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Xander vs. Dawn, Part 4: Back Stage

Key: FD, F/F, MC, Freeze,
The Spirals night club was filled to the breaking point for a rare late morning stage show. The manager of the club, Nadia, who had been pushed into working at the club in order to get her police record expunged was not extremely happy about having to stay in one place for so long. But the hypnotic suggestions given to her during her orientation had made that inconvenience little more then a thought in the back of her mind.

The stage was filled with people who were all under her spell. Most were laying slumped in their chairs while the audience cheered the two girls in the middle of the stage. They both though they were kittens and were in the middle of fighting over a ball of yarn. The fact that they were both completely naked seemed to help keep the audience's attention. But in the far back row sat an eager young lady. Her name was Abigal and her deepest most sought after dream was to become a stage hypnotist, and Nadia was her idle. She knew that if she could manage to convince the stage hypnotist to take her under her wing that she could fulfill her dream. But she figured that just asking wouldn't be good enough. No she would have to prove herself to the hypnotist... she would have to hypnotize her.

Sounds like a perfectly logical plan to me.

The sound of the audience applauding snapped Abigal out of her day dream. The show was ending the hypnotized subjects were heading back to their seats and Nadia was taking a bow. She couldn't help but admire the woman. Here she was on stage, a group of subjects all heading back to their seats... all completely unaware that they were totally naked. As the hypnotist moved to head off stage she paused for a moment and held up the microphone with an evil grin and said “oh... one last thing...” with that she lowered the microphone and headed off stage. Abigal was confused until she noticed that all of the former subjects, every single one, was now standing completely, hypnotically, frozen as they tried to move back to their seats. Not a single one was moving. As the audience moved to... more closely examine that frozen victims... use your imagination.... it's ok you can do it.... There you go! Anyways, as they audience was occupied Abigal saw her chance. She moved through the crowd and headed to the stage door. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching' she opened the door quietly and slipped back stage.

She found the stage hypnotist's dressing room in the back and reached for the door knob. She felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and took a moment to calm herself down. Taking slow deep breathes she finally turned the knob and slid the door open. Nadia was sitting at the make up table in her dressing room and easily saw the door open behind her. She smiled as the young brunette walked into the room. The wavy haired redhead simply looked at Abigal in the mirror and asked “yes... is there something I can do for you miss?” before swinging around to look the young woman in the eye. Nadia could see that Abigal was nervous, extremely nervous but was controlling it remarkably well for someone so... young.

Abigal steadied herself and stepped forward towards her idol and said with a smile “Hello, I was just curious if I could ask you a question... for a report that I am doing... umm.... for my english class, yeah?”

Nadia was curious what the woman was actually after, but thought she would play along and simply nodded at her with a grin. Abigal swallowed harder then she intended too but steadied herself a bit more. “I was just wondering miss..” she started as she drew up all the confidence that she had and looked down into the eyes of the trained, skilled, and completely amoral hypnotist. “have you ever found that when you... meet someone” she gently gestured to herself “that some times you find yourself... completely focused on them now. Like you can't help but.. listen... to every word they say. That you find that you seem to feel yourself getting... drawn into them... into their eyes... like you can't look away. Like you can't help but listen to everything they have to say now... as you focus deeply... and easily... on their eyes...”

Nadia was a bit taken back by the young woman's bold move. She knew immediately what she was trying to do. The stealth induction was quiet common, but she had never had someone try it on her. Least of all seek her out directly to try it on her. This pushed Nadia's buttons in a way she wasn't expecting. And decided to play with the young hypnotist, just a bit. She gave her young visitor a gentle nod as she stared deep into her eyes... Abigal nearly jumped at the response, but kept her composure and continued. “It's so easy when you first meet this person... this person that you can't help but focus on now. That you can't help but listen to every word they say. Every word drawing you in.. and helping you to relax... even more. To focus even more deeply now... isn't that right?”

Nadia was impressed, the young woman's tone and pacing were flawless, she had to admit that she was starting to feel it, to feel herself getting drawn in. But she was not a willing subject and decided that it was time to play with the young woman a bit more then she expected. She stood up from her chair, without her heels she was easily 5'11, but with 2 inch heals she towered over the much shorter young brunette, and stared down into her eyes deeply as she said “Yes, so easy to find yourself.. lost... in the words... in the eyes... of the person you just met... To find that the more you listen... the more you say.... the more easily you can relax... so deeply and peacefully now.”

Abigal was visibly shaken by the commanding presence of the hypnotist. She knew that something wasn't right but having her own induction turned on her had dazed her mind a bit... but she thought she saw something. A slight, very subtle twitch in the much taller woman's eye. Something in the way her iris was focusing made her realize that she was slipping under. If she could only keep going... she thought. “yes” she said with all the confidence she could muster “so easy to listen to the words that are being spoken, so easy to get lost in the conversation. To feel what those words tell you. Every word, every syllable slipping into your mind. Making it more focused. More relaxed on the eyes of the woman in front of you.” It was an old trick, but it was worth a shot. By leaving it vague as to whose words were helping Nadia to relax, she had hoped that the hypnotist's own words would start to put her under. But she had forgotten to realize that in doing so.. she also opened up herself to her own words.

Nadia smiled and echoed the words back to her would-be hypnotist. The two would go back and forth, talking about how every word, every gesture would make the other more relaxed, and pull them in deeply. And from the window the whole time Dawn was watching them. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but she could see what was happening. The over confident Nadia seemed to be unaware that with everything that either woman said her posture was becoming more relaxed, her face more slack jawed. And her eyes, her lovely eyes were becoming glazed and unfocused. The younger hypnotist was visibly effected, probably already in a deep enough trance to do whatever she was told... but Nadia was not one to give up, or end the game before she was ready... this would be her downfall.

“and now...” started a clearly dazed abigal “on the count of three...” she was cut off by Nadia

“you will find yourself sinking... deeper...” added Nadia.

“And deeper....” said Abigal

“All the way down....” began Nadia

“Into a deep...deep...” continued Abigal

“Hypnotic sleep...” finished Nadia

Dawn couldn't tell what was happening but could feel the energy in the room, she knew this was about to come to a head... she just wished she could hear what was going on... as she though about opening the window she noticed the women start again.

“3....” said Abigal in a very soft tone already hypnotized.

“2....” continued Nadia also pretty much out already.

“1....” Abigal was slowly raising her right hand about to speak but Nadia beat her to the punch.

“Sleep....” Said Nadia... the word itself caused a rush of relaxation to fill into her own mind... she could barely see Abigal but could tell the word had hit her hard. The young woman's eyes had rolled up into her head as her eye lids closed. Her shoulders visibly started to sag and her legs began to give out beneath her. The young woman had put up quite a fight, but Nadia had won... She watched as her young victim started her gentle sway and fall to the ground. But something caught her eye... her hand was still up... her fingers... what were they...


The sound filled Nadia's ears and hit her mind like a semi-truck. Her eyes rolled up into her head instantly and she heard herself sigh. The world seemed to fade away and her head become tingling and foggy. The last thing she would remember is a feeling of floating... or was that falling. She didn't have time to figure it out.

From the window Dawn watched as Abigal sank to her knees and then gently swooned to her side, completely out. A half second later the larger and older Nadia landed on top of her also completely limp. She blinked at the scene in front of her, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Then with a shrug decided not to question it and pushed the window open. She had two hypnotized young women to collect. And The day was still young.

Dawn belongs to ADV913

Nadia and Abigal belong to me. 

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