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Visit of the Apprentice - Part 7

To: Thief In The Mind
From: Thief’s Apprentice
Sent: May 26th 20XX 10:20 PM
Subject: Hello Simon….

Greetings Master...or should I say Simon? Simon Psez?

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all it was you that taught me to always be two steps ahead of everyone else. That included you. Did you really think I wouldn’t listen? Or find a way to get around all of your pathetic safeguards?

The way I see it, this makes us equals. I still have much to learn from you and I recognize that, but I am tired of being your errand boy. From now on I want to included in the larger plans, with a larger cut of the profit. 

As a show of good faith I have taken the liberty of completely erasing the memories of both Officer Cartwright and her sister. I have done this despite a genuine desire to keep, at the very least, the sister. She was quite the animal in bed. All records of you have been erased from the New Chicago Police Department as well as Interpol. Not that they had much on you to begin with.

I await your answer… Master Simon.

Your faithful apprentice…and partner.


12 hours earlier....

    Lindsey Cartwright was leaning against the wall in the south end of the mall, near the food court, waiting for her sister. “Why is she always late…” she thought to herself. “If she doesn’t get here soon, we won’t have time to go shopping before ‘Steve’ gets here.” She was so looking forward to trying on lingerie with her sister. Although for the life of her she couldn't’ figure out why they had never done this before.

    As she continued to lean against the wall, looking out over the various people passing to and fro in the food court, she heard a noise…far away but moving closer and closer. It sounded like a clicking…no, a snapping. Finger snapping, to be exact. Someone was snapping their fingers in a steady, almost rhythmic, beat. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap… snap….

    She looked around to see where the sound was coming from and for a split second she thought she could see a man walking towards her, snapping his fingers. But then he seemed to simply fade away. “Where is that coming from?” she asked no one in particular. She was starting to become more and more disoriented, more distracted, as she shook her head to clear it. She could have sworn she saw a person walk up and stop in front of her, but then the image just faded away. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap… And then her thoughts just melted away as she stood there and stared up at the man in front of her, a man she couldn’t see. Her arms fell to her sides and her face went slack.

    The man just smiled.

    Jennifer Cartwright walked into the mall a few minutes later. She felt a little uncomfortable wearing such a short skirt for the first time in years, but today it just seemed…natural to do so. “I don’t know how Lindsey wears these things all the time” she asked herself as she started to scan the food court for her sister.        

    After a few moments she spotted her, sitting on the couch near a window overlooking the parking lot. Not the best view in the world, but it was better than nothing. She walked up behind her sister and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey sis…” she said happily. But got no reply.

    She leaned over the edge of the couch to look at her sister and noticed that she seemed to almost be daydreaming. Just staring off into space. “Sis?” she said, shaking Lindsey just a bit. “Yo, sis! You in there?” And then she started to hear it. It was distant at first, but was getting closer and closer. A snapping sound.

    She looked around the food court for the source of the sound. It was odd, the food court was full of people and extremely noisy. But yet the sound of the snapping seemed to make everything else just fade away. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap…

    She tried to get a handle on where it was coming from, her entranced sister long forgotten. Finally, her training kicked in and she was able to lock onto the source of the sound. She turned sharply to her left to see a man standing next to her with a smile on his face. “You?” she asked, as if she recognized the man. But another snap later and the image of the man vanished from her mind. He turned into a simple black shadow standing in front of her. Snap… snap… snap… now it wasn’t just the man that was fading, but the world around Jennifer.

    Her mind was struggling to weed through the blackness as everything continued to slow down. She was unaware of her arms falling limp at her sides, while the file folder in her left hand easily slid out of her grasp and into the hands of the invisible man in front of her. She blinked to try and clear her head, but during that blink a single snap echoed through her mind and she lost the desire to open her eyes, or wake up.

    A few minutes later Jennifer emerged from the bathroom and walked over to the couch where her sister, still entranced and staring ahead, was seated.  She herself was still blank and unaware as she sat down one space away from her sister, even though from her perspective the seat next to her sister was completely empty. Without thinking she held her hand out and opened it. A pair of neon green panties fell into the waiting, yet unseen, hand of the individual sitting next to her.

    Without a word the unseen figure pocketed the panties with a sly grin on his face. It was his second souvenir of the day. He looked over both Jennifer and her sister, then simply snapped his fingers. As soon as he did both girls came to life immediately, although neither realized he was there. Neither could see him; he had been hypnotically erased from their minds, and was, therefore, invisible.

    Both girls started to talk excitedly about the new boyfriend they were sharing, ‘Steve’. The man merely rolled his eyes at the name and set about his business. He took a moment first to let his hand slide along the stomach and up to the chest of the older sister, Jennifer. Her firm, lean frame was much more to his liking then her more muscular sister’s.

    Although she couldn’t see him, Jennifer could feel his caress, at least subconsciously. On a conscious level his touch was as invisible to her as he was. This did not stop a moan from escaping her lips as his hand cupped and caressed her breast.

    The man smiled and leaned in to her, as he did she instinctively tilted her head to the side so he could kiss her neck. Her moaning got louder, despite their conversation never skipping a beat.

    His hand slid from her breast down to her leg as he felt up her thigh, sliding his hand under her skirt to gently tease her vaginal lips as he did. The soft pleasurable sigh that escaped her was exactly what he was looking for.

    Not wanting to forget his other playmate, he slid his hand out from under Jennifer’s skirt and turned to face the younger sister, Lindsey.  Again he started with a soft caress up her stomach, testing the water to make sure the negative hypnotic hallucination would hold. When he was sure that she would remain oblivious to his presence, he let a small grin form on his face as his hand moved to cup the larger breasts of the younger of the two sisters. 

    Lindsey seemed to be more sensitive than Jennifer right off the bat as she started to moan much more loudly and deeply. She even managed a pleasure induced eye roll, all while never breaking the conversation. The man smiled and put a finger to his lips. “Shhhhhhhhh” he hissed out through his smile as Lindsey’s moans quickly lowered in volume. 

    With his more eager subject using a stealthier volume, he let his hand glide down to feel her leg. He had always loved the feel of a woman’s legs more than any other part of their body...well, save one. He never knew why.  And although he preferred the more lean and toned feel of Jennifer's legs, the strong muscular feel of Lindsey’s legs were a beautiful contrast. He took several moments to slide his hands up and down her thigh.

    As he sat back so he could see both girls, he gently let his other hand, again, slide along the thigh of Jennifer. Both girls moaned and shivered, all the while talking about how excited they were to be sharing a boyfriend. The man couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. Both girls were convinced of a reality that wasn’t real, all while completely ignoring one that was.

    He skillfully moved his hands up the girl’s legs, slowly massaging the inner parts of their thighs more and more deeply.  The conversation they were having was starting to be interrupted more frequently by random moans, which suited him just fine. He checked the reflection in the window in front of him to make sure that no one was watching, before letting his fingers slide further under the hypnotized sister’s skirts and making contact with their clits.

    While Jennifer’s body shivered, Lindsey’s practically melted at the touch. The conversation shifted from how much they loved their new boyfriend ‘Steve’, to how much pleasure they had felt in bed the other night. The man between them simply smiled and slid a single finger into each of their bodies. 

    Both girls instantly started to moan. Jennifer started to shift her body up and down slowly while Lindsey simply sank into the couch a bit more as the pleasure continued building more and more in each of them. With a genuine smile, more at his own abilities, the man slid his finger as deep inside as he could, searching for each girl’s special spot.

    He found Lindsey’s first and she responded with a sharp but high pitched squeal before sinking back into the couch and the pleasure. Jennifer's took a bit more time, being his off hand, but when he did find it she bit down on her lower lip and her eyes rolled up into her head with a soft, delicate moan. It didn’t take long for the pleasure inside of both girls to build and come to the surface. But as both girls were each rocked with a wave of pleasure, their bodies slowly started to come to a complete and total stop.

    Jennifer sat upright on the couch, supporting her weight with her hands. Her head was tilted down a bit and her mouth was open, while both eyes were tightly closed from the rush of pleasure. Lindsey, on the other hand, was leaned back against the couch and gripping the cushion next to her, nearly ripping it from her grip. Her head was thrown back and her teeth were clenched. Unlike her sister, her eyes were partially opened but rolled back. Leaving just a small bit of white exposed and not a hint of the color of her iris visible.

    The man let himself finish his task despite both girls already being frozen, and when he was done he stood up and licked one finger as he headed to the bathroom to clean up. A few moments later he appeared again and sat down between the two frozen beauties. He took a moment to check his watch, just a few minutes left.  He quickly opened the small briefcase he had hidden under the couch and took out a file folder, setting it down on the table. He picked up the one that Jennifer had brought and scanned it quickly. He shook his head in disbelief at how close he had come to being discovered. With a grin he glanced at the file he had deposited on the table. “Simon Psez” he thought to himself “what idiot would believe that…” He knew the answer to the question already.

    He stood up and leaned over Lindsey. Her frozen expression was perfect and he couldn’t help but steal a kiss. After all, he had stolen just about everything else. He then turned to Jennifer and tilted her head up. He loved the sight of her, helpless yet calm. He stole a kiss from her as well...after all, what was one more for his collection.

    With a smile on his face he turned and started to walk away, all the while snapping his fingers. Snap… snap… snap… snap… snap… casually walking unseen through the food court. As he got further and further away, Lindsey and Jennifer started to come back to life and slowly move again. They picked up their conversation right where it had left off, as if their orgasms had never existed. But of course in their minds, they didn’t.

    He smiled as he passed a young man with blonde hair. His face was empty and slack as he walked past, just until he got far enough away from the sound of the snapping fingers. The man turned to watch as both Jennifer and Lindsey got up to greet the blonde haired man, ‘Steve’ he thought they had called him, as he arrived. He simply smiled and commented to no one… “Your move…my apprentice.”

The End...for now.

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Characters: Lindsay, Jennifer, The Apprentice, Thief in the Mind

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