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Helpless at Hogwartz - Hypnosis Log


Helpless at Hogwartz - Hypnosis Log

Key: MD, M/F, MC

Description: An already heavily hypnotized SleepyGirl, goes into another trance involving a power hungry professor at the school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

This script was used to create the real hypnosis fantasy video Helpless at Hogwartz

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

Sleepyhypno: 1:09 AM
This is where I would usally put a consent form, a little thing for you to agree to... but you'd agree to just about anything right now, wouldn't you SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: 1:09 AM
yes master

[Sleepygirl Note: oh so i was really gone, got it ]

Sleepyhypno: 1:09 AM
why don't you tell the readers, what your current state is?

SleepyGirl: 1:09 AM
i am deeply hypnotized and obedient

[Sleepygirl Note: Ok well that’s sexy to read…]

Sleepyhypno: 1:10 AM
How deeply hypnotized SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: 1:10 AM

Sleepyhypno: 1:11 AM
good girl, do you want to the viewers how you ended up this way... or leave it a mystery?

SleepyGirl: 1:11 AM
leave it a mystery

[SleepyGirl Note: it's a mystery to me too at this point, so…]

Sleepyhypno: 1:11 AM
good girl
but in this state you'd really consent to just about... anything, wouldn't you.

SleepyGirl: 1:12 AM
yes master, anything

Sleepyhypno: 1:12 AM
do you consent to being controlled mentally SleepyGirl, to having your mind changed and alter by whatever devious plan I have up my sleeve for you now?

SleepyGirl: 1:13 AM
yes master. i consent

Sleepyhypno: 1:13 AM
do you consent to being used, in every way that you are able to be used, including as a wonderful display piece for our viewing audience to enjoy just how empty and helpless you are?

SleepyGirl: 1:14 AM
yes master, i consent

Sleepyhypno: 1:15 AM
do you conset to having your mind and memory completely erased of this evening. so that nothing we have done, or will do will be recalled in the slightest. as far as you are concerned, it simply.. never happened.  do you consent to that Sleepygirl?

SleepyGirl: 1:15 AM
yes master, i consent

Sleepyhypno: 1:16 AM
Good girl
is there anything you'd like to say the viewers before we begin?

SleepyGirl: 1:17 AM
no master

[Note: Despite the hamming up of the ‘consent’ issue above. SleepyGirl was fully briefed that i was going to do this beforehand. And did give full consent to it off screen. This session immediately follows the session for Hypnotic Zombie Attack, which is why she is still pretty heavily hypnotized. Although this was great fun for us both, and led heavily into her fantasies you should ALWAYS get consent before doing something like this. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also makes your session go a lot more smoothly]

[SleepyGirl Note: Nods… A lot]

Sleepyhypno: 1:17 AM
Just allow yoruself to get into a comfortable position
a place where you can simply let go
and follow my words
A place where you can easily
and gently
let yourself
drift away
letting everything I say
simply slide more and more deeply
more and more easily
into yoru mind
washing away what is there.
and just leaving you balnk
and empty
to just feel yourself simply
give in
and let yourself
deeper and deeper
all the way down
down into sleep
down into trance now
isn't that right?

SleepyGirl: 1:18 AM
yes master

[SleepyGirl Note: and my head is tingly from barely 20 lines in]

Sleepyhypno: 1:18 AM
good girl
and as you sleep
as your mind drifts
you start to see the world around
simply fading away
and a new world coming into focus
you find yoruself
in a very unique
very specific lace
The hogwartz school, of witchcraft, and wizardry
You can allow the details to simple filter in
becoming clear
becoming so very vivid
and real for you
the sights of the buildings
old stone
moss and vines
but yet sturdy
and strong
the sound of students in the distance
the feel of energy
of magic al around you
you can feel that can't you now?

SleepyGirl: 1:21 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 1:21 AM
you notice yoru own reflection
in a mirror
and find that you are still an adult
you graduated
maybe recently
maybe years and years ago
you can see yoru attire
fancy and regal
you look very nice
in your fancy attire
and now you have returend
perhaps you are here to take up a teaching position
or simply to visit.
to wander
and to talk to the people
it is after all
a very soothing location
full of many mysteries.
isn't that right?

SleepyGirl: 1:22 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 1:23 AM
godo girl
how do you feel?

SleepyGirl: 1:23 AM
excited to visit

Sleepyhypno: 1:23 AM
Good girl
you start to walk around
taking in the sights
taking in the feel of the place
the open air court yards
the echoing long hall ways
the classic design of the buildings
and course
the magic
the paintings that talk to you
the candles that simply float in the air
the mythical beasts all around
and even a ghost... from time to time.
but as you wander something...
no... some one catches your eye
as you pass by an office you notice inside
and old friend
they are dressed as regal as you are
and appear to be settling in as a teacher
But there is something about them
in this situation
that just helps you realize
just how attractive they are now
you have known them for years
and although maybe you found them attractive before
there is just something about the way they are dressed
proper and elegant
and the power of them being a teacher
and a magic user
that just makes you become far more
isn't that right now Sleepy Girl?

SleepyGirl: 1:26 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 1:27 AM
You can't help but simply decide to stop in
and say hello.
they don't seem to notice you enter
you decide to be... playful
and sneak up on them
move into the room
while their back is turned
but just as you get withint striking distance
a flick of their wnd
and the door slams closed behind you
making you jump
making you turn around
only to then turn back to your friend to see them
standing there smiling
givign you a rather playful
rather flirtatious look.
They scold you, playfully
for thinking that you could sneak up on them.
commenting that they have at least two students a day
attempt the same trick
but that none of them look
quite as good
quite as, delightful
as you do.
how does this make you feel now Sleepy girl

SleepyGirl: 1:29 AM
more playful, can feel myself blushing

Sleepyhypno: 1:29 AM
good girl
You find yourself leaning against a desk
playfully folding your arms
and commenting that they were just too
tempting of a target
your words filled with an inuendo
a desire.
and a playful smile.
your friend sits on the edge of their desk
and smiles
teh two of you begin a rather
elegant dance
simple flirting,
a veiled compliment
an implied attraction
a very simple hint, or what might come.
it's very playful
all very simple
but then bell rings
and your friend looks up at the clock and sighs
they have a class to teach in 10 minutes
you nod and go to stand,
smiling to say it was nice to see them.
building up the courage to ask to see them again.
but before you can ask the give you a smile and say
oh your not going anywhere.
and before you know it the tip of their want taps your nose
and you hear the word
echo through the room.
almost in an instant
you feel your body stiffen
you feel a wave of magical energy
sliding along yoru body
along every inch of yoru skin
seductively caressing
every part it touches

[SleepyGirl Note: nice use of that spell... ]

Sleepyhypno: 1:29 AM
and turning every part it touches
into bronze.
a shiny metalic bronze
your vision takes on an orangish tint
and your find that your eyes simply don't move
and then you feel your thoughts
turn to bronze as well
just staring ahead at your old friend
as yoru body solidifies
they lean in to you with a smile
and tell you that you were simply
too tempting to let go.
their hands sliding slowly along your body
as they lean in and steal a kiss.
and then pull back to whisper
Stay right here...
before they turn and move to the door.
before the door closes you hear,
like an echo in your mind
your friend say
"i'll be back for you later"
and then the door simply
how do you feel now Sleepy girl

SleepyGirl: 1:36 AM
blank, unmoving, helpless

[SleepyGirl Note: you weren't kidding about heavily leaning into my fantasies…]

Sleepyhypno: 1:36 AM
good girl
how do you feel having been,  petrified here.

SleepyGirl: 1:37 AM
excited, on display

Sleepyhypno: 1:37 AM
Good girl
your not sure how long you are there.
now sure how much time passes
your eyes are unseeing
day turns to night
several bells ring in the distance
and go silent
the sound of foot steps
come and go
all the while you just
stand there
yoru barely aware of yoru friend
sneaking back into their office.
barely aware of them taping their wand on you again
and whispering
you don't really notice
your body start to shrink
gently down
smaller and smaller
but one thing neither you
nor your friend expected
your clothes...
did not shrink with you
they remained frozen as bronze
standing where you where.
while you simply shrank down.
smaller and smaller
your friend managed to grab you
before you go to small
before you fell into the statue that used to be your clothes
and once you had shrunk down
down to the size of a doll
the lifted you out of your clothes
and looked at you
naked and on dispaly
a lovely bronze little toy
they couldn't help but slide their finger along your body
along all the more
intimate parts of you
and simply give you a smile
commenting that they never knew
exactly what they were missing.
how does thi smake you feel now Sleepy girl?

SleepyGirl: 1:41 AM
aroused, helpless

Sleepyhypno: 1:41 AM
Good girl
how deep are you now Sleepy girl

SleepyGirl: 1:42 AM

[SleepyGirl Note: i don't remember ever having been that deep before honestly but clearly i was super out of it, so]

[Hypnotist’s Note: She has in fact been deeper before, I think 3,500,000 was the record, but this is nearly twice as deep as she usually goes]

Sleepyhypno: 1:43 AM
and your body starts to grow again
your broze feet
sliding along the floor
as you get larger
and larger
back to yoru orginal size
your friend can't help but marvel at your body
as they walk around your statued form
sliding their hand along your skin
along your body
along your most
intimate of places
commenting that they are
impressed by how... firm your body is
a playful little joke
at your expense.
the move in front of you
and tap you again
whispering a counter spell
and you feel yoru body start to become
start to become more pliable
and loose
solid bronze slowly fades
as soft flesh replaces it
your hands and feet start to move
the bronze field that was your mind
slowly fades
and you are aware of the room around you
aware of your friend
you blink a few times and look around
and then you notice
your very naked.
how does thia make you feel now Sleepy girl

SleepyGirl: 1:46 AM
exposed, helpless

Sleepyhypno: 1:46 AM
good girl
and you like to be those thigns, don't you Sleepygirl

SleepyGirl: 1:46 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 1:47 AM
godo girl
you look around frantically for something to cover yourself
while your friend simply laughs at you panicing
ultimately you can't find anything
so you simply cover yourself with your hands
and look at your friend
a flush of embarassmsent in your face
you ask where your clothes are,
and where you are
and what happened
all flooding out at high speed
while your friend simply laughs
they tell you not to worry
they tell you that...
for years
they watched you
longing to have you
desiring your touch
your caress
desiring to have you.
but you never seemed to notice
but now here you show up
and start to flirt.
it's not the simple.
they have... power now...
they have authority
and they like it.
and they want to simply have
to simply have power
over you now...
how does that make you feel?

SleepyGirl: 1:49 AM
excited, flushed, helpless

Sleepyhypno: 1:49 AM
you blink a few times.
and try to grasp the situation
you stumble over a reply
but manage to ask
what you mean
they simply pull out a wand
and mention that there are a few
interesting spells
in teh very back of the book
spells you aren't allowed to read
unless your a teacher
spells you aren't allowed to use.
so you had best not squeal.
before you can ask what they mean
they aim their wand at you
and say in a very forceful
very powerful tone
and a blast of energy moves from their want
and strikes you in the head
you feel your body jerk
as a floor of energy washes into your mind
flooding your thoughts
rewriting them
your world seems to shift
seems to change
all of yoru desires
all of your future plans
and aspirations
seem to just
you ahve one desire
one purpose
to obey the person before you
the one who made you their thrall
the one who is now in complete control over you
you are helpless
and it's exhilarating
it feels so good to simply
obey completely
isn't that right SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: 1:53 AM
yess master

[SleepyGirl Note: i blame this response on the fact that i was pretty much completely gone when we started…]

Sleepyhypno: 1:53 AM
how do you feel?

SleepyGirl: 1:53 AM
obedient, helpless

Sleepyhypno: 1:53 AM
good girl
as the your world shifts
the one who controls you simply tells you
to follow
and moves you to their bed room
they open the doors and start to undress
as if they were trying to tease you
and in away they are
for all your desire
for all you lust
you can't move
you can't go to them
you haven't been told to
they smile as their clothes
fall away
relishing the power they have over you
the control
until they are naked themself
they look better then you could have ever imagined
better then you could have dreamed
but yet
you can't move
you can't think
you can only obey
they sit on the edge of their bed
and look at you with a very
very pleased smile
being almost more turned on by yourhelplessness
then you are.
how does this make you feel sleepy Girl?

SleepyGirl: 1:56 AM
more aroused, more obedient

Sleepyhypno: 1:56 AM
they almost chuckle to themselves
at the powr they have over you
and then whisper in a very seductive tone
pleasure me.
and snap their fingers.
all at once your body moves to them
leaning them back on teh bed
and kissing them
your hands sliding along their body
hours ago you wanted to do this very thing
but now it has a different meaning
you exist to give them pleasure
giving them pleasure
brings you pleasure
every moan they give
every squeeze of thier body you do
makes you shiver
and tingle
not from their touch
but from their pleasure
your are a toy for them
and they are loving every second of your touch
how does this make you feel now Sleepygirl

SleepyGirl: 1:59 AM
so good master, need to pleasure them

Sleepyhypno: 1:59 AM
good girl
you find yourself using every part of yoru body
your hands
your mouth
your tongue
your more.. intimate of places
to bring them as much pleasure as you can
stimulating them
arousing them
until you feel yoruself make that most
intimate of connections
you feel it
feel them
shivering and twitcing
moaning from the feeling
and the builds your pleasure
and deeper inside of you
they let out a moan and a sigh
and whisper
that they never thought this could feel
this good
and then you feel them
reach their climax
and that pushes you over the edge
your mind shivers
and shakes
and your body overloads
pleasure washes through you
you have completed your purpose
completed your desire
what you wanted the most
what you needed the most.
and that feeling
washes over you
again and again
as they shiver under you
their body deeply responding to your touch.
and then simply whisper
ANd you feel a wave of energy
wash over your head
the instant it does your eyes close
as the wave moves down your body
yoru ehad drops
your shoulders slump
your arms go limp
your back gives out and you fall
onto the bed next to them
as your legs go completley limp
and helpless
as they simply roll over and steal a kiss
and whisper
I think I'll keep you...
how do you feel now Sleepygirl 

SleepyGirl: 2:03 AM
helpless, empty

Sleepyhypno: 2:03 AM
how deepare you

SleepyGirl: 2:04 AM

Sleepyhypno: 2:04 AM
good girl
so nice to be deep
so nice to helpless now
isn't that right?

SleepyGirl: 2:04 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:04 AM
good girl
This is where the fantasy will end...
but you will stya there
deeply asleep
and helpless
and simply fantasize
about what they might do next.
will they give you your clothes, and send you on your way
or will they keep you as a bronze statue in their dresser drawer
a toy... to enjoy
on the cold long nights
or will they simply keep you under their spell
and take you on as a teachers assistant.
showing you off daily to the faculty and staff
who are none the wiser
that you are under
a forbiden spell
what do you tyhink you woud like now, Sleepy girl

SleepyGirl: 2:07 AM
be kept under their spell, maybe turned into a statue some nights, other nights just be a toy to obey

Sleepyhypno: 2:08 AM
godo girl
how do you feel now that we have reached the end of this little fantasy

SleepyGirl: 2:09 AM
empty, deep and helpless, still a little excited, enjoyed the fantasy

Sleepyhypno: 2:09 AM
good girl
and you will continue the fantasy as you sleep won't you Sleepygirl

SleepyGirl: 2:09 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:10 AM
and you will dream... imagiing what might happen if you were... a toy... to be enjoyed
and then simply put on display
as a statue
until the next time you are
you'd like that wouldn't you Sleepygirl

SleepyGirl: 2:10 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:10 AM
Good girl
is there anything you'd like to say to the reading audience. before you slip away to sleep... Sleepygirl

SleepyGirl: 2:11 AM
no master

[SleepyGirl Note: i feel like that was an opportunity to end on something sexy but i think i was probably way too far gone to come up with anything]

Sleepyhypno: 2:11 AM
what will you remember in the morning Sleepygirl?

SleepyGirl: 2:11 AM
nothing master

Sleepyhypno: 2:12 AM
and how do you feel about that Sleepygirl

SleepyGirl: 2:12 AM
it excites me master

Sleepyhypno: 2:12 AM
good girl
and now Sleepygirl
you will log of and go to bed
to sleep
and dream
and finish your fantasy
deep in your mind while you sleep

SleepyGirl: 2:12 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 2:12 AM
Good girl
go to bed
NOW sleepygirl
good night

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

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