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Hypnocock - Part 1

Hypnocock - Part 1

Key: MD, MC, MF, Hu

Description:  Yeah…it’s pretty much exactly what you're thinking. Enjoy!

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

I backed myself up against the wall. I was as far from her as I could get and it still didn’t feel far enough. The look of malicious control in her eye told me she knew she had the upper hand, and she was enjoying the precarious situation she had put me in. As I leaned back against the wall, she placed a hand next to my head and leaned in. I could feel the tip of her knife pressing into the side of my neck. 

"So, Mr Sterling…” She began in a thick, Eastern Bloc accent. “Did the evening go as you planned?” She smiled sadistically as she slowly slid the knife down my neck and along the buttons of my shirt, popping several of them off on the way down. Another man might find this situation exciting…but I’ve never really been one for excitement. Or the sight of blood. Least of all my own. 

I did my best to keep my composure and avoid eye contact, but it’s hard to avoid looking at someone who is less than six inches from your face and sliding a combat grade, stainless steel blade down your stomach. “I have to admit…” I started, failing to hide the tremor in my voice, “some things seem to have gone slightly off course.” 

"Funny.” she said, leaning back as the tip of the knife scraped along my belt buckle, leaving a scratch in the finish and creating a rather unpleasant sound. “This evening has gone exactly how I planned. Right…down…” she paused as she hooked the tip of her blade into the hole of my zipper, “to the tiniest…”  Pausing again, she expertly used the blade to unzip my pants. “of details.” She gazed into my eyes with an icy stare and a satisfied smile as I felt the cold steel slide into my pants, skillfully twist around, and remove my manhood from my pants. “Even this…tiny detail.” she said smugly as she looked down. She assumed this would be her moment of leverage, her trump card. Instead she discovered that I had my own form of…leverage. 

Of course for any of that to make sense I should really start at the beginning. My name is Sterling. Maximilian Sterling. Code name…Hypnocock. But I wasn’t always a spy. My real name is Jeremy Pritchard, and it all started one night about five years ago in college, at a party that a friend of mine, Ruby, was throwing. Being the helpful and socially awkward guy that I was, I agreed to go pick up some pizza as a way to get out of the party and have some time to myself. And to be helpful, of course. For a small party of less than ten people, we had ordered eight pizzas for some reason. Ah, the metabolism of a college student, those were the days. Anyway, I had managed to stack all eight pizzas in one pile and carried them in without an issue, until I got to the apartment door and realized I didn’t have a key. After kicking the door a few times it finally opened and I was greeted with great fanfare from my friends, who seemed just as happy to see me as they were to see the food arrive.

As soon as the door closed however, I found myself, almost instantly de-pantsed, And not just my jeans, because that would have been embarrassing enough. No, my dear best friend had managed to grab my pants and boxers in one swift motion and yank them both down to my ankles. Exposing…well everything. Given my shyness the situation was already less than ideal, but now I had to decide if I wanted to drop nearly one hundred dollars worth of pizza or remain unwillingly on display for my friends’ entertainment. Since I was hungry, I chose the latter. 

In my embarrassment I failed to notice that, although the five males in the group were all hysterically laughing at me, the three females in the group, Ruby, Lauraine, and Michele, were all just…staring. Not gawking or admiring, not even laughing, just…staring blank faced down at my…umm…my manly bits. 

Now I know what you're probably thinking, I must be hung like a horse right? Well that's the thing, I’m not. According to the medical staff at the agency I’m…well, average. When most people hear a story like this they think of a gigantic, porn-star sized log that, if you really think about the anatomy of the average human, would make you stop and wonder “how exactly does that fit?” But no, that’s not me. I’m average in just about every way. I’m not particularly good looking, not muscular or athletic or even particularly tall, just…average. Maybe even a little nerdy, if we’re being honest. But here I was, being stared at by three beautiful women, and no one, not even me, seemed to notice at the time. 

Fortunately for my therapist's sake, my friend was kind enough to take the pizza boxes from me and let me pull my pants back up. He even apologized while the rest of the guys all thanked me for being a good sport and even refunded my portion of the pizza bill. After all, free food is always a nice perk. But the girls…the girls just seemed to be kind of dazed. Zoned out. Once my pants were back up they were able to snap out of it, somewhat, but the rest of the night they seemed to be in a kind of daydream. Thinking back on it, they were all sneaking glances or just outright staring not at me, but at my groin. It was a little unsettling and embarrassing, to be honest. 

And it didn’t go unnoticed by the others either. Michele had a boyfriend who was getting more than a little annoyed that she kept just staring off into space. Fortunately he wasn’t the brightest and never bothered to follow her eye line to see where exactly she was staring. The others made a few comments that Ruby and Loraine also seemed to be off in their own world, but once the game came on the guys were oblivious to anything but the score and the cheerleaders. 

After the game was over and the pizza was gone, the guys decided they all wanted to go to the bar and get plastered. Something about needing to wash that horrible game from their minds. I wasn’t really paying attention, can’t imagine why. I was going to go with them but before I could agree, Ruby grabbed my arm and whispered “Stay” into my ear. So I told the guys I wasn’t feeling well and that I was going to use the bathroom, then head home. Michele and Lauraine also declined, and the guys went on their way.  

The door had barely closed behind them when I turned around and noticed all three girls just standing in front of me with the same dazed expressions on their faces. “Can we see it…?” Michele asked with an almost zombie-like tone to her voice. At that point I wasn’t sure what she wanted to see and just stared back at them in confusion. 

Finally, Ruby made the first move and took a step forward, moving her hand along my groin and starting to unzip my jeans. “I think I speak for everyone.” she started, somehow managing to sound both completely relaxed but still sexy. “We need to see it.” she whispered as I felt her hand slide into my jeans.  

Remember when I said I was socially awkward and a nerd? This was the first time a girl had ever been in my pants, and…I was shaking. Violently. I stepped back and, well, as her hand came out of my jeans…uh…so did I. 

I was about to zip back up when I really looked at all three girls for the first time and noticed that they were just… staring. They weren’t giggling, they weren’t smiling, they were completely slack jawed as they stared at…my member. While I was standing there, equal parts confused and embarrassed, I noticed that their bodies almost looked like they were relaxing. Their arms were hanging limp at their sides, their shoulders were slumped, and they still had the same blank expressions on their faces. You really don’t understand how unusual that was for them, they always had to be moving, laughing, or posing in some way. They were the kind of girls that looked like they could be models and strutted around even on their way to the bathroom. I also couldn’t help but notice that if I moved, they would follow, and their eyes never left my groin. It was still unsettling, but also weirdly fascinating. 

When I asked if they were ok they replied, in unison, with a very quiet “yes.” But when I asked what they were doing they didn’t answer, almost like they didn’t understand either. As an experiment, I covered my manhood with my hand and noticed that some life returned to their eyes as they blinked and looked around. At first they seemed confused, like they couldn’t remember what they were doing. Hell, for a few seconds it looked like they couldn’t even remember where they were.

“Are you ladies ok?” I asked, genuinely curious. 

“Fine.” Ruby said with her typical flirty smile. 

“Why wouldn’t we be?” Michele asked, equally as flirtatious

“Why are you covering your fly?” Lorraine asked curiously, pointing at my groin.

Out of near embarrassment I moved my hand, completely forgetting that I was still sticking out of my jeans. The effect was almost instantaneous as three sets of eyes locked onto my member, while their faces went completely blank. It really was interesting, I swear! 

So, again, remember how I said I was a nerd? I admittedly experimented with this for quite some time. I noticed that if they just got a glimpse of it, they were only lightly dazed and really wanted a longer look. But if they stared at it long enough to really relax and get all slumpy and zombie-like, usually within a minute, when they woke up it was almost like they’d forgotten seeing it. They were relaxed and rather compliant at that point, but they wouldn’t remember anything that had happened!

The nearest I could figure was that this was something like hypnosis. After a few more, um, experiments with the girls that night I also determined that if I touched them, with my um…member, that the touch would make them very…I don’t know if aroused is the right word. Maybe more like smitten? Like they just had to be close to me. They seemed a bit more open to suggestions at that point, too, but I couldn’t really make them do anything too complex. At least not like I could after they had woken up from staring. I might have also suggested they take their shirts off and not notice. Just to see if it would work! Which it did. 

I learned a lot about myself that night, and even more about the three of them. Intimate things, deep things. While they were in their trance they would tell me anything and everything I wanted to know. Fantasies, fears, hopes, dreams, you name it! I also learned that Ruby, especially, had a bit of a crush on me. Unfortunately I also learned that she had absolutely zero intention of acting on that crush because, although It was perfectly fine to have a dorky, shy friend, dating a dorky shy friend was out of the question. It would destroy her social status on campus. This kind of…crushed my ego. So I pulled out my newly discovered secret weapon and stood there for several minutes, thinking, while they slowly blanked out. I wanted to make sure that they were all deep enough to forget, after all, I didn't want anyone remembering I had this power. When I was sure they were completely blank, and wouldn’t remember, I gave Michele and Loraine a suggestion to go back to their own apartments and sleep, then to wake up the next morning having completely forgotten everything after the boys left for the bar. To my great relief, they simply stood up and left. They didn’t even seem to wake up.

This, of course, left me alone with Ruby. And there was something I had to know. I asked her, if she could do…something with me…and no one ever found out…would she. And then I waited an excruciatingly long thirty seconds until she said “yes” in that same far away voice. 

So I stepped up to her and kissed her. Of course this blocked her view, but it didn’t matter, since she was close enough to already be under its spell. The crush she had on me made it very easy for her to forget about her social standing…for one night at least.

You’d think that finding this kind of power would make you more confident and outgoing…and you would be wrong. Although I did find myself wanting to test my powers. You know, accidentally brushing my groin against a girl in the library as I try to squeeze past her, only to see her switch from shy and reserved to warm and flirty. Or to stop by a female friend's dorm or apartment and simply drop my pants once I got inside, then watch her zone out. You would think I’d do that, and maybe even you would do that. But holy shit am I a coward! 

So I did what anyone in my position with severe social anxiety would do: I googled it! 

For the love of god, never ever google “hypnotic penis!” The things I saw I will never, EVER leave my brain. No amount of drugs, alcohol or head trauma is ever going to wipe those images away. Needless to say my search was a bit fruitless. But, I did manage to attract the attention of some very bored nerds at the NSA. For those of you who are not in the know, the NSA stands for National Security Agency or, more specifically, for Never Say Anything. You would think that the government wouldn’t give any credence to a person trying to figure out if it was normal to have a male member with hypnotic powers, but you should never underestimate what the government will waste time and your tax dollars looking into. And, apparently, I was interesting enough for them to want to conduct a little experiment of their own.  

To be continued…

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