Thursday, August 17, 2017

Xander Vs Dawn Part 3: The Shopping Mall

Key: Sleep, MD, Freeze, MC , Hypno, M/F

Part 1: The Coffee Shop
Continued from Part 2: The Hypnosis Lab

Celene had continued her afternoon, after a very odd occurrence at the coffee shop earlier in the morning she needed something to clear her head. And nothing clears a woman's head like hypnosis, I mean shopping. Sorry Freudian slip. Summer was just around the corner and she needed a few new outfits to wear in her off time. She had a uniform at work but her down time was hers and she had just found the cutest little summer dress.

Unbeknownst to her, Xander had followed her here from the coffee shop. Peeking out from behind one of the clothing racks, then slowly pulling his head back. A moment later having removed his shoes he moved hunched over with his arms in T-rex position in front of him and standing on nothing but his toes as he moved from one isle to the next.

A moment later a snake like Xander slithered along the floor to move just that much closer. Slithering behind another rack of clothes and vanishing behind it. Only to reappear a moment later doing a full jump, tuck, and roll, rolling into a ball then bouncing up onto his feet directly behind Celene and reaching out and grabbing her shoulders with one finger and a thumb on each hand.

The moment Xander grabbed her, starting the nerve pinch he saw in a movie, Celene jerked, you could see the look of confusion on her face as her body spasmed gently as she tried to move but her body just didn't' respond. She shook in front of Xander for a moment or two then sighed softly and went limp, falling back against the incubi's chest. Her head hit Xander's shoulder then rolled forward letting her hair flop in front of her face as he held here there.

The feel of Celene's limp body landing against Xander's chest was a major thrill for the incubus. There was just something about a beautiful young woman, especially one as physically capable and strong as Celene, being rendered helpless like that and ending up limp in your arm's that was just a thrill for him. He had worked with Celene for a while now at Spiral's, but this was the first time he had had a moment to enjoy the feel of her body against his.

The first thing that stood out to him was just how toned she was physically. Her work jump suit was tight and form fitting but was rather thick to add some protection to her from all the dangerous things inside spirals. But as he held her in his arms her hair slowly sliding down her face, he could truly appreciate just how fit and beautiful she was.

He was about to drag off his first victim when suddenly from his left he heard a rather angry young woman's voice say “You!” He turned to see a young looking woman in a red and pink harem girls outfit staring at him with her one hand on her hip, the other holding what looked like 4 identical copies of the outfit she was already wearing. She looked familiar to him some how, like he should know her from somewhere.

“Me?” he said confused still trying to place her, and then all at once it came to him, the genie that he had helped to hypnotize in the house of that nutty professor... what was her name again? Jen! That was it! It all came flooding back to him all at once as he shouted in surprise “Me!”

The genie was less then pleased as she put down her clothes and folded her arms and glared at him rather angrily while stomping her foot. “Yes... You!” she shouted “it wasn't bad enough that you had to invade our home, that you had to hypnotize all of us, that you manipulated Dawn... actually that part was pretty awesome good job. But, here I find you again having done something to this poor young woman!”

Xander looked at Jen a bit confused then remembered he was holding an unconscious Celene, as soon as he realized it he quickly dropped her to the floor and raised his hands innocently as she hit the floor with a loud thud. Celene didn't make a sound herself as she landed on her side and her hair fall around her sleeping face. Xander quickly looked down then back Jen and shouted “I didn't do it I swear!”

Jen raised an eyebrow and looked at that ground to the young blonde not realizing it was the second time today that she had been knocked out, then looked back at Xander. “That was kind of rude, seriously don't you have any manners at all? What were you going to do with this poor woman, hypnotize her? Rob her? Turn her into your wanton play thing for the evening and drain her of her energy?”

Actually all of those sounded like a pretty good idea to Xander but he never got the chance to really say anything as Jen just kept talking, accusing him of being this evil villain, a bad guy, something about nice biceps... odd. But she just kept going and going. Finally Xander, like all men in this situation reached the point where her words all started to blend into one unbroken muffled sound. But unlike all men in this situation he knew exactly how to handle it. I highly recommend that you not try this at home unless you are properly trained. And you are probably not properly trained, lets face it this is fiction. Just sayin...

In the middle of Jen's ongoing rant Xander stepped forward and quickly raised his hand like he was about to stop traffic, and in a smooth, gentle but firm tone said “Just stop...” Jen was so surprised by his sudden movement that it put her system into momentary shock, allowing his suggestion to 'just stop' slip right in. Knowing that she would only be temporarily stunned by his actions he quickly jumped right into his plan. “I know there is a lot on your mind, and I know that you have a lot of things that you wish to get out. But every now and then you need to... just stop... and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to simply, pause, and enjoy the fact that you are here. Right here... in this place... in this spot... This is your spot right now. No one else is exactly where you are, and as you realize this now. You can't help but let everything around you simply start to seep into your mind. To see the sights around you, feel the things that are near you, hear the sounds around you. And as you do it's like everything starts to slow.... down.... everything seems to be just slowing... slowing... down... it's like the world is being put on pause now. Like everything around you is coming to simple, gentle... stop. And the more you realize just how relaxing it is now... to stop.... to go on pause... the more you realize it's not the worlds that is going on pause... it's you. Finding yourself... your mind... your body... all relaxed. All staying right where they are, all simply finding yourself. On pause now...”

At this point Jen was just staring at him, a look of confusion on her face, and the slightest hint of relaxation in her jaw, as it hung open, not far enough to be the start of her trying to say something, but farther then just her standing there. And as Xander looked into the genies eyes he took a small step to the right, out of her direct gaze and to his pleasure the genie didn't move. She simply kept staring straight ahead, where he had been.

He moved closer to her, during the course of their conversation her arms which had been folded across her chest had started to slide down, they had stopped about half way down, right over her belly button. He moved slowly to her side noticing that she was breathing, just not reacting to anything. To test he waved his hand in front of her eyes and got no response. He smiles and slid his hand gently down to caress her chest. Saying she had a perfect body didn't' do it justice, and as he enjoyed his caress he slid his other hand under her chin and tilted her head towards his and leaned in to steal a gentle kiss from the ancient and powerful, yet completely helpless young genie.

With a smile he stopped what he was doing and moved behind her, placing a finger on her forehead he tilted her back and she fell back into his waiting arms, never moving from the posture she was in. As he dragged her away slowly, anyone who saw the scene would have thought he was moving a mannequin.

And all the while Celene slept off the nerve pinch Xander had given her under one of the racks of cloths. Completely forgotten by the absentminded incubus.

Jen, as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it. 

Xander and Celene are copyrighted to SleepyHypno

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