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Xander vs. Dawn, Part 5: Midnight's Magical Shoppe

Key: FD, MC, Sleep
Celene's day had started off rather.. usually. Even for her. She had some how managed to fall asleep not once, but twice in one morning. But now that morning had turned to afternoon she was ready to do some shopping. And first on her list was a curious little shop in a quiet corner of the shopping district called Midnight's Shoppe.

As she walked in she was drawn to all of the hand carved wooden figurines, and hand crafted jewelry and knick-nacks. But one thing caught her eye the most. Hanging on the wall was a huge assortment of Native American dream catchers. Hand crafted with careful detail. Most were your standard spider web circle, but some... some were more intricate. There was even one in the shape of a spiral.

“They are lovely aren't they.” a voice behind Celene whispered into her ear. She jumped with a start and turned around to a tall woman with slightly tanned skin and long dark hair standing behind her. The woman was wearing a pair of knee high black leather boots... and a deep purple leather dress that definitely accentuated some of her... um... features.

Celene, being a security guard for Spirals, immediately noticed just how strong and well built the woman was but also noticed that although she enjoyed scaring her, she didn't' seem threatening at all. “Yes, yes they are quite lovely.” She said stuttering a bit.

“I make them myself you know, every one is a work of art, unique.... each one has a person out there that it is made for, whether that person realizes it or not...” Midnight said sliding up next to Celene to point out the individual dream catchers.

Celene was visible nervous, the woman was standing very close to her, almost flirting in a way but she didn't want to be rude. Midnight continued without a second thought to her nervousness. “Take this one for example...” pointing to a dream catcher with a yellow metallic hoop and silver webbing sliding along the inside. “This one I made for you miss... although I didn't know it at the time... Take a look at the gem, the light blue one in the center, the one that is just sitting there. All alone away from the others, watching over them. Protecting them. That is you... The constant guardian, always looking out while others have fun. But if you look into that crystal now... deeper and deeper into the crystal. You can see at the heart, that even though you are watching out for others... that is what you enjoy the most. Wouldn't you agree?”

Celene seemed to be a bit dazed. She didn't realize that as Midnight was talking, her other hand had slid up her back and was gently sliding through her hair. And between her fingers was an orb of energy, that Midnight was using to gently dip in and out of Celene's head... accessing her memories, her thoughts, her very being. Everything that Midnight had said was true, because she had pulled it directly from her mind. Celene was trying to focus and figure out what to do. She looked to midnight for answers but was met instead by the woman leaning in closer to her, her eyes were now a swirl of energy.

“I think you'll like this dream catcher... Celene isn't it.... it will look lovely over your bed. Don't you agree?” Celene was struggling to answer. The orb that Midnight was dangling into the back of her head was now slowly draining her energy. Celene stuttered a few times to try and answer. Her eyes rolling up into her head as if looking for the right thing to say the right words. Her eyes came down to look at Midnight as she started to speak only to have Midnight place a single finger over her lips “Shhhhhhh” she said softly “It will all be clear to you Celene... when you wake up.”

Celenes eyes rolled all the way up into her head. Her eye lids fluttered as she let out a sigh and her body started to sink. Knees bending as she dropped down right in front of Midnight, who did nothing to catch her, and landing on the floor with a soft thud. The dark haired woman smiled at her prey and was about to lean down to carry her someplace out of the way when the door bell chimed a new arrival.

“I see you have already had your lunch.” Xander said with a smile, admiring how nice Midnight looked. “Your tail is showing you know?”

Midnight's black succubi tail was visible outside her dress, swishing happily behind her, she grinned as it coiled back up under her skirt as she nodded “Hey X, what can I do for you?” She asked picking up Celene with one hand and throwing the lovely blonde over her shoulder to carrying her behind the checkout counter.

Xander met her at the check out counter and pursed his lips, he knew he had to talk to her but he wasn't sure how to bring up the subject. “I was wondering if... maybe... kind of …. I don't know... if you could....”

Before he could actually formulate a thought Midnight cut him off and explained that she knew about the bet between him and Dawn, and that he was here to ask for help. She smiled “I'd be happy to help.”

Xander however was completely confused. “How did you know about that?” he asked energetically.

Midnight simply smiled and walked past him tilting her head back as she went “A girl has her ways.” As she passed she flicked a finger for him to follow and the frustrated incubus sighed and shook his head following her over to the wall of dream catchers. “these are my newest creation” she started “they are... more then just dream catchers” she said with a smile. “They are connected... connected to this...” She commented pointing to a small necklace like dream catcher that was hanging between her breasts.

Xander totally missed the dream catcher... didn't miss the breasts. Not in the slightest. Midnight rolled her eyes and sighed as she snapped her fingers a few times next to her head “Eyes up here X.”

Xander snapped back to reality and looked up at her “I'm sorry you were saying?”

She rolled her eyes and gave a frustrated sigh “I was saying they all connect to here... when someone sleeps it opens a portal. And I can...” before she could finish her sentence the dream catcher around her neck started to glow. The gems in the webbing lit up like Christmas tree lights, as the webs started to glow with energy. Midnight seemed to gasp a bit as tiny little electrical discharges of energy started to flow from the dream catcher into her body. She moaned as her head tilted to the side and she bit her lip, breathing in short fast inhales and long sighs. It was pretty easy to tell that she was getting very excited, although she did her best to hide it in front of Xander. After a few moments she turned her back to him and stopped a squeal of pleasure from escaping at the last moment.

Xander was, needless to say, extremely intrigued. As she recovered from her best attempt to hide an orgasm she simply looked at him and continued her explanation. Stating that once the person fell asleep under it, the dream catcher would open up a portal and send that persons energy to her. Draining them and sending them into a deep sleep. They would wake up refreshed, and she would have a constant stream of energy.

Neither of them noticed that standing outside the shop watching them from the window was Dusk. The tall redheaded Succubus had a devious grin on her face as she shook her head “I knew that incubus couldn't manage to...” her sentence was cut off in a gasp. As a figure landed directly behind her and placed both hands on the side of her head. The instant the mysterious stranger's hands touched her, her entire body seemed to glow with an aura. Dusk jerked in surprise gasping and shaking as she stood there head looking up and her body other wise limp. After a few seconds the glow faded and she sighed into the waiting arms of the angel that had landed behind her.

“It's a nice little toy, Midnight but I'm not sure how that would help me?” Xander asked still looking at the dream catchers.

Before Midnight could answer the bell on the front door rang again and both turned to see a beautiful angel, in a long green dress, with her left arm completely bare with an intricate piece of jewelry that ran from the necklace around her neck all the way down her arm to her wrist. Her long brown hair, and burnt looking feathered wings were an interesting contrast. While thrown over her shoulder as the now unconscious Dusk. “I hate to tell you Midnight but this neighborhood is going down hill, look at what I found lurking in the streets.” She said with a playful smile as she dropped Dusk onto one of the couches along the wall, then turned to give a nice warm smile to Xander. “Hey Xander!”

Midnight grinned at her friend “Hey V” she said while noticing that Xander was still clueless about so many things. As he nodded at her but seemed more concerned with Dusk then with Veo. For her part the angel seemed confused and concerned until Midnight filled her in on what was going on with the bet.

After hearing the story Veo simply smiled at Xander and said “that sounds like fun! How can I help?” she asked genuinely.

Xander seemed a bit surprised “You want to help me beat Dawn?”

Before Veo could answer Midnight leaned over the counter and commented “oh she would do... Anything, ANYTHING... for you X.” she said giving her friend a knowing smile. Veo's expression didn't' betray her emotions one bit, but the slight pink tint on her cheeks gave it away. Xander missed it completely.

“Well” he started “I think I can get more girls then Dawn, but I wouldn't mind some help just in case, if that would be ok with you Veo?” he asked in a nervous tone.

Veo's eye's lit up and she was about to answer when Midnight cut her off “oh she would be happy too....” at that exact moment an orb of energy hit midnight square in the chest. The tall succubus gasped a bit as her entire body seemed to glow with an aura of light. She had a second to shoot Veo a look as the surprised expression faded and her body started to sink behind the counter landing on the already unconscious Celene. A moment later the aura surrounding her merged together into a ball that floated off of Midnight's chest and back into Veo's hand. The angel gave her unconscious friend a smile and a 'serves you right' kind of nod before looking back to Xander with a nice big grin “We'll looks like you got two right there... Three if you count Dusk.”

Xander simply returned an evil smile.

Veo and Midnight belong to SleepinDarlin
Dusk belongs to Gbrn32
Xander and Celene are mine!

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