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Visit of the Apprentice - Part 3

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Sent: May 19th 20XX 12:34 PM
Subject: What the hell sis?! Seriously?!

So, before I even got your email this morning detailing how you got yourself hypnotized on stage, I had an email in my inbox from Jessy with a picture of you on stage!

Are you out of your mind!? First off, you let a complete stranger into your head! What were you thinking?  I don’t care that it was a public show, you let that man get into your head! God only knows what he could have done to you in that state!

Second, you’re a police cadet! Do you have any idea what would happen if people found out that you were weak minded enough to get hypnotized? In public? By a quack stage hypnotist no less?! (Although I will admit that he was cute in a familiar kind of way.)

Third, and let him make you think you were having sex on a chair?! Why would you do that? What would possess you to do something so blatantly slutty in public?! What if Dad were to find THIS video online like he found the one of you making out with that creep from the rave!? He would kill you, or the video would kill him, I’m honestly not sure which!

Sis, I love you. But this...this was just stupid! You can’t do these things. It’s bad for your career, for your safety, for Dad’s health, and my sanity!

Now, get back to enjoying your weekend at the university. We will discuss this again later, just please try to keep yourself out of trouble until then!

Your exasperated sister…



15 hours earlier…

    The hypnotist had spent the last few minutes hypnotizing the rest of his volunteers.  In the end he had five female volunteers and three male volunteers on stage, all deeply hypnotized. Excluding two volunteers that had to be sent back out into the audience; they were simply not the right subjects for what he had planned. Like all things in life, the hypnotist knew that he needed ‘the right people’, and that quality was far better than quantity in this situation.

    He did the normal random deepeners and boring stage gags to amuse the audience. He made the subjects cold, he made the subjects hot, he made them forget their pinky fingers, and lose their belly buttons. But let's face it, we're here to hear about the naughtier things he made them do, aren't we?         

    As they finished having their pretend horse race, the hypnotist calmly walked down the row of volunteers. One by one he snapped his fingers in front of their eyes with a nice firm “Sleep.” punctuating every snap. And one by one the subjects slumped down into their chairs. Some fell back, like the cute blonde girl on the right hand side of the stage, incidentally jutting her chest straight out as she did. Some fell straight forward, like the man and woman next to the blonde, who both folded up like they were about to grab their ankles with their arms hanging limp at their sides. Some even fell onto the person next to them, as the two remaining men fell in such a way that their heads landed against each other’s shoulders.  

    When the hypnotist reached Lindsey he successfully hid a smile before snapping his fingers in front of her eyes. The brunette almost seemed to jump at the sound of the snap, but then instantly relaxed and fell clean over into the lap of her friend Christine. Her face was plastered in the space between her friend’s legs. As soon as this happened Christine’s head shot up to give the hypnotist a look of surprise and laughter, only to be met with a quick snap and a commanding “Sleep.” Her eyes closed instantly and she slumped to the side, falling right onto her friend’s back as her head fell towards Lindsey’s butt.

    The hypnotist walked behind the two ladies and placed one hand on each of their backs. “To the young ladies that I am touching and only the young ladies that I am touching. When you wake up in a moment, you miss…” he said touching Christine’s head “will believe that you are a cat, fickle and self absorbed. While you miss“ he said touching the head of Lindsey ”will believe that you are a dog, loyal and completely enamored with your master.”  He smiled to himself, pleased that he had managed to work the word ‘master’ into Lindsey’s mind. He stepped away from the girls and gave the audience a grin “Waking up in 1… 2…. 3…. Wide awake!”

    Both girls slowly seemed to wake up, while the rest of the subjects remained completely asleep. Christine, being a cat, started to sit up and look around, almost confused as to where she was and why she was laying on a ‘dog’. Lindsey, on the other hand, excitedly shot up and looked at Christine, panting like a dog and even giving her a playful bark. The audience just about died laughing.

    The hypnotist grinned and patted his leg. “Here girl…come here.” He said to Lindsey. The hypnotized young woman quickly hopped down to her hands and knees and crawled over to the hypnotist, tongue out the whole way.  She sat on her butt at his feet and gave a loud bark.  The hypnotist merely slid his hand along her cheek, more a caress then a pet, before rubbing the top of her head. He couldn’t help but comment to the audience. “This job has some unbelievable perks.” This, of course, earned him a laugh and a round of applause, mostly from the guys.

    Not to be left out, the now feline Christine hopped down on all fours and quickly crawled over next to Lindsey. She brushed the brunette aside as she passed before sliding up next to the hypnotist and rubbing her head along his leg. A few soft meows escaped her lips as she looked up at her ‘owner’, wanting to make sure she was the center of his world. The hypnotist again ran his hand along the chin and cheek of Christine before scratching her behind the neck. “I did mention this job had some unbelievable perks, didn’t I?” he said to the audience with smile.

    By now Lindsey had gotten back onto all fours and crawled closer to her ‘master’, looking up at him and barking to get his attention, then rearing back and putting her hands up in front of her chest as if she were begging. The audience loved this, however Christine did not.

    Before the hypnotist could respond, the ‘cat’ along his leg spun around and hissed at Lindsey, swiping at the other hypnotized girl with her ‘paw’.  Like most dogs, Lindsey was completely confused at first and thought Christine was just starting to play. So she swatted back at her friend playfully. Ever seen a cat that likes to get hit with a dog’s paw?  Me either. Christine twitched out of the way, then furiously started to swat and slap Lindsey on the side. Hissing and meowing the whole time. The audience was laughing so hard that one girl fell out of her chair.

    Lindsey didn't’ think it was very funny, though, and started to curl up next to the hypnotist’s leg, which only made Christine even angrier. Finally the hypnotist decided that this should probably end before someone got hurt, and reached down to gently press a single finger to Christine’s forehead. The instant he did she went from full on hissing and swatting to going completely limp and falling to her side on the stage floor.

    Lindsey looked up at her ‘master’ with a happy smile and gave a soft but excited “Woof!” The hypnotist gently caressed her cheek then tapped her forehead just like he had done to Christine. Lindsey’s body relaxed from the ground up, her arms and shoulders gave out, and she started to sink towards the floor long before her face went slack and her eyes drifted closed. Still a dog in her mind, she managed to land in such a way that her face was resting on the shoe of the hypnotist; a contented, if muted, grin on her face.

    A few minutes, and a few suggestions later, the girls were back in their seats as the hypnotist moved down the line and touched the first person on the head, followed by every other person in the line.  “To the people that I have just touched, in a moment when you wake up you will be on team one. The people I did not touch, you will be on team two. You are playing laser tag and you each have a laser gun in your hand. The people I am touching now…” he said as he touched the four people on the end of the stage furthest from Christine and Lindsey “your guns, when you shoot someone, will make them freeze. To the people I did not touch, your guns will make them fall asleep.”  He moved to a safe distance away from the combatants and snapped his fingers “Wide awake! Game on!”

    His subjects all woke up with a start and immediately started to move to take cover. Lindsey, being a trained police officer, dove over her chair while aiming her finger in a ‘gun’ position at one of the men across the stage and pulled the ‘trigger’ with a loud “bang!” The man she aimed at saw it, heard the ‘shot’, and instantly grabbed his shoulder to make a 180 degree spin and fell to the floor, completely asleep. Seriously it was awesome! It was like a professional movie stunt double!        

    Lindsey’s teammates, both men, quickly followed Lindsey’s lead and targeted the girl that was on the other side of Lindsey and fired at her. The poor girl was confused as she looked around then looked right at the young man and froze solid, a look of shock and confusion on her face with her hands up in less of a surrender pose and more of a freak out pose.

    Christine managed to fire at one of the girls on the other team and sent her tumbling to the floor, asleep at the feet of the other frozen girl, before realizing that she was all that was left of her team. Between Lindsey and the two boys they had all been stunned or frozen. Acting out of desperation, she quickly grabbed Lindsey by the hair and slapped her ‘gun’ hand to make her believe she had dropped her weapon. With Lindsey distracted, she pulled her friend up and wrapped her arm around her neck, holding her own ‘gun’ hand to Lindsey’s head and staring down the two remaining males. “Alright!” she shouted “drop your weapons or she gets it!”

    At this point the hypnotist was truly impressed, as was most of the audience. He had never seen anyone take a hostage during something like this. Lindsey, however, was not impressed or pleased. “How could you?” she pleaded.

    “Shut up!” Shouted Christine, almost as if she were a different person, while keeping her ‘gun’ hand firmly against her friend’s head. “I said drop them!”

    The two boys, however, didn’t seem phased by this turn of events.  The two looked at each other with a grin, before the one closest to Lindsey and Christine simply raised his ‘gun’ and fired it…at Lindsey, his own teammate.

    Lindsey didn’t have time to be shocked. Her body jerked as she imagined the hit of the weapon and her body seemed to hang for a moment as her eyes fell shut and she slowly went limp in Christine’s arms. She was far too heavy for her captor to hold upright and she slowly slid out of her grasp and down to her knees, before falling face first to the stage floor with a thud.

    Christine, however, did have time to be shocked as she watched her friend, her hostage, her human shield, and her only bargaining chip, slump to the ground. She looked up at the men with a look of absolute confusion before the man furthest away from her simply shrugged with a smile and then shot her with his gun.  She had enough time for her eyes to go wide and her mouth to open in a gasp, as her shoulders tensed in surprise, and then she stopped. Completely frozen on stage.

    The two men exchanged a well earned smile and a fist bump before the hypnotist, and the audience, interrupted them by applauding. “Very nicely done all around. Very well everyone, if you are frozen you can move now… “ he said while snapping his fingers “and go back to your seats.”  He waited a moment for the blank faced, formerly frozen, subjects to move to their seats. “Those of you who are asleep can get up, still remaining deeply asleep, and move to your seats now…” he said, again snapping his fingers. He rather enjoyed watching the people sit up, their eyes completely glassy and dilated as they moved to their seats, completely asleep on their feet.

    As the hypnotist moved to the front of the stage, the two winners of the competition took their seats just before the hypnotist pointed over at Christine and said “sleep” in a long, drawn out fashion. He held the ‘e’ long enough to wave his hand from Christine all the way down to the young blonde at the far end. Christine’s eyes closed as he pointed to her while she followed the finger, ultimately falling over onto Lindsey. Lindsey, in turn, started to fall just as the finger pointed to her, as her eyes closed she fell onto the girl next to her. On and on down the line the subjects were hypnotized one by one and fell over to the side, creating one long pile of people all leaning against the other. The poor blonde at the far end nearly fell out of her chair from the weight, but instead managed to just hang there, completely limp, as her head and arms hung off the side of the chair.

    With a sly grin at the audience, our hypnotist slowly began to program his subjects for their final display of the evening. “In a moment, you will find that you are both awake…and hypnotized. Acting on the suggestions that I give you while keeping yourself deeply under. You will believe that you are having sex in your chair, with the person that you most find attractive.” He managed to gently slide his hand along Lindsey’s cheek as he said that. “No matter what position you decide to use, you will make sure you are facing the audience at all times. They need to see you, but it won’t make you nervous at all. In fact you won’t even realize they are there. You are free to move your chairs if you wish, but you will follow the rest of the suggestions to the letter.  And here we go, 1… 2…. 3…” with a smile he snapped his fingers to wake his subjects.

    As if possessed by a spell, all of the subjects started to move. Each one moving into their favorite positions. One guy turned his chair around and started to gyrate into the non-existent girl bent over it in front of him. Another started to pulse his hips up like he had a girl giving him a lap dance, while the third guy started to massage the pair of equally non-existent breasts of the girl in his mind. The ladies, on the other hand, were a bit more creative. The blonde on the end stood up, put one leg up on her chair, and started to bounce up and down onto her imaginary lover. Another girl got on all fours and started to push back, doggy style. The girl next to Lindsey started to bounce up and down on her chair like she was sitting on a guy’s lap. While Christine stood up and bent over, moving her butt back onto the chair like she was being taken from behind.

    But of course the star of the show was Lindsey. Without hesitation, and without opening her eyes, she stood up and spun her chair around so the back was facing the audience. Then she straddled the chair, never actually sitting down but more holding herself up in a kind of squat, and started to bob up and down. She used the back of the chair to balance herself and, unlike the rest, she would lean in to kiss her invisible lover, all the while rocking up and down in the middle of the stage.

    The audience loved it, of course. Buncha perverts. The hypnotist himself managed a bit of a smile, as well. He was surprised by just how athletic Lindsey really was, given that her performance was by far the most difficult of all of them.  “That’s it, put some passion into it. You’ve wanted to do this all night, all week. Show your lover how much you care. How much you need them, how much you want them. And when you finally climax with them, your climax will put you back into a deep hypnotic sleep.”

    The subjects continued on their hypnotic fantasy, rocking and gyrating into the partners that weren’t really there at all. After a few minutes some of the girls started to moan, while one of the guys shivered in his seat before slumping into his chair, deeply asleep.  The other two males were close behind. A few audience members could even see that the second male, the one gyrating his hips up like he was getting a lapdance, actually had a wet spot forming on his jeans just before he, too, went limp in his chair. A moment later the man who had been standing up and taking his imaginary lover from behind fell to the ground with a thud. No one cared.

    Of course all of the guys were the first to finish. Typical. But then it was the girls’ turn to give their show. The first girl to pass out was the one that had been sitting next to Lindsey. She seemed more shy and reserved compared to the rest, and while bouncing up and down on her chair, she just slowly went limp and fell against the guy sitting next to her. The one with the wet spot in his pants, in case you were wondering. A few moments later the girl who was on all fours on the floor started to moan loudly as she started to climax. This caused a very odd scene as the other three girls, the blonde, Christine, and Lindsey all start to moan as well. They all seemed to be in a competition to out moan the other, each getting louder and louder until they couldn’t take it anymore.  The girl on all fours was the first to pass out, simply sliding to her belly and going limp.  A moment later the blonde on the end gave out a high pitched scream and went completely limp on her feet. Her arms and head went completely limp before the rest of her body teetered to the side and she fell to the stage.

    This left Christine and Lindsey, both of whom were starting to moan even more in an effort to outdo the other. But in the end Lindsey’s superior fitness and stamina won out. As Christine, in one last ditch effort to subconsciously outdo her friend, flat out screamed as she leaned back and shivered before slumping to her knees. Her hair bounced around her face as her expression went slack, while her body fell to the right and onto the stage.

    Lindsey, of course, wasn’t about to be out done. She kept bouncing up and down on her invisible lover and leaned in to kiss him deeply. A moment later she tilted her head back, pushing her chest out as she started to scream. “Oh god! Oh god! Ooohhh, yes! Yes! Yeeeeesssssssss!” she shouted at the top of her lungs to a large audience response. And then all at once her arms fell to her sides. Her head was already tilted back but her expression had faded. And her body came down on the chair with a thump before she tilted backwards and fell onto the stage, where a clear wet spot was forming between her legs. The audience loved every minute of it.

    The hypnotist couldn’t help but laugh as the audience gave both him and his subjects a standing ovation. After a decent, and deserved, length of applause time the hypnotist began to speak again. “All subjects…All subjects going ahead and standing up, opening your eyes but remaining deeply hypnotized. Let yourself move back to your chairs, move back out to your chairs in the audience. Audience, please make a path for them and don’t disturb them as they are still hypnotized.” he said as he waited a few minutes for the subjects to get to their seats. “Very good. Now close your eyes, deeply relaxed, deeply hypnotized. In a moment I will snap my fingers, and when I do you will awaken. You will remember nothing of what happened from the time you were hypnotized. Your memory will simply slip away from you and fade into the distance.”  

    He took a moment to smile out at the audience “Thank you all for being a great audience, it was truly a pleasure.” He turned and headed off stage, but just before he left the view of the audience he reached his hand above his head and snapped his fingers. The second he did so, the stage lights turned off.

    In her chair Lindsey’s head shot up in surprise. She looked around and noticed a few other people, including Christine, also looking around rather confused. Next to her, however, was Jessy, who was laughing at her as the audience applauded. Many of whom were looking right at Lindsey and Christine. Lindsey looked at Jessy, genuinely unsure, and asked, “What the hell just happened?”

To Be Continued...

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