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Hypnocock - Part 2

Hypnocock - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, MF, Hu

Description:  Yeah…it’s pretty much exactly what you're thinking. Enjoy!

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

So where was I? Oh yeah, it had been about two weeks since the party where I discovered that I had a rather…magical member? I was trying to come up with a catchy name for it but I’m not really good at that sort of thing. I had done a lot of research online, and despite getting a head full of images I’ll never unsee and a new appreciation for the intricacies of the porn community, I was no closer to finding anything that would help me understand what had happened that night. A part of me wondered if it wasn’t just a gag planned by the girls to see how I would react. But if that was the case, and knowing them, they would have teased me about it by now, and so far they had been completely silent. Even Ruby, who I’d kind of, shall we say, spent more time with that evening. Which made me think that it was why they weren’t bringing anything up, because Ruby was afraid it would hurt her reputation. I’ll be honest, I was confused, frustrated, strangely angry, and, admittedly, a little depressed.  

And then things got better…just before they got worse. Allow me to explain. 

It was a Monday, and much like the average college student I had fallen out of bed at the crack of noon having completely missed my 8am class. To be honest I’m not sure I ever attended that class. In any case, I had a little time to kill before my afternoon class and wanted to clear my head, so I went to the library. I was sitting in the furthest corner with my tablet in front of me, staring at the blinking cursor in the search box. I wasn’t even sure where to start and I was still suffering mild PTSD from my previous searches. Then…she appeared. 

She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, with long brown hair, tanned skin, and beautiful hazel eyes. She was gorgeous, the kind of woman that you see in all the movies about college but never actually see on campus. There was an elegance to the way she moved as she slowly looked through the books. It was clear that all of her stat rolls had ended up in beauty and charisma, because she didn’t even seem to be able to read the titles. In hindsight that should have been a clue, but alas, I missed it. 

I was so awestruck by her beauty that it didn’t even register when she turned and gave me a warm, seductive smile, then began to walk in my direction. In fact I didn’t even register that she was speaking to me until she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes a few times. “Helloooo? Earth to nerd boy, anyone home?” she asked gruffly. 

I snapped out of my own different kind of trance and blushed profusely. “Sorry! Yeah. Sorry, I was…um….sorry. Hi?” I asked sheepishly.

She rolled her eyes in frustration and then seemed to remember the plot as she turned her charms back on. “I was wondering if you might be able to help me?” she said, giving me a flirty smile. 

“Help…yeah…yeah, help…” I stumbled over my own words. “Need you, what, for you do?” At this point I’m not even sure Yoda knew what I was saying. 

She broke character again and sighed before snapping back into her role. “I was wondering if you could help me find a book. I was told there is a book here on fashion trends of the pandemic era, and I need it for a report I’m writing for my…Economics class!” She said sweetly. “I looked through some of the books,” She started, pointing at the bookshelves behind her in a way that put her chest directly in my sight line. “but I couldn’t find anything.” she finished, holding the pose that she knew had my attention while still trying to play the role of an airheaded bimbo. 

“Yeah…” I said, not even remotely registering anything she had said. At this point I was just glad I didn’t say something dumb like “boobies!” But then my brain finally realized what she had said. “Fashion? Um, well…this is the geology section. I don’t think it’s going to be here.” I said nervously.

“Oh, silly me!” she said with an obviously rehearsed laugh. “Could you help me find the right place?” She leaned in, giving me the perfect view down her shirt. “Please?” 


“Sure!” I said, thankful on so many levels that my peripheral vision was above average. “I think that section is…down that way.” I pointed in the direction of several rooms near the back wall without so much as a second thought, or without looking away from the amazing rack that I was trying to stare at peripherally. 

She sighed and rolled her eyes, then stood up rather unceremoniously before turning and walking in a full heel-to-toe stride down the aisle toward one of the rooms I had pointed to. After a moment she turned to look over her shoulder. “Coming big boy?” she practically purred with a smile. 

I had to ensure that I was not in fact cumming at that moment before I stood up from my table. Since I wasn’t, I began to follow her like a lovestruck puppy instead. My brain was struggling to fulfill the plan that It wanted to put into action without actually having a step two. I had pointed to an empty room, where there were no books. Least of all fashion books! What the hell was I doing?! Obviously I didn’t have time to really think about it, so I just acted on instinct…or desperation, one of the two. 

To my great relief there was a small cart in the back corner of the room that had several books on it. She stepped inside, somehow suppressing another sigh, and turned to me with a smile. “Is that the fashion section?” she asked seductively. “I was expecting it to be…bigger.” She said, emphasizing “bigger” as if she had something very different in mind. 

I shrugged, trying my best to keep my composure. “It’s not the best library, I’m afraid, but I think if you look at the books you’ll find what we're looking for.” I said with my own veiled implication. 

She winked at me and walked to the cart, crossing her legs and bending over so her butt stuck out towards me. This was my shot. I moved up behind her, as if I was going to lean in to help her, and brushed my groin against her leg. The reaction was instantaneous as she gasped and turned to me with a genuine smile, not the fake one she’d been using to play her role. She leaned in and nearly pushed me back against the study table in the room. “Where have you been all my life?” she said with a look of genuine lust in her eyes. It took me a moment to realize that her accent had almost completely disappeared and her flirty demeanor was gone as well, replaced with confidence. Although her confidence had less of an air of “I’m sexy and I know it” and more “I can break you with my thumb.” I was, needless to say, terrified. 

“What’s the matter?” She started, leaning in and kissing my neck while her hands slid down my body and began to unbuckle my jeans. “I know this is what you want.” The confidence in her voice was intoxicating! So much more so than when she was acting like a bimbo. I felt her unzip my jeans and, for the second time in a month, felt a woman’s hand slip inside. “What do we have here…” she said, pulling back to look me in the eyes. “It looks like I found what I wanna….” Her voice trailed off. In mid sentence she had looked down at my now exposed manhood and, well, apparently my abilities were not a dream or a hallucination. Either that or I was hallucinating again, because her mind was clearly blank as she stared down at me with the same vacant expression. Her face and jaw were completely slack, her shoulders slumped. She looked beautiful. Beautiful and completely captivated.

I didn’t know what to say or do, so I asked the first thing that came to mind. “Did…you find what you wanted?” I know I’m a dork, but damn it how suave do you think you’d be if this happened to you? Huh? Yeah, I didn’t think so!  

She responded with an uncharacteristically relaxed “yes” although now that I think about it I didn’t know anything about her, so maybe it wasn’t out of character? Whatever. But she just kept staring straight down at my manhood. Her eyes were so light that I could see her pupils dilating, something I hadn’t noticed in the darker eyes of the other girls. There was something strangely hot about that, and it was a new piece of information I could look up later. 

Unfortunately for me I was, and am, a shy nerd. So despite having a gorgeous woman seemingly hypnotized and ready to do whatever I asked, I kind of fumbled over myself and asked the first question that came to mind as a way of stalling. Lucky for me, it was a very revealing question with an answer I never would have expected. I asked her quite simply, and stupidly, “What was it that you wanted?” 

All she said was “To see if the reports were true.”  

“The what now?” I said, unsure if I had heard her correctly.  

“The reports that your cock could hypnotize a woman.” She said bluntly. 

“Did…did it…hypnotize you?” I swear I ask the dumbest questions, but I was nervous! 

“Yes.” she said, still staring down at my groin. 

“Wait…” I paused as my brain caught up with the situation. In my defense the blood flow was a little further south at the time. “What reports?” Unfortunately I would never hear her answer, although I did one…just not the one I expected. I’ll be completely honest, to this day I still don’t know who did what. All I remember is as soon as I asked the question I heard what sounded like an insect buzzing around my head, followed by a strange noise, and then…

Then I was waking up in a dark room with a mirrored wall to my right, and a wooden table in front of me. Not to mention one hell of a headache. You know the movies always omit that part, the human body really doesn’t like being turned off. In fact it gets kind of angry when that happens. But instead of taking out that anger on the person that turned it off, it takes it out on you in the form of a five alarm headache. 

I didn’t have time to process what was happening before a door I didn’t know was there opened, and in walked the woman from the library. Although in the time I was unconscious it seemed like she’d had time for a wardrobe change and was dressed like a soldier. She had a shoulder strap gun holster and was wearing all black, but not like a sexy black. I mean it was still sexy on her, but the clothing looked like it was for sneaking around in a spy movie. That should have been another clue. Beside her was a very neat, well kept man wearing a suit. To this day I still don’t know his name. And behind the two of them were two very nerdy looking guys, and when I say nerdy I mean…NERDY. Shirts half tucked in, hair all over the place, glasses, the kind of guys that give normal nerds a bad name. 

“Mr. Pritchard.” the man said, opening a manilla folder. “You are probably wondering why you are here.” 

“Actually my first thought was more where am I, but we can start there.” If nothing else, at least I was being honest. 

The man sighed and the woman next to him rolled her eyes. “You are in a secret facility. Depending on how this conversation goes you will either be told the name of the facility at the end of the conversation, or it will be irrelevant.” Even though he clearly lacked a sense of humor, I could hear the vague threat in his voice. “You are here, because we have become aware that you possess a unique ability.'' The man took a piece of paper and slid it across the table to me. On the piece of paper was every man's worst nightmare made manifest. 

It was a detailed report of my browser history. 

No, I’m not joking. Stop laughing, it’s not funny! I was searing for “hypnotic penis” for fucks sake! Do you know what that looks like when it’s on paper? In report format? With BULLET POINTS?!?  

“Now, as you might imagine, Mr. Pritchard, simply doing a google search is not enough to attract our…attention. But it was the way you were searching that caught our eye. You weren’t just looking for porn, you were looking for an education…for an answer. So we did a little investigation ourselves.” 

I sat there blushing brighter than a stop sign as he then slid three more files across the table to me. On each page was a photo, description, and report on Michelle, Lauraine, and Ruby respectively. “We had to interview your friends.” the man said ominously. “None of them seemed to remember anything, but after undergoing a little regressive interrogation, we discovered that these three seemed to have a little…gap in their memories.” 

“You had hypnotically erased their memories.” The woman standing next to him clarified. She seemed to be almost impressed. 

“This is something that could be very useful to us.” the man concluded. “So we sent Agent Decivia to see if there was any merit to the suggestion that you might have a…” The man paused to look down at his notes and then said, and I swear I am not making this up, in the most flat and bored tone I’d ever heard, “hypnotic penis.” 

I nearly burst out laughing when he said that, but the fear of…well, death, kept me in line. Instead I answered with “your name is Decivia? Seriously?” 

She rolled her eyes as the man got my attention more firmly. “Mr Pritchard, you appear to possess the genuine article.” I had to bite my tongue to not laugh at that one. “And we are here to give you a choice.” 

The seriousness in his voice brought me back to reality. “A choice?” 

“Yes Mr. Pritchard. Option one, your powers will be…neutered, and your mind will be erased. You will be sent to your campus hospital to recover, and they will be told you had a mild psychotic break with reality. It happens in colleges these days after all. You will recover without any physical harm to your person, or your future academic career, but you will remember nothing of your powers or what you did with them.”  His tone was surprisingly warm and reassuring despite the seriousness. It was odd. 

“And…option two?” I had to know, after all. 

“Option two, Mr Pritchard,” This time it was Agent Decivia who responded, “is that you work for us.” 

“I’m sorry, what?” It wasn’t the most elegant reply, but it was all I had in the moment.

“We have need of someone with your skills. Your ability to gather information from enemy agents could be invaluable. After all, you were able to incapacitate Agent Decivia with little more than a touch and a glance.” The young woman blushed ever so slightly. It was a nice change of pace from the intimidating presence she’d been up to this point. 

“What's the catch?” Something like this doesn’t come without a catch. 

“Inconvenient travel, terrible hours, and the training to be an operative may literally kill you.” The man answered in a frighteningly blunt tone. 

“And you can never breathe a word of this to anyone. Ever.” Agent Decivia said, equally as blunt. 

“Can…can I have a little time to think about it?” I asked nervously. 

“Of course.” The man said, flipping his folder closed and standing up without so much as a blink as he walked to the door. The two nerds in the hallway cowered away from him as he passed before looking at me through the door and giving me an eager thumbs up, then pointing at Agent Decivia. Apparently they were aware of how I had been…um, captured.

Before I had a chance to think about it any further, Agent Decivia slammed the door in both of their faces and sighed. “Fucking nerds.” She said before turning to me with a smile. “Present company excluded, of course.” 

I wasn’t sure what to make of what she was doing. She had her arms folded and walked over to the table. I nervously pulled back as she sat on the edge of the table and glared at me for a heartbeat before offering me her hand. “My name is Ima, we weren’t properly introduced last time.” 

“Ima? Your name is Ima Decivia?” 

“Technically it’s a cover name.” she said with a smile. 

“It’s a horrible cover name!” I might not be super tactful. 

She rolled her eyes in what was now a familiar manner and sighed. “Look, here's the real deal.” I braced myself for something threatening. “This opportunity isn’t offered to everyone, and it’s a one time thing. If you don’t take it, you’ll miss out on what could be the greatest adventure of your life. And it’s not just one adventure, it’s one after another.” I paused, surprised at what I was hearing. She seemed genuinely…happy with her job. “You’ll get to travel the world, meet new and interesting people…possibly kill a few of them…drive fast cars…probably wreck a few. You’ll be a literal international man of mystery.” She said with a smile as she leaned in a bit more, imitating the seductive posture and tone she had back in the library. “Women love a man of mystery.” 

For those of you wondering, the worst possible thing you could do at this point would be to remind the woman who is clearly armed that you had managed to one up her, and were probably about to take a few liberties with her while she was helpless. 

“I seemed to get your attention just fine.” I am an idiot. 

To my surprise, Ima actually chuckled and a hint of a blush crept across her face. “Yeah, you really did.” She smiled warmly before leaning in a bit closer to me and whispering “I’m actually kind of curious…” Her hand started to slide along my leg, “what would have happened had we…” she gasped as she touched my groin. Her eyes closed as her body tensed ever so slightly before her eyes opened again and she gave me a genuine, warm smile. “Let's find out!” she said, leaning in to kiss me as her hands slid down and began to remove my pants. 

Needless to say, I was in for quite the education. Education about things like two-way mirrors, and that nerd boys stuck in the NSA’s main headquarters can’t keep a secret to save their lives. Perhaps literally since neither of them were ever seen again, and when I asked Ima about it later all she would say was “it’s classified.” Although her grin said more than enough. 

Long story short, never spread locker room talk about a girl who can kill you with her thumb. 

Also, yeah, I’m…I’m a spy!

To be continued…

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