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Visit of the Apprentice - Part 6

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Sent: May 24th 20XX 10:48 AM
Subject: Ok, I’ll admit…he’s cute!

Alright little sis, you know how much I really hate to do this but…I’m…I’m…damn this is hard to type, no less say. Alright here we go. I’m sorry. There, I said it, and I swear to god if you tell anyone I’ll straight up shoot you! (just kidding, sis, you know I love you)

I really do have to say that it looks like you managed to find a good guy with Steve, I’m so proud of you! Given all of the guys you have dated in the past, I was pretty sure that sooner or later I was going to have to help Dad bury a body or just cover up a murder for him. But you really got a good one this time!

Of course now that we both know he’s a hypnotist, I think he might have ended up putting the whammy on you in more ways than one. Hell, I think he put the whammy on me too because I haven't been able to stop thinking about him all morning! And I’m so glad you’re cool with that sis, you really are growing up so fast!

I can’t wait for our double date on Saturday!  Does it count as a double date if there is only one guy?

OMG I honestly just giggled out loud. What the hell is wrong with me this morning? I’ll see you on Saturday, sis!

Love, Jen


Fourteen hours earlier…

    Jen had been pacing back and forth in her living room for the last fifteen minutes. Her sister, Lindsey, was on her way over with her mysterious new boyfriend. A man that she had known less than 48 hours at this point, and whom she was convinced she was going to marry. “Damn is that girl dumb…” she commented to no one. “Ok, that’s not nice. You don’t know, Jen, he might be really nice. He might be as suave and sweet as Lindsey says. Yeah, because her track record shows she has the ability to pick a guy. Probably has a neck tattoo and three child support payments.” Jen let out a loud frustrated growl, that slowly turned into a scream, before taking a slow deep breath to calm herself down. “It will be ok, it will be ok. You are calm. You are centered.” Just as she managed to calm down, there was a playful knock at the door. It was almost musical, although she couldn’t pick out the song that her sister was trying to play. “You are losing your shit. You are stressed. You own a gun.” She shook her head vigorously. “Ok, that’s enough. Time to woman-up and face this like an adult.”

    She moved to the door and took one final long, slow breath before putting on a fake smile and opening the door. “Linds! Hey! Come on in.” she said, throwing her arms out wide to give her sister a hug.

    Lindsey bounced through the door excitedly and gave her sister a big hug. She was smiling from ear to ear and seemed to be blushing as she turned to the neat, well kept, blonde haired man behind her. “Sis, I want you to meet…” Lindsey paused. Her mind seemed to be completely frozen as she tried to think of the man’s name. It always seemed to be just out of reach from her mind.

    Seeing that the poor girl was locking up, and realizing that he had never actually given Lindsey his name, real or otherwise, he took a step forward and offered Jennifer his hand with a smile. “Steve, my name is Steve.” he lied with a smile.

    “Pleasure to meet you…” Jen said with her best fake smile. She reached out to shake the man’s hand, only to have him take her hand softly and then kiss the back of it.  Jen couldn’t help but blush as he did so, and for the first time she noticed something about ‘Steve’. “There is something oddly familiar about him…” she thought to herself. “Almost like I know him from somewhe…..” her thought abruptly stopped as her face ever so slightly went slack. For a split second her pupils dilated as she thought to herself, “I have never seen this man before.” A second later her smile returned.

    During this brief exchange Lindsey simply stared off into space as she thought to herself. “Steve, his name is Steve. Of course I knew that. I have always known that.”

    Jen finally moved from the door and motioned for both of them to come in. “I’m afraid I’m not much of a cook. But the pizza was delivered a few minutes ago, so let’s sit down and get to know each other shall we?” she said with a much more genuine smile than she had a few moments ago.

    The Apprentice, acting under the pseudonym of ‘Steve’, simply smiled “Oh, I know you pretty well already” he said to himself as he took a seat next to Lindsey, always playing the part of the good boyfriend.

    Their dinner was rather uneventful, with Jennifer asking the normal big sister questions like ‘how did you meet?’, etc.  ‘Steve’ lied through all of them, of course. That is until she asked one perfect question as an opening. “So, tell me, what do you want to do with your life Steve?”

    The hypnotic apprentice looked up at Jennifer with a devious grin and said “I’m actually studying to be a Master Hypnotist. I think it will open up a lot of doors for me in life.” He couldn’t help but gently squeeze Lindsey’s hand as he said this.

    Jennifer just about spit her drink out at his reply. “A hypnotist? You have to be kidding me! Why would you waste your time learning a skill that only a weak minded person could be affected by? What are you going to do with your life, make people cluck like chickens on stage for a living?”

    “Jen! Be nice! This is my boyfriend!” shouted Lindsey angrily, heavily emphasizing the word ‘boyfriend’ as she did.

    “It’s alright, hun…” The Apprentice said with a slightly devious smile “I hear this kind of thing a lot from people who think they are more informed than they really are.” He left a deliberately long pause at the end of his sentence as he waited for the insult to sink in, just long enough to cut Jennifer off from making a reply. “You see Jen, hypnosis does not actually work on weak minded people. It only works on people who are above a certain level of intelligence. It works because of a person's imagination, and there is a clear link between imagination and intelligence. Which is why any time a person says ‘I can’t be hypnotized I’m too smart’ they are actually admitting to being too dumb. Are you smart enough to be hypnotized, Jen?” He asked with sly smile, knowing his trap had been laid perfectly.

    Lindsey couldn't’ help but shoot a smile at ‘Steve’ before tilting her eyes to the side to take in her sister’s expression. She knew Jen was in a pickle, she could deny being able to be hypnotized…but that would mean admitting that she was too dumb for it to work. Or she could admit to being smart, and at the same time admit that she could be hypnotized. The whole situation felt an awful lot like revenge for all of the crap Jen had given her about being hypnotized at the stage show last weekend.

    Jen knew that she was caught as well. She glared at the hypnotist and glanced briefly at her sister before returning her stare to ‘Steve’. Her sister was eating this up and that pissed her off even more. She also knew she needed to make a response and soon. “Well…” she started as she leaned over the table, folding her arms across her chest to make herself seem more confident, “We both know that between me and Lindsey, I am the smarter one. Our GPAs alone can prove that.” A brief glance over to Lindsey proved her point as her younger sister’s face scrunched up in anger. “But simply saying that intelligence makes you more susceptible to hypnosis doesn’t make it a fact.”

    Steve smiled. “Quite right!” He said as he sat up in his chair and extended his hands out to Jennifer, palms facing up. “Perhaps you’d care to put your intelligence where your mouth is? After all, if I’m full of it…you have nothing to fear. Do you Jennifer?”

    Lindsey’s eyes moved from her sister to her boyfriend, then back again, as a slight hint of a smile escaped her lips. But to her surprise Jennifer gave a confident smile of her own and put both of her hands directly on top of ‘Steve’s’. “You’re quite right…” she said taking a deep breath and centering herself. “I have nothing to fear.”

    Steve smiled and gently slid his hands under Jennifer's, “I knew you were brave, Jen. Now all I want you to do is press down on my hands... “ He was instantly surprised by just how strong the police woman actually was, as she nearly slammed his hands into the table. He was able to recover and hold her back, but she was remarkably strong. “That’s it, just look into my eyes Jennifer, nothing to worry about…after all, you're too smart to be hypnotized…remember?”

    Jennifer stared directly into his eyes while she continued to press down on his hands as hard as she could. She knew deep down that he couldn’t keep this up forever, he was strong but she was stronger. Way, way stronger. She didn't want to break eye contact but she could see her sister watching intently. She wasn’t sure what ‘Steve’ had in mind, but she was sure that she could beat it. She had to beat it.

    Lindsey couldn’t believe her eyes. In front of her was her boyfriend, who was trying to hypnotize her sister. The scene was like a fantasy, but…at the same time it felt like it was a new fantasy. Like it had just recently been created.  That seemed like an odd way to word it in her mind, but she couldn’t think of another way that fit.  She was just in the middle of watching ‘Steve’ start to sweat when he pulled his hands out from under Jennifer’s and quickly and commandingly said “Sleep!” For a split second her eyes closed and then reopened, as she realized the command wasn’t aimed at her. But damn did it almost get her. Fortunately for her, she opened her eyes just in time to see Jennifer’s entire body push forward. She was using so much force to try and press ‘Steve’s’ hands down, that her hands not only slammed against the wooden table but her entire body jerked forward with it. Jennifer managed to catch herself just before her head hit the table and looked up at ‘Steve’ with a surprised look in her eyes. Lindsey couldn’t help but notice that there was something odd about her eyes as well; they seemed glazed, almost unfocused. As Jennifer stared at ‘Steve’ her jaw opened slowly as if to speak, but no words came out. Instead, her hands gently slid back towards her body while one hand slid off of the table. For a split second Lindsey was starting to think the induction had failed, but no sooner did she think that then Jennifer’s eyes slowly started to roll up into her head as her eyelids gently closed. A soft sigh escaped her lips as her head fell gently against the hand still sitting on the table.

    Lindsey just stared at her sister, her jaw on the floor in shock, unsure of what to do or say. She glanced over at ‘Steve’ who gave her a naughty smile. “What do you think we should make her do?”

    Lindsey took a minute to look back and forth between ‘Steve’ and her now hypnotized sister. “Anything?”


    An evil grin appeared on her face as she looked at her uptight sister. “Make her a stripper!”

    ‘Steve’ let out a laugh. “As you wish.” he said with a smile as he stood up to lean over Jennifer and whisper into her ear. 

    He stayed in that position for several moments. All the while Lindsey watched with her eyes wide as she soaked in the sight. “Is that what I look like when I’m hypnotized?” she asked herself. “So…blank, so… helpless?” It sent a shiver down her spine, in a good way.

    Before she had time to really ponder the greater mysteries of hypnotism, ‘Steve’ stood up and snapped his fingers. All at once Jennifer sprung to life and stood up from the table. She started to slide her hands along her body as she danced to music that only she could hear.

    ‘Steve’ offered Lindsey his hand and helped her to her feet while moving them both over to the couch in the living room. All the while Jennifer spun around, sliding her hands along her body and gyrating her hips. It wasn’t long before her shirt found its way to the floor, followed closely by her jeans. Her expression remained blank and emotionless the entire time as she stared ahead, barely aware.

    Lindsey glanced over ‘Steve’, who was intently watching her sister strip for his amusement. She loved how helpless Jennifer was, but couldn’t shake the feeling that she should be angry about this. That something here felt wrong. Not in a big way… but in a small way, deep in the back of her mind. The thought process was abruptly cut off when Jennifer’s bra landed on Lindsey’s head.

    She shook her head to get the bra off as ‘Steve’ laughed, only to have her sister’s panties land square on her head a moment later.  She tore them off with a playful look of annoyance, but the look faded as soon as she saw her sister dancing completely naked in her own living room. Totally hypnotized, and completely unaware. She turned to look at ‘Steve’ but before she could say anything he waved his hand over her eyes and whispered, “Time to sleep Lindsey.”

    Her eyes were closed by the time her face re-emerged from behind his hand. In the meantime, her facial features had gone completely slack as her head dropped limply to his shoulder with a soft thump. “Why don’t you join her, my dear.” he whispered to his hypnotized thrall.

    Without so much as a thought she rose to her feet and started to dance with her sister.  It was hard to tell who was the better dancer of the two. Lindsey was definitely a bit…shall we say in the interest of being polite…looser…than Jennifer. But Jennifer, despite having less muscle then Lindsey, seemed to possess a grace that her younger sister lacked. Her movements were smooth and fluid as her body glided through the air in a way that was truly a pleasure to witness. Of course this was also the first time he had gotten to see her completely naked, since she had kept most of her clothes on during their first encounter.

    His thought process was interrupted when Lindsey’s bra came flying at his head. She had mimicked her sister’s routine perfectly. Every movement, every touch, right down to tossing her underwear when she removed it. A moment later her panties came sailing his way. He caught them easily. “I think I’ll keep these as a...souvenir. You won’t miss them, Lindsey. You won’t even remember owning them.” Lindsey merely nodded as she and her sister danced naked in front of him.

    He took a moment to appreciate the differences in the girl’s bodies. The shorter, more muscular, Lindsey versus the taller, leaner, Jennifer. The family resemblance was even more striking in their current state. He admired the view as he thought to himself “Now…what should I do with you two?” 


    Some time later he lay relaxed on Jennifer’s bed. She was curled up alongside him, gently kissing his neck, while her sister was asleep and cuddling his left leg. It had been an exhausting night and he needed some rest. But before he nodded off to sleep himself he remembered he actually had a purpose for his visit. He smiled down at Jennifer as he spoke. “Jennifer…my pet, I have a job for you. I have some information I need you to bring me from the police station. That won’t be a problem for you, will it my pet?”

    Jennifer looked up at the man who, in this state, was her entire world and calmly replied “No master…it won’t be a problem at all.”

To be Concluded…..

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Characters: Lindsay, Jennifer, The Apprentice

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