Sunday, December 23, 2018

T'was the night before Christmas... Teaser

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, except for an Incubus and his mouse.
The plan had been studied, so neatly with care,
for soon an incubus, would be here, here, and there.
The Targets were nestled all snug in their plans,
Each in their own way to spend this Christmas they planned.
Some would be working while others would play
Little did they know, their energy would soon sway.
The Incubus plotted and sorted and planned,
A gift for the boys, he had written by hand,
This Christmas he would move like a snap,
To see that the girls, had a long winter's nap.
His girlfriend Celest the first of the vixens,
A lovely, and passion mate, complete with all the fixins,
To lull her to sleep would take quite a feat,
But seducing her down would be quick, nice and neat,
Ruby was a strong and powerful foe,
The idea to confront her made Xander say ‘Whoa!’
To get to her energy he would need to think higher,
‘Ah ha!’ he said, I'll rig her blow dryer!
Shadow was soft, and gentle to some,
But in the presence of evil a great warrior she would become,
But greater the challenge to Xander would be this,
How to get the energy from a niece that Celest loved like a sis?
Kila was ancient, and strong as could be,
“Who could over power this woman”, he thought, “surely not me!”
But then a little thought popped into his head,
Even the mighty Kila, is helpless in bed!
Larka was wild, a wolf in the night,
Not only beautiful but wow what a bite!
But a wolf she is truly, and that may be her plight,
Could a scratch behind the ears, put her out like a light?
Hazel was young, and confident it’s true,
But as far as cops go she was proud to be Blue!
Her bracelet would keep her from being knocked out,
But Xander was determined to get her energy, of that there was no doubt!
Ryder existed in all places and times,
Seeing the future to her, was like reading the Sun Times.
But if the future she sees, and the future she knows,
to her it has happened already, like yesterday’s snows.
Isabella was sexy, kinky and wry,
To win her over directly, the Incubus would try.
A moment of passion, of playfulness and joy,
Her energy would be played with, like an Incubus’ new toy!
Rose was light hearted, carefree and happy,
To catch her at all he would have to be snappy,
A playful scene put on for the children this season,
Her long winter's nap, oh that would be the real reason!
Chloe was dangerous, vicious and cruel
Yet her figure left little option but to stare and to drool.
But what if through tenderness, compassion and love,
could this woman of anger, end up sleeping like a dove.
With all the girls sleeping, all tired and breathless
To the Incubus suggestions they all were quite helpless,
The Incubus work was done and he slipped out of sight,
A devious grin as he whispered “sleep tight”
The morning's light, a sight for all to behold,
For the evening had brought them a wonderful sleep, both young, and old,
But as the boys began to stir, their hearts were a flutter,
After seeing their presents from Xander, their minds went right into the gutter!
He spoke not a word but went right to work,
Had the girls remembered, they would say ‘What a jerk!’
But for all the women in the world there was one that best knows,
The joy of waking up, to an Incubus, with a rose.
For all who would ponder, wonder, and look for a reason,
They find only love, and joy, in this season,
but from one that would play Santa, may they be wrong or right,
He wishes a bright Merry Christmas to all! and to all a good night!

Thank you so much for reading this! The full 24 page story version is available for all patron level at my Patreon Page!

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