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Xander vs. Dawn, Part 2: The Hypnosis Lab

Key: MC, FD,
The lab was unnecessarily large, extremely clean with several cold metal tables lining one wall. The tables were loaded with different types of gadgets and tech. Along the longest wall were several tube like containers and inside each one was a young woman. Each asleep, each with lights and scanners flashing along their bodies keeping tabs on what was going on inside of their bodies, inside of their minds. And in the center of the room was a beautiful young woman, her long light brown hair tied back into a bun and her glasses perched on the end of her nose as she looked at the helpless girls and took notes on her clip board. Her dress shoes, and the light pink collar of her shirt were the only parts of her outfit the stuck out of the pale, sterile white lab coat she was wearing.

As the scientist was busy studying her various subjects Dawn walked in behind her, quietly at first but only to startle the scientist “Whats up Babs?!” she shouted to get a rise out of her.

Barbara jumped a bit and then smiled at Dawn as she put her hand to her chest and panted a bit from the shock. “Dawn... jeez you scared me. Not much really just seeing how the latest subjects fared in the last test run.”

Dawn nodded pretending to care “and what exactly are you and the self proclaimed genius testing this time?” She asked more as a distraction as she noticed the various devices and gadgets sitting out along the table along the wall.

Barbara, for all of her intelligence took the bait hook line and sinker and immediately started going into a description of the test. Describing how the subjects had been hit with a kind of neural electric blast which overloaded their nervous system and put their brains into a kind of standby mode. As she explained Dawn moved over to the table by the side examining the different devices, she didn't know what any of them did but figured since nothing was ever made to be harmful that it would be safe to just pick one at random.

Barbara was in the middle of explaining how the different subjects had reacted. The girl in the first pod, a short haired blonde had at first seemed very confused by the effects until her eyes went blank, even though she continued to talk until Barbara told her to stop. The second pod had a curly haired fox girl in it. That is to say a girl that looked human but has a furry red fox tail, and two red furry fox ears poking out of her otherwise black curly hair. This girl had seemed to almost lock up when she was hit, just staring off into space not even moving from the position she was in when she was hit, at least not until Barbara told her to get into the pod. The third girl along the way was much shorter then the rest barely 5 feet tall with shoulder length red hair that would taper to being shorter as it moved to the back of her head. This girl when hit by the blast had almost instantly gone limp, falling to the ground in a heap and just sitting there waiting for instructions. And finally the last girl, a tall girl with brown hair down to her waist. Dawn thought the girl looked familiar for some reason but couldn't place her. Barbara was about to explain how this girl had reacted when she was hit but Dawn cut her off by picking up one of the devices and saying “what does this thing do?”

Barbara turned around a bit confused having been cut off in the middle of her sentence and looked at Dawn as her eyes widened in shock. “No!” she shouted “don't touch that! That's that neural inhibitor!”

Dawn just smiled at Barbara and commented “That's all I needed to know” and pulled the trigger. A blast resembling a slow moving lightning bolt moved from the weapon and struck Barbara in the chest. It pushed her body visibly back a bit but not too much as electricity started to trickle along her body. The look on her face went from one of concern to one of confusion. Her arms seemed to go limp, she dropped the clipboard and a moment later her pen fell from her hand. Her face was visibly relaxing as she wobbled on her knees and then as the electricity moved up and down her legs she gently slid to her knees and started to teeter to the left side.

As the electricity started to climb over her shoulders and up her neck Barbara started to comment, “That's very inter....” her comment turned to a soft sigh as the electricity enveloped her face and eyes rolled into her head. She softly sank to the floor appearing to be completely asleep.

Dawn smiled at Barbara and then moved towards the girls in the pods, only to get within a few feet of them and hit an invisible force field. With frustration in her eyes she pounded on the force field but it was as hard as stone. In a huff she moved over to Barbara and poked her shoulder “Hey, how do you drop the force field?”

“On a timer” replied Barbara in a sleep tone “wont' open for 48 hours.”

Dawn sighed, she almost had 5 girls for the bet, but instead was back down to simply 1. She shrugged it off and stood up ordering Barbara to stand up. The lovely lab assistant slowly lifted herself up off of the floor and stood before the redheaded succubus. Her face was expressionless and her eyes seemed to only be about half open at best.

Dawn walked slowly around Barbara admiring her figure. “For a nerd” she thought to herself “she certainly did have an athletic figure.” She wondered if the professor hadn't been making her run on the treadmill while hypnotized. He had done that to a few of the girls once before, it was a strange experience. Dawn had woken up both tired and rested at the same time.

As she moved around the young assistant she gently slid her lab coat off of her shoulders and let it slide to the ground, revealing for the first time her pink blouse and rather tight fitting black tube skirt. Dawn smiled as she looked her helpless friend over and commented, “Quiet the sexy look... for a lab assistant, don't you think?”

Barbara's reply wasn't expected but came out anyways in a flat almost sleepy tone. “It feels good to be sexy at work, feeling good helps you to be more productive. You should be sexy at work.”

Dawn couldn't help but notice that the reply had come more as a statement directed at someone, and not something someone would say of themselves. She gave a slow sarcastic nod as she said “uh huh.... Professor suggested that to you. Didn't he?”

Barbara simply replied with a cold, “yes.” But Dawn thought there might have been just a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“Kind of what I thought...” Dawn had turned to examine the tubes with the young test subjects in them. “so... tell me Babs, where exactly did you and the nut job, I mean professor, manage to snag 5 women without anyone noticing you do it?”
Barbara's reply was not exactly what Dawn was expecting. “Social media and dating Apps.” she replied flatly. Dawn just gave a confused look as a response which prompted Barbara to add in. “He is a chick magnet on Kindling.”

Dawn's eyes grew wide in a look that was half repulsion and half confusion. “If you say so Bab's. Oh well that won't help me find anyone today I don't have time to start a social media blitz... but may when this is over.” As she started to mull the idea over in her mind she headed towards the door, motioning for the blank minded Barbara to follow her.

Barbara followed slowly “Of course Dawn, I'd be happy to help you create a Kindling account, you could find a more suitable partner. Someone other then that Incubus your always fawning over.”

Dawn stopped so fast you could almost hear tire screeches. She whipped around and glared at Barbara “What... Incubus, is it that you think I am fawning over?” Her eyes starting to turn red.

“The one that seduced you at Christmas. Xander was his name.” She said completely ignoring the fact that Dawn looked like her head was about to explode.

“As if!” Shouted dawn angrily. “First off he didn't... seduce me.... we had a very heated battle! And I would have won if I wasn't still dazed from the effects of the freeze ray that had been used on be a few hours earlier!”

“The freeze ray” began Barbara “doesn't not have any residual side effects. You would have been at peek abilities as soon as the … the... the....”

Barbara was cut off by Dawn shoving an orb directly into her head. The moment it entered the lab assistant's eyes lit up in a swirl of hypnotic colors and her body seemed to sag just a bit more as the energy connected to her mind. “He did not seduce me!” Dawn said angrily. The helpless Barbara had no choice but to agree.

With that Dawn spun around and huffed off angrily “Follow!” she shouted as she headed towards the door. “See what I get for you next Christmas little miss... “ switching to a very whiny patronizing tone “he seduced you.” Then rolling her eyes and commenting in a huff, “I'll get you a date with satre, see how you like that!” She shouted storming out of the building.

Barbara commented just as she left the building “I could use a good date...”

Barbara and Dawn as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it. 

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