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Xander vs Dawn Part 1: The Coffee Shop

Key: MC, FD, MD, F/F, Sleep

It is a temperate day in the end of winter. A quiet coffee shop on the east side town is a welcome rest stop for a young woman about to start her day. Celene, the tall blonde haired (today anyways) security guard at the Spirals Night club had had a strange week. Between the group of bikers claiming to be vampires, the elf that decided to do a strip tease on the stage... for "no reason", and the mysterious owner deciding that toilet paper with hypnotic inductions on them would be a "Genius!" idea, she was in need of a break. She settled in to a corner booth by the window to sip her coffee, as she suddenly felt a presence next to her.

"Is this seat taken?" asked a beautiful young woman with long red hair wearing a skin tight black leather tank top and pants. As Celene looked her over she realized that that tank top and pants were actually all one piece of clothing. she also realize that the young woman was sitting down right next to her before she could even answer.

The young redhead smiled as she leaned in a bit and held up her hand as if to shake Celene's hand. "my name is Dawn..." she said with a seductive smile staring the young blonde in the eyes.
Celene found herself feeling a bit overwhelmed for some reason, she was not used to people being this forward, even working at a night club. But it wasn't just that, something about this woman, about the way she moved the way she talked, the way she seemed to stare into her eyes. Celene was transfixed and confused and found herself raising her hand up to shake the strange woman's hand.

Dawn smiled as the young woman took her hand. She wasted no time moving her grip from a hand shake to a more flirtatious posture. Shifting her hand so that her fingers were sliding along the top of Celene's hand as she gently stroked back and forth. Celene was about to comment when Dawn's hand started to glow and soft yellow color just for a second. As the glow reached it's peak a yellow wave of energy flowed down Celene's hand, disappearing under her sleeve only to reappear a moment later washing up her neck. Moving over her face and head and ending in a gentle yellow flash as the energy swirled into Celene's eyes.

Celene Gasped as her eyes glowed and she took on a completely different expression. Her shoulders relaxed as her lips curled into a playful smile. She leaned in a bit closer to Dawn and started to giggle a bit "Your hand is so... soft" she said nervously.

Dawn merely smiled, she knew that no human could resist a surge of energy like that, it had managed to hit all the pleasure centers of her brain all at once. Whatever Celene had been thinking before that was lost in the wave of pleasure she felt when her brain was momentarily over loaded. she leaned in a bit closer and started to stroke the blondes cheek softly. "tell me my dear... have you ever met someone... and found that you couldn't help... but focus on my eyes now."

Celene shifted her eyes to look into Dawn's almost on instinct.. and found that the instant she looked into her eyes she started to feel herself being drawn into them, slowly and deeply.

"Are you really going to use that old trick... again? Don't you have anything new?" A male voice came from behind Dawn.
She didn't bother to turn around to see who it was, she simply sighed and asked in a frustrated tone "what do you want Xander?"

As the incubus sat down in the seat across from the two ladies with a nice rough thud, Celene was shook awake a bit from the interruption and looked around. "What... what's going on? Who are you?" she said looking at Dawn and then glancing over to Xander "and what are you doing here?" Before Xander could reply, or Celene ask any more questions dawn formed an energy orb in her hand and with a frustrated sigh held it up and blew it into Celene's face like she was blowing her a kiss.

The orb of colors shot right into the blondes face and morphed right into her head, her eyes glowed an ever shifting hue of energy for a few seconds before Dawn waved her hand over Celene's eyes and they instantly closed. Placing a single finger on the young woman's head she pushed her back against the wall letting her lay limp and helpless in the booth. A moment later the orb floated out of Celene's ear and into Dawn's hand where it disappeared. The frustrated succubus then turned to her uninvited guest with a growl. "I said... what do you want?"

Xander smiled sipping Celene's coffee then putting it down with a disgusted face "eww that's gross, and I want nothing, just couldn't watch you pull of something so sloppy, so... abrupt and not call you on it" he said with a wink.

Dawn's face crumpled into a scowl “Like you can do any better! When was the last time you used something original? The 1750s? That ball in east Germany was it?”

Xander narrowed his eyes “That was a great tactic and it's better then what you do all the time, orb here, orb there, you even had to get her with an orb” he commented pointing to the passed out Celene slumped against the wall.

“Only because you interrupted me!” Dawn snapped back.

“More like rescued you from your own half heart-ed attempt, you know I just don't think you have it in you any more” Xander's grin showed just how much he was enjoying keeping her on the defensive.

Dawn growled at him her face starting to turn bright red “Fine, you think your so good.. why don't we make a bet of it then?”

Xander raised an eyebrow genuinely intrigued by the idea “A bet... what kind of bet?”

Dawn leaned in a bit more confidently giving Xander a nice shot down her shirt, “24 hours, whom-ever can capture the most prey wins all the prey.” She said confidently. Xander didn't hear a word she said as he was blatantly looking down her top at her cleavage after a moment Dawn finally realized why he was so silent and sighed in disgust “Eye's up here pervert.” The quip shook Xander out of his state and he looked up at her confused. With an annoyed sigh she repeated what she had said earlier.

“So, if I get 10 girls, and you get 9. I would get to drain all 19?” he asked genuinely intrigued by the idea.

“Exactly!” Dawn said louder then she intended too, getting into the spirit of the event a bit herself.

“What are you two up too?” Came a confused and annoyed voice from behind Dawn. Xander and Dawn both turned to see Dawn's sister Dusk walk up to the table and pull up a chair. “Your being obnoxiously loud.”

Dawn took a moment to explain the details of what her and Xander were going to do, as well as iron out some of the other details. Like the victims have to be put into a state of helplessness, they couldn't be hypnotized and used to capture someone else. They also were not allowed to use any kind of preexisting triggers or post hypnotic suggestions on the victims, even if they had been hypnotized before they had to be hypnotized from scratch again.

Despite the enthusiasm of the two involved Dusk seemed to be quite bored with the whole idea “or... I could just hypnotize and drain you both right here...” she said with an over confident grin.

Xander held back a chuckle at the idea that Dusk could over power him, while Dawn, the youngest of the three shouted “As if!”

Dusk slowly slides back in her chair crossing her legs confidently and smile as she comments “oh really little sis, you know I'm easily stronger then both of you.”

Dawn was so offended and shocked that all she managed was several incoherent half syllables while Xander simply laughed and looked at Dusk with a smile “first off... Your not stronger then me. I'm older then you are, I have been at this longer then you have, and I am far more powerful” Dusk and Dawn both burst out laughing at his statement, he waited for them to simply calm down. He waited a while actually... … … did these two inhale laughing gas or something? Finally they calmed down and he simply looked back and forth between the two and said “and even if you were stronger then me, you are definitely not stronger... then 'Her'” wiggling his eye brows as he played the ominous and completely useless pronoun game.

At the word 'Her' both Dusk and Dawn got a look of confusion and surprise on their faces at the same time. Dawn leaned in a bit across the table while Dusk sat up looking at Xander intently. It was Dusk who finally spoke first. “Wait a minute...” she started “You're... the Xander she is always going on about?!” she asked in shock and surprise. Hey lets hear it for the pronoun game!

Xander gave the most knowing grin as he nodded “Yup...” he said with a smile “so I would watch yourself, because we all know that if you or anyone... was to do anything to me... that 'She'... would be my... Angel of vengeance.”

Both of the girls sat completely dumbfounded while staring at Xander neither quite knew what to say next, or exactly how to proceed. After a long pregnant pause... the pause finally gave birth to Dawn asking “anyways... so were settled, you, me, no triggers, not post hypnotics, 24 hours. Deal?” she asked.
Xander smiled and held his hand out “deal!” he said proudly. A moment later Dawn went to shake his hand but then pulled back at the last second, Xander also pulled his hand away at the last second as both of them saw that the other had a hypnotic orb formed in their hands. Dusk simply rolled her eyes and sighed out “idiots” under her breath.

With the bet settled upon Dawn got up and left in a huff, Xander being the idiot that he is bowed in front of Dusk in mock appreciation. a move that got him hit with a stack of napkins. As he walked off laughing Dusk finished her coffee and with a sigh and an eye roll stood up and walked away. A moment later Celene gave a half snore loud enough to wake herself up. She looked around groggy and dazed. Her coffee was cold to the touch. “what... what just happened?” she asked to an empty table. The coffee didn't answer.  

By SleepyHypno

Dawn, as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it. 

Xander and Celene are copyrighted to SleepyHypno

Dusk is copyrighted to her respective owner (who's name I forgot, if you know please tell me!)

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