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Visit of the Apprentice - Part 4

To: Thief In The Mind
From: Thief’s Apprentice
Sent: May 19th 20XX, 9:27 AM
Subject: Contact has been made.

Greetings Master.

I thought you would appreciate an update on my endeavors with Lindsey Cartwright. After tracking her whereabouts via social media, I set myself up as a stage hypnotist doing a show at N.C.U. where she and a friend ended up on stage.

Once the show had ended, the bulk of the audience stayed in the local common area, including Lindsey and two of her friends. After some small talk I was able to use some instant techniques to hypnotize both of her friends, under the guise of flirting with her. Once her friends were under it was quite easy to get her back into a trance. 

A few suggestions to her friends would ensure that they were out of my way for the evening, and I had Lindsey all to myself.  I know you commented about the vigor of her older sister, Jennifer, but I think the younger sibling may be even more vigorous. 

I was short on time so I had to act quickly, and per your teachings I left several suggestions in her mind to lead her into the next part of my plan.  I have a ‘chance’ meeting with her set up for early next week. Until then I will be laying low, just like you taught me.

As always Master, I am at your service.

Your humble apprentice.


10 hours earlier….

    The sound of a finger snap echoed through the auditorium as the stage lights turned off. In her chair, Lindsey’s head shot up in surprise as the audience applauded. Next to her was Jessy, who was laughing at her, and an equally confused Christine. Lindsey looked at Jessy, genuinely unsure, and asked, “What the hell just happened?”

    This only made Jessy laugh even harder as the people in the audience all started to get up to leave. “What happened? You got hypnotized, Linds! That’s what happened!”

    Lindsey looked at Jessy with a look of utter disbelief and confusion. “Ha ha, you’re funny” she said, looking down at her watch. “Holy crap, it’s 11 already? But, didn’t the show just start?” She was looking around at the audience members who were getting up and walking out. Several other people were also being teased by their friends. A few of the boys even looked over at Lindsey and Christine and gave them a wink. It was then that Lindsey felt something…a moist spot. She looked down as quickly as she could and then crossed her legs. “Ok, seriously. What… THE HELL…happened?!”

    Jessy just laughed at both of her friends while Christine looked around, still confused.

    A few minutes later the girls emerged from the auditorium. Well, sort of. Lindsey poked her head out first to make sure that no one was around, and then made Jessy and Christine go first in front of her. She held them both in front of her at an arm’s length to hide the tiny, but very embarrassing, wet spot that was between her legs. She and her friends moved to a small table in the common area that Lindsey quickly sat down at. Her intention was to sit there until either the wet spot dried up, or everyone on the planet died.

    Jessy sat down with a smile and even Christine was teasing Lindsey a bit. “You know…” Christine started with a devious grin, “apparently I orgasmed on stage too, but yet I didn’t manage to end up with a giant wet sp…..” she was cut off by Lindsey’s hand covering her mouth as she gave her an evil glare.

    “Finish that sentence….” the police cadet said through clenched teeth “I dare you!”

    Christine visibly gulped and nodded that she would stop as Lindsey sat back in her chair, a mixture of embarrassment, curiosity, and more embarrassment on her face. Jessy, however, was full of excitement. “So what was it like? What did it feel like? What do you remember?” she rambled off rapidly.

    Lindsey and Christine looked at each other, both a bit confused. Neither could really formulate an answer. Ultimately it was Christine that spoke first. “I… I really don't’ remember anything, honestly.” She said as she looked over at Lindsey, curious to see if she would have the same reaction.

    Lindsey looked embarrassed, but also curious. “I don’t remember anything after our hands were stuck together. I remember feeling myself being pulled on stage. And I remember you,” she pointed to Christine “getting hypnotized. And then I remember feeling a tingling in my head all of a sudden...and...a sensation…like I was falling. And then waking up in my chair.” She looked like she was trying to literally dig up memories in her mind, but nothing was coming up.

    “Wait…” said Christine, staring intently at Lindsey “your hands got stuck together?”

    “Holy shit, girl!” shouted Lindsey, louder than she intended to “Yes! So did yours!”

    Christine just blinked at her friend for a few minutes before responding, “No way! Is she serious?” Christine looked over at Jessy for confirmation.

    Jessy was enjoying the situation immensely and was flat out laughing at her friends as she nodded in agreement. “You were so out of it, just staring at your hands like some kind of zombie! It was awesome!  And then you….” she pointed to Christine “took Lindsey hostage and held her at ‘gunpoint’. So one of the other boys onstage shot and stunned Lindsey, and then shot you.” It was at this point that Jessy lost the ability to formulate words due to laughing too hard. She was literally slapping the table and gasping for air, that's how hard she was laughing.

    Christine and Lindsey just sat and stared at Jessy while she composed herself. Unfortunately that took her several minutes. “Seriously though, it was really, really fun to watch! And you really don’t remember anything else?”

    Christine and Lindsey looked at one another again, both feeling a bit embarrassed as they shook their heads. A moment later, as a kind of defense mechanism, Lindsey chimed in. “I remember the hypnotist was really cute!” She said with a smile.        

    “I’m glad to hear that!” Said a familiar voice approaching the table.

    The girls turned to see the hypnotist walking up to their table with a smile. He had shed part of his stage attire and was simply in a pair of dress pants and a button up shirt. “Would you mind if I joined you for a bit?”

    Lindsey turned shades of red that don’t exist in nature, while Christine’s jaw dropped as she switched between staring at Lindsey and staring at the hypnotist. But it was the devious grin on Jessy’s face that really scared Lindsey. Her friend turned to the hypnotist, “My dear sir, we would be honored if you would join us.” She said, motioning to him with her hand like a maiden at the ren faire might do.        

    The hypnotist smiled and took Jessy’s hand to kiss the back of it “Thank you M’lady” he said as he sat down at the round table between Lindsey and Jessy. The act of chivalry made Jessy blush twice as deeply as Lindsey. “So, I couldn’t help but overhear you talking about the show. Something about the hypnotist being really cute?” he said, grinning at Lindsey.

    To everyone’s surprise Lindsey managed to compose herself quite quickly and sit up a bit in her chair before patting the hypnotist on the shoulder. “Don’t let it go to your head just yet, Mr…. um?”

    “Paul…you can call me Paul.” He said with a smile, even though it wasn’t his name.

    “Actually” Jessy broke in, sensing an opportunity to tease her friends some more “we were discussing what they both remember from the show. As it turns out, it appears that they don’t remember a lot” she said with a giggle.

    ‘Paul’ nodded to his two former stage subjects, “That is actually quite common to be honest. Hypnosis has a way of making the mind simply decide to…forget this evening.” he said in such a way that made all three girls blink for a second. Never realizing they had just subconsciously acknowledged a suggestion. “And if I may ask, ladies…what do you remember?”

    “First off,” Started Lindsey “My name is Lindsey, this is Christine, and that’s Jessy” she said with a professional smile.

    The hypnotist offered his hand out to Lindsey, who shook it gently but commented “If you try to kiss my hand, I’ll break every bone in it.” The hypnotist laughed before he let go to shake Christine’s hand, and then Jessy’s again. With the formalities out of the way, Lindsey took a breath and explained what she remembered, which wasn’t much, and then explained that Christine remembered even less.

    ‘Paul’ nodded, “You were both under quite deeply, you far more in the beginning” he said pointing to Christine, “but you surpassed her near the end. In more ways than one.” he said, sharing a laugh with Jessy. “What did you think of the show?” he asked Jessy after they had both had their laugh.

    “Oh I loved it!” she said with a smile “It was great watching all the things you made them do!”

    Christine and Lindsey both shared a glance as they tried to hide their embarrassment. ‘Paul’ gave them both a wink and then smiled at Jessy “I’m surprised you didn't’ end up on stage. I could see, deep down inside, you really want to be hypnotized, Jessy.” As he said this he dropped his tone into the same rhythmic cadence that he had used while hypnotizing the others.

    Jessy laughed “I’m far too smart to be hypnotized!”

    ‘Paul’ gave her a devious grin as he sat up in his chair “Would you care to prove that to your friends now Jessy?” he held out his hand for her to take.

    Without thinking about it, Jessy simply placed her hand in his and smiled at Lindsey and Christine. “Sure, I love showing up these two!”

    The hypnotist gave her hand a gentle tug which caused her head to snap directly towards him. As soon as it did he held up two fingers in front of her eyes, twitching them up and down quickly as he moved his hand from left to right. “Just follow my fingers. Follow, so easy to relax and just follow my fingers back and forth.” Before she knew what was happening, Jessy had instinctively started to follow the man’s fingers back and forth in front of her. Moving her head a bit from side to side as he went. His hand continued to moved back and forth quickly, then all of a sudden moved up just above her head. Her eyes followed his hand up, and then immediately down as it moved past her eyes.  A quick snap of his fingers, a tug on her other hand, and a soft but commanding “Sleep!” and Jessy’s head never stopped falling. Her eyes slammed shut and her head landed limp against her chest, her dark hair bouncing to frame her face as her D-cup chest gently swayed with the motion.  ‘Paul’ let her hand drop to her lap and looked over to Christine and Lindsey, “Not so superior after all, now is she?”

    Lindsey and Christine nearly burst at the seams at their friend’s plight. “What are you gonna make her do?” asked Christine, who was as excited as a school girl.

    “Oh nothing yet” the hypnotist smiled as he looked at Christine, “did you know that there is a place, deep in your mind, where your hypnotic memory is stored?” Christine didn't’ quite know how to respond to that, the poor girl was caught like a deer in the headlights for an induction she didn’t even realize was coming. “In fact, if you were to, look into my eyes now Christine… really could go back to that time in your mind, when you were deeply hypnotized. When you felt your mind and body completely relaxed and under.” The hypnotist was starting to snap his fingers in a slow gentle rhythm as he spoke.  Every fifth word came with another snap… snap…. snap...“That you could feel how you felt when you were on stage. Sinking deeper and deeper….” Snap… snap… snap…. “That your mind could simply fog over… and sink” Snap. “Down” Snap. “To… sleep Christine.” The last snap was directly in front of her face.

    The poor girl had been locked onto the hypnotist’s eyes the whole time. And every snap just seemed to make her fade away more and more, until she relaxed completely with the final snap. There was no difference in her expression, her face had gone slack and relaxed long ago. But her eyes simply fluttered up into her head and closed, as she gently sank back into her chair.

    Lindsey’s jaw was wide open, not in trance, but in surprise. She turned to look at the hypnotist, half impressed and half worried that she might be next. The hypnotist simply leaned in to her with a grin and said “So… still think I’m cute?”

    Lindsey burst out laughing “I will admit, the more you play with my friends the more I’m warming up to you!” Her flirty grin betrayed her effort to avoid admitting that his show of confidence was pushing all the right buttons in her.

    ‘Paul’ leaned in a bit more and gave her an equally flirty smile “Would you like to know how you could hypnotize them too?” Lindsey quickly glanced at both of her friends and nodded her head eagerly. ‘Paul’ laughed. “Well there is a secret word. A word so bizarre and strange, that if you say it to someone, if someone ever hears it or reads it, it causes their mind to completely shut down and blank out. They fall into an instant trance the moment they hear the word. Now it’s a powerful word, so you must promise that you will use it with great care. You want to hear this word now don’t you Lindsey?”

    For a police cadet Lindsey didn’t see the obvious trap that was being set for her, and she nodded eagerly. “Yeah, please tell me what it is?” she said, her voice already sounding like it did back when she was hypnotized on stage.

    “Alright Lindsey,” the hypnotist said with a grin “the word that is so strange, so bizarre, that if anyone ever reads it or hears it, it will put their mind into a deep deep sleep. A hypnotic sleep. Is simply…. Bahweepgranaweepninibong.” And in case you're wondering, he said that with a completely straight face. (And oddly enough spell check completely ignored it. I think I hypnotized spell check.)

    Lindsey giggled at the word as she sat up in her chair a bit to process what she had just heard. “That’s not a word!  That’s just ….” she never finished the sentence. Her mind processed the suggestions, and as she tried to understand the random movie reference turned hypnotic suggestion, it did what it was told to do. It shut down. She let out a soft sigh as her eyes fluttered up into her head. She seemed to be fighting it, but losing. Her arms both fell limp at her sides as she leaned in toward the hypnotist and whispered “That’s cheating.” Just before she fell deeply asleep against his shoulder.

    “I know…” the hypnotist said with a grin. He gently shifted Lindsey back into her chair and stood up, moving first to Christine, and then to Jessy, and began whispering into their ears. A few moments after that he snapped his fingers and both girls opened their blank, glassy eyes. As ‘Paul’ watched with a contented grin, the girls moved to one another, took each other’s hands and walked away. Completely unaware of anything and everything around them.

    With the other girls gone he turned his attention to his real target. He slid a finger under Lindsey’s chin and tilted her head up, right into a deep kiss that she was unable to respond to. “You were quite sexy on stage Lindsey… but you realize now that the person you were making love to was me, your master…. isn’t that right, Lindsey?”

    The limp brunette didn’t really say anything. Instead she vocalized a soft, sweet little “mmhmmm” and gave the faintest of smiles.

    “I’m glad you agree Lindsey… in a moment you will open your eyes, back in that fantasy. Only this time you’ll be able to live it out, with me, for real. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Lindsey?” His only response was another vocalized agreement. “Good girl... “ he said proudly as he stood up and looked around. The common area was not full by any means, but there were still enough people around to get in his way. Fortunately he still had the key to give him back stage access that they had given him for the show.  “Fantasy time, my little pet” he said with a remarkably evil smile while snapping his fingers.

    Lindsey’s eyes opened but they were blank and barely registering what was around her. Only aware enough to complete the task at hand. She stood up and grabbed his face, kissing him deeply and sliding her hands along his slacks.  The apprentice managed to keep his cool long enough to walk with Lindsey to the backstage door and open it, just before the powerful young woman pushed him through the door and shoved him into a chair.  She put one leg up on the chair to keep him from moving and opened her jeans. Once her panties were visible, her hands grabbed her shirt and pulled it up and over her head while the stage door drifted closed.

    Twenty five minutes later the door opened again, and a very disheveled but still hypnotized Lindsey emerged. Behind her, the apprentice, looking equally disheveled, followed her and whispered “You have your orders, you know where you need to be and when. Isn’t that right my pet?”

    “Yes…” she said in a soft, relaxed tone.

    “Good girl. Then I will see you Tuesday…my pet.” He said as he slipped away into the shadows.

    Lindsey walked across campus, all the while staring ahead blankly and keeping up a slow, meandering pace. She made her way to Jessy and Christine’s dorm room where the door was unlocked per their instructions.  Had she been awake she would have seen her two friends both naked on Christine’s bed, looking like they had been in the middle of a rather steamy love scene when they both slipped into a deep hypnotic slumber.

    Lindsey took a seat on Jessy’s bed, facing Jessy and Christine. She didn’t say a word, didn’t make a single sound. All she did was sit there, close her eyes, and fall backwards onto the bed. Completely limp and deeply asleep, just like her friends.

To Be Continued....

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Characters: Lindsey, Jessy, Christine, The Apprentice

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