Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sleepygirls Museum trip (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: FD, MD, M/F, MC, Sleep, Freeze, Log

[This is SleepyGirl's response to the dream/fantasy that she had about being in the museum. SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Okay, I blame lack of sleep and brain shortages for this dream that you're about to hear about, but regardless I thought you might find it...interesting (you'll understand why momentarily).

So, like I said, I had a dream last night. Stranger than normal but we'll get to why later. Anyway, in the dream I was walking around a museum - sounds normal enough, right? Well, I thought so too. There seemed to be a few different areas to it - natural history, chemistry, science, you get the idea. So I was walking around, looking at things, and as seems to be the case in these dreams of mine, noticed some friends walking around too. It seemed innocent enough so I was going to wander over to them, but before I could do that I noticed another girl (who I didn't know) standing not too far away from them...and she wasn't moving. She actually looked kind of stuck in mid step. When I got a closer look I saw that she was in the middle of this blue circle with the same color light around her...and then I looked at a nearby sign and saw that it said 'stasis beam'...which explained everything.

And just when I was about to get back to my friends I saw a little timer next to her, that was ticking down to 0...when it did she just started walking away like nothing had happened. It was a little bizarre, to say the least. Then I saw my friends (Amanda, Krissy, and Julie just for sanity's sake) were walking toward the light, so before I could actually say anything they walked by and activated it - which caught Amanda and Julie, but Krissy (ever the oblivious one...one of them anyway) kept on walking. Eventually she turned around to see them frozen a few steps back and started to walk back over. So, since I was in a mood, when she got closer I just kinda...nudged her into it, too. Actually I snuck up behind her and accidentally 'bumped' her into it, but minor detail really. And then I looked at the timer again that was next to them. I swear when the other girl was frozen it said 5 minutes...well, this time it read 48 hours. Oops?

I kept walking around, ever the curious one, and as I was walking I noticed all of these women - not a lot, at least not yet, but enough - just standing in place. Staring ahead, eyes glazed, etc etc...pretty much all displaying telltale signs that they'd been hypnotized. No idea how, though. But I kept wandering around and decided to go exploring in another area, the natural history one actually. There were a lot of sub sections to that one, so  I ended up going into the Victorian era section, which had a section on the birth of hypnosis. The sub sections in this thing were amazing because once I got in there there were 3 other areas, one on Freud, one on animal magnetism, and something called the hall of light (all of them had women tranced/asleep near them, by the way). So naturally my brain went 'oooh, shiny' and wandered into that one. The hall of light was...well, pretty self explanatory. It was almost pitch black, and had little areas of crystals that had circle type pedestals in front of each one. First thing I noticed was all of the women already looking like they were asleep/tranced and posed in front of a good majority of them. So, for the hell of it, I decided to try one. I stepped onto the circle and there was just...color, everywhere. I couldn't tell you how long I was there for just watching them shift back and forth, I was pretty much blanked out in no time...eventually they all faded to black and I must've just blinked myself awake or something. but when I woke up I wasn't in the same spot, actually I didn't know where I was, but my clothes were...quite disheveled, I have to say. and I must have been in he middle of some kind of pose, too. one arm was bent down at my side and the other was across my chest, and then I noticed I was in a room full of other women that were posed and clearly in trance, too. there was a timer next to me too that said my name on the front, which was a little odd because I definitely had no memory of giving anything or anyone my name. So eventually I got my bearings and started walking through the rest of the rows of women, and just as I was about to be done with the last row I noticed someone familiar on the end of it (another friend - Nicole) who was posed, eyes glazed, etc etc. she was posed almost similar to the way I was but not quite, either way it was...strangely a turn on to see her like that, knowing it's probably what I'd just looked like. I was about to head out into another area when I saw Lissa walk into the room, looking kind of excited to try one of the crystal things. So while she was walking over to one to try it out, I 'accidentally' set the timer on it for 20 minutes to see what would happen, even though I knew full well. but right when she was about to step onto the circle it switched from 20 minutes to 48 hours - I did nothing, I swear! Before I could do anything she'd already stepped on and there was color surrounding her face and she was out in no time, it was kind of arousing to see for myself honestly. Eventually she stepped off of the circle, even though she looked like she was still out of it, and walked into the gallery that I'd just come from, went over to a pedestal, said her name, stepped on, struck a sexy pose, and her eyes closed just like that. I was confused, needless to say.

That piqued my curiosity so I found a place in the room to hide to see if anything else happened, well I was right about that because not long after there was a guy (who I didn't know) that walked in. He was walking around the room looking at all of the girls, and then he stopped at Lissa and Nicole. And before I knew it he was...well...feeling up Lissa, kissing her, I'd go into more detail but I think you get the picture. Once he was, well, finished with her he moved over to Nicole...I wasn't sure what to expect after what I'd just seen but he took out some kind of remote, and aimed it at her pedestal (which said 15 minutes) and changed it to 48 hours. Sensing a theme yet? Anyway, after I saw him leave I went back out into the hall of light, where, again, I found this same guy except this time he was messing with one of the machines with the crystal. Like I said earlier, it was pretty dark in there so it was hard to see what exactly it was that he was doing, but he looked terrified of being caught at any minute and was really doing a good job of hiding whatever it was that he was doing. eventually I just bit the bullet and went over to him, and noticed that he was doing something with the wiring in the crystal machines. which probably wasn't a good idea because it seemed to make him more nervous and he started fidgeting with something in his pocket (oook my mind just went into the gutter there, maybe that was bad phrasing). When I tried to point that out to him he got even more nervous and asked if I was going to turn him in...well, honestly he didn't look dangerous or anything so I said no. He looked relieved, but still like he was up to something, but before I could do anything Jesse walked into the room asking if I'd seen Lissa or Lorie. I mentioned seeing Lissa in passing but not having seen Lorie at all that day. I agreed to go help her look, but before we could get out the door the guy I was talking to asked us to turn around and look at something for a minute (in hindsight, probably not smart) - when we did he was holding a neuralizer...aaand before we could do anything he zapped us with it. After that the two of us went back toward the Freud exhibit because Jesse mentioned she hadn't looked there yet. that was...an interesting one. There was an animatronic stature of Freud standing in the corner of the room, most of the women in it were dressed in Victorian era clothes and asleep on couches (or just the floor). Lorie was, of course, in there and got our attention by pointing at one of the other girls in the room who was walking up to the Freud..bot...thing. When she got up to within a certain range of it it held up a pocket watch and started hypnotizing her with it. this lived up to the early hypnosis standards, the induction seemed to last forever.

After he finished trancing her she went off to a back room and came back out wearing one of the Victorian dresses and sat down on a couch, where he told her to sleep and just like that her eyes just kinda slipped shut. And then Freud just kinda stopped like the program it was using was done or on pause or something. Lorie, being the bold one, was curious to try it but Jesse was a bit apprehensive. And...i was feeling devious again, so when we found that the closest exit was near Freud, I decided to nudge them in that direction, and make sure Lorie was in front...we almost got close enough the first time but not quite, so I gave her a bit of an extra nudge, just enough to start the program again, and before Jesse could say anything Freud held up the watch and was starting to swing it back and forth in front of her. she was out like a light in pretty much no time but, again, the induction lasted a bit (read as: a lot) longer. and then just like the other girl, she went into the back and came back out wearing a blue dress, sat down on the couch with this really blank, vacant smile, and he told her to sleep. Jesse and i, on the other hand, made a beeline for the exit and wandered through the rest of the museum (by the way, during all of this? no sign of you, and I did see you when I first started...coincidence? lets find out :oP) until we got to the sedation area. we walked through it a bit, and there were the usual things you'd expect to find in something called a 'sedation area' - chloroform, gas masks, chambers, etc etc...Krystal was sitting in one of the rooms with a gas chamber, looking highly annoyed - which I find hilarious because I can picture it so well, so when I asked what was wrong she said that you'd just been in there and gassed her, but on the shortest setting which, after I looked, was called 'cat nap' and only lasted 5 minutes. Jesse went over and in the room and started talking to Krystal, and I started messing with buttons and...'happened' to press the one that was labeled good nights sleep, and gas started filling the room. Krystal was pretty dazed from being out once before already so she just sat down and was kinda looking spacey, Jesse was too but not quite as much so...being the devious person that I apparently was in this dream, I pressed the last button to see what happened. well when Krystals eyes rolled up in her head and they both flopped on the bed I figured it worked pretty well.

And then all of a sudden I hear clapping behind me...and who do I find at the source of the clapping, but you. :oP surprise, surprise...you were standing there, grinning, mentioning how I'd managed to knock out 7 people...of course I didn't remember seeing Lissa so it was 6 for me. apparently this was all some big diversion and you'd been watching everything on a security monitor, also not surprising. the next thing I know you're holding up a little pen looking device (which, after much thought, looked like the pen light of yours that I always seem to gravitate to...go figure :oP) - which you clicked and caused these lights to flash out from it and past my head. I'm pretty much highly confused at this point so I'm wondering what the heck that was, and then a flash of light went across my face and knocked me flat...still not entirely sure what it did but after that happened I was pretty out of it. actually, looking back, I think I looked like the rest of the girls I'd been seeing in the museum the rest of the day - vacant stare, glazed eyes, blank, limp, etc etc. makes sense now, in hindsight. except not too long after I woke up and was standing... naked, still in the museum. apparently everyone else was, too, based on what I could see. every scene I left earlier still had the same girls in it, except everyone was naked, and a few were posed differently that what I'd left them like before. it was, odd, to say the least. When I found you, again, you explained that you were having a party and needed...decorations. you know, I hear people usually go with streamers for that type of thing but whatever floats your boat. :oP  after that...well, apparently you still had a few minutes before I need to be...'on display'...again...so, we started kissing and ended up making love right there on the floor (not that I'm complaining in the slightest..i was sufficiently turned on from watching everyone getting knocked out or tranced or gassed, etc etc). and after we finished I'm pretty sure you blanked my memory again with the pen thing...

so, sorry this was so damn long, but I actually remembered it REALLY well so I was trying to get it down for my own purposes too. but...OK..here's the weird part. parts of it..felt...real. like, they'd, um, actually happened at some point, when I was at a museum with you guys or something. you know, like gassing Jesse and Krystal, nudging Lorie into getting tranced by Freud, it feels like I forgot them or something. so...without trying to sound like as much of a nutcase as possible, that didn't really happen, did it? I mean...it reaaaally feels like it did but I feel like that can't be right...of course I've been known to be wrong. so I probably sound nuts now.

so...yeah, that was that in nothing even remotely close to a nutshell. I'm sure it's a little clearer as to why I thought you'd find it entertaining :oP

Krissy, Amanda, Julie, NIcole, Lissa, Lorie, Jesse, and krystal are all real life friends of ours, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
SleepyGirl and myself (SleepyHypno) are also real people... I think.

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