her and the thin layer of ice that was covering her body. I looked back over to Kim and saw that the man who caught her was kneeling next to her, running his hands up along her legs and then sliding one of them into her pants, which he'd already undone, to start fingering her. Niki, meanwhile, was still occupied by the man she'd been making out with against the wall, although now as I looked over at them she was topless and he was holding her against it and very clearly inside of her, pumping in and out of her quickly as he sucked on her neck.
    I watched for a few more moments until I noticed that the area I was standing in seemed to be getting colder. It wasn't entirely strange considering all of the snow surrounding me, but it was more the feeling of a slight wind that blew in my direction. I didn't really pay it any attention at first, but it happened again a few minutes later and seemed colder the second time around. When it happened again I looked around the display area, though in hindsight I'm not really sure what I was looking for. I was about to turn around when I felt something on my back and shoulders, and as I turned my head I saw what it was, the snowman I'd been standing near was starting to envelop me, just as I'd seen him do to Klaire and Serena earlier. I could already feel my body going immobile as the snow continued moving over me. It was hard to tell where it had started, but I could feel it freezing each part of my body that it touched in place. Before long it was moving over my stomach, breasts, and neck up over my head, and I was completely locked in place. The snowman returned to normal and I was left standing there, helpless and frozen. Time passed, I'm not sure how long I stood there, but eventually a man appeared in front of me. He seemed familiar, like I'd seen him walking around this display or another one in the park. He looked me over with a smile and began to run his hands over me and remove my clothes. He slowly discarded them, piece by piece, teasing me as he went along, massaging my breasts, caressing my stomach and neck, teasing me as he undid my pants. I stood there, naked, frozen and helpless as he slid a finger inside of me and rubbed my sex. I felt myself getting more and more aroused by the minute, and then suddenly I felt him inside of me, rocking in and out as the pleasure kept building, faster and faster until finally I felt him cum inside of me as I stood there helplessly, wave after wave of pleasure flooding through me as I came. Once he'd finished and moved out of my field of vision, I saw that everyone else was frozen as well. Those who were already frozen to begin with had just been undressed, while the others were undressed first and then frozen, leaving all of us on display in the middle of the area. And that is where that dream ended. The next part will follow shortly, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed. But now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Kim, Serena, Niki, Eve, Laura, Jessy, Klaire, and Sleepygirl

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