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Visit of the Apprentice - Part 5

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Hypno,

To: Jen
From: Lindsey
Sent: May 22nd 20XX 6:13am
Subject: 911! Red Alert! Battle Stations! OH HOLY SHIT!

Sis…I think I’m in love!  And I know you have heard me say this about a thousand times before, but this time I think it’s really true!  I had the most wonderful whirlwind romance last night, it was amazing! He literally swept me off my feet, sis!

It was the weirdest thing. I decided to take a walk after work last night and I don’t normally do that, I prefer to just sit down and unwind after work, but yesterday I felt like I just needed to go for a walk. And as I was walking I tripped and literally fell into the arms of the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen! He was SOOOO cute! So here I am, in his arms and just kind of staring at him and his super dreamy eyes, and I can’t think of anything to say…at all! 

Fortunately he did all the talking, like just about all of it honestly. But he had such a smooth voice, it was amazing! While we talked he gave me a dozen roses, he said he didn’t know why but he just had this feeling that he would meet his soulmate today, so he didn’t want to be unprepared. It was so romantic. 

We walked for what seemed like hours until we came to this fantastic French restaurant, and the food was amazing. I was so wrapped up in what was happening that I don’t even know where it was or what it was called, but OMG it was the best food I have ever had! And it had to be super expensive but he didn’t even flinch at the bill!

After dinner we went for a walk by the lake and just watched the sun set over the water, then I looked at him and everything just felt right…so I kissed him! I haven't felt a kiss like that since… since…ever! Sis…I actually fainted! From a kiss! Can you believe that!? 

When I woke up in his arms, he was carrying me! He carried me all the way home! I’m not light! He was so strong and manly it was… wow, it was awesome sis! And then after all that, all he did was kiss my hand and then just walked away! It was so romantic, OMG I feel like I’m in a movie or something! 

But when I woke up this morning I had a text from him saying “good morning sunshine, there is a present for you outside your door.” He sent me another dozen roses!  Oh I’m so in love. We’re meeting for lunch and dinner today! 

Oh Sis you have to meet him, please I want you to meet him so badly! No, I need you to meet him! I need you to let me know that I’m not just falling for some stupid crush, please! Can we come to your place tomorrow night for dinner?!  Please please please, sis!?

I’m in love… holy shit, I’m in love!



11 Hours earlier...

    The Apprentice sat on a park bench near the edge of the city. Enjoying the wind in his hair as he watched the world pass by, person by person. But he was waiting for one specific person, and she was right on time. He couldn’t help but smile as a mostly dazed looking Lindsey walked casually down the path, right toward him. She was wearing comfortable clothes, a simple jeans and a shirt, and looked lovely as always. 

    He waited until she was just about to reach him before he spoke up with a smile “Nice Trip.”

    The words echoed through Lindsey’s mind all the way down to her subconscious. And just as she had been instructed to at the stage show, she pretended to trip. Nothing too over the top, just enough for her to land in the arms of the apprentice.

    As soon as she tripped, she grabbed on to the man that had caught her and looked up right into his eyes. As soon as she made eye contact she let out a soft sigh while her features started to relax. The apprentice gently held onto her, staring deeply into her eyes. “That’s it Lindsey…just relax. Relax back into my eyes. You can simply feel the world around you melting, drifting away. As you find yourself falling into my eyes.  Falling deeper and deeper as your mind simply goes to sleep for me now Lindsey. Just like it has before, just like it will again and again.  So easy to let go and relax.  Falling into my gaze.  Isn’t that right Lindsey?”

    The combination of the surprise trip, landing in a stranger's arms, and then ending up looking into the very eyes that had hypnotized her less than a week earlier, would have been enough to daze her mind.  Add in the hypnotic tone of voice that had worked wonders on her before, with a cleverly laid induction, and she was helpless to resist.  Her body remained upright, and her eyes were locked onto the man in front of her. But her face took on a visibly relaxed, almost slack, look. Her pupils slowly dilated as she whispered out a simple “yes” in reply.

    “That’s a girl Lindsey…” the hypnotist continued “just let your mind go to sleep Lindsey, let your mind sink deeply down. Down where your imagination takes over, where the way you see the world changes completely.  Where your very perception of the world is fluid and malleable. Where simple words can change everything now. You can feel that to be true… can’t you Lindsey?”

    The young police cadet couldn’t help but nod as she stared into the man’s eyes. She had no other response, she had no other thoughts.

    The apprentice smiled “Good girl, Lindsey. You can’t help but realize just how cute I am. Just how, unexpected this situation is for you now. You’re aware of how fast your heart is racing, how your adrenaline is flowing. These are normal reactions, not only to the trip, but to attraction. You can find that your body is reacting to me, in a way that it never has to any other man. A way that seems familiar and comfortable, yet new and exciting. Reacting in a way you can’t explain. It’s all so new, all so sudden. The only thought that comes to your mind, is that this must be something new… this must be love, Lindsey. You must be falling in love.”

    Lindsey actually let out a slight gasp as the word ‘love’ was whispered into the air. After all, nothing screams louder in your mind than a whisper. Her pupils seemed to try and fixate, try to focus, but ultimately they relaxed as she returned to her hypnotized state. Her large, black pupils showed only a hint of the color of her eyes, with a shiny glaze over them as well. She whispered out a single word, “love”, almost a question and a statement at the same time.

    “Yes Lindsey, you're falling in love. But like all things, it is a process. It is a journey that will take the whole day, the whole night. By the time you wake up tomorrow, you will realize you are falling deeply in love with me. Isn’t that right?”

    Despite being hypnotized, Lindsey visibly gulped and continued to keep her eyes locked on the hypnotist. A gentle nod was the only reply she could muster.

    The hypnotist slid his hand gently along her cheek, “But like all women, Lindsey, the first date is what is most important. The first impression solidifies it.” He smiled, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a piece of paper that appeared to have been torn out of a small notebook.

    Lindsey looked down at the paper that was handed to her. Written on the piece of paper was the phrase “a dozen roses.” But Lindsey didn’t see a piece of paper anymore, she saw the most beautiful bouquet of roses she had ever laid eyes on. A gasp escaped her lips as she looked up at the man. Her mind was in a dream, one that she wouldn’t wake up from any time soon. “Are these for me?”  she asked in a sleepy tone.

    The man smiled “Yes they are. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling that I might meet my soulmate this evening, so I figured I had best come prepared.” He smiled as he offered her his arm and whispered “walk us to your apartment.” Lindsey accepted his arm without looking away from the piece of paper that, in her mind, was a dozen roses.

    As they walked the hypnotist gently painted a picture in Lindsey’s mind. To her, they had been walking for hours, past some of the most amazing sights the city had to offer. Shops and restaurants, parks and theatres. Hours passed in her mind, all in the span of a fifteen minute walk to her apartment.

    When they arrived, the hypnotist, who had yet to give Lindsey his name, real or otherwise, let her unlock the door but stopped her before going in. He looked her in the eyes and said with confidence, “This is the best French restaurant you have ever seen. The atmosphere and the staff are all perfect in every way” before she gently opened the door to her own apartment.

    Lindsey couldn’t believe her eyes, the restaurant was beautiful! Inside there were candles lit, with a band playing romantic music. The tables were all set up so that every single table had a hint of privacy and a touch of romance. She couldn’t believe a place like this actually existed. Which of course, it didn’t.

    Our hypnotist took some time to describe the aspects of the restaurant to Lindsey, the way the waiter’s accent was perfectly smooth and how no matter what he said it seemed to be romantic to the point of seductive. He even described the meal that she was eating, a perfectly prepared duck confit, and a glass of perfectly aged thirty year old wine. Of course the reality of the matter was that she was really having a burger and a can of pop that the hypnotist had picked up on his way to the park. He spared no expense. As the ‘meal’ went on in her mind, she started to fall more and more in love with the man she was dining with. After all, that was exactly what he kept telling her between bites. “Just feel yourself, feeling that emotion, that love moving through your body. Notice where it starts, what it is that you feel first that lets you know you’re falling in love. Let yourself follow that feeling as it moves, as it shifts, as it grows. Track it’s progress as it moves through that process, the process that is…falling in love with me… now.”  He couldn’t help but smile as she just stared at him, hypnotized but also falling under a much more…primal spell.

    When they were finished eating, our villain took our leading lady’s hand and gently wrapped his arm around her waist to walk her gently around her apartment. It would have seemed stupid to anyone else, but to Lindsey all she saw was a lake front beach with the sun setting in the distance. “It’s so pretty here Lindsey, you can see the sun slowly kissing the water. Slowly merging into it, becoming one with it. It gives you an idea of what you might like to happen next. Isn’t that right, Lindsey?”

    The young police cadet turned to the hypnotist with a smile, a blush moving across her face as she looked from his eyes, down to his lips, then back to his eyes. Her heart was racing a mile a minute as the word “yes” escaped her lips. A slight but nervous grin appeared on her face as she started to lean in. She couldn’t help but pause for a second, “why am I so nervous?” she asked herself “I’ve kissed lots of guys…why is he so different?” Then she looked in his eyes, deep into his eyes, “oh…he is SO different” she thought. Just before she leaned in and kissed the man she was falling in love with.

    The kiss was everything she hoped it would be. Her head started to spin as her stomach turned to butterflies. Even her first kiss didn’t compare to just how nervous she was right now, and just how much of an emotional rush she was experiencing. In the depths of her mind she heard something, far away, familiar, inconsequential. It sounded for a split second like a finger snap, but she was too lost in the kiss to care. Her mind swirled around at the emotions she was feeling while she slid her tongue along his, the man she was destined to be with! That realization proved to be too much for our young police cadet. She sighed into the kiss and her mind shut down, breaking the kiss as she fell limp in his arms.

    The hypnotist, however, gave an evil grin as he held her in his arms. The last of the triggers he had planted in her mind days earlier, to faint if he snapped his fingers while kissing her, had worked perfectly.  He took a moment to hold her close and inhale her scent. No perfume, just how he liked it; no reason to cover the scent of a beautiful woman.  He kissed her neck as he filled in the last of her suggestions. How he had carried her to her front door and kissed her hand like a true gentleman, then left her for the evening with her virtue intact. The scene was so ridiculous he had to laugh. “Like any man would leave you hanging out in a hallway.” He commented under his breath. Out of curiosity he tried to see if he could lift Lindsey...but given that they were roughly the same height, she worked out regularly, and was mostly solid muscle, there was no way in hell that was happening.

    But with her mind already programmed to forget the rest of the night, he walked the young woman to her own bedroom and sat down on her bed with a smile. “Lindsey, for the rest of the night, you are a harem girl, and I am your master. And you want to serve your master, don’t you Lindsey?”

    The young brunette’s expression didn’t so much as flinch as she whispered a soft “yes… master.”

    The hypnotist smiled as he snapped his fingers. To his delight, his newfound harem slave sprang to life and began to slide her hands along her body seductively. All the while she moved closer and closer to her newly discovered master.  When she reached the bed she started to crawl along the side toward the hypnotist, only to meet his lips in a seductive, suggestive kiss. Nothing like the previous kiss she had given him. This one was completely and totally designed to arouse him, and she was proving to be an expert at it. “How may I serve you, my master?” she asked with a smile as she kissed his neck tenderly.

    Our hypnotist had to rip his attention off of what she was doing to his body to answer her. “You’re doing just fine right now, my slave…keep moving along this direction…” At that point, blood flow south took over as he grabbed Lindsey and pulled her into a deep kiss. The young woman pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him as she start to grind into his lap while kissing him.  The last thought to go through our hypnotist’s mind was simply “god I love my job!”

    An hour later a very exhausted looking blonde hypnotist emerged from Lindsey’s apartment. Her vigor had taken him to his limits and probably past what he had previously considered them to be.  But, for now, he needed to rest and plan his next move. As he closed the door to her apartment he chuckled to himself and took out his phone, sending Lindsey a text message that read “good morning sunshine, there is a present for you outside your door.” He laughed as he took the piece of paper he had given her earlier, the one that said “a dozen roses” and gently stuck it to the wall across from her door with a discarded piece of gum. “Hypnotic dating is quite cost effective” he thought as he walked away with a smile.

To be continued...

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Characters: Lindsey, The Apprentice

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