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Pamper Party - SHR

Sleepygirl and her friends attend a little Pamper Party with some rather hypnotic items, but is there a more nefarious plan at play here?

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 2-15-20XX
Subject: Pamper Party gone wild!

So I don't know if it's because I've had the last few days off and slightly more energy, or...well, I don't know what another reason would be, actually. But I had a dream last night that was super vivid and also fairly xxx rated as far as my dreams go. Also, I almost just typed zzz rated and I find that really entertaining given the context of my dream. 

Anyway, as much as I'm not a fan of Valentine's day this one seemed to fit the theme. I was in a hotel room with a handful of friends at one of those parties. You know the type, catered to women with a variety of…accessories available. Of course this was themed around Valentine’s Day and toys for couples, etc. The hotel room was larger than I expected,  with two beds and an attached seating area with a few chairs,a couch and a coffee table. There were chocolates to sample and roses scattered throughout the room, with various toys on display, as well as lingerie, perfume and champagne. We were all sitting around and talking, pointing out things we'd like to try or were too embarrassed to even think about trying like a set of handcuffs and a blindfold. 

While we were talking, Jill stood up and made her way over to a small table that had a variety of chocolates setting on it. She picked a few up, still continuing to talk with everyone else as she popped one in her mouth. As she did, though, she stopped in mid sentence while her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a sensual moan. We all giggled at first, thinking she was just exaggerating how good the chocolate was, but as we kept watching her hands slowly started to slide down her chest. She stopped at her breasts and began squeezing them for a few moments before she started to unbutton her shirt, dropping it to the floor and leaving her in her bra, which her nipples were pressed against by that point. She kept eating the chocolates that were left in her hand and it seemed as though the more she ate, the more aroused she became. With every piece she ate her moans became louder and deeper as it sounded like she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. Once I was able to look closer at her, though, I realized there was an almost glazed look in her eyes as she continued eating the chocolate. The rest of us only watched in confusion as she, basically, became a horny bimbo before our eyes. Once we all realized what kind of effects the chocolate was having on her, we decided to let her be the guinea pig. For now. 

The rest of us shook our heads as we tried to process what we’d just seen. Meanwhile,  Cheyenne stood up and walked over to a table where some of the accessories and toys were laid on. She stopped in front of what looked like several plastic cupid arrows and I looked over just in time to see her pick up one of the bows and arrows and fire it at Erikka, completely without warning. But as I watched the arrow I couldn't help but notice it shift and change into a laser. It hit Erikka in the shoulder and a trickle of energy moved across her body, creating pink sparks and crackles as it did. Her eyes widened in surprise for a split second before she was able to let out a gasp, but as soon as the energy trickled over her she began swaying on her feet until her eyes fluttered closed. I thought she was asleep on her feet until they opened again with the same glazed look, the only difference was that her irises had turned completely pink. Erikka locked eyes with Cheyenne and looked as though she’d instantly fallen for her. Meanwhile, Cheyenne looked like a deer in the headlights as Erikka seductively walked up to her while the rest of us watched and giggled. In one swift movement, Erikka pinned Cheyenne to the wall and gave her a flirty smile before leaning in to kiss her deeply and passionately. As Cheyenne stood there, stunned and not really responding to the kiss, Erikka's hands began sliding over her body next, trying to strip off her clothes piece by piece. Finally, Samantha stood up and made her way over to the table where several different colored arrows still sat. She picked up a green one and aimed it at Erikka, firing and watching as, again, it changed from an arrow to a laser. As the beam hit her, her body trickled with green energy as she jolted in surprise but didn't break her kiss with Cheyenne. Of course since she didn't do that, some of the energy transferred to Cheyenne in the process, and as I looked a little more closely I saw some of the energy trickling over Cheyenne's body. As the energy began affecting Erikka, her eyes started fluttering as the kiss between the two of them weakened, until finally she broke it only because her body was getting too weak to stay upright. Cheyenne looked at her, dumbfounded, as her eyes crossed and rolled into her head and the two of them sank to the floor, collapsing on top of one another. Erikka had landed first, falling against Cheyenne’s legs before toppling over to her side on the floor. Next to her, Cheyenne sank down the wall to her knees and fell forward on top of Erikka. The two of them made…quite the scene. 

With the two of them unconscious, the rest of us turned to one another, trying to make sense of what we'd just seen. In the meantime, Jill had wandered over to a bouquet of roses and gathered them up, and was making her way over to us. With a ditzy smile and a giggle, she stopped in front of Laura and Samantha and offered both of them a rose. They seemed hesitant to take them at first and so she pulled one out and waved it under both of their noses, making a comment about how good they smelled. As it passed under their noses, though, a light mist was released from the center and as they inhaled, its effects hit them almost instantaneously. The two girls wobbled on their feet for a moment as their eyes fluttered and glazed over, both of their bodies going rigid as they both stood at attention and stared ahead at Jill. She just giggled at them and asked what was going on with them. Of course, neither one responded and continued staring at her with blank, empty eyes. When she saw they weren't going to answer, she got an almost disappointed look on her face as she pouted and said that she was hoping the two of them would get naked. On cue, both girls began slowly removing their clothes. Jill giggled again and grinned at the two of us, making her way over and pulling another rose from the bouquet. Klaire reached out and tried to take the flowers from her, only to be hit with the mist from the one that Jill had pulled out. She was in the middle of reaching for it when all of a sudden her body kind of jerked for a second, a look of surprise crossing her face before she just…relaxed. Her arms slid down to her sides and she stood up straight, jaw slack and eyes vacant as she stared ahead with an empty look on her face. Jill waved it in front of her again for good measure and told her that was a naughty thing to do as the effects took hold of Klaire. She swayed on her feet as she inhaled more of the mist, eyes rolling up into her head for a moment as she stood there and stared at Jill, just as dazed and compliant as the others. Before I could make any movements toward Jill, the rose was near me next and I felt everything in my mind slowly turning off as I began swaying on my feet. My arms hung limp at my sides as I stared ahead at Jill, eyes glazed, with the same empty expression and not a thought in my mind.

The door to the hotel opened as Jill put the roses down on the table with a giggle, two men walked inside and instructed her to follow them as they took us to a larger hotel room down the hall. In the room was a party full of men, and as Erikka and Cheyenne were laid on a couch the rest of us were taken to a separate group of men and paired off. Jill made her way to a corner of the room with a man and began making out with him as he stripped off her clothes, while Klaire and I were ordered to strip. Once we were naked, a man moved in front of me and began sliding his hands over my body with a smile, as several others did the same to Klaire, Laura and Samantha. He pulled me over to an oversized chair where he instructed me to give him a lap dance as he groped my body. I slid onto his lap and began kissing him as he squeezed my breasts and I began to undo his pants before kneeling down in front of him while he slid his cock between my breasts. Of course it wasn't long before I was giving him a blow job, next. Before he climaxed, he pulled me up into another passionate kiss and pushed me down onto a nearby bed where he slid between my legs, then turned me over so I was riding him deep and hard until we both orgasmed. Nearby I saw Klaire giving another man a blow job from her seat on the couch while Jill and Samantha were being fingered by several other men off in another corner. Once the man was done...enjoying me, I felt another man slide up behind me and begin kissing my neck. He pulled me up and turned me around to face him and began kissing me, pulling me up and bending me over the bed as he took me from behind, while the man i'd just finished fucking knelt in front of me and began teasing me with his cock. Soon I was giving him another blow job while the other man rocked into me until they both came at once. Before I even had a chance to register what was happening next, I felt a laser from one of the green arrows hit me as my body began trickling with energy. Around me, everyone else was being hit at the same time and were falling to the ground, one by one, until we were all completely unconscious. Everything around me was fading into nothing as my vision blurred and I swayed gently, my head tipping forward and hitting the cock of the man who I had just been in the middle of giving a blow job. Finally, my eyes fluttered shut and my body fell forward against him as the men all picked us up and carried us to empty beds or couches, not bothering to redress us of course, and let us sleep off the effects of the arrows. 

Like I said, this was a little kinky and more on the side of naughtiness than I'm used to in my dreams. Not that I'm complaining, of course...sometimes you need kinky, sexy dreams in your life. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it, which somehow I'm sure you did, but now it's time for me to forget. 

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Erikka, Samantha, Cheyenne, Laura, Klaire, Sleepygirl


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