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Hypnotic Zombie Attack - Hypnosis Log

Hypnotic Zombie Attack - Hypnosis Log

Key: MD, MF, MC

Description: Sleepygirl volunteers to help me write a hypnosis script… about being attacked by a zombie that hypnotizes her into being a zombie herself. I might have left that part out. 

This script was used to create the real hypnosis fantasy video Hypnotic Zombie Attack

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

Sleepyhypno: 11:24 PM
alright disclaimer... trance, mindlessness, log, public, Woo Woo Woo, yee haw?

SleepyGirl: 11:24 PM
aye aye cap'n

Sleepyhypno: 11:25 PM
close enough =cp

SleepyGirl: 11:25 PM
(it's yes for everyone playing the home game :cP)

Sleepyhypno: 11:26 PM
heheh, eh, i doubt anyone the reads these cares, they are just here to see the girl get knocked out.

SleepyGirl: 11:26 PM
happy to oblige either way :c)

Sleepyhypno: 11:26 PM
glad to hear it!
Just allow yoruself to get into a comfortable position
a place where you can simply relax
and focus on my words
just letting yourself
start to follow them
and easily
as they echo gently
in your mind
over and over again
letting them help you to just
and relax
to allow you to simply
deeper and deeper
down into that wonderful state
that you know
oh so well now.
letting your mind clear
and your body just relax
and drift
and completley
down to sleep
a nice
hypnotic sleep
you can do that now can't you?

SleepyGirl: 11:28 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:28 PM
Good, I thought you might be able too.
it's such a relaxing feeling
to just let go
and let the world around you simply
fade away
completely and totally
find yourself
entering a new world
a world where you are simply
out for a walk
on a cool sumemrs evening
the street lights are on
the crickets and tree frogs are chirping
the wind is cool
and relaxing
and a bright
full moon is shining down on you
and easily
as you make your way
down your walk
step after step
helping the world around you so become
more clear
more vivid
more real
step after step
as you walk
down the street
and gently
you can see that can't you now?

SleepyGirl: 11:30 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:30 PM
very good, how do you feel?

SleepyGirl: 11:31 PM
relaxed, calm

Sleepyhypno: 11:31 PM
godo girl
doing so well
so calm and relaxed nw.
and as you walk, you can't help but notice
a few other people walking
down the street
everyone is polite
but no one seems to pay any attention to anyone else.
but there is one person
that seems to be
a bit diferent
They are shuffling
down the street
their arms limp at their sides
a blank expression
on their face
slowly shuffling
down the street
step by step.
no one seems to really pay any attention to them
after all
now a days
most people don't pay any attention to anything
always with their head in a phone
ear buds on
lost in their own world
ignoring whats goign on around them.
but yet this person
just gets closer
and closer
as you walk down the street.
how does this make you feel?

SleepyGirl: 11:33 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:33 PM
I thought you might be.
you seem to always have a way of
finding these istuations to be more interesting
even though you probably know that in the end
your going ot end up helpless
and incapacitated
thats why you keep coming back
isn't it.

SleepyGirl: 11:34 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:34 PM
very good.
as you watch the person,
shuffling slowly
down the street
you notice another person
walking towards them
head lost in their phone
ignoring the world around them
ignoring the person they are walking straigh ttowards
but s they get close
the person seems to come alive
their arms come up quickly
and grab the person by the shoulders
and move towards them
teh surprised person seems to finally snap into reality
having been lost in a very different kind of trance
only to realize a complete stranger is grabbing them
they struggle and try to push away
but the person holds on
not saying a word
jsut staring at them
holding them
and moving them slowly
with all their might
towards a tree
pushing them agianst the tree
the other person seems to grunt in surprise
and then stare at their attacker
and for the first time gasp
how do you feel as you are watching this now?

SleepyGirl: 11:37 PM
confused but still curious

Sleepyhypno: 11:37 PM
as you watch
a bright light seems to form
inside the eys of the person
that person that was shuffling
the light seems to flow
out of the person eyes
and swirl into the eyes of the person they attacked
you see the gasp
and struggle
but then seem to almost
seem to take on a soft
contented smile
as more and more of the light
more of the energy
just flows from the one person
into the next
the person who was attacked
seems to just shiver
and then their arms go limp
and they simply stare ahead
their eyes glowing
just the like the eyes of their attacker
and then the attacker lets them go.
both of their eyes stop glowing
and they both start to move
down the street
but in different directions.
Do you know what is happening?

SleepyGirl: 11:40 PM
dont think so

Sleepyhypno: 11:40 PM
of course not.
it's confusiong at first
but as the person
who had been previously talking on their phone
and walking down the street
starts to move towards you
you notice that their shoulders are limp
their face is slack
void of all thought
just acting on instinct
They are a kind of
a hypnotic zombie
whatever the energy was
that moved from one to the other
it infected them
to make them
helpless to resist
driven to create more
and more
hypnotic zombies
and this one is heading.
right for you.
how does this make you feel

SleepyGirl: 11:42 PM
like i should be moving away from them

Sleepyhypno: 11:42 PM
yes you should
it doesn't take long for the realization
to turn to a desire to simply
but as you turn to go you become aware
having been lost in your own little daze
that the street
is full of hypnotic zombies
they seem to be coming out of everywhere.
you hear screams
and struggles
as more and more of the people that were walking down the street
are grabbed
a glow illuminating parts of the street
letting you know that one
after another
another victim is ending up
and controlled
and then the screams quiet down
and the lights fade
and all you see is more
and more people
down the street
you should probably...
don't you think

SleepyGirl: 11:44 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:45 PM
fortunately for you
the hypnotized zombies are more
and relaxed
so they are easy to run around
easy to avoid
but there seems to be
more and more of them
coming out
out of the houses
out of the yards
distant screems and struggles
strange lights coming from house windows
then silence
and darkness
all the while more and more peopl e
arms at their sides
one thought on their empty mine
how do you feel?

SleepyGirl: 11:47 PM
nervous, like i need to get away

Sleepyhypno: 11:47 PM
are you enjoying this little,   horror story of a trance?

SleepyGirl: 11:47 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:47 PM
Good girl
always safe
just a fantasy
to enjoy
you know that so well don't you.

SleepyGirl: 11:47 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:48 PM
good girl
you make your way down the street
but you can only run for so long
move for so long
you need to rest
you need to stop
you find a quiet little walk way
between two houses
it's dark
and secluded
you move into it and lean against the wall
heart pumping a mile a minute
breathing fast
and catching your breath
your safe for now.
you tell yourself
and just try to make sense of whats happening
but then you see another
hypnotized zombie
moving towards you
from across the street
you watch it closely
as you slowly back away
through the houses
you don't know if it saw you
so you go slowly
by step
making your way out from between the houses
you turn to run
but run face first
into another hypnotic zombie
how do you feel now?

SleepyGirl: 11:50 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:50 PM
yes, you are.
before you can scream
before you can react
their eyes start to glow
it's a strange sort of glow
it's both
and new at the same time
you find yourself almost wondering
what color that is
it looks like a color you recognive
one that you enjoy
but it's
there is something else inside of it
a sparkle
something that makes it jsut a bit
just a bit new
your not aware of your body being pushed
back against the house
as the color
the energy
moves from the zombie
into your eyes.
you feel yourself gasp
and tense up
how do yoyu feel now?

SleepyGirl: 11:52 PM
caught, helpless, cant look away

Sleepyhypno: 11:53 PM
the energy starts to flow through you
but not just through your mind
not at first
you feel it moving through your body first
sliding over your skin
and exciting.
it feels like a lovers touch
gliding along your form
every part of your body feels like it's being
feels like it's being
and caressed
all at once
the color of the energy
sliding along your nerves
along your body
every single part of you
and tingling
every part of you feeling a pleasure
and intense pleasure
building inside of you
your heart beat seems to make it grow
make it spread
and your heart is beating
so fast
so very very fast
unable to look away
shivering in pleasure
and feeling it building
more and more
how do you feel now?

SleepyGirl: 11:55 PM
aroused, shivering

Sleepyhypno: 11:55 PM
the pleasure builds
more and more
it's intense
stimulating every part of you
all at once
you can't help but just stare
into their eyes
feeling your body
the pleasure easily rises
higher and higher
higher then you thought you could take
it simply builds
and builds
seemingly wit no end.
no end at all...
and then when you are just about to accept
that the pleasure has you
yoru body climaxes
every part of your body
just floods with pleasure
an intense
deep pleasure
you can't help but just
sink into it.
isn't that right now ?

SleepyGirl: 11:57 PM

Sleepyhypno: 11:57 PM
how do you feel?

SleepyGirl: 11:58 PM
still a little aroused, calming down

Sleepyhypno: 11:59 PM
and then you feel the energy
flooding inot your mind
moving through yoru eyes
into your brain
and wrapping it self through your brain
every nerve ending seems to light up
every part of your brain all at once just seems
to tingle
as you feel your thoughts
shutting down
they simply
you body convulses
in a tingle of pleasure
and relaxation
as you simply
slip away
and stare ahead
you feel your arms fall to yoru sides
limp and hanging
you feel your jaw opening
your eyes unfocusing
and then all the remains
is the color
your thoughs are over powered by it
unaware of where you are
just the color
staring into it
helpless to resist
it has you
in its power.
doesn't it now/

SleepyGirl: 12:01 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:01 AM
the zomibe that had grabbed you
lets you go
and you feel yoru body
lean off fo the house
and start to walk
a slow
lumbering shuffle
your feet barely getting high enough
to avoid scrapping along the ground
as you move
down the street
no thoughts in your mind
only the color
but you body is being controlled
like a puppet
moved by the energy
while you are stuck
and enthralled
you've become...
a hypnotized zombie
and your on the prowl
how does that make you feel?

SleepyGirl: 12:03 AM
empty, helpless

Sleepyhypno: 12:09 AM
good girl
sorry about the delay,
my router decided it too
wanted to become a zombie
and went blank
and empty
but unlike you my friend
i beat the shit out of it
and now it's working again
but your still empty
your still blank
and helpless now
aren't you

SleepyGirl: 12:10 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:10 AM
good girl
you find yoruself walking
to the house of someone you konw
maybe it's a friend
or a lover
maybe it's someone you have a crush on
or someone you despise and want to join you secretly
whatever you desire
it is after all
just a fantasy
but you can feel yourself
moving to their door
your notice your hands raising up
and hittin gthe door
sliding down it
it's like your body is trying to open the door
but it doesn' tknow how
and your far too
far to blank
to help it
isn't that right?

SleepyGirl: 12:12 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:12 AM
but, then the door opens
and the person inside
looks at you confused
they dont' understand
they haven't noticed what was happening
but hte confusion is all you need
you feel your body lunge forward
grabbing them
knocking them over
they land on the floor
surprised and struggling
as you stare down at them
and you feel the color
the energy
grow inside ofyou
you feel it moving
and swirling
like leaves caught in the wind
as it flows around your mind
and you feel it flowing
into the mind of the other person
for a brief moment
you feel thier body
you connect with thier mind
and you feel a surge of pleasure
inside of them
you fele their body twitch
and shiver
underneath you
and then you feel them
go limp
you see their face
go slack
their eyes taking on a soft little glow
just like yours
you've turned them
into a hypnotized zombie
just like you
how does that make you feel

SleepyGirl: 12:15 AM
aroused, more blank and empty

Sleepyhypno: 12:16 AM
good girl
did you pick someone in aparticular, to go and convert to a zombie?

SleepyGirl: 12:16 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:16 AM
would you care to share that with us now/

SleepyGirl: 12:17 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:17 AM
good girl , who did you target to convert

SleepyGirl: 12:17 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:17 AM
very good
and why did you choose to go and make Ivy...
a hypnotized zombie,
just like you

SleepyGirl: 12:18 AM
thought she would like to be blank and empty too

Sleepyhypno: 12:18 AM
I'm sure she would.
and I'm sure she is reading this log right now
agreeing with you
assuming that is
that she didn't slip into a trance
while she was reading it
in which case you now both
completley blank and empty
there is symetry in that
don't you think?

SleepyGirl: 12:18 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:19 AM
good girl
you find yourself rising up
your victim
following you
as you lumber back out
into the street
arms limp
mind blank
and empty
the energy in your mind
keeping you enthralled
keeping you helpless
how do you feel ?

SleepyGirl: 12:20 AM
blank, enthralled

Sleepyhypno: 12:20 AM
good girl
this is the end of the fantasy
would you like to be sent to bed as a blank zombie
or would you like to wkae up
and give your more
coherent thoughts
to the audience at large

SleepyGirl: 12:21 AM
give my coherent thoughts

Sleepyhypno: 12:21 AM
good girl
just allow yoruself to slide back up
Wide awake

SleepyGirl: 12:23 AM
i think im semi coherent :cP

Sleepyhypno: 12:23 AM
how deep areyou

SleepyGirl: 12:24 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:24 AM
so your still hypnotized aren't you

SleepyGirl: 12:24 AM
yes, i thought i was more awake than that

Sleepyhypno: 12:25 AM
this would be better for you.
you can give more... in depth answers
while remaining calm
can't you.

SleepyGirl: 12:25 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:26 AM
how did you like tonights little adventure?

SleepyGirl: 12:27 AM
im not usually a big fan of horror but this was exciting and i enjoyed it

Sleepyhypno: 12:28 AM
it was a request,  someone wanted a little zombie adventure. I figured making it more hypnotic would be more on brand, and more for a generalized audience

SleepyGirl: 12:28 AM
it worked in both respects

Sleepyhypno: 12:29 AM
I thought so.
so tell us now Sleepygirl, how you felt being turned inot a zombie, you cna be as detailed as you'd like. since your still hypnotized.

SleepyGirl: 12:32 AM
it was...not what i expected, but still very exciting. hypnotic zombies are less gruesome so that doesnt hurt either. the affects of the energy were almost instant though and i liked not being able to look away from the color and not quite being able to figure out what made it different...obviously the pleasure from the energy was a nice bonus, too

Sleepyhypno: 12:32 AM
yes i thought you jight like a little orgasm in the middle of this.
What color did you see, what color made you feel helpless?

SleepyGirl: 12:33 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:33 AM
and how did tha tmake you feel
SleepyGirl: 12:34 AM
just..completely helpless, i couldnt look away from it and didnt want to

Sleepyhypno: 12:34 AM
good girl
and you choose Ivy to convert. didn't you?

SleepyGirl: 12:35 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:35 AM
why did you choose here?

SleepyGirl: 12:36 AM
i thought it would be exciting for her to feel helpless like that

Sleepyhypno: 12:36 AM
and how did you fele, holding her down... it's ok to be detailed here, as I'm sure she'll enjoy reading this.

SleepyGirl: 12:38 AM
it was exciting, not even being aware of who i was holding down and only having the thought and desire to convert someone else. but it was sexy to see her react to the energy too, and to feel the pleasure in her body from the brief connection, and then sexy to see her mind go blank while i was still holding her down

Sleepyhypno: 12:39 AM
is there anything you'd like to tell her while your open like this now?

SleepyGirl: 12:40 AM
i hope you enjoyed being blank and enthralled as much as i did

Sleepyhypno: 12:41 AM
good girl
is there anything else you'd like to say to the audience or in general?

SleepyGirl: 12:42 AM
if you hear shuffling in the distance, don't turn around...your mind might be next

Sleepyhypno: 12:42 AM
good girl
how do you feel

SleepyGirl: 12:43 AM
empty and helpless

Sleepyhypno: 12:43 AM
how deep are you now?

SleepyGirl: 12:43 AM

Sleepyhypno: 12:43 AM
and time for you to drift back down
all the way down to sleep
empty and helpless
just blank
and obedientnow
isn't that right?

SleepyGirl: 12:44 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno: 12:44 AM
good girl
say good bye to the viewers SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: 12:45 AM
good bye

Sleepyhypno: 12:45 AM
Good girl

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